Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama Lights, NWO, and Maitreya SAME PLAN

by Carolyn Hamlett

This strange light display reminds me of a night many years ago. It was the night of October 4th 1957. I remember it like it was yesterday. While many Americans were glued to their TV sets, watching the first "Leave It To Beaver" show, others like myself were outside watching the night sky hoping to see Sputnik, the first man made satellite as it crossed the heavens.

That was a night of celebration not just for Russia, but for those who like myself, served in a Plan that was bigger than the the Soviet Union, the United States or any global empire. 

This was the night I learned of the importance that satellite technology would play in the manipulating and controlling of the masses....of computer technology...not of how wondrous it would be for humanity, but of how it will be used to the advantage of the organization against the masses....all by just a "push of a button".

I was told of the marvelous man made signs in the skies that will precede what the organization called, "the reappearance of The Christ". The global heralding of their "Christ", or Maitreya, is to be the product of satellite technology.

Contrary to what so many people want to believe......The Plan for The New World Order is not just a political plan. It is a spiritual plan and it is NOT the plan of Yahweh, The Most High God.

People need to know that the events that took place on 911 were orchestrated by the same organization whose plan is to produce the signs in the skies and to announce the "Christ" whom some refer to as Maitreya.

I repeat...the plan for the NWO belongs to the same organization who is sponsoring Maitreya the promise of peace, brotherhood and unity through "higher" spiritual love is just a deceptive lie to steal more than just your physical freedom. There is much more at stake here than what is being played out on this physical realm.

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By Carolyn Hamlett

Thursday, September 17, 2009

H1N1 Flu - Is there a dark agenda at work ? Unmasking the occult symbolism of the H1N1 "False Flag Flu" (aka Swine-Eleven)

by "The Can-A-Worms Blog"

The terms "False Flag Flu" and "Swine-Eleven" were coined by the author of this article. 

"The Can-A-Worms Blog" is no longer on the Internet, however the author has given me permission to post it.  Please abide by the author's copyright. 

H1N1 Flu - Is there a dark agenda at work ?
Unmasking the occult symbolism of the H1N1 "False Flag Flu" (aka Swine-Eleven)

"Is there something sinister behind the vaccination plan, beyond the most obvious anomalies?

While I do not personally practice numerology, it is often said that the "Global Elites" do, that they rely heavily upon it, and that their symbols and numerology can always be found as sort of fingerprint of their involvement in all world changing events, such as the 9/11 events.

Numerology is not only concerned with numbers and dates, but also with letters, and all letters correspond to particular number value (see chart below). Each number has a particular meaning attributed to it, though we won't go into that here. All numbers are reduced to their final value by adding them together, though certain numbers are also considered special, such as 11, 13, and 22, and others are sometimes considered to have special significance and are examined separately. Again, we will not go into such detail here, however, some peculiarities do emerge, as was also the case with the events of September 11, 2001.

The W.H.O. went to Pandemic Level 6 on June 11th, 2009 ( 6/11/9)

Name of the virus: H1N1

H = 8

N = 5

and the number 1 twice (8 + 1 + 5 + 1 = 6)

1+1 = 11 (2)

11+13 = 24 (6)

(6 + 1 + 1 = 6/11)

H1N1 = 8 + 1 + 5 + 1 = 6

FLU = 6 + 3 + 3 = 12

however, this can also be seen as 6 + 6

Now, add to this month of June which is 6 and we get = 666

OR ....

adding the number of the Pandemic Level (6), H1N1 (6) and month (6) we also get 666

6/11/9 is peculiar too, as we the 6 and 9 mirror each other (YinYang), as do the two 1's

The 6 and 9 also resemble the 2 snakes and / or 2 wings on the medical symbol, slithering up the pole (the Caduceus)

This symbol is commonly thought to have originated in Greece, but more current research indicates that it came from ancient Babylon.

What does it all mean? Does it mean anything? Is it all just another strange "coincidence"?

I'll let you decide. 

But first, watch this video:

Mossad Nicknamed Flu 666 and Scientists were killed
Lab Origins of 2009 "Novel Swine Flu" US666 & EU666

Friday, September 11, 2009

A comment To My Post, "The Jesus Problem"

by Carolyn Hamlett

A reader's comment to my article "The Jesus Problem" and my response. 

“I like your post, but am curious about “The organization” Initiates, Dissenters, Silenced, Exterminated. Please explain what you meant.  I very much agree with your statement that we are not our emotions.”

There are varying ways that I could have answered this question. Here is the way I chose:

The "organization" has no name. The agenda is to bring into power the anti-Christ government. This is what people are referring to as "The New World Order".

The authors and governors of this plan are not human. They are those spoken of in Ephesians 6:12. They are REAL and they do appear as angels of well as hideous beings. They control both blatant Satanism as well as mysticism and organized religions. This is Satan's government, his kingdom. The Plan for the New World Order is to set up Satan's Kingdom as a physical/spiritual kingdom to rule earth.

An Initiate is an individual who is on, what is referred to as, "the path of enlightenment". Initiates are under the guidance and direction of beings who claim to be of higher enlightenment, but who are really evil fallen beings whose allegiance is to Lucifer who is Satan the enemy of all righteousness and all that is of God. When an initiate reaches a certain level, they are taught "the higher mysteries" that teach that Lucifer is a savior and working for us as God's plan. This is the Biggest lie ever.

Dissenters are people who try to leave the organization.

Dissenters are silenced by character assassination, horrendous threats and/or killed so that they will not reveal anything about this organization.

This organization is the reason why God sent One Savior. God's Word Is One Truth, One Way. One Spirit of The True God. It takes The Spirit of God Almighty Himself to draw us to Keep us. There are many ways that promise much, but there is only One Who has the Power to give us His Spirit that draws us to All that is Total Righteousness. It is nothing to get angry way. God knew that there would be many deceptions. He made it easy for us. God so loved the world that He made One Way….. Jesus Christ Is That spiritual life-line. All others are impostors.

The only reason I am alive today is because of The Power of God. It's true. I renounced the unholy spirits and the gifts of those spirits. They are murderous "angels of light" that do all within their power to keep what is theirs....only I took back my will and put it into the hands of The True King of Righteousness. I have lived under the guidance of the so called "masters of wisdom".  I have had their counterfeit spiritual gifts, but now that I have the Spirit of Jesus Christ living in me...I would Never Ever trade what I have now for what I used to have when I worked for and with them!

The reason I mentioned in my post that we have an emotional life, but we are not our because that is part of a widely used meditation (written by my former mentors of Lucis Trust Publishing Company aka Lucifer Trust). I mentioned that to remind people that they can't trust an emotional reaction they may have to the name of Jesus Christ. 

My goal is to get people to realize that if they are having an emotional reaction to the name of Jesus Christ, that perhaps they should consider why. The real reason there is an emotional reaction is because the spirit in them has an aversion to The Spirit of Jesus Christ. People need to know that the aversion is not them. It is something spiritual. They don't need to take offense. They need to take notice and ask themselves...why is there a feeling of repulsion? ...and then seek the answer. 

It is note worthy that people are not so bothered by the the name "Jesus" if it stands alone. They are also not so bothered by the word, "Christ" when it stands alone, but when you put the two together as "Jesus Christ", there is a stirring within. Why? I know why. 

Any real Truth seeker will also want to know why.

A real seeker of truth loves the truth enough that he will search for it and when he finds it, he will gladly give up the lie to embrace the truth. He will toss aside the lies as the cancer that it is. 

The heart of the truth seeker loves truth more than his own life and identity. He sees truth as something that belongs to everyone. He remains an individual. The library of Truth is there for all those who wish to share of it. You are not that library, but you can partake of it.

A real truth seeker loves the truth so much, that when he is faced with that stark reality that what he has believed and cherished all along was only a lie masquerading as the truth, he will not defend the lie. He will see it for the cancer that it is and toss it out. 

There is no shame in admitting when one has been wrong, for the lie is not us. It is a cancer. 

Un-Truth or Lies also has a library of it's own. Lies come from outside of you. They do not belong to you, but when you are deceived by a lie and embrace a lie as your own truth and wrap your own ego and identity around it, it will own you instead. You will cease to be your own person and not even know it. It will entwine into your own personality, coloring and influencing your every thought and perception.

Such a person will hear the truth, but not perceive the truth and will not even realize they don't perceive the truth, because everything that enters the mind of such a person will be filtered through the cancerous lie that governs their ego and their entire spirit. That person will never shine and never know truth when the cancerous parasite owns the ego.

The lie has a spiritual nature in itself and will infect the spiritual nature of the person hosting it. The lie will do what it can to defend itself. When attached to the ego, the infected person will take offense when they are faced with the real truth. They perceive it as a personal threat or an attack on themselves. But it is the lie they defend, not themselves, for a lie comes from outside of you, but when you embrace it as your own, it will own you instead. 

It is my hope that my readers will seriously consider what I have just put forth. Believe me, I write from my own experience of being there myself. I thought the repulsion I used to feel at the name of Jesus Christ, as slight as the repulsion was, was because it represented to me the foolish ignorant ones; the ones I believed were stubborn, blind, ignorant close minded fools holding up the spiritually evolutionary process of humanity. Such disdain I had for them, the ones who called Jesus "Savior"! 

I was wrong. 

It was the unholy spirits in me reacting to the name of Jesus Christ, leading me to perceive the reaction was entirely my own repulsion to other human beings. In truth, it was all happening on a the level of the spirit. The lying unholy spirits in me and influencing me were reacting to the Spirit of Truth, the HOLY Spirit of God. Unholy spirits are repulsed by anything that is of the Spirit of Truth. 

It was not until the "ascended masters" themselves along with their lord Lucifer showed me who they themselves really are and what their TRUE agenda is. It was then that I knew the TRUTH of who Jesus Christ really is. Now I know why "they" don't want you to say the two names together, Jesus Christ. Even more so, they hate the mention of "the shed blood of Jesus Christ". They know who and what Jesus Christ is. They just don't want you to know. 

My entire life and my entire identity was invented by Lucifer and his "spiritual hierarchy".

All I ever was, all I ever dreamed of being, all my dreams of the future was a product of Lucifer. 

This was a very hard reality to face, that all I was, was a product of the LIE. My whole life and spirit was so overgrown with the spiritual cancerous lies, that I wondered if there was anything left of me that was even just a flicker of the spirit that originally came from the Righteous God, the Creator of the universe. Was there a flicker of the flame left of the person God had meant for me to be? Who was she? Only God knew. 

I searched within myself and found a small ember burning in me and with it a flicker of hope. 

During this time in my life I was busy with one of my physical assignments of infiltrating a Christian church. Only a handful of people in that church seemed to pick up on the true nature of the spirits that surrounded me and accompanied me there. One of the few who was "on to me", kindly approached me and gave me a book that he said he thought I might enjoy reading. It was the book "The Beautiful Side of Evil" written by Johanna Michaelsen. 

I know within my heart, that God meant for me to have that book right then and there. There could have been no better timing than that. 

That flicker of hope in me became brighter as I read her book. 

Johanna said God could make me a new creature in Jesus Christ. I believed her. 

I asked God in the name of Jesus Christ to help me. It was then, that I first experienced the Power of that name, Jesus Christ. And let me tell you it was REAL! He is Real! And so is the Power He holds. 

I renounced all of my life and gifts from Satan and I willfully gave my life to Jesus Christ. 

I know for myself that Jesus Christ is Real! And Alive. There is NO name above the Name of Jesus Christ and it is true that there is no name under heaven given to mankind that can save us from the real enemy, save us from the lies of that enemy and the plan of that real enemy.

This is my experience. It is what I have lived. I didn't learn it from a book. I didn't even learn it from the Bible, though, so far, I have found the Bible to be true to my own experiences. I learned this from the supernatural. You may call it "religion", but TRUTH is TRUTH, not religion. Jesus Christ said that he is the way, the truth and the life. This I have found is True. 

When I gave that last small flickering spirit of mine to Jesus Christ, by His Power of His shed blood, His Spirit joined with mine burning out the lies. He imparted His nature in me. I am a new creation because of Him. I am not perfect, but I belong to He who is. I am His. I am saved from the lie. 

Some people in the organization who get to the position that I was taken to, choose instead to serve Lucifer as Satan the enemy of Jesus Christ. These people do so willingly, fully knowing who Jesus Christ really is. Many of these people govern our military, world politics and religions. They are also in all walks of life. 

You will never fully know who these people are unless you have the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ alive in you. If you have His Spirit, keep it alive and burning by feeding it with the things that are of His Spirit, not the things of this world. 

You will never know the difference from the counterfeit Jesus Christ and the real Jesus Christ if you do not have the Spirit of Jesus Christ burning as a bonfire in your own spirit. It is up to you and your own will. Feed your spirit with His Word. Read the words of Jesus Christ who is the WORD. 

A weed is opportunistic. It can not grow in the flaming bonfire, but it will flourish in the fertilizing nutrients left in the cool ashes. 

May you, my readers also love truth enough that you will give up the lie for it, even if you have to give up all that you ever thought you were, wanted, or hoped to be. Truth has a better plan for you. 

One of the best ways people can know who Jesus Christ really to pick up the Bible and read for themselves the words of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a spiritual book. That is why some people fall asleep trying to read it....that is why some people have trouble understanding it. There really are forces at work trying to keep us from The Truth. The way to get past that is to earnestly seek God with your heart and ask Him to reveal to you His Truth and to help you understand His written Word by His Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Word Himself. The very Word that created the heavens and the earth. (Energy to the matter as we know it.) In the beginning it was GOOD. 

Read the book of John. 

I can think of a lot scarier things than praying this, can't you? :)

*      *      *

New Comment to this post:

lenwood7_7 said: I like the way you answered this question and especially explaining about emotions.
Having come from a Masonic influenced family, the only way to true Light and wisdom is thru JESUS CHRIST he son of the LIVING GOD only. He is the only answer as revealed in the Scriptures, The Bible. He is not hidden or in secret but has spoken openly and we can read it for ourselves. thanks again for your blog. 

Thank you, lenwood. Your comment is very much appreciated. :)

Thank you, Jesus, for what you have done for me! 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Clergy Response Teams, NWO, Theosophy, "Ascended Masters" "The Plan"

by Carolyn Hamlett

Here are some excerpts from e-mails I have responded to originally on the topic of the Clergy Response Teams being used by the American government as tools for the New World Order.

That topic evolved into discussions about Theosophy, the “ascended masters” and “The Plan”.

Regarding Clergy Response Teams:
This is exactly what globalists have planned. This is religion, not the teachings of Christ. Keep in mind that the globalists are not only using "christian" organizations to control the masses, but that "The Plan" is to also use "christianity" as a means to bring civil unrest and to drive as many people as possible into their (the globalists) planned theocracy. 

One cannot separate theology from The New World Order Plan, for the very foundation and drive of "The Plan" is spiritual. For those who don't like what the globalist are doing, and are against being a slave to the New World Order, then it is advised that a closer look be taken of their religion, their Theosophy. The globalist's are Theosophists. Theosophists are Luciferians. Their “Lord” is Lucifer, They worship Satan."

Another comment by me:
"The clergy as well as doctrine has been infiltrated by the globalists. I was a part of that infiltration as was my mother. This Plan has been in operation for many years. Any clergy or "Christian" organization that aids the government is not to be trusted! There may be some well meaning people in these organizations, but this does not make these shelters from the storm created by the globalists."


I was asked why I refer to globalists as being Theosophists when there are older societies such as the Order of the Rose and Cross, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Cabalists. Why not call them “Luciferians or even the ancient mystery religion rather than call them by one of their many tentacles”.

My answer:
Yes, it all goes much deeper. All "secret societies" and ancient mystery religions are products of "The spiritual hierarchy of the ascended masters". All are Luciferic (Satanic), though not all members of these societies and religions know this. That is privileged information of the highest initiates. 

Theosophists, on the other hand, directly identify their source as "the ascended masters" and "the spiritual hierarchy". I chose to mention Theosophy here because there are so many people who are "truthers" and yet followers of the teachings of "The Tibetan", aka, The master Djwhal Khul through Blavatsky and are unaware that The Tibetan and "the ascended masters" are the Father's of The Plan for The New World Order. 

The United Nations was founded by Theosophists under the direction of the ascended masters for the sole purpose of "ushering in" their "Christ" (Anti-Christ) to establish order out of the chaos they have caused. 

The word "Christ" means anointed one". They use the terms, "Christ" and "Christ consciousness" only to entice people to listen to them, and think that they, the ascended masters hold the key to True Christ consciousness which is The Biggest Lie Ever. 

No master of wisdom worships The Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus (savior) Christ (anointed one) who was crucified, died, buried, rose on the third day and ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of The Most High God. The "ascended masters" shudder at the mention of His Name. This I Want Everyone To Know!

More on Theosophy Theosophy is a product of "The Spiritual Hierarchy". The "Spiritual Hierarchy" is ruled by "the ascended masters" and Lucifer, their Lord. They are the authors of "The Plan" to put their "Christ" (anointed one) in global ruler-ship. This "Christ" is the Anti-Christ. 

The "spiritual hierarchy" and the "ascended masters" are those in which the Bible refers to in Ephesians 6:12. " For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." 

They are anti-Christ. I don't just believe this. I know this for a fact. This is my past. 

The first half of my life I served in the supernatural division of "The Plan" working on a daily basis with the inner circle of the ascended masters. All the while, I fully believed that I was working for God and for the betterment of mankind. 

Then the nature of the work I was involved in required that I be given fuller illumination, to be trusted with knowing more truth about the ascended masters and the true agenda of "The Plan". That is when they, the ascended masters revealed to me who they really are and that is when I met the one called "the most illumined of all" which you can read about here in my blog. 

They are the opposite of what they claim to be. They are pure evil. They are enemies of Righteousness. They are destroyers. They are deceivers and counterfeits. It took me meeting the counterfeit "Christ" face to face, to reveal to me the reality of The Real Jesus Christ and The Truth of God's Plan. 

There is only One Master, One Lord from Above. He Is The Word Of God. He Is The Truth. God's Plan involves Salvation. Salvation is real, folks. It is God's Plan to save you from "The Plan" which is Lucifer's plan to prevent you from ever knowing the truth and from ever being redeemed.

Someone responded saying that “ Theosophy has nothing to do with Lucifer and everything to do with the study of philosophy and all religions.”

My response:
I used to believe that too, until The Tibetan himself (the "master Djwhal Khul") revealed to me his true identity and who his Lord really is. His lord is Lucifer...who is the enemy of All Righteousness. 

I was raised under the direction of the ascended masters, the same ascended masters that dictated messages and books to Madame Blavatsky, Benjamin Creme and Alice A. Bailey. 

My physical mentors were Theosophists who wrote children's books published by Lucis Trust (Lucifer Trust). 

Throughout my childhood and young adulthood years I knew that Lucifer Trust was the true name of the company, yet I chose to ignore that because I knew that some day when I was ready (in the eyes of "The Ascended Masters"), that I would be enlightened to the higher meaning. 

That day of "illumination" came. They made it Very clear to me who they are, who their Lord is and what their true agenda is. 

Their Lord is Lucifer, Satan of the Bible. The "ascended masters" with Lucifer rule both Satanism and "The Brotherhood of the White Lodge". 

I absolutely did not want to believe it!...but nevertheless that is the Truth. It is they, the ascended masters...the authors of Theosophy who made me to understand the Truth of Jesus identifying who they are. 

They are Anti-Christ. Intensely, vehemently, Anti-Jesus Christ. That is because Jesus Christ is Real. Salvation is Real. The ascended masters want to keep mankind in the dark about God's Plan to bring us all back into His Perfect Presence. 

You don't have to work your way to perfection or work your way to the presence of God. It is a gift to us...really. God's Plan is Redemption...interesting word. God Himself is the only One who has power to redeem.

"The Plan" for The NWO is a plan of enslavement.
The authors of "The Plan" are the "ascended masters".

Don't Bet Your Life On It!

By Carolyn Hamlett

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Jesus Problem

by Carolyn Hamlett

So…I’m a Christian….and you automatically decide that I'm not worth your time because in your mind I am an ignorant idiot.

Believe me, I understand. If someone had told me years ago that I would ever be where I am today, I would have laughed in their face and never listened to them again. I would have felt that they were too elemental to waste another moment with.

So…why would I expect you to be any different?

I don’t.

I just hope.

High level “initiates” are born into the organization and die in the organization. . One does not just leave the organization like leaving a job. Dissenters are silenced or exterminated.

However, there are some of us who have survived to tell…

Everyone I know of who has worked in “the organization” and has lived to tell are now Jesus Christ believing Christians. For very good reasons. (I’m not referring to organized religion. Actually, Jesus Christ is not religion. The Truth was high jacked many many years ago…)

I am sorry if that turns you off…


I am sorry if you allow your feelings about this…to slow you from hearing me out.

Remember…You are not your emotions.

"You have an emotional life, but you are not your emotions."

If you have a repulsion to the name of Jesus Christ, ask yourself why.  

Maybe you are the one being guided by your emotions. 

Think about it!


Read about Jesus Christ yourself from the testimonies of those who knew him best. Those testimonies are the accounts of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 

A friend of mine made a very good point when he said, "What is there not to like about Jesus Christ?"

Read about Jesus Christ from the Bible. I am sure you will see that Jesus Christ was no spiritual neanderthal, nor are any of his true followers. 

Check out the book of John chapter 1 to see EXACTLY who Jesus Christ is. It was he who spoke the universe into existence. He IS the Word. 

Don't believe that is possible? By whose understanding...your limited finite brain? 

You can not "have the mind of Christ" without being in Christ...(Jesus Christ). The only way to be in Christ is to give yourself to Jesus Christ. That is the only way. I encourage you to read the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and get to know Jesus Christ for yourself. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

William Cooper Exposes The Illuminati & Secret Government - A Must See and Hear Video

Milton William Cooper
May 6, 1943 - November 6, 2001

William Cooper said he didn't care if not one soul believed him and he didn't care what people thought about him. He didn't expect that anyone would believe him, especially back in the 1980's, but he cared more about telling the truth while he has breath to do so, even though he knew exactly what the consequences of exposing the real conspiracies and conspirators was. Cooper was labeled a conspiracy theorist by those guilty of the greatest conspiracy of all, "The Plan".

William Cooper covers a lot of ground in this nearly 2 hour presentation:

"William Cooper Exposes The Illuminati and Secret Government"

If you only have time for a short segment, here is a 14.43 minute segment to wet your appetite, though it may actually increase your hunger to hear more. 

"William Cooper Exposes The Illuminati and Secret Government - segment
 Mars and Moon"

My own personal experiences and leaks of information from my family leads me to believe that one of my own close family members was working on some of these top secret projects from the very beginning of them. 

I also have my own very clear memory of seeing from space, a very unusual building on the surface of the moon. I was in a craft with other humans. As we approached the lunar surface, our destination being that structure, I marveled at it's significant shape and architecture and it's very existence. I was told that this very interesting building we were approaching was constructed from the joint effort of the alien "Greys" and humans. Somehow I knew it was mostly the Greys, it would not have been possible without the Greys. I also knew as some of the others did, that the Greys were not ones who joined anyone as an ally and were likely to turn on the humans at any given moment. I knew they merely tolerated humans for their own use. 

There is something I despise even more than the Greys. It is The Council. 

There is a council of evil humans who run the political affairs of the earth who are connected to this building on the lunar surface. It is in the shape of their structure, but they, themselves form the cap. Even the platform from which they speak from is the shape of this structure. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jonathan Gray, Ph.D "The Ark Conspiracy" and More

Dear Friends,
I have read a number of J. Gray's books and have a video series he produced. This is fascinating and thought provoking information that will challenge everything you think you know, or have been led to accept as truth and fact (if you don't mind having your paradigm rocked). It's also a nice way to disengage from the daily horrors and challenges we face, and yet, is often related to what is going on today, for we can only truly understand the present if we have a good grasp on the past. Where we will go from here and the choices we make also depends upon our overall perspective of the world we live in (or think we live in).

Jonathan Gray describes a wide variety of wonders in science and technology developed by ancient civilizations all over the world. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Final Initiation Part I

by Carolyn Hamlett

The area my mother and I served in involved direct contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy. I don't know how far she advanced in the ranks before her death, but my suspicion is that she reached her final initiation as I later did.

It was around 1985 when the masters informed me that it was necessary for them to take me to next and final step of Illumination. I was told that not all of the masters were in agreement over this decision. Some felt that too much was at risk and more time was needed in which to properly prepare me, but there was no extra time. My assigned duties along with The Plan’s progression required that I enter the next level then or not at all. Because so much had already been invested in me, the final decision made was to go ahead with my final initiation after a very short and condensed preparation period of about three weeks. Also explained to me was the nature of the risk.

There was what they called, “a fly in the ointment” that posed a problem. With out the full preparation time, the possibility existed that they, the masters, would lose me; that I would be a Judas to the group and speak out against them and The Plan before millions of people. This ultimately would bring death to some of their physical members and possibly lead to their down fall.

I was shocked and horrified by the thought that I could ever become so deceived as to turn against those “illumined ones”. I absolutely could not fathom it. I begged them to do what ever it took to prevent me from committing such an act. Pleased with my earnest request, they assured me that they would do everything within their power to prevent me from turning against them and to prevent me from speaking out against them and "The Plan".

My short preparatory time was a boot camp style of discipline and instruction. The formerly relaxed relationships I had enjoyed with some of the masters came to a halt. During this time the “ascended masters” I had know for so long, clearly revealed to me their exact Hierarchical rank. Apparently some of the masters felt that I had crossed the line and needed to show due respect to them and to their superiors. They were also preparing me for ‘the threshold’ I was about cross; when I would be taken before one even greater than they, the one referred to as “The Most Illumined of All”.

*      *      *

Note: It was not until I had left the organization, that I realized what the masters were referring to as the "fly in the ointment" that could pose a problem if not dealt with delicately. It had to do with something that happened to me when I was 12 years old. The "fly in the ointment" was Jesus Christ. I think they knew that God had His hand on my life. They had to work with extra care as they gave me more "enlightenment" of who they really are because they feared that if their plan with me was pushed too fast, not only would they fail to be able to use me for their plan, but they would fail in their goal to have me choose to align myself with them and Lucifer against their enemy, the Righteous Creator and Jesus Christ.  They feared I would be to them "a Judas to the group" and expose them for what they are as well expose the physical plan which is now know as "The New World Order". 

Lucifer especially prizes "turncoats"; people who have known the love of Jesus Christ, but turn from him to serve Lucifer as Satan. This is what they wanted me to be, a "turncoat". 

My Final Initiation Part II - "The Most Illumined of All"

by Carolyn Hamlett

Clad in our white floor length robes, my master and I entered the far end of The Great Hall. We proceeded toward the opposite side of the hall until we reached the center most point, at which we stopped.

My master then backed off to a position of approximately fourteen feet behind me. I sensed from her that something monumental was about to take place. She smiled and motioned for me to turn and face forward; so I did.

There at the dais before me was the most beautiful majestic entity I had ever seen.

He was pure white light, nearly blinding light, stories and stories tall and shaped like a Christmas tree—wider at the bottom, tapering up toward the top.

For several minutes I stood in quiet awe. Then I detected that he was anticipating a response from me; I glanced back at my master to see what her direction for me was.  I was astounded by the change in her countenance. She was now clothed in radiant light that brightened even more when she smiled. She bowed her head once to convey I had met her highest expectations. 

At the same moment, I instantly knew what response the Being was waiting for. 

First, he had sought my response to the sight of him. 

Next he wanted to know what I thought of him. 

At that point in time, I had no thoughts about him whatsoever, other than what I could perceive from a visual standpoint. I had not been able to notably discern anything about him as of yet. I wondered if I even would. I decided to focus all of my energy on the Being before me. I turned to face him. This time I emptied my mind of all thoughts and emotions. Then I opened myself to receive.

I don’t know how to describe what happened next.  At one moment I felt nothing at all. The next second, I felt everything in a single shocking blast, which nearly sent me to sensory overload. 

It took a moment or so for me to readjust to this sensory level. In this state, love so sweet and pure began to emanate from this Being. This heightened ecstasy seemed to encompass me, penetrating my every sense, my very soul as does the fragrance of a thousand roses. 

He continued to radiate love more powerful than any force I had experienced on the physical plane. In my heart of hearts, I knew he was Jesus. I was convinced of it. With all of my being, I desired more than ever to be in his presence and part of his very nature.

But then, came a check in my spirit: a check so faint, it was hardly recognizable. The voice echoed across the chambers of my heart: “No, he was not Jesus—at all.” 

Again I experienced the nearly uncontrollable compulsion to be one with this Being. It happened for the third time. I stood puzzled. I became even more confused when the Being registered pleasing approval of this finding. My master concluded the initiation by also endorsing this conclusion. I was then dismissed.

The following morning, my master’s initial greeting strangely began with, “Well, what did you think of him?" I responded, "Who is he?!" My master began to elaborate: “He is the greatest, most magnificent and most powerful being yet. He is the most illumined of all".

Note: Someday I hope to provide a better visual illustration of "the most illumined of all". I have yet to find any picture, drawing, painting or computer graphic illustration that even begins to come close to what this being was. 

The picture at the top of this article is "Starry Wisdom Cult Church" by Pete Amachree. 
This picture (minus the cobwebs) reminds me very much of the place I was in when "the most Illumined of all" appeared before me.  I was standing much farther back from the position of the man in the picture . 

The picture below is of  the Dhaka Glass Tower aka Bangladesh's "Tower of Light" which is only 150 feet tall.  "The height of  "the most illumined of all"  far surpassed this height. I am using this picture to give you a slight idea of what I was looking up at from my position.