Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Final Initiation Part I

by Carolyn Hamlett

The area my mother and I served in involved direct contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy. I don't know how far she advanced in the ranks before her death, but my suspicion is that she reached her final initiation as I later did.

It was around 1985 when the masters informed me that it was necessary for them to take me to next and final step of Illumination. I was told that not all of the masters were in agreement over this decision. Some felt that too much was at risk and more time was needed in which to properly prepare me, but there was no extra time. My assigned duties along with The Plan’s progression required that I enter the next level then or not at all. Because so much had already been invested in me, the final decision made was to go ahead with my final initiation after a very short and condensed preparation period of about three weeks. Also explained to me was the nature of the risk.

There was what they called, “a fly in the ointment” that posed a problem. With out the full preparation time, the possibility existed that they, the masters, would lose me; that I would be a Judas to the group and speak out against them and The Plan before millions of people. This ultimately would bring death to some of their physical members and possibly lead to their down fall.

I was shocked and horrified by the thought that I could ever become so deceived as to turn against those “illumined ones”. I absolutely could not fathom it. I begged them to do what ever it took to prevent me from committing such an act. Pleased with my earnest request, they assured me that they would do everything within their power to prevent me from turning against them and to prevent me from speaking out against them and "The Plan".

My short preparatory time was a boot camp style of discipline and instruction. The formerly relaxed relationships I had enjoyed with some of the masters came to a halt. During this time the “ascended masters” I had know for so long, clearly revealed to me their exact Hierarchical rank. Apparently some of the masters felt that I had crossed the line and needed to show due respect to them and to their superiors. They were also preparing me for ‘the threshold’ I was about cross; when I would be taken before one even greater than they, the one referred to as “The Most Illumined of All”.

*      *      *

Note: It was not until I had left the organization, that I realized what the masters were referring to as the "fly in the ointment" that could pose a problem if not dealt with delicately. It had to do with something that happened to me when I was 12 years old. The "fly in the ointment" was Jesus Christ. I think they knew that God had His hand on my life. They had to work with extra care as they gave me more "enlightenment" of who they really are because they feared that if their plan with me was pushed too fast, not only would they fail to be able to use me for their plan, but they would fail in their goal to have me choose to align myself with them and Lucifer against their enemy, the Righteous Creator and Jesus Christ.  They feared I would be to them "a Judas to the group" and expose them for what they are as well expose the physical plan which is now know as "The New World Order". 

Lucifer especially prizes "turncoats"; people who have known the love of Jesus Christ, but turn from him to serve Lucifer as Satan. This is what they wanted me to be, a "turncoat". 

My Final Initiation Part II - "The Most Illumined of All"

by Carolyn Hamlett

Clad in our white floor length robes, my master and I entered the far end of The Great Hall. We proceeded toward the opposite side of the hall until we reached the center most point, at which we stopped.

My master then backed off to a position of approximately fourteen feet behind me. I sensed from her that something monumental was about to take place. She smiled and motioned for me to turn and face forward; so I did.

There at the dais before me was the most beautiful majestic entity I had ever seen.

He was pure white light, nearly blinding light, stories and stories tall and shaped like a Christmas tree—wider at the bottom, tapering up toward the top.

For several minutes I stood in quiet awe. Then I detected that he was anticipating a response from me; I glanced back at my master to see what her direction for me was.  I was astounded by the change in her countenance. She was now clothed in radiant light that brightened even more when she smiled. She bowed her head once to convey I had met her highest expectations. 

At the same moment, I instantly knew what response the Being was waiting for. 

First, he had sought my response to the sight of him. 

Next he wanted to know what I thought of him. 

At that point in time, I had no thoughts about him whatsoever, other than what I could perceive from a visual standpoint. I had not been able to notably discern anything about him as of yet. I wondered if I even would. I decided to focus all of my energy on the Being before me. I turned to face him. This time I emptied my mind of all thoughts and emotions. Then I opened myself to receive.

I don’t know how to describe what happened next.  At one moment I felt nothing at all. The next second, I felt everything in a single shocking blast, which nearly sent me to sensory overload. 

It took a moment or so for me to readjust to this sensory level. In this state, love so sweet and pure began to emanate from this Being. This heightened ecstasy seemed to encompass me, penetrating my every sense, my very soul as does the fragrance of a thousand roses. 

He continued to radiate love more powerful than any force I had experienced on the physical plane. In my heart of hearts, I knew he was Jesus. I was convinced of it. With all of my being, I desired more than ever to be in his presence and part of his very nature.

But then, came a check in my spirit: a check so faint, it was hardly recognizable. The voice echoed across the chambers of my heart: “No, he was not Jesus—at all.” 

Again I experienced the nearly uncontrollable compulsion to be one with this Being. It happened for the third time. I stood puzzled. I became even more confused when the Being registered pleasing approval of this finding. My master concluded the initiation by also endorsing this conclusion. I was then dismissed.

The following morning, my master’s initial greeting strangely began with, “Well, what did you think of him?" I responded, "Who is he?!" My master began to elaborate: “He is the greatest, most magnificent and most powerful being yet. He is the most illumined of all".

Note: Someday I hope to provide a better visual illustration of "the most illumined of all". I have yet to find any picture, drawing, painting or computer graphic illustration that even begins to come close to what this being was. 

The picture at the top of this article is "Starry Wisdom Cult Church" by Pete Amachree. 
This picture (minus the cobwebs) reminds me very much of the place I was in when "the most Illumined of all" appeared before me.  I was standing much farther back from the position of the man in the picture . 

The picture below is of  the Dhaka Glass Tower aka Bangladesh's "Tower of Light" which is only 150 feet tall.  "The height of  "the most illumined of all"  far surpassed this height. I am using this picture to give you a slight idea of what I was looking up at from my position.