Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Warning Concerning Maitreya

by Carolyn Hamlett

If you follow Maitreya, you will be supporting The Plan for the NWO. 

Jesus Christ is the Messiah. He, (Jesus Christ) is the Redeemer whom God promised to Abram and his seed.

The "Christ" you are waiting for is will enter on a platform of peace and ecumenicalism. 

He will have the full support of the UN. In fact, The UN was specifically set up "to usher in The Christ". 

"Christ" merely means "anointed one".  This being "The Christ" or "Maitreya" is anointed by Lucifer himself who is Satan the ENEMY to all Righteousness. 

The "ascended masters" serve Lucifer as Satan. The "spiritual hierarchy" is SATANIC working AGAINST the Righteous Creator of the universe.   

The "ascended masters" will OWN you, if you allow them to mold your will ("the little wills of man") "to the Higher Will that the Masters know and serve". 

The Spiritual Hierarchy serves Satan. On one level of enlightenment, Luciferic teachings make Lucifer the savior, however, those who make it through the final initiation know exactly who he is...what he is. When one reaches this level of "illumination" it is expected that he/she will worship him (Lucifer) in his spirit and in his truth in Total Separation of all that is good; All that is of God.

Jesus means "Savior, God with us". Christ means "chosen one" or "anointed one". There is only One Savior anointed One who has the Power and Authority to redeem us and restore us to our original perfection and position with the Creator of the universe. This is God's plan. It is absolutely true that God so loved the world that He sent His Son to provide the way to rescue us from our fallen state. God only needed One Way. That way has been made for us by the work of Jesus Christ, the VERY Word of God Himself. It took the VERY Word of God Himself to accomplish this! That is why there is only one way. 

If you think in terms of "karma", Jesus Christ, The Word of God Himself took that "karma" Himself and paid it for you. We only have one life, not many. The lie of reincarnation is a lie of Satan. God so loved the world that He paid the price.

My life testifies of this Truth I am sharing with you. When I passed my final initiation it was made clear to me that Jesus Christ Is The Chosen One of the God of Abraham...and....that the one referred to as “The Christ" is the Opposer, the Destroyer and Anti-Christ.

Choosing not to worship this Evil being, I sought the Power of God through the Name of Jesus Christ to free my family and me from the clutches of this powerful organization.

God answered my prayer. That was more than 20 years ago. I still serve the Living God. Many times through out the years I have had to call on the Name of Jesus Christ. He has never let me down. I don't fear every day of my life like I used to. Where there was fear, now there is faith. I belong to God now through His Son Jesus Christ the only redeemer of mankind. I worship Him in His Spirit and His Truth forever.

Forever is a very long time.