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Welcome To My Blog

My blog began as a place for me to post various comments I had made on Internet forums for more than a decade.

It has always been my intention to complete the writing of my story in it's entirety. This is the only way to bring a cohesiveness to what I presently have here on my blog.

I know that as it stands now, my readers have many questions....So, bear with me as I try to fill in the blanks and answer some of those great questions you have. :-)

Insight into The Making of an Illuminati Slave.

by Carolyn Hamlett

I will be sharing some of my memories that involve "government" mind control, human experimentation and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

In my own search for answers and healing I have come to realize that there are many more people like myself, who are suffering from the affects of Satanic ritual abuse and trauma based mind control...and there are far too few people with the necessary qualifications to help.

It is my hope that as I write and share, that more victims may find answers to their own nagging questions and find the strength to keep on keeping on...if not for themselves, for others who need to know the truth. The more of us who speak out...the more help there will be for other victims and the harder it will be for the criminals to hurt others.

It is also my hope that what I share may be of value to the counselors of victims. One must know the dynamics of programming in order to adequately help the victims. The place where many counselors fail is that they don't understand the role that the supernatural plays in the initial programming.

Many do not know that with each level of programming there are literal demonic attachments set to guard that information. This makes it extremely difficult for a victim of such programming to survive if they do start to remember. Victims often buckle under the pressure of the programmed self-destruct mode and never survive.

Because the dynamics of programming involve the supernatural, so does the healing.

Just as there are unholy spirits who enter a person to destroy their souls, there is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ that can enter us to restore our souls.

I have found that there is a Name above all names...the Name that demons fear. The only way to fully break the powers of darkness and bring healing and restoration to us is through the power and authority held by Jesus Christ.

Our Heavenly Father who created us is the Great Healer and restorer of our souls...this has been made possible for us by the finished work of His Son Jesus Christ. There is no other way.

It is because Jesus Christ is Real and Savior that I am alive today to tell my story.

It is my any goal to make Him real to you, my readers.

The Making of an Illuminati Slave - Government Mind Control - from an insider out

by Carolyn Hamlett

I remember often being abducted from my home in the middle of the night by the same 2 men. They drugged me and took me some place and returned me just before dawn.

I never remembered where I was taken and for what reason...until about 2009, when memories began to surface. In some of these memories I was as young as 4 years old.

Some of those memories are of what seemed to be an underground facility. I suspect it was somewhere at Mac Dill Air Force Base in Tampa, which was close to where I lived.

What I remember most about this possible underground facility is seeing children in cages...kept like animals. Most of them were about my age.

There were a lot of blonde haired blue eyed children. Some were like me who didn't live there, but I think there were some who were kept prisoners like animals.

I was always afraid I would be like one of them. I was threatened by those in charge that if I didn't comply....I would most certainly be like them.

I think I feel guilty that I never told anyone about the children....but my adult mind I know that I was incapable of telling anyone about the children...especially if I couldn't even remember the details of what was being done to me past the night itself.

I remember being told by those in charge that if I talked about what went on there...they would kill my mother and my brothers.

I was also told that my mother and the other adults in my family would never believe me even if I did tell them. Several times I did try to tell my mother, but to my horror, my abusers were right, there was no help for me. My mother reacted exactly as I was told she would. She told me that I was imagining it all and to forget it.

Sometimes the people told me that if I didn't comply with them, that those in charge would tell my mother and grandmother that I was a bad little girl doing dirty naughty things. For some reason...that threat seemed to have the most power over me....Probably because there were dirty sexual things going on there with grown men and children, things that I knew my mother would surely disapprove of and punish me for.


The underground facility was a busy place at night with lots of different activities going on. There was a large open area with a low ceiling. It was large enough that small groups could meet in there without disturbing one another. There were some smaller rooms off that main area. It was in one of these rooms that I remember having a "lesson".

I was seated in a chair. My instructor sat facing me and slightly to my right. She was familiar to me, though I didn't know her outside of the facility. She was young and pretty, probably high school age. Her dark brown hair and perfectly trimmed bangs framed her face well. Her eyes, a beautiful shade of blue, were further accented by the matching powder blue cashmere sweater and skirt she was wearing. I felt comfortable with her and wanted to please her. I desired her positive attention and affirmation.

From the right side of the room entered a tall, thin balding older man wearing a gray dress suit. His loosened dark tie hung haphazardly around his neck and was cocked toward his right shoulder. His disheveled white shirt was unbuttoned at the collar. He looked like he should smell bad, but he didn't. He crossed the room in front of me and seated himself on a chair against the wall to my left.

The man looked at me and smiled, then motioned for me to come over to him and sit on his lap. I didn't know this man and didn't want to go to him. I looked to my instructor for her direction. Yes, she wanted me to go to the man. I felt obliged to obey. I got up out of my chair and walked the few steps to the man and reluctantly climbed onto his lap. I was everything but relaxed. The man wanted me to be affectionate with "give him some sugar". I didn't like him and I didn't like him touching me.

I could tell that both the man and my instructor were becoming very displeased with me. Apparently they considered my coldness toward the man as inappropriate behavior. Their displeasure of me felt like rejection, like I was bad, that there was something wrong with me for not wanting to be close to that man, yet something about it didn't feel right at all.

My instructor called another little girl over. She appeared to be about my age, maybe slightly older. She was wearing a little blue dress. Her golden blonde hair was braided into two "pig tails" that hung one on each side of her head, touching her chest just below her shoulders. Her full skirt, fluffed up by petticoats swayed as she walked, giving her the appearance of little girl innocence with feminine allure. She was there to demonstrate how it's done, how I was supposed to behave.

She gladly hopped up onto the man's lap eager to show me how much more advanced she was than I. She became the aggressor while the man sat back to enjoy. First it was kissing on the lips. Then more passionate kissing. I had never seen anything like that even with adults. All the while I watched, my instructor kept telling me that what I was watching was good and normal behavior between grown men and little girls like myself. It still didn't seem right to me.

One more child was brought in to show me "how normal" it was for children to do sexual things with grown men. This child was a dark haired little boy wearing a white oxford shirt, partially tucked into his navy blue pants. He looked much like the boys I knew who went to Catholic schools. He was scared.

Reluctantly he boarded the man's lap, as the little girl slid off to receive her praises for a job well done.

He too kissed the man as the little girl had done. The man encouraged the little boy to kiss him more. As they kissed and fondled each other, my instructor was liberal with her praise for the boy. She kept telling me how nice and good that sort of behavior was and how pleased she was with him.

Next, my attention was taken to the other side of the room just behind me. My instructor sat me down in front of a cabinet. The top of the cabinet was slightly lower than my eye level. The wall above it was mirrored. She pulled a chair up next to me and sat on my right. She brought out some dolls like the ones children use in miniature play houses and placed the dolls on the top of the cabinet of which she used as a platform to demonstrate my next lesson.

She proceeded to show me first with dolls, what I would observe next with adults and children. I remember feeling horrified and sick to my stomach at what she did with the dolls.

It was men dolls with little boy dolls first, and then she progressed to show me even worse things. I couldn't imagine real people doing those things with each other. It didn't seem right. I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to look. The more upset I got, the angrier my instructor became with me.

She seemed pressured to make me understand before the night was through...and the night was almost through.

I sensed that she was on a schedule with me and that I was failing. I sensed that my failure was her failure in the eyes of her superiors.

Yet, no matter how hard she worked to convince me that what she was demonstrating was normal, I would not believe. That night's lesson ended with her purposely making that message even more conflicting in my mind and hard to process.

She gave me the conflicting messages that sodomy was normal and desired behavior, yet was used as punishment for those who do not comply to the rules. Children were brutally sodomised as punishment.

Maybe I actually saw it done with men and boys that night. Maybe it is still too frightening to fully recall. I do have the remembrance of seeing the dolls, yet this memory of the dolls is superimposed over what I think was real...seeing little boys punished this way. I can hear their screams.

Also see my story here at:

My Part 1 article has been circulating around the Internet, being posted on various sites and forums. 

One forum in particular caught my attention, so I decided to respond to the posters there and provide more information. 

It is my hope that those posters will choose to expand their understanding by doing their own research on the various topics they have expressed opinions on.
Here is my response to them followed by my comments to each individual:

To all:

There are 2 types of opinions...the educated one and the uneducated one.
The educated one takes a little bit of work, but is well worth the time and effort.

So...Is your own individual opinion here an educated one or an ignorant one?

Check out the information provided on these links to answer that question for yourselves.

Svali's articles:

Fritz Springmeier - Free Books and Videos:

DID, SRA and Trauma based mind control:

Link to declassified MK-Ultra Documents:

Forum Comments and My Responses

1.) "Bleak"
- Doesn't believe my story is plausible, states that there is no solid proof that the Illuminati exists.

To "Bleak": There is plenty of evidence for the plan for globalization aka New World Order. There is plenty of evidence of this plan being worked through the centuries by certain bloodlines. I encourage you to take the time to look into this for yourself. 

Call it "illuminati" or is the same.

2. "Dionisius"
The Illuminati don't just "let one of their 'victims' go free".

I am only out because there is a Power greater than them. That Power is God. Since I left the organization there have been attempts on my life. I am sure there will be more. 

That isn't exactly what I would call being "free". There is no doubt in my mind that it is God who has been protecting me while some seek to silence me.

Your comment: "maybe their MK Ultra programming has gone a bit skewy".

Yes, that is the case with most if not all survivors my age and older. The earlier programming was still in the experimental stages. The programmers had no way of knowing the long term effects of the programming upon an individual. Fail safes were programmed in, in the event that there would be a future failure or breakdown of the matrix. One such fail safe is a suicidal programming set to engage even at the threat of memories getting close to reaching the conscious mind. 

Those of us alive today who are victims of such programming have battled like hell to stay alive. It is an ongoing hell.

I encourage you,"Dionisius", to look into the reports of other survivors. 

Also do some research into trauma and memory suppression...the whys. 

Search to see what happens to a memory once it is suppressed....does it stay suppressed? If not why?

The basics of all investigation starts with the seeking the answers to: Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

3.) "rayuki": 
On your comment: "lol that's a pretty chirpy looking photo for someone who spent there childhood being abducted and experimented on."

That's a pretty ignorant comment. 

I suppose I should have a picture of me slitting my wrists with a razor blade? 

To think that survivors never smile or never try to live happily, is sheer ignorance. 

Have you ever known someone who has lived for years with chronic pain? 

Many such people who live in constant pain have learned to cope so well that others around them have no idea that they have any pain at all. 

Just because someone can smile in spite of injury and pain doesn't mean the injury didn't happen and that the pain isn't real and constant. 

It takes strength to live and smile in spite of the pain.

On your comment: "also these stories always seem to have the victim just happen to stumble upon the memories suddenly later in life."

Once again you reveal your total ignorance about the dynamics of mind control and victim recovery.  Also check out articles on DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and memory repression. Check out the information from the links I have provided.

On your comment: "has she had any hypnotherapy done? polygraph? does this person even exist?"

I have years of sufficient records from well respected professionals to prove that my story is true. I would have no problem doing a polygraph test. I will not involve myself in hypnotherapy.

Regarding memory repression and later recall, something to keep in mind is that in the psychiatric field, the science of memory repression and amnesia is nothing new

What IS new, is all the controversy about whether memory repression is real. (There is a on going war to keep the truth suppressed.)

Remember, history has countless of examples of people who experienced trauma and witnessed horrific things, such as on a battle field, and yet were not able to recall the experience, though other witnesses were able to recall the very same event. The Civil War has numerous accounts of such. 

How many people know of a WW2 or Vietnam vet who has holes in their memory? Many. And of those many, how many people have witnessed those former veterans, regain some or all of their memory as some of the details begin to leak their way into the conscious mind by way of dreams, or by way of therapy? Many. 

Memory suppression is a fact that can be traced through out history. 

Here is something else to consider. This may not be the best analogy, but think of the dream state. When most people sleep and dream, they are not aware that they are dreaming. As far as they know, it is a reality to them. They are not aware that another one of them is in reality, unconscious. So it can be when one is hypnotized.  A hypnotized person can receive suggestions and act upon them and never remember a thing, upon their coming out of that state.  It isn't like hypnotism is anything new under the sun either.  Apply that to the "possibility" of people having programming on another level of consciousness.  That isn't quite how splitting works, but it can give one a basis as to the "possibility" of a form of programming.  

4.) "AllUrChips" doubts the validity of my story and promises that IF my story was true, I would not be alive to talk about it...nor would I have waited this long to tell it.

To "AllUrChips":
If what you say is true...there would be NO Illuminati defectors alive to talk.  

The fact is that there are numerous defectors. Research their stories. 

Some defectors have even won court cases against the system and received a small compensation. Stay ignorant or research.

As for waiting "this long to tell her (my) story". 

You will find the answer to that by researching victims and repressed memories. Your deduction may seem logical with your limited understanding of facts. With a little bit of research, you will expand your understanding.

Your comment on there being "real stuff going on that requires our attention" as you put it. 

Again, I suggest you research on your own just how real government sponsored mind control and human experimentation is.  

You may be surprised to discover just how much it does involve society as a whole. You are a victim right now and you don't even know it.

Research to learn how not be manipulated by TPTB. If you truly want will find it. Then what you do with it after that is entirely up to you. Whether you decide to join those who speak out against it, is entirely up to you. 

TPTB love ignorant non thinkers. The majority of the American society today all have opinions, yet they don't even realize that they were given those opinions by mass mind control techniques through the main stream media

People are told what to think and don't even realize that they have been told what to think.

Society has forgotten how to think and reason as further evidenced by the comments people have made to my article. 

Remember the term "common sense"? ain't so common anymore and people don't even realize it. 

Yes, TPTB have succeeded in the dumbing down of the masses into animals that react, not think. 

TPTB can't control thinking reasoning individuals. 

However...they can easily prod human animals who no longer think and reason, but who react...who are programmed to react to a stimulus.

5.) "boncho"
- declares my story to be complete BS that should be evident to all.
- that my story is either a fabrication or a hypnotist somewhere is playing with someone's head.
- doubts the possibility that I could have been abducted, taken to an AFB with caged children, returned home without remembering.

What is the foundation of "boncho's" deductive reasoning?

That the 1 photo "boncho" has seen of me at age 6 appears (according to "boncho") that I look pretty happy and not tired for someone who was forced to stay awake all night by "the evil "Illuminati"".

To "boncho":
Check out the links of information I provided. You will learn everything you need to know about abductions, government sponsored mind control, the various methods used for memory repression including the use of pharmaceuticals and more. 

You will also read of children in iron cages.

In addition, I have met and talked at length with Ted Gunderson who has also validated my memories even of the children in cages from his personal investigation into the CIA sponsored mind control, child SRA, and pedophilia slave trade in the Tampa Bay area. 

So why was Ted Gunderson allowed to live to tell one might ask? 

A better question to research is, why did he spend the rest of his life trying to expose this...(what did he see?) and why did he fight so hard to live every time someone made an attempt to kill him?

Interesting that you would mention my age 6 picture.

I wouldn't exactly say I looked happy in that picture, as you suggest, but I was at that moment. That was one picture. 

I am sure I can find one of me crying at age 6. 

Would that have been more convincing? 

Not to a thinking person.

As for me looking "Not that tired for someone who was forced to stay awake all night by the evil "Illuminati".

Actually, I had been awake most of the night before that picture was taken. I had maybe 3 hours sleep. I did well that day in spite of the lack of sleep.

There were, however, many days where I could hardly through out my 1st and 2nd grade school years. My mother was always getting calls of concern from my school about my "day dreaming" and falling asleep in class. 

Often I would fall asleep with my eyes open for long periods of time. All I know is that one second I was conscious and the next second, I would realize that the class was doing an entirely different lesson than the conscious moment before. I never knew how long I was "gone". Could have been as long as 30 minutes.

"boncho", An hypothesis without facts leads to a faulty conclusion.

6.) To "rayuki":
You "found this amusing":

"Note: Carolyn was born in December of 1953. The events described above occurred in 1958.   wait... what? that isn't someone who is 59 years old!"

Here's what I find amusing....your math,"rayuki". I was born in December of 1953. That makes me 57...not...59.

As for your comment: "all this coming from a guy whos claim to fame was inventing the boardgame scruples."

Going by your math, I seriously doubt that you care much at all about accuracy to detail which leads me to believe that probably, the only thing you know about Henry Makow is that he is the inventor of the board game "Scruples".  At least he has "some"...and not afraid to tell it like it is. ;)

If you ever decide to expand your horizons, you would benefit by going to Henry Makow's site to check out the the wealth of valuable information.

7.) To "Skate":
You "see so many flaws in her (my) story, this is all just a lie for attention and general DIS-INFO."

What do you see as "flaws" in my story? 

What facts do you base your opinion on? 

How is my story "DIS-INFO"?

I'm no "newbie". I could have promoted myself many years ago.

It has always been my goal to point others to the truth, not to myself. As for "dis-info"...I always tell everyone to do their own research. That is the only way to know if something is dis-info or not.

My story is personal experience. You can research on your own to see if my story meets the criteria of other survivors of such abuse. While you research you will see why we tell our stories. 

You will find that the "attention" we get for speaking out is literal pain, grief, depression, and sometimes death.

8.) "rayuki" comes back to say that they would be surprised if I existed, stating that "9 times out of 10 in these sorts of stories its just other people making crap up, taking a few random photos and creating a story."

To "rayuki":
You doubt that I actually exist....well, here I am. I exist and my story is true.

I am curious as to how you came up with your statistics of "9 times out of 10 in these sorts of stories its just other people making crap up, taking a few random photos and creating a story."

So far...going on the level of reasoning ability and lack of knowledge you have already demonstrated, I have serious doubts as to whether your sources actually exist.

9.) To "blackrain17":
"So two men abducted her from her house many times without her parents ever knowing? How did they get in? Were there no locks in that house?"

Very good questions. If you read some of Svali's articles, (I have provided links at the start of my post) you will gain an understanding of how that works. It doesn't always work the same way for every household that a child is taken from.

Often it is a relative who takes the child or who has access to the home.

In my case I believe one of the men who took me was a relative. Often the parents of the victim are also victims of mind control and subject to "remember to forget" about any discovery that their child is being taken.  For a fact, my father was subjected to government experimentation through out his life. No doubt my mother was also a victim.

As for the locking of doors: We left our doors unlocked. When I did lock the doors, they were broken into, to the point that the locks never worked. I could go on longer to explain my particular situation, but I will write the detail at a later date to post on my blog.

10.) To "sabbathcrazy":
You are right in that with a little research one can find that there are other victims with similar reports.

As for your comment that "One way to tell how fake this story is, is her writing skills. The way she describes things, she sounds like a story writer."

That's like saying that a victim of mind control can never survive to be an artist who can paint with great detailed a picture of what happened to them. If that were true, then you would not find artists like this..survivors of mind control, drawing and painting what they remember.

I just happen to be a different type of artist. I am a survivor and I paint the pictures with words. Even as young as the 3rd grade, my teachers accused my mother of writing for me and doing my homework. It was all me.

I labored over the writing of this story. I wanted to do the very best that I could to make it real to the reader. 

I originally wrote it with little detail and had someone not familiar with this story proof read it for me. 

The proofreader had so many questions about what I WASN"T sharing, that he suggested that I add more description. 

I labored more until I painted the fuller picture. 

Writing it wasn't easy. I would have rather painted it, but I am a better writer than painter.

Either way, when ever a victim writes or paints the picture, it is a most unpleasant experience, in that we have to put ourselves back in that memory to recreate it

Why the hell do we bother?...because it is real..and we want others to know it is real! 

That is the first step in getting these sort of crimes exposed, to get the criminals stopped and to get help for the victims. 

Our perpetrators don't want our stories to seem real because we would be taken seriously by the health "professionals". If more health "professionals" were there to help the survivors recover, then this would totally blow apart the organization implementing the NWO.

11.) To "syrinx high priest":
If you believe my memory was "implanted"..then who do you say would do that, and for what reason? 

Do you think that the other victims who claim the same type of past have all been implanted with false memories? 

How about the law enforcement who have records of proof of such experiences as mine?..were they also "implanted" with memories of busting groups involved in pedophile rings? 

Please research further.

12.) To "Dionisius"
Are you without researching skills? Real truth seekers and researchers don't like spoon feeding like you seem to prefer. is your lucky day...I did provide some links for everyone to check out in the case they desired to supplement their intellect. It ain't exactly like spoon feeding. I hope you know how to pick up the spoon for yourself.

13.) To "JoshNorton":
Same as "Dionisius". Read what I said to "Dionisius".
Just because you're too lazy to look in the bowl, doesn't mean there's no pablum in it. Don't expect people to feed you. If you are hungry you will find the food. It's in there.

14.) "DaemusAlphae" Calls bull, declares me a liar, then claims he knows this because his "intuitive sense tells" him so.

What are "DaemusAlphae's" reasons?
- That I wrote it "in novel form" which included according to him "useless details about minor things that do not really matter."

- "DaemusAlphae" insinuates that I had an ulterior motive by purposely adding detail so as to fool people.

To "DaemusAlphae":
Read what I said to "sabbathcrazy". It also applies to you.

As for your "intuitive sense tells" you that I am a liar.
I don't have to use intuition to know that your "intuitive sense" is wrong. 

The only thing lying here is your "intuition".

15.) "captaintyinknots" comments that my story sounds a lot like Svali's story and could possibly be "a regurgitation of that same story" or "could be real proof of implanted memories in both this person and svali".

To "captaintyinknots":
It is nice to find that you are familiar to Svali's information. Yes, I have had some similar experiences as Svali, however, because I served in a different division than Svali, I do have many differences too.

As for your comment that some similarities of Svali's story and mine "could be real proof of implanted memories"...Please read what I wrote to "syrinx high priest". Thank you.

16.) To "kwakakev":
You are correct. There have been court cases with actual proof and settlements. It wasn't easy for the victims to get the proof since records are hard to come by.

17.) To "KSigMason":
As for your comment: "I find it funny and ironic that nut jobs listen to any loon off the street about Illuminati and some sinister experiments, and blah blah blah blah."

Well, "KSigMason"....I find it sad and tragic that there are way too many mindless people who listen to any ignorant fool off the street who spouts more mindless ignorance of opinions based on blah blah blah blah..nothing. ..and they don't even realize they learned blah blah blah blah..nothing unless they get up off their lazy ends and choose to learn something for themselves. To them I say...pick up your spoon and look for the truth. Once you taste will want nothing else.

Stay ignorant if you like, "KSigMason", but right now you sound like a ignorant one at that.

18.) To: "King Seesar":
You have the most educated opinion of all the opinions so far. I hope the others here do their own research.

As for the interesting direction of research you might enjoy looking into is the topic of cellular memory encoded in DNA and genetic manipulation. The "Illuminati" are also interested in the metaphysical spiritual connection to the physical human form.

19.) To "jimnuggits":
Read my comment to "Bleak".
I suggest that YOU..."Do some homework before you go bandying about such words."

Read my very last comment to "KSigMason". It applies to you also.

20.) To "Suspiria"
Your opinion is limited by your limited "facts"

Just because you haven't been a victim of SRA doesn't make it not real.  

I am a victim and so are other family members of mine.  

A former friend of mine, who was a Satanic high priest, still sits in jail today for the satanic murder he is guilty of way back in 1974.  I was not there the night my Satanist friends picked up the 2 hitch hikers to be sacrificed, but I knew all the gory details about it and what they did with the body minutes after it happened. The only reason they were caught was because one hitch hiker was able to escape to tell.

Your comment: "If it is then personally I think she's just trying to make a buck by dressing up her pre pubescent Daddy fantasies into something more relevant to what people seem to fear today."

I could have made "a buck" years ago and still can, but that has never been my goal. I have never made a penny off my past experiences nor from writing about them.

As for my father: He was also a victim of government human experimentation and mind control long before I was. It nearly destroyed him...and it did destroy his life and kept him in bondage to the system. 

Because of this I never got to know my father until well after I was grown and out on my own.

My reason for speaking out is the same as any other survivor

Why don't you do some research as to why people like me have spoken out?

21.) To "ckitch":
I'm not sure what you mean by scripting. Of course what I have experienced is similar to what many others have also experienced. I wrote exactly what happened to me.

I have never heard of the "film Salo". Thank you for the warning. I will not watch anything that remotely resembles any of the abuse I have lived through.

As for your comment: "She hardly looks traumatised"
That is such an idiotic remark that just screams ignorance and sheer stupidity. Here's some advice...don't go and humiliate yourself by applying for a job as a forensics specialist.

Also, go back and read my comment to To "rayuki". That message is also for you.
You might also glean something from my response to "boncho".

22.) "King Seesar" suggests "the best way to refer to them (Illuminati) is TPTB (The powers that be)".

To "King Seesar":
Good advice. I don't particularly like calling them the Illuminati. 

I call it "the organization"...because that is what it is...a multifaceted organization with an ultimate agenda.

23.) To "Rhebefree":
Your first sentence makes a little bit of sense in that IF there are false stories purposely "leaked" for the purpose to detract from the real truth of SRA and government mind control...that this could allow SRA and government sponsored mind control to continue.

However, you lost me on how you think that the sharing of my real experience could "deflect from the truth of whats really going on."

What "truth" would I be "wanting to deflect" from? 

What's "the truth of what's really going on"? 

How would my real experience do anything but help the truth?

I always encourage everyone to research on their own because I am for the Truth and for everyone finding the Truth.

24.) "ForkandSpoon" inserted the crazy smiley and commented: "I'm pretty sure this did happen. I have seen that X-Files episode I am almost positive!"

To "ForkandSpoon":
Truth is often stranger than fiction.

25.) To "double_frick":
You obviously speak out of the understanding that can only come from personal experience. I applauded you for your bravery to share. If you haven't found already, you will find that what you have described is exactly how it works for many who have repressed memories.    

Memory repression is a natural defense mechanism that kicks in when trauma is too much to process. It is an interesting study..the dynamics of memory repression and recovery.

You are right about the "illuminati (for lack of a better term)" is banking on people like me not being believed. 

The truth is that the organization also fears that we, the victims, will be believed. For that reason the organization does send out people to try to discredit us. 

That is another reason I encourage everyone who has such a past such as make some noise and speak out.  The more of us who speak out, the harder it is for the criminals to literally get away with murder...Not the other way around.

Thank you, "double_frick" for sharing your own insight from your own personal experience.