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Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 5 Confession and Repentance

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In part 5 of “Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101,” we continue our talk about getting “back to the basics” of Scripture to find deliverance and healing.

In this video, we discuss our journey of finding deliverance and healing through confession and repentance.

We speak from out point of view as survivors of abuse, particularly mind control agendas, and although we have tried to discuss these issues with compassion and care, the topics of repentance and confession may be triggering to some survivors. If you find yourself becoming triggered, please stop watching and tend to your immediate needs.

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Sometimes we purposefully and consciously do things that are against God and His standards, and sometimes we do not follow the standards of God because we are ignorant and do not know any better. In these situations, it’s clear that we need to confess and repent in order to restore our right standing with God.

However, what if we are forced against our will into situations that are against God? Or what happens when other people perpetrate things upon us that are against the standards of God? How does confession and repentance fit into these situations?

As survivors of abuse, when confession and repentance are spoken of in the context of two things that are necessary in order to find healing from that abuse, this can be very triggering and upsetting. However it is very important to remember the following:

  • Confessing and repenting does not mean you are saying that it was your fault that you were abused.
  • Confessing and repenting does not mean that the abuse was okay.
  • Confession and repentance does not mean that the abusers are getting off the hook.
  • Confession and repentance does not mean that you have to place yourself back into an abusive situation.
  • Confession and repentance does not even mean that you are forgiving the other people for their abuses. Forgiveness is a separate issue that the Spirit of God will work inside of you as He brings you healing.

Confession and repentance is not for your condemnation.

Confession and repentance is for your healing.

However the sinful action came about — whether it was done purposefully and consciously by your own self, or whether it was something that you were forced to do by other people — this action creates a connection between you and that sin.

Confession and repentance is a process that cuts the cord that connects you to the abusive and sinful action.

For the person who has been abused, the process of confession and repentance looks like this:

  • Confession: admitting that it happened.

This means that you refuse to live in denial of what took place. This means that you can learn to boldly speak without shame: “This is what happened to me and it was wrong.”

  • Repentance: turning away from that which is against God.
This means that you turn away from the sinful actions that were forced upon you, and you refuse to allow the rest of your life to be controlled by those actions that others perpetrated upon you or forced you to participate in.

The process of confession and repentance helps you learn to acknowledge what happened without becoming stuck in an abusive identity and without allowing those sinful actions to control the rest of your life.

Confession and repentance allows God to make you into the whole person He created you to be.

Question: What if you have alters who aren’t in agreement with confession and repentance?

Answer: You confess for yourself and on behalf of every part of you. You repent for yourself and on behalf of every part of you.

Confession and repentance begins to break the power that sin has over you, and it begins to set you free.

Confession and repentance cuts the connection to that sin.

Whether it is a sin that you knowingly committed, or if it’s a sin out of ignorance, or if it’s a sin that you were forced to commit, or if it’s a sin that was committed against you: confession and repentance breaks the power that sin has over you and this is where you begin to find freedom.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 4: What should a Christian Counselor Look Like?

What should Christian counseling look like? In part 4 of the series, “Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101,” Loren Grace and I discuss some of the basics on what Christian counseling should be from a Biblical standpoint.

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Notes in this post were written by Loren Grace, originally posted on our shared web site at this link:


If you are going to an individual for counsel because they are a Christian, then that counselor should be following the standards of what a Christian should be according to what is found in the Word of God.

Note: secular counselors, even if they call themselves Christian, will likely not be able to pray with you and counsel you according to Scripture. This doesn’t mean they don’t have helpful advise to offer; it just means that you need to understand this going into a counseling situation with such an individual. However, as with all situations, line up what they say with the Word of God. If their advise isn’t spiritually sound, throw it out. If they do not respect your Christian values and are pushing you to become involved in things that are not spiritually safe and Biblically sound (e.g., meditation), then it may be time for you find a different therapist.

“Christian” is a name-tag. Calling yourself a Christian doesn’t automatically make it so! A lot of people who call themselves Christian counselors or Christian “deliverance” ministers have open doors to the demonic. So be careful who you allow to counsel you, pray with you, or even touch you in the context of prayer or “deliverance” counseling.

Even if you are going through a counseling situation that does not occur in person (e.g., via Skype or telephone), when you give that individual spiritual authority over you, you will be susceptible to the same influence that the demonic have through that person. This holds true regardless of whether you have given that person explicit permission to have authority over you, or whether you have given your implicit permission. So take care in whom you allow to counsel you, and in whom you allow to have a level of spiritual authority over you.

Some questions to ask yourself of a potential or current Christian counselor:

  • What is their character like?
  • Are they moral?
  • Are they following the standards of God?
  • Is it wise to submit to the spiritual authority of a counselor who is not following the standards of God?

Reminder: go to the Word of God to see what the standards of God are.

Deliverance and Christian counseling should include these elements:

  • Christian counseling should include discipling (education on the Word of God).
  • It should include confession and repentance.
  • Christian counseling should be conducted out of love and compassion.
  • The counselor should not be operating out of condemnation, but they should stand firm on the standards of God that are found in the Bible and encourage you to follow those standards.
  • Christian counseling should strengthen your faith.
  • Christian counseling should involve relying on GOD (not demons) for the answers, and having faith that He will answer according to His will.

Important: when you start to walk in the standards of God and begin to be obedient to His Word, the doors to the demonic will start to close.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 3: Identity

In part three of the series, “Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101,” we discuss some of the dynamics of the mentality that causes people to become wrapped up in an ungodly identity that is difficult or impossible to let go. And we make our plea to those caught up in these ungodly doctrines to go back to the basics: go back to the Word of God and be reconciled with the Father.

The following is a recorded video conversation between Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace. It is not an interview.

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Notes in this post were written by Loren Grace, originally posted on our shared web site at this link:



In an attempt to find deliverance from their complicated problems, some individuals get caught up in ungodly spiritual warfare through “deliverance” counseling, eventually getting caught up in occult doctrines and in practicing occult activities. In spite of being repeatedly warned and shown the truth of the witchcraft in which they have become involved, they often continue along that path, and fear of losing their identity is a major reason why.

This fear is a huge motivating factor as to why some self-proclaimed Christians who are caught up in occult activities and doctrines, refuse to disengage themselves with such practices, and refuse to repent and submit to God.

They begin to identify with the warring spirit that the demonic are encouraging within them and working through them: it becomes who they are.

They begin to identify with their occult gifts and abilities: it becomes what motivates and drives them.

And ultimately, because of their refusal to heed the repeated warnings, and because of their refusal to turn away from that which they know is not of God, they begin to identify with the demonic themselves. The nature of the demonic becomes their very identity, yet because they have refused to love the truth, they fall into delusion, and call that which is of Satan to be of God, and that which is of God to be of Satan. They have allowed themselves to become deluded to the point where they are absolutely convinced that they are mirroring the image of God, and they are unable to see that they are reflecting the image of the one (Satan) whom they are serving and to whose will they have submitted.

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 2: Our Observations on the Nature of “Deliverance” Counseling and Surrounding Issues

The following is a recorded video conversation between Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace. 
It is not an interview.

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Notes in this post were written by Loren Grace, originally posted on our shared web site at this link:

What is deliverance and spiritual warfare from a Biblical perspective? In part two of the video series, “Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101,” we share some of our observations  and personal experiences on:

  • the nature of unbiblical “deliverance” counseling;
  • the common mentality of survivors who seek after such counseling;
  • and, the ungodly attitudes from other Christians that cause survivors to turn away from Biblical solutions, and towards unbiblical solutions.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare 101, Part 1: Back to the Basics

The following is a recorded video conversation between Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace. 
It is not an interview.

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The following are some notes to complement the material covered in the video.

Notes in this post were written by Loren Grace, originally posted on our shared web site at this link:


What is deliverance and spiritual warfare from a Biblical perspective? In this video (which is part one of what will be several videos speaking about this same subject), we share some of our experiences with deliverance and spiritual warfare, and discuss the importance of getting back to the basics: the standards of God that are found in His Word.


Many people have come to us with complicated issues that they struggle with, including:

  • Healing from mind control agendas
  • Healing from dissociation and traumatic memories
  • Implants
  • Alien abduction
  • Hybrid breeding programs
  • Astral visitation, astral travel, and being taken out of their body
  • Hearing voices
  • Demonic harassment in varying degrees

They are usually asking us questions about deliverance, including:

  • do we know of any special prayers that they can pray that will help them with the exact problem they are dealing with?
  • do we know of a trustworthy deliverance ministry or counselor?
  • how does deliverance work if you have alters?
  • how do they find deliverance?
  • how did/do we find deliverance?
  • is deliverance is a one-time thing, or is it a process that takes a while?

It seems to take some of these people by surprise when we send them back to the basics: confession, repentance, submission, simply asking of God, walking by faith, being obedient to God, living humbly, and focusing on their relationship with God. They aren’t always convinced that this simple solution will adequately address their complicated problems, especially for those who are dissociative and have alters.

However, in this video series, we will go into detail concerning each of these items, and explain how each of these things that are found in the Word of God are those things that will help them find true freedom and healing.

Job Eschewed Evil - Carolyn Hamlett - Vlog #3

Job Receiving the Messengers (Dalziels' Bible Gallery)

In this 3rd video of mine, I share something that a friend showed me many months ago. It has to do with Job of the Bible. My friend had found this little treasure while he was doing his own Bible study. I'm so happy he shared it with me! Now I want to share this with you! It's too good not to share!

“There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.” ~ Job1:1 (KJV)

Job “eschewed evil”! 

What in the world does that word "eschewed" mean? 馃槣

Have you ever even wondered?..or have you done like I have and read it many times without even the least bit of curiosity of what it meant and what the original Hebrew word was and it's meaning?

I never thought to look it up until my friend encouraged me to. I think he knew I would be as impressed as he was to find this uncovered jewel. least to us it is a jewel!

Through a simple word study, I discovered that the word “eschewed” is a very clear and bold word. 

If you do a word study as I did, you will discover that the Hebrew word 住讜ּ专 (cuwr), translated to “eschewed” is actually a very bold word! It means totally avoiding, cutting off, total separation. (and the word “total” is not even a strong enough word for what “eschew” means. There is no gray area!

Job (chapter 1)

Here is a link that will help you study the specific word, “eschewed”:

The word, "eschewed" is number H5493 in the Strong's Concordance which matches the Hebrew 住讜ּ专 (cuwr), which occurs 308 times in 283 verses in the Hebrew concordance of the KJV. 

Notice that the Hebrew word, 住讜ּ专 (cuwr) is only translated as “eschewed” in that one verse…. HOWEVER…. look at the English words that were used in the other verses, which can give you an even better idea of the definition of the word “eschewed” and it’s full meaning in Job 1:1. 

For instance in Genesis 8:13 “Noah removed the covering of the ark.” (Removed is the same Hebrew word as eschewed.) The door was “removed”….gone. A lot of the verses where that Hebrew word was has been translated “removed”. There is a TOTAL separating and dividing… no gray area. 

Genesis 35:2 is an important one and relates well to the topic I have been addressing here:

“Then Jacob said unto his household, and to all that were with him, Put away H5493 the strange gods that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments:”

That should be self explanatory. 

One of my favorites to describe the separation:

Genesis 41:42

“And Pharaoh took off H5493 his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph's hand”

That ring was TOTALLY OFF Pharaoh’s hand. …. NO MORE there.  So far off…. that it was GONE to another man’s hand and went away with that man…. never to be on Pharaoh’s hand again. 

That is how we should all be handling every form of evil…. as Job did! He “eschewed” it. 

I’d say Job was “perfect” and “upright” BECAUSE he loved God and because he eschewed evil.

We all need to be reminded that God has drastic measures against evil and warnings against evil for a very good reason. These days are some of the most evil days in the history of the earth. There are warnings for us in these day for a good reason. We have to love God with our whole hearts and eschew evil as our constant lifestyle or we will not be discerning of what is evil.

Friday, July 27, 2018

“As in the days of Noah” - Vlog # 2 by Carolyn Hamlett

In this 2nd video vlog, I give a short update on my health, then I share something that caught my attention about the popular end time topic of “As in the days of Noah”. 

Many people today, including many self proclaiming Christians, are so enamored and so captivated with the topic of the Evils of Noah’s time... that they are missing the boat.

What actually is the most important message for today in regards to the topic of  “As in the days of Noah 

Scriptures to study

Genesis 6:9

Genesis 6:9 - Word study

Genesis 7:1

Genesis 7:1 - Word study

2 Peter 2:5 (GNT)

2 Peter 2:5 (KJV)

2 Peter 2:5- Word study

Psalm 1 (KJV)

Psalm 1- Word study