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For Those who are looking for "The Reappearance of “The Christ”" or follow Maitreya

The religion or spirituality you people are talking about is a Product.

Its purpose is NOT to unite humanity in global peace!

It is the religion of the anti-Christ!

It was designed to be the platform of 'peace' on which their "Christ" (chosen one) will enter to bring order out of chaos.

Who designed this product which purpose is to deceive the nations into slavery?

The "ascended masters" of "The Spiritual Hierarchy" designed this product.

It's a spiritual hierarchy, all right...Satan's spiritual hierarchy!

The "ascended" masters are in Truth: Descended!

The only thing they are masters of is deception!

If you buy this product... and later find that it is not at all what it was advertised to be:

Please remember, please...You have an advocate: Jesus Christ! His Name Is Above All Names! There is no Power greater than His!
It was through knowing and calling on The Name of Jesus Christ that I was able to escape from this EVIL organization.

Please study the true origin of man from God's Word, The Holy Bible. Find out why we need to be redeemed.

Humanity ("the masses") are not working their way to perfection individually or as a group, (group karma). It is a lie!

Man was created PERFECT... not the other way around!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Conditions of The Original World Ecology - Archaeology Newsflash No. 128 - Jonathan Gray

Conditions of The Original World Ecology - a Newsflash 

by Jonathan Gray


Japanese physicist Dr. Kei Mori exposed plant life to two of the conditions of the original world ecology - before the Great Flood.

He grew tomato plants under a plastic dome which filtered the ultraviolet rays; and he increased the carbon-dioxide.

After two years, a cherry tomato plant was 16 feet tall, with 903 tomatoes on it. After six years, the same tomato plant was over 30 feet tall and had produced over 5,000 tomatoes.

That tomato plant just didn't want to die. Ask yourself now, How long do tomato plants usually live? Perhaps five or six months? They die of old age, destroyed by ultra-violet radiation.

Could this have some bearing on how old people would have lived under the same environment?

The atmospheric pressure, as well as the oxygen content, had to be greater in the past, in order to support the huge life forms which then existed.

My friend Dr. Carl Baugh, of Glen Rose Texas, has set out to build the world's first hyperbaric biosphere, 62 feet long. Its purpose is to simulate the context of our original world.

An engineer from NASA has called it the greatest experiment in history, ever performed in the name of science.

Research indicates that essentially everything was larger in the past. For instance, the club mosses which today reach sixteen to eighteen inches often approach two hundred feet in the fossil record.

The difference may well be in the atmospheric pressure:

In today's atmosphere we have 14.7 pounds atmospheric pressure per inch at sea level.

But to oxygenate the deep cell tissue of those great dinosaurs we need much greater atmospheric pressure.

Research has shown that when you approach two times today's atmospheric pressure, the entire blood plasma is saturated with oxygen.


Such atmospheric pressure would also PROMOTE RAPID HEALING!


It is believed that before the Flood a water canopy enveloped the earth, above the atmosphere. With such a canopy, the atmosphere would be pressurized to a greater degree than we have now.


In the 1980s, a hammer found inside a rock stratum was analyzed by the Batelle Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio, the same laboratory that analyzed moonstones.

The elemental analysis showed it to be 96.6 percent iron, 0.74 percent sulphur, and 2.6 percent chlorine.

Physicists tell us that under today's atmospheric conditions you cannot compound chlorine with metallic iron. Yet here it is. Today, chlorine can be joined with iron as solid metal only in two atmospheres of oxygen pressure, and only in the absence of ultraviolet radiation.

Of course, ultraviolet radiation would have been filtered out by the protective canopy.

Research indications are that the pre-Flood atmosphere is the only plausible explanation, for the forging of this metallic artifact.

This gets intensely interesting.

That's why I could not keep this and other discoveries to myself. So many folk have been asking me to share information about these wonders. That's why the ebook "The Killing of Paradise Planet" was produced.

If you want to see what else is tucked away in there, just take a visit now to

Best wishes
Jonathan Gray


To help you with any questions on ancient mysteries.

Just email Jonathan Gray at:

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Truth is Bliss! 

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Recommended Reading and Viewing

Note: This list is composed of books, articles and videos that I have read or viewed and highly recommend. This will be an ongoing list.

I do not receive any "freebees" or " kickbacks" from any authors or publishers.

Books by Johanna Michaelsen

Johanna Michaelsen will always have a special place in my heart for writing the book that gave me the courage to trust in the name of Jesus Christ and to call upon Him to literally deliver me from Satan. Thank you, Johanna for all you have done for me. May God Richly Bless you. May your testimony continue to bring many more souls out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of Light, that of Jesus Christ.

About Johanna: She is a highly sought-after speaker for seminars, radio, and television. Her acclaimed autobiography, The Beautiful Side of Evil, has given her wide recognition as a foremost authority on the inner workings of the occult in today's society.

The Beautiful Side of Evil  by Johanna Michaelsen
Are all miracles from God, or is there a beautiful side of evil? The blind see, the deaf hear, and the lame walk. Is God always behind such miracles, or can there be another source?

This is a true account of a young woman who, while in search of spiritual truth, became a personal assistant to a psychic surgeon in Mexico for 14 months. Then, in answer to her prayers, God revealed the true source behind the miraculous healings she witnessed. Lifting the veil of deception, He allowed her to see the evil behind the outward appearance of beauty and holiness. Johanna Michaelsen reveals how this deadly deception is not isolated to her unusual experience but rather is invading our everyday lives, even our churches.

My personal note: I highly recommend this book. It was by reading this book that I was able to finally SEE and accept the Truth that I was indeed serving the "Lords of Darkness". The most deceptive tactic of Satan and his servants is to create the illusion of beauty, perfection, purity, and Holiness.

I recently re-read "The Beautiful Side of Evil" and realized that this book is even more relevant today than when Johanna wrote it! I am alarmed at how much of the occult practices are presently being taught and promoted by professing "Christians". I am equally alarmed at the numbers of Christians who are blindly following these servants of Satan and are now practicing the occult.  

TEST THE SPIRITS !!! How can you ever know what is not of God if you are busy following after other voices???

People need to go back to the Bible, read it in context, ask God to open the eyes of their understanding. People need to seek God with their whole heart and follow after Jesus Christ! and not some modern day "prophet" who twists and tortures the scriptures to make it say something it does not!

Like Lambs To The Slaughter: Your Child and The Occult

Dungeons and Dragons, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Star Wars, E.T., Yoga, Spirit Guides, Guided Imagery & Visualization, Storybooks On Witchcraft and the Occult: Are these merely innocent, fun filled activities for kids designed to expand creativity and intelligence, or are these the subtle influences that are leading our children Like Lambs To The Slaughter.

This urgent appeal for awareness by best-selling author Johanna Michaelsen takes the concerned parent into the world of the innocent child by exploring and exposing the growing power of the occult in the lives of our children. Leaders in this New Age of Humanism intend to employ every means at their disposal to turn the hearts and minds of children away from fundamental Christian values and beliefs. This timely and welcome work by Johanna Michaelsen gives parents tools to counter the growing influence of the occult in their children's lives.

“Doctrines of Demons: 
Exposing Christian Witchcraft”
by Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett

Former insiders expose popular occult teachings infiltrating today’s church

Download free at:

*       *       *

Books by Kurt E. Koch

Kurt E. Koch (1913-1987) is regarded by many to have been the world's leading authority on the occult. He received his Doctor of Theology degree from Tubingen University and was a noted German theologian, minister, and evangelist. He pastored and counseled those suffering from the occult in its various forms throughout the world, covering sixty-five countries and five continents.
I first heard of Kurt E. Koch and his books in the late 1980's through Johanna Michaelsen. Thirty years later, I still value these books over all the books I have ever read on the topics of occult bondage and deliverance. 

Just some of the things you will learn through books by Kurt E. Koch:

  • Clarification of what constitutes the occult.  
  • Why it is so dangerous to “dabble” in anything of occult nature.
  • The effects (fruits) of  “dabbling” in anything of occult nature.
  • Gifts of The Holy Spirit or Mediumistic gifts?
  • Why it is imperative that every Christian renounce and repent of all occult involvement, supernatural gifts (abilities) and renounce ancestral ties.
  • (There are Christians who are unknowingly practicing witchcraft.)

(Republished under the title The Lure of the Occult)

An investigation of the consequences of and deliverance from occultism. 

What are the dangers of spiritism, magic, and the occult? What are the consequences of involvement? What does the Bible say about them? An investigation into occultism which includes chapters on fortune-telling, magic and spiritism, and is based on over 160 examples which have come to light through counseling people. 192 pages.


A Complete Guidebook to Occult Oppression and Deliverance

Counseling the psychically disturbed and those oppressed through involvement in occultism. 

An in-depth study of problems involved in counseling people entrapped in the occult from the points of view of medicine, psychology and theology. A practical, theological and systematic investigation in the light of present day psychological and medical knowledge. 340 pages.


A discussion of the work of demons and illustrations of people who are involved in demonic activity. Christian counseling and occultism, demonology, mediumistic powers and spiritual gifts, occult subjection, miracles of healing today-their Biblical suggestive or demonic character, demon possession and deliverance. 162 pages.

Exposing Occult Practices and Ideologies

This work shines a light on spiritual abuses, ideologies, parapsychology, and spiritism, illuminating dangers of involvement in these practices and providing the knowledge necessary to avoid Satan's devices. 356 pages.

(If you can name it, it's probably in this book.)

Counseling the Occultly Oppressed

An introduction into the counseling of people who are under occult bondage and subjection. Part One: Christian Counseling, Part Two: Medical Diagnosis. 198 pages.

Included: the effects (fruits) of occult subjection: effects on character, emotional disturbances, mental illness, mediumistic abilities, Mediumistic healers in the charismatic movement, Possession, symptoms of possession, can Christians be possessed?, deliverance and the Scriptures, qualifications of a Christian counselor, counseling procedure, mediumistic contacts and friendships must be broken, every occult related object must be destroyed, disease or demonic?, Christians and demonic subjection, confession, prayer of renunciation. 

(Formerly The Devil's Alphabet
A Biblical Examination from A to Z

A review of 47 forms of superstition, fortune-telling, magic and spiritism plus New Testament teaching for deliverance. 

The fourth edition of this book has been expanded to include five new sections on Colour Therapy, Firewalking, Telepathy, Tongue's Movements, and Umbanda and Macumba. 156 pages.

(Same book as Occult Practices and Beliefs)

A review of 47 forms of superstition, fortune-telling, magic and spiritism plus New Testament teaching for deliverance. 

The fourth edition of this book has been expanded to include five new sections on Colour Therapy, Firewalking, Telepathy, Tongue's Movements, and Umbanda and Macumba. 156 pages.

(Formerly titled Between Christ and Satan.)

An investigation of the consequences of and deliverance from occultism. 

What are the dangers of spiritism, magic, and the occult? What are the consequences of involvement? What does the Bible say about them? Answers to such questions make this a classic work on demonic activity. Includes case studies.


Some topics covered:

Discerning of spirits: The Holy Spirit and alien spirits (‘alien’ meaning unholy spirits pretending to be the Holy Spirit), the tongues movement, evaluation of spiritual gifts, the fruits of The Holy Spirit: spurious fruits, much fruit in Jesus, transformation into His image, the Gift of all gifts: Jesus, the different sources of the gifts, mediumistic gifts, the variety of ministries. 174 pages.


A study of the Tongues Movement including its development, case studies of its effect on people and the answer from Scripture. 

Is there a biblical basis for speaking in tongues today? This enlightening study objectively discusses the issue by exploring the related scriptures. Twenty-seven case histories, which reveal the effect of the tongues movement on people, highlight the discussion and illustrate many of the authors personal observances. Additionally, the author discusses the development of the movement from 1900 until the present. Believers will find helpful answers to their questions and practical instruction based on the Word of God. 48 pages.

*       *       *

Books and Articles by Dr. Stan Monteith:

Dr. Stan Monteith (1929-2014)

"For over a decade, prior to his retirement, Dr. Stan Monteith led a delegation of physicians from Santa Cruz County to the House of Delegates of the California Medical Association. For 10 years he led the battle within organized medicine in California to address the AIDS epidemic as a medical issue rather than a civil rights issue. As a result of his experiences trying to implement an effective medical approach to the HIV epidemic, he wrote the book, "AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic", the widely circulated pamphlet, "To Deceive a Nation", and "A Nation Deceived and Betrayed." Supported by physicians across our nation, his public health approach to the HIV epidemic was eventually accepted by the California Medical Association. Unfortunately, powerful forces continue to oppose the dictates of doctors. Dr. Monteith spent 30 years researching the causes for America's spiritual and moral decline."

You will find a wealth of information at Dr. Stan Monteith's site:

I highly recommend Dr. Stan's book:
Brotherhood of Darkness 

"The story in this book is incredible but true. It is about secret societies, how they have directed the course of civilization, and how they influence your life today. In this book, Dr. Monteith reveals the amazing facts he discovered in his almost 40 years of research. He reveals the identity of the mysterious forces behind the men who rule the world, and why some of our leaders have dedicated their lives to destroying our nation."

Brotherhood of Darkness is available as a book, tape, CD, VHS, and DVD

Note: In Dr. Stan's Newsletter archive you will find Many very interesting and informative articles. Off the top of my head I can think of several articles for recommended reading that involve the physical and supernatural workings of "The Plan".

Recommended Articles by Dr. Stan Monteith:

April 2006 "An Angel Rides In The Whirlwind"
June 2005 "The Occult Hierarchy: Part II"
May 2000 "Occult Philosophy: Part II The Religion of Masonry"

Don't forget to hit the link for "Online Videos"

*       *       *

Books by Lee Strobel

Atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel is the former award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and best-selling author of more than twenty books. His classic, The Case for Christ, is a perennial favorite which details his conversion to Christianity. His recent release, The Case for Grace, just won the 2016 Nonfiction Book of the Year from the EPCA. For the last twenty-five years, his life’s work has been to share the evidence that supports the truth and claims of Christianity and to equip believers to share their faith with the people they know and love.

The Case For Christ 
(A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus)

"It was as a reporter for the Chicago Tribune and an avowed atheist that Lee Strobel first investigated the greatest news story of all--the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Now, in The Case for Christ, he presents compelling evidence and expert testimony for the claims of Christianity. As a seasoned journalist with a Yale law background, Strobel systematically tracks down his leads and asks the blunt, tough questions readers themselves would want to ask--questions that can make or break the Christian faith. He refuses contrived, simplistic answers. Instead, he pieces together hard facts through interviews with more than a dozen of the country's top scholars. Written in the style of a blockbuster investigative report, The Case for Christ is apologetics at its most imaginative--gripping, compelling, marshaling expert testimony and incontrovertible evidence. With unerring instincts, Strobel ferrets out:

Historical Evidence: Do we possess reliable documents concerning the life, teachings, and resurrection of Jesus?

Scientific Evidence: Is there archaeological substantiation for the historical accounts about Jesus? Did Jesus perform miracles?

Psychiatric Evidence: Did Jesus really claim to be God? What evidence is there that he fit God's profile?

Fingerprint Evidence: What does prophecy have to say about Jesus? Other evidence: Jesus' death, the missing body, eyewitness accounts, and claims of personal encounters.

The Case for Christ reads like a captivating, fast-paced novel. But it's not fiction. It's a riveting journey to the truth about the most remarkable event in history: the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And it's a revealing, personal testimony to his power to transform people yet today--even the most cynical, hard-bitten journalist.
What will your verdict be in The Case for Christ -- Publisher"

Also by Lee Strobel:

The Case For Faith 
(A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity)

My Note: The Case For Faith is the perfect companion book for The Case For Christ

The Case For The Creator 

(A Journalist Investigates Scientific Evidence That Points Toward God)

The Case For The Real Jesus 
(A Journalist Investigates Current Attacks on the Identity of Christ)

God's Outrageous Claims 
(Discover What They Mean For You) 

*      *      *

Author: Jonathan Gray

About the author: "Jonathan Gray has travelled the world to gather data on ancient mysteries. A serious student of the paranormal and pre-history, he has investigated numerous archaeological sites, and has also penetrated some largely unexplored areas, including parts of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to remote mountain and desert regions of the world. He lectures internationally. Between lecturing worldwide, the author has hosted newspaper columns and contributed to various magazines." In addition, Jonathan Gray has been the esteemed guest on many radio programs such as Coast to Coast, Dr. Bill Deagle's Clay and Iron Ministries and Rense.

note: All of Jonathan Gray's books are good reads in and of themselves. They also cross reference each other and highlight different aspects of his research.

I highly recommend Jonathan Gray's book: 

Available as an e-book as well.

Also by Jonathan Gray:

UFO Aliens: the deadly secret
(Archaeology, Science, and Spiritual)

"Are governments really covering up hard core evidence of "other world" visitors? What about crashed UFOs and alien bodies What are UFO - really? Where are they from? Did aliens really bring civilization to Planet Earth?" Are they of the "sinister Legion of Lucifer? What is the occult connection? What about alien prophecies? How to HALT an alien abduction! How to survive the coming planned takeover."

Also available as an e-book.

The Killing of Paradise Planet:

Secrets of That Forgotten World Before The Great Flood
(Archaeology and Science)

"Venture into our strange past, wilder than your imagination. High technology and science... but a race ready to wipe itself out. Drowned city 6,000 feet under the Pacific Ocean? Did man once know the secret of eternal youth? Amazing ship technology of 4,500 years ago. That Noah's Ark story - fable or fact? Did men and women once sunbake under Antarctica's palm trees? And more more."

Book 1 of a trilogy - 192 pages
Also available as an e-book.

Surprise Witness:
What Happened During The Great Flood, Step By Step
(Archaeology and Science)

"Can you explain buildings deep down inside coal? Fossil evidence of people and animals fleeing. What drove strange mixtures of animals (arctic and tropical) to the same mountain tops? Why are deep sea creatures found mixed with land animals high up in the mountains? Evolution enigmas and cover-ups. What discovery has frightened paleontologists out of their wits? Is our dating of DINOSAURS mistaken? Discover startling evidence for a Global Flood.

Book 2 of a trilogy - 216 pages

Also available as an e-book.

The Corpse Came Back:

Forgotten Secrets of Our Earth Since The Great Flood
(Archaeology and Science)

"For the first time, see world history knit together in a way that makes sense. How climate, sea level rise, ice age and other earth changes are all linked to the Great Flood.... and how these have catalyzed events through human history. What amazing civilization preceded Egypt and Sumeria? Are ancient Egyptian remains concealed in "off limit" tunnels of the Grand Canyon? Cities of gleaming white pyramids, towering mystery buildings and broken fountains, poking up through unexplored jungle in the Amazon. What mysterious civilization built a city in Death Valley? Do preserved racial genealogies REALLY trace back to Noah? How on earth did thousands of city folk become jungle savages? Where did all the different races come from? How old are the deserts, waterfalls, coral reefs, river deltas and the oldest trees?

Book 3 of a trilogy - 308 pages

Also available as an e-book.

Dead Men's Secrets:

Surprising Discoveries In Lost Cities of The Dead
(Archaeology and Science)

"Seafloor, jungle and desert sands give up a thousand forgotten secrets. Technology that vanished! Could this super race have beaten us to the moon, developed computers and nuclear war? In Part One you discover startling information about this superior civilization that was wiped out - what destroyed it? Part Two documents evidence for this lost super race and their descendants. Who mapped America thousands of years before America was "discovered"?"

Also available as an e-book.

Sting of The Scorpion

Astrology Exposed - The Truth Behind Star Names And Signs
(Archaeology, Science and Spiritual)

"Ancient civilizations believed that a serpent - which represented the devil - took control of the world. They believed a virgin’s baby would fight the serpent, defeat him and bring peace, life and happiness back to mankind. The pictures on the sky map were used to describe the story and NOT to tell people’s fortunes through the stars. The NAMES of the stars, as well as the star sign PICTURES told that story."

Also available as an e-book.

Who's Playing Jesus Games?

"Did early historians never mention Jesus? Jesus' resurrection - hoax, hallucination, or history? Do Gospel writers really "contradict" one another? What about the Dead Sea Scrolls? Are there "missing" books of the Bible? You can't afford to miss this gripping and controversial report… based on exciting archaeological discoveries and over 25 years of ground-breaking research. Compelling evidence about the real origin of Christianity. You could call this the final word."

Also available as an e-book. 

On this same topic is an interview of Jonathan Gray by Dr. Bill Deagle:

Jonathan Gray - Who's Playing Jesus Games? 1 of 3

Jonathan Gray - Who's Playing Jesus Games? 2 of 3

Jonathan Gray - Who's Playing Jesus Games? 3 of 3

Also available as an e-book.

Insider Report DVD Package
1-The Killing of Paradise Planet. 2-Surprise Witness. 3-Into The Unknown. 4-Skyscraper To Stone Age. 5-Climate Change. 6-The Cleverest Secret. 7-Lost Cities of Prophecy. 8-Caught By His Fingerprint. 9-The Persian Triangle Mystery. 10-The Great Dating Blunder. 11-The 2012 Prophecy. 12-Soothe Away stress. 13-The Men In The Shadows. 14-The Curse Of The Hatana Gods.

Note: This DVD package is awesome!