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Secret Space Program: The Off World Transporter (Preface) Too Many “Coincidences”

This is the preface to my article: 
“Secret Space Program: “The Off World Transporter” which I will post next.

In mid January of last year, 2014, a year and a half ago, I verbally shared with Dan Duval some of the things I knew in regards to a secret space program. One of the things I told him about was the building I had seen on the lunar surface, though I didn’t disclose to him the shape and architecture of that building. I also told Dan Duval about what I refer to as an “off world transporter”. Dan Duval encouraged me to consider posting the information on my blog. I was thinking that no one in the public arena would believe me.  

I followed up my conversation with Dan with an email that contained a written description and pictures to illustrate some of the things I had told him about. Included was some information about the building on the moon, but most of the email had to do with the “off world transporter”. 

As I was finishing up the email, a helicopter began buzzing my home, making numerous low passes directly over head. Moments after sending the email, I became violently ill, doubled over in pain for hours. Was the helicopter buzzing my home at that precise time a coincidence? Was my getting violently ill associated with the strange appearance of the helicopter?   

One year later, almost to the day of when the helicopter was buzzing my home and I became violently ill, I decided to go ahead and make public some of my information about secret space programs. Since Dan Duval and Gonz Shimura were going to do a program on the secret space program, they decided to give me some air time to make public any of my own information that I felt comfortable with disclosing.  It was only five minutes before the taping of the program that I was informed of this unique opportunity.  Wow! I didn’t have much time to think. (Which was probably a good thing since I have a tendency to over think some things.) Did I want to share this information now? Would anyone actually take me seriously? I didn’t know, but there I was and I had to decide right then whether I would take advantage of this opportunity or wait for who knows when…when I might have the nerve to tell about the things I thought were going to be too hard for people to believe. 

Like jumping into icy cold water, I decided to just take the plunge. I knew Gonz Shimura was a top notch researcher on the topic of secret space programs. If I was making the plunge, I knew I would be swimming with no novice. I was certainly in good company.  I reminded myself that if Gonz or Dan had had any reservations about what I might share on their show, they would not have invited me in the first place.   

So on that program on January 22nd 2015, I shared for the first time, a little about a trapezoid shaped building I have seen on the lunar surface and have been inside of.  I also made mention of the off world transporter, though I didn’t go into much detail. I created a rendition of the view I had of the trapezoid building on the lunar surface and posted it on my blog with a link to the program with Dan Duval and Gonz Shimura about the secret space program. 

Several days after the airing of that interview, when I was out in my car, I was was followed many miles around town by a very gutsy person who wanted to make sure I knew I was being followed. Was that harassment just a coincidence? What about the other recent times I have been followed? All coincidences?

Is it a “coincidence” that a stream of “coincidences” continue to revolve around my making public my information about secret space programs?

Just over a year ago I was thinking that the general public wouldn’t believe my accounts, however, the events in my life since I have decided to go public with this information indicates that someone or someones not only believe my information is valid, but they also fear that the general public will most definitely believe me too!

What is it about my story that would cause powers to try to silence me?…and be working to try to sway people away from finding my testimony?…even wanting people to think that what I am talking about is “religion”? What is it that makes my story so different than others being called “whistle blowers”?

It’s because they know that my testimony is the truth, not religion, but if they can get you to think it is just religion…then they have achieved their goal of railroading you away from the real truth of what is actually going on in this universe. 

It’s because my testimony is real and powerful and that I am telling you exactly who and what is behind the secret space programs and what their end game is!  I am exposing the real enemy on many different fronts!  I have been exposing them for who and what they actually are. I have been exposing their order of operations and their game plans.

I grew up in the belly of the beast, so to speak and I know their plan on many different fronts. My testimony is dangerous because I expose their deceptive lies and point people to the truth.

The most recent set of “coincidences” happened on June 3rd, the day Dan Duval and I were scheduled to do a live interview with Zen Garcia on the topic of the secret space program. A couple of weeks earlier I announced that on the June 3rd program of “Momentary Zen”, I would be sharing more about the trapezoid building on the lunar surface and that I would read to the listeners what I wrote over a year ago about the off world transporter.

- Mid-morning on June 3rd, the day I was to do the interview, my Internet went out. (Coincidence?…maybe. However, in the 2 1/2 years with this Internet provider, this was the first time my Internet went out…and just hours before my scheduled program on the secret space program. Interesting “coincidence”.)

- I picked up my fully charged cell phone to call the cable company and my cell phone started doing something it had never done before. It started flashing from screen to screen until it finally went out too. (Coincidence?…maybe. In the year I have had my cell phone, it never did what it did that day, nor has it done that since. Another interesting “coincidence”.)

- I went through the exercise of taking the battery out of my phone and then putting it back in to see if that would make the phone work….and it did…Yea!!!

- I called the cable company and went through all the press this and that until I got a live technician…Yea!!! As soon as I was talking to a live technician my call was dropped….Boooo!!! (Coincidence?…mmmm…maybe. It wouldn’t be the first time a call gets dropped while talking to any live technician ;-)

- I called the cable company back and went through all the press this and that until once again I got a live technician. Yea!!! The technician spent quite a bit of time with me going through all the trouble shooting. It was decided that my modem was not working. I was told that they couldn’t make any promises, but that they would do their best to have a technician at my home by the day’s end. Yea!!!

- At this point, I didn’t know whether I would be able to do the program or not. My cell phone was still acting up. Doing the program from the cell phone didn’t even look promising.  

- I was able to get a call out to Dan Duval. I told him of my situation and asked him if need be would he go ahead and tell the listeners what I was planning to say and would he read to the listeners what I had written to him over a year ago about the off world transporter? He said yes. Suddenly I felt better. I laughed to myself because I knew that if the enemy didn’t want me to share this information, it might be worse for the enemy if Dan Duval shared the information because Dan Duval is very anointed of God, knows the Word of God far better than I do and is able to explain things in way that makes sense to the listeners. Yea!!!

- I texted my friend, Loren Grace and asked her to do intercessory prayer. She did more than that. She swiftly put the word out and within minutes there were many people praying for Loren’s “friend”, though they did not know at the time who they were praying for.   

- Several hours later a technician arrived. Yea!!! He determined my modem was fine. He went to check the lines and found that someone had disconnected my Internet at the main box. Mine was the only line disconnected. (Coincidence?…mmmm maybe.  I might have thought so if it hadn’t been for all the numerous preceding “coincidences” revolving around my speaking about the secret space program.  It did seem all to interesting that my Internet would be disconnected just hours before I would be using it to speak to a large audience about the trapezoid building on the moon and of the off world transporter. Certainly an interesting “coincidence”.) 

- The cable technician made sure my Internet was working and then he left.

- I texted Loren Grace and Dan Duval with the good news. Yea!!!

- Moments later my Internet was out again! BOOOO!!!! (Coincidence???)

- I called Loren Grace. She then sent the relay out to all those who had been praying and told them my Internet was out again. The prayer warriors all began to intercede once again. Yea!!!

- Soon my Internet was working again! Yea!!! (Coincidence???…mmmm don’t think so…..because I know the Power of Prayer and that the fervent prayers of a righteous man [indeed] avails much….(James 5:16) I’d say that this was no coincidence at all!).

I don’t know all who entered the battle field and prayed for me that day and who prayed for God to direct the program, but I thank you all from my the bottom of my heart. I pray that God truly Blesses you for your faith in Him and for your unselfishness. 


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Are My memories Real? (Part 5) with Dr. Preston Bailey, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

Main Topics:

1.) How many survivors will comment “It feels like I’m making this up”.

- Dr. Bailey said 100% of the people he has counseled in the last 40 years who have had trauma or disassociation have said, “I feel like I am making it up.” 

- I gave examples from my own life that relate to denial programming and how the adults in my childhood reinforced that. 

- Loren Grace brings up some very good points. She reminds us that we are completely entitled to our memories as equally as everyone else is entitled to their own memories. 

She speaks of the reality which is true for many people who have suffered abuse and programing and how hard it really is when one comes to the realization that their entire life was built on lies. She said it is very difficult to process. It is very difficult to face, very difficult to admit. She said that she doesn’t want to believe all the bad things happened to her. She doesn’t want to believe that her mother was extremely abusive. She doesn’t want to believe that she went through all the rituals. She doesn’t want to believe she was programed. 

It isn't easy to face that truth. Loren Grace wants to think that she had a pretty normal life, that she was loved and taken care of, but that it’s just not true.  

Loren Grace talked about family members working to reinforce denial. They are basically saying that their memories of her life are all true, but her own memories of her life are not true. 

Loren Grace goes on to say that even in the best of home life, the best childhoods, even in the case of having the best parent, that parent can not be there 100% of the time. No parent can be there 100% of the time and know what a child is experiencing. Loren reminds us that you are the person who experienced your own life. You will remember things that a parent won’t. It is just a fact! It doesn’t mean that something you experienced wasn’t true or didn’t happen. 

When it comes to a situation of abuse, Loren stated that of course the parent will deny that the abuse happened because that would mean that they would have to admit their own abusive behavior, face their own sin or demons which would mean that they would actually have to change.

Loren Grace reminds us that honesty is valuable in the process of healing. We need to be honest with ourselves about what really did happen and not allow anyone to take your life experiences away from you. 

2.) Rituals that seal memories.

- Dr. Bailey mentions that many rituals and high level occult groups meet on an island or peninsula. 

- Dr. Bailey stated that only 2% of Psychiatrists believe in DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and that most of them treat DID with drugs or with hypnosis. Dr. Bailey gives a couple of examples of the techniques used by some Psychiatrists which are very damaging. 

- I mention the methods that were used in sealing and splitting my memories. (Drowning, electroshock and the use of demons who were put in charge of guarding the memory or programing.)

I talk a little about a ritual where I was initiated and sealed to a bloodline inheritance of demonic power and authority. I refer to this as “the blood in the book and receiving the scepter” though there was much more to this ritual and inheritance than just one ritual and blood in a book. 

- Loren Grace shared some of her own examples of rituals that sealed memories. 
- Dr. Bailey shares information which validates Loren Grace's experiences.   

3.) Alters and physiological changes.

- Dr. Bailey shared about a woman whose medical doctor verified that she had all the symptoms of pregnancy, but was not actually pregnant. 

- I shared about Andrew, an altar of mine who smoked cigarettes and cigars.
- I talked about the change in my eye sight when Candace and I were integrated and what corrected that problem. 

- Loren Grace shared about an alter of hers who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 
- Loren Grace also talked about how her hair has gone from straight to curly when her African-American alter named Jo is out for an extended length of time.  Loren has also experienced a change in her eye color.  

4.) Memories that one would retrieve that occurred while in a drugged state or altered state of consciousness.

- Dr. Bailey talked about some of the reasons that people are drugged for programming or rituals. Drugs are used to create amnesic barriers and also used in rituals to accentuate the senses. 

- Dr. Bailey shares how he can tell when an alter relating a memory was in a drugged state. Dr. Bailey also shares how through prayer, the power of God can deliver that alter of the drugged state so that the alter can be counseled, healed and integrated. 

- I shared several examples of when drugs were used on me. 
(a.) During my childhood, the two men who used to abduct me had a small glass jar with gauze inside.  They would take the gauze out and put it over my nose and mouth which would knock me unconscious. 

(b.) Though I don’t remember being injected with drugs, I know this happened to me many times. In my past I had a horrific fear of needles, something that is very common among victims of mind control programming.

(c.) I remember being drugged for training exercises. The object of the exercise was for me to over ride the effects of the drug with my will power and be able to function as if I was not drugged. 

- Loren Grace shared her own experiences relating to fear of needles, drugs used in programming and rituals.

Please visit Loren Grace's blog to read her own very insightful thoughts on the topics we covered on this Part 5 of "Are My Memories Real":

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I Am Not Afraid, I Was Born For This.

(Original article post 6/11/2013)

I am a warrior. I was born a warrior and I will die a warrior. A warrior is all I have been, all I will be, and all I have known.  The truth about a warrior is that while a warrior may find love along the road, a warrior's heart and life can never fully be owned, for the warrior's heart, body soul and spirit will always belong to another...and there will his heart always be. I have been betrothed to battle, for I was made for battle. 

Though a warrior may taste of love, it is only a taste, for a season,  for a warrior's heart is forever passionate for the one he was made for, which is battle. He is either consumed with the planning and training for the next battle looming over the horizon or healing from the wounds of the last battle all the while anxiously desiring to be reunited where he belongs, fearlessly fighting once again on the front line. 

The life of a warrior can be dangerous and lonely but so also are the lives connected to the warrior, which is why some warriors work alone either by choice or forced there. For me it is both by force and by choice. I am only as strong as my weakest link and the enemy knows that link, so I travel my path alone, strong and fearless to the front line...because I am a warrior and I was made to do battle and I will not fail. Much like a moth being relentlessly drawn to a burning flame, to its own detriment, so is my drive to do what I came here to do, even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else except to me or to another fellow warrior. 

I have reached the autumn days of my life, a time I have waited for all of my life. I used to glory in the thoughts of the battle in the last days. I thought they would never get here. Time passes swiftly. I gloried for the day I would see "The Christ" take global rule and for the days when Christians would be extinguished from this earth so that Lucifer's plan would be accomplished. 

Then twenty-seven years ago I became a traitor to the enemy. I had been a fierce and mighty warrior for the enemy. I threw away the armor of Lucifer and all he had given me and the Blood of Jesus Christ burned it all. 

It has taken every moment of every day of these last 27 years to get me to where I am now. The enemy has put up a fierce battle to either keep me or destroy me. I have fought because that is my nature. I am a warrior. I know what it is like to be so wounded in battle that I can't get up. I know the feeling of rejection and hopelessness and despair that comes from the realization that no other soldier is willing to risk their life to at least drag me to safety. I know the point where death is no longer feared, of being too weak and wounded to move, that all I can do is wait for the enemy to find me so he can hatefully look me in the eyes as he gladly finishes me off with that last pierce of the bayonet. Often I have longed for such peace, to end the agony of being fallen and bleeding out. I still may have more of those times ahead, but I am a warrior and battle is calling me. "I am not afraid, I was born for this." I thought that was my own quote because it came from my heart of hearts. Tonight I discovered that the quote is also from a great warrior, Joan of Arc.  

I most certainly do belong to the battle of all battles. The time is at hand. I was born for this. The front line has been calling my name. I came from the kingdom of darkness and there I shall return for the battle against it. I am not afraid and I will win, we will win, the warriors for the Kingdom of God! 

Now I wear the armor of The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords...and though I am in the autumn years of my life, I am strong in His Power and His Might. 

It is my prayer for all of you warriors: May God grant His strength to you warriors called to do battle. May God grant the loved ones connected to His warriors to support them in prayer and be there for them if they should fall wounded and and need healing. The body of Christ is one body.  No one is insignificant. Everyone is needed. God has a place for all of us. We are the Body Of Christ, but Jesus Christ must be our head. Follow his lead. Follow Jesus Christ. If something you are being told from the pulpit in any way conflicts with what Jesus Christ taught, then reject the man at the pulpit and follow Jesus Christ. You will never go wrong. 

It is time to put on the armor that God has laid out for you. Time to shine. Time for victory. Time to take back what the enemy has taken from us. We can storm the gates of hell and they can not prevail against us. 

You wear the Righteousness and the Truth of the Righteous Creator, which the enemy cannot pierce nor challenge. Your feet are strong to walk the path of the Good News which is the recipe for peace. Our enemy is doing all he can to prevent that Good News from being heard which is the truth of who and what Jesus Christ is. That is what this battle is all about.

Your helmet is representative of salvation, the covering of the shed blood of Jesus Christ and that you belong to Jesus Christ and no longer to the world. It also represents the head of the body of Christ who is Jesus Christ Himself. The helmet represents His authority, and your authority that you have in His name. Put that helmet on. The covering of Jesus Christ is solid and impenetrable.

Pick up that shield of Faith. When you know the Power of God because you have seen it work, your shield is solid and secure. 

The sword of the spirit is the very power of the Word of God that made the universe. It is His Law, it is Truth and there is no greater law than His. Much of what we face in the physical was spoken into being from the supernatural. There is NO greater power than the Word of God. You can fearlessly speak the Word as Jesus Christ did when he said, "It is written". He spoke the Truth which He also is. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the literal Word of God. We who have given our lives to be under the authority of Jesus Christ belong to Him and we represent Him.  

Now, may the enemy see Jesus Christ when they look at you. 

I had a dream a few years back that I believe was more than a dream. I had some dark cloaked figures approach me and seek to over power me. I felt the leading of God to do what I did next which was to look them straight in the eyes and fearlessly say to them, "See your destiny!" and with that I felt that what they were seeing from my eyes was a vision to them from Jesus Christ. They howled and screamed and their faces turned to dust. 

Not by my power, nor by my spirit, but by Your Spirit, Lord Almighty.  

We serve Truth, and Love. The "Gospel" is the message of Jesus Christ. 
Remember his two commandments. Truly all 10 commandments are all a prescription for peace. As Jesus said, all 10 can be summed up into just two. If you love God with all of your heart mind and soul, you will want to love and treat your fellow man with the same love, fairness and respect that you yourself want for yourself. If you truly love God, you will become like Him. Check out the 10 commandments for yourself and see what I mean. When the Law of Love is written in your heart, you will not want to take a woman's husband from her or take a man's wife from him. It will be your nature instead, to pray for their marriage to be Blessed and strengthened. When Love is written in your heart, it is your nature to give, not covet or steal. There is no greater feeling in this universe than living selfless love. You will never get that by going into yourself. It is only found by giving of yourself, from yourself. If you have problems loving and giving or even forgiving, I encourage you to ask God to help you. He Will. 

Follow Jesus Christ. 

Thank you, "Urupipeṛ2 Ṫẁo" for making this beautiful and inspiring video!
Thank you for your kind and supportive words!

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Momentary Zen with Zen Garcia, Dan Duval and Carolyn Hamlett Part 2 - June 3rd

Part 2 of "Momentary Zen" with Zen Garcia, Dan Duval and Carolyn Hamlett.

Be prepared to hear a side of things you have never heard before. 
Be prepared to hear the truth on this next program on “Momentary Zen”
with Zen Garcia, Dan Duval and myself, Carolyn Hamlett. 


More on secret space programs. 

1.) The Trapezoid Lunar building. 
On January 22nd of this year Dan Duval and Gonz Shimura gave me the platform to make public some of my own experiences and first hand knowledge of secret space programs which included a trapezoid shaped building on the lunar surface. I shared some information of "the council" and of the construction of this structure. 

On this interview with Zen Garcia “Momentary Zen” I revealed who it was who gave me the information about the construction of this unique building and who is actually in charge. 

2.) The off world transporter and deep space:
In the interview with Gonz Shimura, I mentioned of my having been a part of a secret project that involved an off world transporter.  I shared about something that happened to me over a year ago as I was finishing writing about this transporter.  A helicopter started buzzing my home and I became very ill and was very sick for hours. 

On this interview on “Momentary Zen” with Zen Garcia, I read to the listening audience what I had written that day over a year ago about the transporter. 

I will posting this information on my blog along with pictures to illustrate the transporter. 

What is the truth about the so-called "false memory syndrome"?  Is it a medical term?  Is there any solid scientific method recognized which proves the validity of formerly blocked memories?

Qualified to speak on this topic is Dr. Preston Bailey. Listen to this program:

Are My memories Real? (PART 1) with Dr. Preston Bailey, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren

Link to this article for easier sharing:

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Are My memories Real? (PART 4) with Dr. Preston Bailey, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

Isaiah 41:10 is one of the scriptures that has given me strength
 to get through some of the darkest moments of my life.

Below is at least a short outline that mentions only things I spoke about in this program.

The outline does not list all that I covered nor does it reflect the degree of valuable information provided by Dan Duval, Dr. Preston Bailey and Loren Grace. 

Topics covered in Are My memories Real? (PART 4)

1.) Suicide Programming, Depression.
I share about some of my own battles with depression and suicide programming.  
I share some the things that have helped me get victory and healing.

2.) Internal Self Helpers (ISH's).
I share a bit about my internal self helper, Edward.

Trigger warning. 
This program maybe be triggering to some people. 

Please see Loren Grace's blog for her very good and insightful article:

Friday, May 8, 2015

RUMINATIONS of the mind – God’s “GIFTS”, Sometimes Not what we think

RUMINATIONS of the mind – God’s “GIFTS”, Sometimes Not what we think

Written by Nikki Garrett 

Nikki Garrett is a devoted wife, a mother of a special needs child...
and a very dear friend of mine.

Nikki, you are an inspiration to me...and no matter how many times I have read this, 
I still can not finish with out crying.

From Nikki: "I truly hope that those who need to read these words will find this...
God knows who you are.......

I think sometimes that we believe that God’s GIFTS are warm and fuzzy...GIFTS of the Spirit, a relationship finally working, or some financial issue being met, etc., etc., etc.

I suppose it’s because we think in human terms of what a GIFT is...alas, our thoughts are not His thoughts, His ways are not our ways.

I have come to realize that God’s “GIFTS” can be what we call quite severe in nature. and having that mind traveled to Mary, the mother of Jesus. thinking of that woman’s life brought me to some deeper understandings:

Mary...just imagine being in that poor woman’s shoes:
she gets know they all think she had some man...that she is also crazy w/her wild and outrageous visions...and then telling folks God did this. One brave woman....her father could have beaten her...or she could have been stoned.

Can you imagine any of us going around and saying God caused this pregnancy? Sounds like a blasphemous lunatic. Ummm, yea right. Most would be hauling her to the funny farm.

and of course her worries about how Joseph was gonna probably leave her...and that she would be abandoned by him and everyone else. I’ll bet she lost all her friends as well. Sounds just lovely...and all for this “GIFT.

Going on:
as we know Mary and Joseph certainly spent their time on the run, hither and yon, just trying to stay alive w/their young son. Now, can you imagine how you would feel, knowing that all the children under 2 were killed by Herod because of Your Son?

can you imagine knowing that even her neighbor would probably turn her in if she knew that this was the One Herod was looking for. Seriously, knowing all these children were being killed because of Your Son. that must have been extremely painful to go through. Experiencing all this because of this “ GIFT”

And then, poor Mary...can you imagine for even one minute raising God’s Son? Yikes! I would constantly be looking over my shoulder for some feeling of disapproval that I’ve corrected Him wrongly, wasn’t patient enough...was too tired to deal w/Him and my other kids and hubby that day.

Seriously...trying to live a normal life knowing full well that you are under constant watch by God! wow....give me the anxiety meds...quick! that would be just so hard I would think...and yet, this was all due to her “GIFT”

and then we find Mary...her husband has passed...she is a widow. Even Joseph isn’t allowed to live a longer life w/Mary..he will not share w/Mary the final moments of this GIFT.

So now she experiences widowhood and loss, which probably also caused a lack of finances, and you know in your heart God has a reason for that as well...all part of the plan of the ‘’GIFT”.

she watches her Son’s ministry, sees the unkindness, sees his life in peril...and in the end knows the one personally who betrayed him...with a kiss no less.

how bitter that must have been...her kisses were always with love and this supposed friend betrays her Son w/the same actions of love she used to bestow upon Him.

she now sees her son beaten beyond recognition, nails in his hands, thorns on his head..and possibly naked for all to see....great humiliation and pain.

and Mary...she witnesses all of this.

at this point...God has allowed her, not Joseph, the one who bore Him, to witness His death.
I look at all this and I wondered why. why have her watch this final act. and then it dawned on me, she was allowed to see the depths of such evil and Her son’s sacrifice that is deeper than any of us can ever know. God allowed her to experience all of this “GIFT” ...all the way to the end.

Deep, deep pain...more than any of us will ever go through.

But why? all I know is that Mary’s heart was allowed to experience so much so that she too understand what God felt, about sin, about evil, about His love.

Book learning cannot compare to experiencing what God experiences....and Mary was allowed to experience God’s own emotions and thoughts...she shared in His pain. what an honor that was bestowed upon her....yes, this painful GIFT was an incredible honor that only she would experience. no other human experienced what Mary did.

and the reward of all this “GIFT”? well now I know that Mary is in heaven, and amongst the billions there, she is indeed the only one who had such a relationship w/ one in heaven ever had what she had.

and now her reward is seeing her Son in heaven and being there in His presence and truly understanding all that was done at least on some level more than most.

while I do not espouse whatsoever in the worship of Mary, like others in the bible, I can certainly appreciate what God teaches us through their lives.

Mary lived w/her GIFT all the way from beginning to the end... till her death and her entrance into the glories of heaven.

what a reunion w/her Son that must have been!!!

This story should remind all of us that God’s ‘GIFTS” are not necessarily warm and fuzzy...they can be of such severity that the pain of His GIFT can overtake us.

I think our modern churches and those who supposedly walk w/Jesus have forgotten what the calling really is. it is not about comfort, it is about sacrifice and dying to self...and above all loving Him....loving Him enough to receive His “GIFTS”.


Nikki wrote this article several months ago. I was saving it to post for Mother’s Day. 
This Mother’s Day…Nikki will be honoring her mother from afar.
  Nikki’s mother passed on just three short weeks ago. 

Nikki told me: “After she passed, I anointed her feet w/an essential oil blend called “His Garments" Psalm 45:8…wonderful scent.  Told folks I thought she should enter into heaven smelling good to meet the King.  I will always treasure putting those oils on her feet.”

Not everyone is blessed with a good and loving mother.  Nikki was.
And what a beautiful way Nikki honored her mother...for the last time...on this side of eternity.


Link to this article for easier sharing:

A reader's comment - by Myja Mahoney

 "Myja-thoughts to your thoughts"


I was just telling my hubby this two days ago. How much faith Mary must have had to say YES. And here we are with very little challenges or "Gifts" compared to her and we act all over-burdened and over-whelmed in comparison. 

Just last night during our usual Rosary night prayers.. I was praying over my son who is a good young man but far from God spiritually.. and praying over his soul.. I looked at a picture in our living room with Mary holding baby Jesus.. and in this picture he looks just like my son when he was little.. and I wept as I put myself in her shoes watching Him die! 

She did not get angry at God.. she knew she had to give Him back.. She was the one that kissed His little baby checks and held His baby hand.. and had to watch her baby being beating bloody beyond all recognition.. knowing how loving and good He was to all those around Him...even Judas. She had to accept that it was all God's Will or God's GIFT. 

WOW! I don't know if I would understand nor believe nor have that kind of faith.I would die of grief! 

So last night in In my prayers I begged her to hold my son too.. and bring him to Jesus. I have to place him in her arms - I know he's safe there... and help me to be a better woman, better wife, better mother, better daughter and have even just an ounce of the faith that she had. 

That was her test... and that's ours too. 

THANKS for sharing.. I read it to my hubby in tears. He said "Weren't you just telling me this the other day?" 
I needed to hear it anew. 

Peace beyond all understanding.

Momentary Zen with Zen Garcia, Dan Duval and Carolyn Hamlett Part 1

This painting of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon 
very much resembles the Atlantis I was transported to.

Topics covered on this program: “The Plan”, the organization, Pre-existence, Lucifer and his hierarchy expelled from the heavenlies, Atlantis, Mind Control, DID, programed alters, Alice Bailey, ascended masters and more. Part 2 will be in about a month.