Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama Lights, NWO, and Maitreya SAME PLAN

by Carolyn Hamlett

This strange light display reminds me of a night many years ago. It was the night of October 4th 1957. I remember it like it was yesterday. While many Americans were glued to their TV sets, watching the first "Leave It To Beaver" show, others like myself were outside watching the night sky hoping to see Sputnik, the first man made satellite as it crossed the heavens.

That was a night of celebration not just for Russia, but for those who like myself, served in a Plan that was bigger than the the Soviet Union, the United States or any global empire. 

This was the night I learned of the importance that satellite technology would play in the manipulating and controlling of the masses....of computer technology...not of how wondrous it would be for humanity, but of how it will be used to the advantage of the organization against the masses....all by just a "push of a button".

I was told of the marvelous man made signs in the skies that will precede what the organization called, "the reappearance of The Christ". The global heralding of their "Christ", or Maitreya, is to be the product of satellite technology.

Contrary to what so many people want to believe......The Plan for The New World Order is not just a political plan. It is a spiritual plan and it is NOT the plan of Yahweh, The Most High God.

People need to know that the events that took place on 911 were orchestrated by the same organization whose plan is to produce the signs in the skies and to announce the "Christ" whom some refer to as Maitreya.

I repeat...the plan for the NWO belongs to the same organization who is sponsoring Maitreya the promise of peace, brotherhood and unity through "higher" spiritual love is just a deceptive lie to steal more than just your physical freedom. There is much more at stake here than what is being played out on this physical realm.

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By Carolyn Hamlett