Saturday, December 20, 2008

For Those who are looking for "The Reappearance of “The Christ”" or follow Maitreya

The religion or spirituality you people are talking about is a Product.

Its purpose is NOT to unite humanity in global peace!

It is the religion of the anti-Christ!

It was designed to be the platform of 'peace' on which their "Christ" (chosen one) will enter to bring order out of chaos.

Who designed this product which purpose is to deceive the nations into slavery?

The "ascended masters" of "The Spiritual Hierarchy" designed this product.

It's a spiritual hierarchy, all right...Satan's spiritual hierarchy!

The "ascended" masters are in Truth: Descended!

The only thing they are masters of is deception!

If you buy this product... and later find that it is not at all what it was advertised to be:

Please remember, please...You have an advocate: Jesus Christ! His Name Is Above All Names! There is no Power greater than His!
It was through knowing and calling on The Name of Jesus Christ that I was able to escape from this EVIL organization.

Please study the true origin of man from God's Word, The Holy Bible. Find out why we need to be redeemed.

Humanity ("the masses") are not working their way to perfection individually or as a group, (group karma). It is a lie!

Man was created PERFECT... not the other way around!