Monday, August 29, 2011

Insight into The Making of an Illuminati Slave.

by Carolyn Hamlett

I will be sharing some of my memories that involve "government" mind control, human experimentation and Satanic Ritual Abuse.

In my own search for answers and healing I have come to realize that there are many more people like myself, who are suffering from the affects of Satanic ritual abuse and trauma based mind control...and there are far too few people with the necessary qualifications to help.

It is my hope that as I write and share, that more victims may find answers to their own nagging questions and find the strength to keep on keeping on...if not for themselves, for others who need to know the truth. The more of us who speak out...the more help there will be for other victims and the harder it will be for the criminals to hurt others.

It is also my hope that what I share may be of value to the counselors of victims. One must know the dynamics of programming in order to adequately help the victims. The place where many counselors fail is that they don't understand the role that the supernatural plays in the initial programming.

Many do not know that with each level of programming there are literal demonic attachments set to guard that information. This makes it extremely difficult for a victim of such programming to survive if they do start to remember. Victims often buckle under the pressure of the programmed self-destruct mode and never survive.

Because the dynamics of programming involve the supernatural, so does the healing.

Just as there are unholy spirits who enter a person to destroy their souls, there is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ that can enter us to restore our souls.

I have found that there is a Name above all names...the Name that demons fear. The only way to fully break the powers of darkness and bring healing and restoration to us is through the power and authority held by Jesus Christ.

Our Heavenly Father who created us is the Great Healer and restorer of our souls...this has been made possible for us by the finished work of His Son Jesus Christ. There is no other way.

It is because Jesus Christ is Real and Savior that I am alive today to tell my story.

It is my any goal to make Him real to you, my readers.