Tuesday, August 17, 2010


by Carolyn Hamlett

Israeli Supreme Court Building
Working For The NWO or What?

Do Your Research !

The United States Foreign policy is directed by Luciferian globalists. The push for a war with Iran is in the interest of...Guess Who?.....hellooooo......the Luciferian globalists. Why all the support for Israel?.....it is the Luciferic globalist agenda.

Christians who support this are supporting the Luciferic agenda of the Anti-Christ global power. PLEASE wake up my Christian brothers and sisters and prove to the arrogant Luciferian globalists that you are not the undiscerning, easily deceived vermin whose stupidity only proves to the globalists, that they are indeed superior to you and therefore entitled to rule over you. They spit on Christ. ZIONISM IS THE TROJAN HORSE OF THE GLOBALISTS to conquer you!

There's a shit load of religious hate being slung around since September 11th 2001...and there's a lot of Zionist's fingers pointing toward THEIR enemy..as they say, "He went thata way!...Get him!". But remember......if you even stop to question a Zionist about his/her motives.....you will be called a Jew hater even if you Are a Jew. Something is not Kosher here.....that's because Zionism is NOT Kosher. As I said...Zionism Is The Trojan Horse of The Globalists......The globalists are Luciferian. It doesn't matter if you believe in Lucifer as the Evil Satan or not. They do!

Wanna guess who's Really behind 911?

Long before I was a Christian I was a Luciferian globalist serving "The Plan for The NWO.

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By Carolyn Hamlett

Video: Rothschild Designed and Built Israel's Masonic Supreme Court Building.

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