Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Negative Power of "Zeitgeist" the movie

by Carolyn Hamlett

I am deeply concerned over divisions that have been occurring in the 911 Truth movement. Most especially am I troubled over the divisions that are happening right now over one ordinary man's "documentary".

I have several questions for all of you in the 911 Truth "movement":

What is the difference between you and those who believe the "official" report of what went down on 9-11-01?

Research, you did yours.

Now, what is the difference between those who believe that Peter Joseph is an authority on the anthropology of religions and those who do not believe he is?

Again, the answer is Research.
How much research have you done? Do Your Own Research.

The whole 911 deal is a package founded on lies. Those who perpetrated it have an agenda. The movies "Zeitgeist" and "Zeitgeist the Addendum" are just more tools employed to reach that agenda. There is much more to this agenda than meets the eye.

I don't just believe this. I Know this.

If we all keep our sights on our original agenda; to expose with contrary evidence that the official story is a fraud, to bring about a new 911 investigation, and to see that justice is done for the victims, We Can Attain Our Goal.

United we stand. (We have a chance at success)

Divided we lose.

If you REALLY are a "Truther" then you will gladly give up the Illuminati propaganda product "Zeitgeist", as the lie that it is when you compare it to the REAL truth. You should have not been so gullible, but they baited you with 'glorious' 911 info and along with it you engulfed their poisonous lies. 

You should have done your own research, but you didn't, however it is not too late. 
When you examine this evidence I am about to present to you, "Truthers", I would think that you will gladly toss out the lies. 

After examining this evidence, ask yourself if you still trust the author of "Zeitgeist" as a reliable researcher.  Ask yourself what was his agenda? It couldn't possibly be truth. 

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