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Questions and Answers with Nicholas Lawton Carpenter

5/26/2016 - This article was posted in 2012. Since that time, I have compiled some very detailed answers to questions on numerous topics which readers have asked of me. I truly hope to be able to post these questions and answers soon, as I know the information will be of help to many people world wide.

Questions and Answers With Nicholas Lawton Carpenter 

Revised 6/10/2012

I am in the process of writing my story. In the meantime, I have decided to provide some of the information I will be writing about by posting answers to some very good and thought provoking questions that were recently asked of me by researcher, Nicholas Lawton Carpenter.

1) How you were involved in Satanism?

I was born into a bloodline of many generations of servers to Lucifer and his spiritual hierarchy. There are two major divisions of this organization, both of which involve the physical and the spiritual realms and beings (entities, principalities) from both the physical and "non-physical". One major division of this organization is blatant Satanism. The other is the more deceptive side, which is primarily in charge of putting the anti-Christ into power. Both sides are directed by Satan/Lucifer and his spiritual hierarchy.

Some of my family served directly in the physical realm which involved the founding of the United States and working behind the scenes in politics and with the military...all working toward the "One World Order", now referred to as the "New World Order".

The members of my bloodline who showed a strength for the supernatural were chosen to work in the supernatural as well as the physical realm. My great-grandfather was one, my mother another, and then I.

2) Were you raised by cultists?

Though my mother raised me, she took orders from others on how to raise me, the same as I took orders on how to raise my offspring. Most of my mother's orders came from "the ascended masters" and her three physical mentors who wrote books and literature for Lucifer Trust, aka. Lucius Trust Publishing Company.

We were the rulers of all earthly cults, at the top of the hierarchy which ruled over direct Satan worship and the "white lodge".

3) Is your family still involved?

Of my closest relatives, most of those who were deeply involved are dead now. I'm not sure of some of my estranged relatives. There are only a couple of my closest family members alive today who even knew a little about our family "business". They were aware of "the spiritual hierarchy", but could not deal with the demonic as I could, so they were not used. These relatives became real Christians back in the early 1970's. I am sure their prayers for me helped me break free many years later.

4) Did you ever attend rituals or suffer ritual abuse?

I have attended many rituals and I have also suffered abuse. Most people think that rituals take place only on the physical; however, rituals are also held in the supernatural. I have attended on both levels.

I have also been subjected to mind control experiments and "military" programming. I have seen things that few would believe, though as time moves on, more people are more likely to believe. I am an expert in many areas, yet know very little in other areas.

Out of everything that I could tell people, the very most important thing has to do with the "anti-Christ". This is a real deal. You see, the military (not just the USA) is run by "the family". Some family members are trained and programmed to operate here on the physical, some in the supernatural, some in both. I received training in both. Both serve the same agenda. Soon I will be speaking out more about the "anti-Christ". Some will say that I am nuts because of "MK-ULTRA", but in truth, it is the physical that serves the agenda of the spiritual. I have both experiences. I intend to share what I know even if not one soul believes me. To not do so, would be morally wrong.

Nicholas' Comment:

"Carolyn, thank you so much for responding to my questions. This subject is truly fascinating to me and I have done a lot of reading on it, though I've had to be suspicious of anything I've read on the Internet. It's not just a pet project for me. I feel that it's very important to know about all this. Your answers to my questions have brought a few more to mind. Thanks for taking the time to indulge my curiosity. First, I just have to ask:"

5) Do you know who the anti-Messiah is? If not, is there anything you know about him which I wouldn't have got from scripture? Is there any specific trait I should be watching for? I know his reign is coming soon and I'd imagine that eventually we will all know, but if there's a chance for me to know who he is ahead of time I certainly don't want to pass it up.

Concerning the Internet:

It is wise to be suspicious of what you read on the Internet. The Internet is a huge part of the system that the organization has provided for the masses, but as a major means to control and manipulate the masses. However, I do believe that it is God's plan to use the Internet to bring destruction to the evil organization.

We truly live in the time of information and there is every sort of information being flooded onto the Internet. It is enough to confuse and paralyze many who will throw their hands up in desperation and go back to mainstream news sources to be told what to think. It is not easy these days to tell what is trustworthy and accurate. It takes a lot of research and that God given spiritual discernment to sort through everything, and still we should use great caution.

On the "anti-Messiah":

While in the organization I met and knew well their "chosen one", the one that many will most definitely be fooled by. He will fool all nations and religious people as well as non-religious. This is the topic I am about to speak out on. What I know will definitely help people to be aware. It is my hope that as a result of what I will be sharing, people will be drawn to know Jesus Christ as their savior. For those who have already given their lives to Jesus Christ, I hope they will seek to know him well. They will need to.

As for any specific trait to look for:

When I tell what I know, it will be easier for everyone to figure that out for themselves. All I can do is tell what I know and let people use that as they watch global events. Right now, I will just say that prophecy minded people have been set up to fail the test. It is the evil organization that has worked many years to get Christians so prophecy motivated that they make fulfilling prophecy their god and in so doing, they stray from the ways of Jesus Christ in their desire to serve what they believe is prophecy. One will never know the anti-Christ if they are not close to Jesus Christ. One needs to have the Spirit of Christ fully alive in them.

6) Have you read Trance-Formation of America? That book was written by a woman named Cathy O'Brian, who claimed she grew up in similar circumstances. She spoke and wrote a lot about MKUltra's Project Monarch and the Illuminati and their New World Order. A lot of the information in that book was very shocking and heartbreaking.

No, I haven't read "Trance Formation of America". I have heard a little about Cathy O'Brian. I find it very difficult to read or hear about others' experiences. I want to, but it is upsetting for me. It was only a year ago that I made myself read Svali's information. I had read some of it years ago, but I couldn't bring myself to read more until last year when a friend encouraged me to do so. I was shocked at some of the similarities. I am no Svali by any means. I am sure that she suffered far more than I did in the way of military and government "programs".

7) Is there anything you care to tell me about MKUltra or Project Monarch? I've seen a lot of testimony of victims and it was very disturbing.

I'm still having memories surface. Sometimes it is a full memory like a photographic memory capsule that is released. These memories are more vivid than a typical memory in that the clarity to the moment to moment detail is more crisp or full than that of present conscious awareness. In these memories are sounds, smells, and my thoughts, all intensified.

Sometimes memories surface by way of dreams. Then the dream triggers other full memories. Often I have a series of connected flashbacks that create a fuller picture. To this day, more dots continue to get connected. I am sure I could go faster in the recovery of memory, but I have a problem with trust and I have a degree of fear about revealing to much, even to the people I know who work with people like me. I have friends who tell me that I need to make all of my information public, but that is easier said than done. Much of what I have been through can not be grasped unless I start from the beginning...only,... it is the punch line that is so very important. But, in order for people to see the significance of the punch line, and why it is the punch line, they need to know the background information.

I can tell you that it is true about there being many many unsuspecting people in the US who have undergone mind control programming who unknowingly have alters that have been programmed to carry out the programming when triggered. Some of this programming has been done to ensure chaos when chaos is called for in the near future.

The masses have been conditioned (also a type of mind control) to react like animals, rather than think and reason. The masses are at the stage right now, where a few programmed alters can incite the mindless herds to do insane things, and keep them doing insane things. I believe this can be prevented if more people are aware of the planned tactics of the globalists and if people allow their hearts and minds to be lead by brotherly love (that love that Jesus Christ taught) rather than succumb to the hate and racial divisions that the globalists have already set into motion. Jesus Christ was the greatest humanitarian who ever lived. We have much to learn from him. If more of humanity took to heart the teachings of Jesus Christ and sought to treat one another as he taught, all of the plans of the "Illuminati" would crumble to dust.

As for me telling you more about MKUltra or Project Monarch:

As I mentioned, I am still having memories surface. Some of these experiences I have been writing about and will at some time post for others to read, and some, I will never make public.

At the present, in all of the memories, I have no recollection of ever hearing the terms MKUltra or Project Monarch, though I know enough from my experiences that I was an unwilling participant in those. I do have a flash back where I heard the mention of "Project Artichoke". At the time that flash back occurred, I had never remembered hearing that term before. I then looked it up to see if it was actually something real. I found out that it was, and that it probably related to the nature of some of my other memories as well and that it possibly had some connection with what the military did to my father. I have not yet written in detail about my memories.

Years ago, I wrote about what happened to my father and posted it on two Internet forums. Within an hour, both sites went down. My information was lost on both sites and one site claimed to have totally lost all previous posts that had ever been on that forum. Once on a radio interview, the connection was lost when I began to speak about my father. This probably wouldn't happen now since more people have been coming forward with their own reports of human experimentation during WWII, yes, during, not just after. Can't blame it all on former Nazi scientists.

Nicholas' Comment:

"Seems like the bad guys really don't want any info about your father leaking. It shows how closely they are watching, making sure certain things don't make it out into the spotlight. Both the internet forums and a radio broadcast losing the info about your father.... call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but there's no way that's a coincidence."

There are so many very weird "coincidences" that I know you would enjoy hearing about, just like you would see in a Hollywood movie. It surely seems that "they" at times have been watching and keeping tabs on me. It certainly appears that they have, at various points in my life, put people in my path who were there to check on me, to see just what I remember, if anything.

There are other things I suspect about my past. I really think I am right. Lots of dots are getting connected. I think one reason that tabs are being kept on me has to do with genetics. It is my firm belief that genetics plays an important part in Project Monarch. I will be writing more about this topic.

8) Also, Arizona Wilder spoke of an instance in which she saw her handler and some other upper echelon turn into lizards! She said that she wasn't sure if it was real or it was a hologram used to scare her into a feeling of helplessness. Did you see anything like that?

At this point, I have no recollection of seeing anything like that, humans changing to lizards. I have seen some very unusual demonic physical manifestations in my time. Only two experiences involved lizards. For one of these experiences, I was the only one to witness it. It took place over a period of several days. I witnessed a gradual "morphing" of a group of small lizards into the forms of various dinosaurs. I know this really sounds even crazier than humans morphing into lizards. Nevertheless, it happened.

The other instance, which was witnessed by my mother and a brother and myself, involved a very beautifully colored Kimono Dragon-like lizard. This may not have been a demonic manifestation, but I believe it was demonically inspired. For about a week, this thing would grace our doorstep just before dawn and position itself as if standing guard. It was definitely physical. Nothing we did would make it leave until it wanted to, which was at the same time everyday, shortly after the sun rose, at which time it would leave it's post and walk down our driveway toward the street. After about a week, we never saw the lizard again. No one in our neighborhood had such a pet, nor had seen it.

9) During the rituals and ceremonies, did you witness any human sacrifices? Where did these events take place? Did you recognize any prominent people there?

At this point I have no memory of witnessing any human sacrifices. I do remember some horrifying occasions where animals were slowly tortured to death as a part of the trauma based mind control.

Separate from this, in my early adulthood, I did have close friends who were practicing Satanists and sacrificed one human that I know about. I didn't witness it, but I might as well have because of the very graphic details I was given. I only knew about that sacrifice because my friends came home to warn me that the police might be paying me a visit to ask me questions. During the time of the first sacrifice, the second one to be sacrificed, a young woman, had managed to escape. As my friends had feared, she was able to contact the police, which soon led to their arrest. After a huge publicized trial, the high priest was jailed for the murder.

Since I worked in both the supernatural and the physical divisions, events took place in both the physical and the supernatural.

The mind control, human experimentation and torture took place physically.

There were quite a few physical places where rituals and "teaching" or "programming" by way of Satanic rituals took place. I am pretty sure that MacDill Air Force Base is one place. I have memories of Satanic rituals that took place in basements. There were very few basements in my area, so I am pretty sure where these events took place. One place was a school and one was a hospital (I know the names of these places, but I am not going to say here). Some events that involved trauma and rituals took place where some people affiliated with the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus assembled.

In the supernatural, we held numerous ceremonies for various occasions. Some were in a physical place like a physical headquarters, a cathedral, and sometimes at the ruins of an ancient temple.

Sometimes we met in other realms.

In response to your inquiry as to whether I recognized any prominent people in any ceremony:

There was an important out of body event being held in a physical cathedral which I believe was in Europe. It was one of those events where no invitations were sent out. Basically, if one was in tune enough to the ascended masters and were part of the division that involved the newly arrived "anointed one" (their chosen one for the office of "Christ"), they were there. When one is in tune to the vibration of the high ranking ascended masters enough to know what is happening, they must next be able to lock onto their signal or vibration to get there.

On this occasion, Pope John Paul II showed up. I recall how the masters were quite humored by the fact that the Pope thought so highly of himself. The masters look at the Pope as a useful tool. He is nobody special to them. Most people, if not all, who serve the masters are seen in the same way. They are merely vessels to be used and later discarded.

At this point, I have no memory of meeting or seeing any that I know now to be "prominent people" other than some who were local to the area I grew up in.

I do have a good memory of some of the faces I saw as a child and could probably identify them by photographs. I have often thought that if some of the people I remember saw a picture of me as a child, that they would remember me. I had a picture of me that I was going to post on my blog with the caption, "Remember me? I remember you." I lost that picture, but if I find it, I will post it. I had that picture picked out because of the hair cut. My hair had been long, but was cut short so that electrodes could more easily be attached to my head for the experiments and programming.

10) Did you see or take part in any ritual magic? Did you ever witness anything supernatural, like the manifestation of a demonic entity or the possession of a person?

Nearly everyday for as long as I could remember, I witnessed something supernatural. I have also witnessed demonically possessed humans.

As a child, to me, there was no real separation of the physical and spiritual realms. The supernatural was a natural and normal part of my everyday life. I was still quite young when I realized that not everyone was like me, not everyone could see and experience what I did. I found most humans to be dull in comparison to my spiritual teachers, so I became more attached to the supernatural and more at home in the supernatural and with supernatural manifestations than I was in the physical realm.

You have probably seen the movie "Avatar". I can relate all too well to that movie and to how the lead character came to prefer his new life and body over his physical human life. I can relate to how he laid his physical body down to enter a type of sleep mode so that he could take on the other body that was suited for the other realm.

I have written something about the movie "Avatar", but have not posted it yet. It is my firm belief that the movie has subliminal messages and triggers in it.

Nicholas' Comment:

"I haven't seen Avatar. I can't stand anything that comes out of Hollywood. It all comes directly from the Synagogue of Satan and it all reeks of pure evil. In fact, as I imagine you're aware, Hollywood is named after the type of wood used by sorcerers or magicians to make their magic wands and staves. But I understand the parallel you've drawn by your description. I can see how boring the physical realm must've seemed when you are growing up in the supernatural as well. I am seeing that more and more. I am ever increasingly bored and even disgusted by the worldly things I used to enjoy. The real world, complete with the supernatural undertones, is far more amazing than any story book I read or videogame I played. From my research, many (if not all) Hollywood film have subliminals in them. Nobody I know will watch a movie with me anymore because I have to pause the films every two minutes to point out the occult symbolism and subliminal messages. I would most definitely be interested in reading what you have to say about Avatar, even though I haven't seen the film."

"Nobody I know will watch a movie with me anymore because I have to pause the films every two minutes to point out the occult symbolism and subliminal messages."

Good for you! I do the same thing. You must have an analytical mind. When I watch a movie, I see all kinds of things. That is more entertaining to me than the surface story. Anything put out by Hollywood, popular music, TV shows, etc. is hand picked and contains propaganda. The masses don't make things popular; the masses are told what is popular. Don't mind people if they don't see what you see. Keep pointing things out. Often all you have to do is show them once, and they will begin to start seeing it on their own. They may never admit to you, but often they will begin to see.

Concerning "Ritual Magic" and my experience:

We never thought the term "magic" applied to anything we did. When one understands the supernatural, there is nothing magical or mysterious about it. Everything is self explanatory. We did call upon dark forces to work on our behalf, and at times we did use unified group thought energy to influence the thoughts and actions of unsuspecting people. This didn't necessarily have to take place in a gathering where all participants were in the same place, though often it did. When we did have a physical gathering, it was usually in the way of a small informal gathering much like a home prayer meeting, only we would use that time to center our energies on a specific target person to influence his or her will or we would work to strengthen our clairvoyant abilities.

Often, the term, "ritual magic" conjures up in one's mind a scene of dark cloaked figures. There is one such ritual that comes to mind at the moment. It took place at night during one of the many times I was abducted from my home as a child. The location was in the basement of an old building. I do not at this time remember the entire ceremony, but I remember the lesson and the nature of the ceremony and I know who it was that was the central figure. Though I was drugged when I was taken there, I remember being brought in and I remember seeing some of the people while they were still in their street clothes. One of them was a very tall, over 7 feet tall, blondish haired man that I had seen before. I knew who he was.

One of the purposes of the ceremony was to teach about the Cabalistic Tree of Life. I remember the room being nearly dark. I stood alone in the center of the room, while all the adults lined the perimeter. They may have been in a circle, I don't know, all I know is that they were wearing black robes, faces visible, yet standing far enough in the shadows that I could barely see them, but I knew they were there all around me. There was an alter and I remember seeing two children, a year or two younger than myself, next to the alter.

A very tall, blacked cloaked figure moved into view between the alter and myself. I knew he was the same tall man I had seen when I had been brought there that night. The hood of the black robe shrouded his head, casting a shadow on his face. His face was painted chalky gray. The robe was fashioned so that it formed a pyramid, with the man's head as the apex which was to represent the eye of Horus. His silhouette was the likeness of a key hole. His figure represented the key hole and "The Key".

11) During your childhood, did you experience trauma-based mind control?

As you have seen by some of my previous answers, the answer is yes.

I also can relate, to a degree, to some of Svali's story on how her mother treated her. My mother was my best friend, but she also took advice and in some cases orders as to how to raise me.

12) I'm almost ashamed to ask, but were you forced to have sex with any famous people or politicians? Again, please don't feel obligated to answer uncomfortable questions.

At this point, I have no memory of anything like that. It is possible that I was spared from such things.

I do have two memories that have always been with me of being "set up" under strange circumstances. One occasion was with a well know local television celebrity who seemed surprised when I seemed to be unaware of an arrangement that I was brought to a location to pleasure him. He was more than old enough to be my father. He was somewhat forceful, but when he saw that I was not as he had been told, he pursued me no more and I left on my own accord.

Another time I unknowingly had been promised to accompany the driver of a stolen car, for a car theft ring that was transporting stolen cars and possibly drugs out of a down town Tampa warehouse to a location in Miami. The tricky thing about this experience is that the "boss" of the operation was also tied in with "the law". When the "boss" realized that I was unaware of the "arrangement", he was eager to send me on my way.

Sometimes I wonder if I had an alter that was known to do such favors and that other people knew. Sometimes I wonder if my uncle, my former legal guardian, protected me to a degree. Though I did find it very confusing, when I was 17 years old, one of my uncle's best friends, the director of the FBI in Tampa, made sexual advances toward me and tried to intimidate me into working for the FBI, after which I was systematically followed for months by what appeared to be plain clothed police officers or FBI agents. I had no where to run and no where to hide since I was constantly being followed and monitored. Who was I to go to for help, when my uncle, who was my legal guardian, was also a part of it?

13) Do you have any missing time from your childhood?

There are no long periods of missing time, like days or weeks.

There were short periods of missing time that took place at a preschool. I have had flashbacks of being taken from "the girls camp" by one of the male owners who took me to "the ball room", a sports supply room at the "boy's camp". My cousin many years ago told me a story of how she was taken in the same manner. I never told her that it happened to me also. Neither of us ever had a memory of what took place after we got there, or how we got back to the "girl's camp".

I have memories of being taken by an uncle, along with a brother and two of my cousins to a carnival where members of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus were performing. He, my uncle took us behind the scenes. He was best friends with the clowns, performers and "freaks". The next thing I remember was, we were home and that I could not recall anything that happened after we had entered the camp at the carnival. My next awareness was seeing my uncle spanking my little cousin, telling him, "I told you that if you told your mother what happened, you would be spanked." My uncle then told us all that we better act happy and say we had fun.

I have memories of being at another camp of these people. I have no memory of how I got there or when I left. This is where some of the hideous animal torture took place. Part of me wishes I could tell someone what they did, but I have not told a single soul, because I do not want that nightmarish memory to be alive in anyone else's mind. The only reason to tell anyone is to show just how evil, cruel and hard-hearted some of these people are, who serve what I call "the organization". They actually love to cause great physical, emotional, and mental pain to animals and humans. People are copy-cats too, and no doubt there are evil people who are likely to copy one of these hideous acts if I were to publish the details.

I have missing time during my childhood, when the same two men would abduct me regularly from my home and return me just before dawn. I assume it is they who delivered me to the various places I do have memories of, the places that involve nighttime activities.

There were many times during my early grade school years that I have missing time. I might not have even been aware that that had happened if I had not been in a classroom and realized that one moment, the teacher was teaching a math lesson and the next conscious moment she was on a new subject with the math erased from the black board and a whole new subject of writing was in its place.

There was a time when I was 7 years old that is very suspicious. It involves some very interesting "coincidences". I have written about this, but have not put it on my blog. It involves Jacksonville Air Force Base.

I am aware that I had missing time of about an hour and a half on at least one occasion when I was with my physical "handler" during my early 30's.

I have missing time when about 15 years ago when I met with someone who works with victims of SRA and mind control. I was not even aware that there had been missing time until a couple of years ago, I realized it. I have talked with this man since and I communicate with him from time to time. I asked him about the missing time. He told me about the two alters that filled that space of time and what they said. It all made perfect sense going by what I do remember happening just before I lost consciousness and from what I remember as I was back. My brother had been there with me and was witness to what had happened. He and this man were colleagues and were good at their work with SRA's and MPD's or DID's.

14) Did they give you any tattoos, like a rose or anything like that? Did they inject you with an RFID chip?

I don't have any tattoos. In my division, they believed in the purity of an undefiled body.

If I have been injected with a chip, I am unaware of it.

Many years ago when I was 10 years old or younger, I was sitting barefoot and playing with my brothers in the living room of our house. I noticed the corner of a solid clear object protruding from the bottom of my right foot. With my brothers watching me, I pulled the object out. Remarkably, there was no pain or blood. We examined the object and couldn't figure out what it was. We had never seen anything like it before. It was flat, triangle shaped and no larger than 3/4 of an inch. It was clear like glass, but wasn't glass. Despite our curiosity over the of the object and despite the remarkable fact that my foot had just healed up before our very eyes, my brothers and I ceased the examination as a weird wave of robotic thinking swept over us. It was like the difference of night and day. In one moment, our sheer amazement changed to numbness and indifference. With that came the impression that it was nothing at all out of the ordinary and that I should tell no one and throw it away, which I promptly did, returning to my play as if nothing had happened. We never spoke of the object and what had happened ever again.

About 26 years ago something was found on my pituitary gland. Two panels of doctors in two separate states looked at the MRI and CAT scan. In both panels, half of the doctors said they had no idea what it was. The others thought it could be a tumor, but were not sure. Since surgery is risky, I was advised to leave it alone unless I begin to have headaches.

15) Have you had any experiences similar to an "alien abduction".

Yes, and even the people who bought my childhood home once contacted me to ask me if I had ever seen any "UFO's after they, formerly being unbelievers, experienced something that they claimed had been an alien saucer shaped craft at that house.

I don't talk much about this. As I mentioned earlier, the organization that is implementing the NWO has two major divisions of operation, one involves the physical workings of "The Plan" and the other involves the supernatural. I was trained and worked in both areas. It is from my experience that I can tell you that there are demons and there are other evil "principalities" who are not demons. I know the Greys to be an evil principality. Unlike demons, Grey's are biological life forms that can freely interact on this 3rd dimensional level. Because they are biological entities, they do indeed need and have physical crafts. The Greys have been around for a very long time, have shared technology with the US military and can not be trusted. The last I knew, the US military was working with the Greys on a now near future mass abduction of a selected group of individuals and some entire families. The major center is an Air Force Base in the western USA, which I do not want to specify right now.

Are Greys real? Yes. Does the military want to cover this up? Of course. Will the organization behind the plan for the NWO fake an invasion? They are prepared to, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they will go through with it.

Incidentally, I do have on my right thigh a deep indentation that is now covered with scar tissue. It originally resembled a deep tissue punch biopsy. I have no idea how it happened. I woke up one morning when I was in my preteen years with the deep hollow puncture on my leg. Though it was alarming to suddenly find this, I never told a soul. Years later, as I was flipping through the TV channels, I saw pictures of the same wound in the same location on others. It was a show on "alien abductees" who claimed that the Greys had taken skin samples. How did I get my wound? I don't know.

I also have a circular spot on my left hand just above my thumb and index finger. It is in the same area known as the "valley of harmony pressure point". It appeared over night about 20 years ago. It looks like an age spot, but is the only one I have. I have seen pictures of the same thing in the same position on the hands of people who claim that they were abducted by the Greys and marked. Sounds hokey even to me, but I do not dismiss the slight possibility of me being purposely marked by someone.

16) Do you have any special abilities like a photographic memory? I asked about the photographic memory thing because I have heard other DID victims of MKUltra talking about it. Cathy O'Brian can repeat word for word very long conversations and speeches that she heard when she was a little girl, but the photographic parts only come in the suppressed memories from other altars. It's amazing the powers of the mind that remain hidden. Such a shame that the knowledge of the mind is being used for pure evil.

Many of my memories that have surfaced, I would put in the class of photographic memory.

There have been times in my life when I have been aware of my memory working in a "photographic" fashion, but for the most part, not.

Once when I was given the Rorschach inkblot test, something was triggered that released a great deal of information that I was never aware of. The test that normally took only 40 minutes lasted over 4 hours. When the doctor began to read back my comments, without me seeing what he had written, I joined in and began repeating exactly, word for word, like a memorized script, what I had previously said about each picture.

I used to be very clairvoyant. It was demonically enhanced. I have renounced all those abilities.

More on photographic memory:

I suspect that I have walled off sections of such. It is like I have known this all of my life long before I ever began to remember some of the things that were done to me during the hours I was taken from my home many nights. I often have flashes of memory of full type written pages of what looks like "government" or military documentation. One such page had a special seal on it with the title that was of a type of weapons warfare division that I had never heard of.

While in school I knew I was very bright, but all of my major test scores always came back very low, like in the class of a "special needs" child. I would cry to my mother telling her how terrible it was that everyone, including our family thought I was stupid. She would always console me, telling me that for "The Plan" I was not to ever appear bright. They needed me to never be suspected as anything that was a threat, that I was to be able to blend in, be ignored and still be able to listen and absorb without anyone ever suspecting that I was capable of anything like that. The hierarchy wanted me to be naturally comfortable in upper middle class to upper class life, to be polite, quiet, unassuming, and to never let my thoughts be known by way of my body language, my expressions and certainly not through my eyes. I was to display a naivety.

17) Have you gone on any radio programs to share your knowledge and experiences? If not, you might consider it. There are a lot of radio talk shows out there whose listeners would really appreciate your testimony and wouldn't treat you like a crazy person. I'd like you to know that I think you are a very strong and brave person to come out and tell people about this. You story is so important and it needs to be told.

Yes, I have been on international television a couple of times and on radio quite a few times, but the best way to get my information out, I think, is to do it myself by way of posting my own audio or videos, which I plan to do soon. The problem with being a guest on a program is that I am limited to what the host wants to discuss and there never seems to be enough time to do more than scratch the surface on the topics discussed. Another reoccurring problem is that on nearly every broadcast I have been on, my phone line or connection was disconnected during the times I was giving the most important information. If I do my own recording and videos, I will not have these sort of obstacles.

Nicholas' Comment and Question:

18) Sounds like you were involved in a lot of rituals and ceremonies. Were all of these rituals and ceremonies done with the intention of furthering the NWO agenda?

They all were for the intention of furthering the NWO agenda in some degree or another. In the division I served in, they liked formalities and ceremonies. It is a type of worship to their god, and it works to create a stronger spiritual bond of loyalty or hold upon an individual. Also, there is power in the unified gathering, and ceremony helps to bring this unification. When the Bible speaks of Jesus' disciples being in one accord in prayer (KJV), this is referring to them as being in agreement and moving as a unified power in agreement. The dark side uses ceremony to help achieve unification for power and then to release that power toward the intended objective or goal.

When Sputnik was launched in 1957, there were many rituals and ceremonies. It was a time of celebration and planning. It was a prayerful time when "ascended masters" and the Luciferian hierarchy on earth and in the supernatural recited "The Great Invocation". Few people realize just how big a deal that event was. It was the biggest event next to the coming future event, "the reappearance of The Christ".

Our whole celebration of Sputnik was all about our (the organization's) future rewards that would come from deceiving and controlling the masses through sophisticated satellite technology. What we celebrated most was the planned future global heralding of our "chosen one" who was to fill the office of "The Christ". This is Lucifer's "Christ", not Jesus Christ. The term "Christ" merely means "chosen one".

About "The Plan"; this is so important for people to know:

"The Plan" is twofold. The physical component of "The Plan" is the plan for the NWO, which is being carried out by the globalists. Its purpose is to lead the masses to the point where they will gladly embrace the spiritual "Christ", aka New Age Christ, which is Lucifer's representative. So if one thinks that the plan for the NWO is an evil and deceptive plan, they literally don't even know the half of it.

Though I don't remember hearing the term "Project Blue Beam" while I was in the organization, everything that was explained to me back in 1957 concerning the importance of Sputnik, accurately describes Project Blue Beam.


The next biggest event after Sputnik was September 11,1990; after that it was September 11, 2001. There are many dates in between, but these are the main ones. I will be writing more about this at a later date. I have written some about Sputnik, which is posted here on my blog. I have also written about George Bush and his famous speech of September 11, 1990, which is here on my blog, but for easier reference, I will add some of that information here:

I have known "The Plan" since I was a small child and have seen it carried out just as I was told it would be. When I was a small child, I was told that just before the end of the 20th Century, one of our members of the organization would be chosen, a man, who would emerge on the world political scene to introduce some of our esoteric terms to the masses under the guise of peace and security. This was also to be a signal for those serving the organization that "The Plan" was in it's final stages and was stepping out from the underground, to become exoteric.

Our esoteric terms were to be presented in such a manner that "the masses" would readily adopt them into daily usage, becoming desensitized to their meanings and esoteric roots.

Thus, “The Plan” could step out from the shadows to work openly before the very eyes of the sleeping masses.

It was George Bush Sr. who was the chosen “light bearer”, who on September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM gave his famous "Toward a New World Order speech". He continued to introduce more of our esoteric terms in several more speeches. "Global" was one of these words. It soon replaced the word, "world". He spoke of a "new world order". He mentioned "a thousand points of light". Other terms that soon became mainstream are "masses", "implement" (as "implement" A New World Order, "implement" The Plan) and "usher in".

11 years later to the day, on September 11, 2001, the organization pulls off the "attack on America", which created many opportunities for the organization in their push for the final steps of the completion of their plan for that NWO.

NOTE THE DATES AND TIMES and see the progression. Also, keep in mind how many times the numbers 1, 9 and 11 are used and how often September 11th is used. The numbers 9 and 11 are favorite numbers in the organization, and September 11th is a favorite date for the organization.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia to get you started off with:

Proclamation 5696 -- 9 - 1 - 1 Emergency Number Day, 1987

"Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 11, 1987, as 9 - 1 - 1 Emergency Number Day. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities."

I can tell you that it is a fact that the members of the organization certainly do "observe this day", September 11th, with their own "appropriate ceremonies and activities."

On September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM, President George Herbert Walker Bush gave his "Toward a New World Order speech". Speaking before the joint secession of Congress in regards to the Persian Gulf War, he stated that the war presented an opportunity for a "New World Order" to emerge.

On 1/16/1991 Bush launches his war in the middle east, a war that "presented an opportunity for a "New World Order" to emerge". (That date is significant in several ways in occult numerology. Again, notice use of the numbers 1 and 9.)

On September 11, 2001, the organization pulls off the "attack on America".

If you knew me back then, you would have been a witness that I did know of the organization's plan to pull off a catastrophic event on the east coast that would cost the lives of many people, and I knew the reasons why the organization was going to do this. I warned a bunch of people who didn't take me seriously until the morning of September 11th. I didn't know what day the organization would choose, but I knew basically when it would happen, and I started warning people two weeks before it happened.

I also knew the Bush's were planning to make a buck off of the yet declared wars because of my financial advisor who advised me to also sink a bundle in the Carlyle Group.

For me to have been silent back then, would have been wrong. I had to warn people. And...I have to warn people now. To not do so would be wrong.

19) So I'm curious if all of these ceremonies were done for the purpose of facilitating the anti-Messiah's rise to power and the establishment of world-government.

Some ceremonies were to generate power. Some served as a means to encourage people working in the organization or to bond or bind them to the organization, which would help facilitate the working of it toward the goal of a world government.

Mostly what my years of observation have shown me is that although they have a plan and have had it mapped out for many years, they have had to work very hard to get it done. There is no magic formula when it comes to working deception upon the hearts and wills of men. It has been a very slow process to get people to the point where common sense is not so common. The organization can move only as fast as they can push and prod the masses without the masses knowing they are being purposely manipulated by an exterior source toward a planned objective. The organization has to work on preparing the stage before they try to market each idea so that the masses are more likely to "buy it". One example is the Clinton health plan. I knew the masses were not ready to "buy it" and that it would be presented again under a different administration.

So, in my observation, I don't see that any supernatural ceremony has any power over the masses. Of course, there is power and influence in numbers and the more that are here practicing evil, the greater the presence of evil will be, which brings me back to a topic I touched on earlier: Without going into detail here, I will just say that Lucifer has increased his presence here on the earth for this very last stage of his plan. If you see and feel greater evil now than ever before, you are not imaging it. This step up of his forces is as you worded, "for the purpose of facilitating the anti-Messiah's rise to power and the establishment of world-government."


Nicholas' Comment:

"Satanists always did seem to be bigger-picture thinkers to me."

Yes, high level Satanist are bigger-picture thinkers. They are very religious and very loyal to their religion and to their god. They have a much better handle on reality than most people, and they are more well organized. That's why I refer to "them" as "The Organization". They understand the supernatural far better than most people. They understand spiritual laws far better than most people. Lucifer seeks to keep humanity ignorant of spiritual law, for if mankind knew what power they would have under God's Plan, the dark side would easily be defeated.

For instance, men, males, have no idea what power they have by spiritual law, under God our Father. The dark side knows it and is subject to that law to a degree even if men are not aware of it. That is why the dark side doesn't want men to know their spiritual position. As long as men are kept in ignorance, humanity is vulnerable. Men really were created as the head over the woman. The two together, man and woman form a very powerful force when properly aligned under God. God is the covering over man. Man is the covering over the woman. Woman serves a place as honorable as the man, just different. Both are equally important and powerful for God when they operate under God's Divine Plan.

This is the reason marriage and family has been attacked by the NWO organization. This is the reason for woman's liberation. It is a deceptive means to keep people from ever being a spiritual power house. I need to write an article on this or make a video to explain it better. It is easy to be misunderstood on this topic, yet if I have the chance to explain it, many people will see exactly what I mean.

Nicholas' Comment:

"While the average Joe is impressed with himself to come up with a five year plan, I know the elite make their plans by 50 years or a hundred."

You are correct. Though family members in the organization are not allowed to share much about their individual work in the organization even with their closest of kin, my mother did tell me a few things about our bloodline. Some of what she knew was from her paternal grandfather, who knew and served "The Plan" in both the supernatural as well as in the physical workings. Some members are only aware of the physical plan for the NWO and some know that it is more than a plan for globalization. Her grandfather was well aware that "The Plan"was conceived in the spiritual realm and that he would never see it come to fruition, but his great grandchildren would.

My mother never knew a thing about "The Plan" or of being in the bloodline of servers to it until 1941 when she was 16 years old. An "ascended master" materialized in front of her in her home one day to tell her of her bloodline and to tell her that they, the ascended masters and members of the organization, had been watching her, liked what they saw, and that her qualities were such that she was suited to work with the supernatural division. It was after that, that her grandfather let her know the secret, that he too was part of that division. That was a secret that they alone shared until my mother shared that with me. So it has been nothing for those who serve "The Plan" to happily be doing their part, knowing that it will be a good 100 years before "The Plan's" completion.

That has been the norm until recently. Those in the organization today don't have the patience that their forefathers had. They are some of the greediest and most impatient members ever. I know that they are at the point that they are ready to force this thing and are less concerned with manipulating the masses to go along. They will be reckless as they try to speed up the process. My parents' generation had their hearts set on seeing the completion of The Plan by the year 2000. Most of them are dead now. The ones still living would love to reap the benefits of power before it is too late for them. My generation is realizing that if they allow this thing to drag on, they will not see what they were promised, that they too will lose their youthful years to enjoy their power.

More on MKUltra, Nicholas' Comment:

"I have been telling people about things like MKUltra and the predictive programming for a long time. I know they are preparing for these Manchurian Candidates to do all sorts of horrible things like mass-shootings, assassinations or suicide bombings all in the name of making the people feeling terrified and helpless, so they will eventually be begging for the New World Order. It's basic Hegelian Dialectic, problem-reaction-solution. I try to warn people to these things. I know a few people who in the past have heeded my warnings and now we share research. Sadly, most people's ears have fallen deaf to any important truth. Like the Scriptures say, in the end days, men will not bear sound doctrine. Most prefer to have their ears tickled."

Yes, there are many unsuspecting people who have been programmed to carry out all the things you have named. The person with whom I have counseled once had a programmed assassin come after him. She almost succeeded. This man seems to have God on his side. Just like with a close family member who is a psychotherapist, so many times plans against him have failed. A few times he had curses placed against him, but the curses reversed and went back to the sender in such an intensity that those people never messed with him again. My relative told me that it was God, not anything that he had done that reversed the curses.

Dr. Lester Sumrall, world renowned pastor, evangelist and demonologist, told me the same thing many years ago. I was fortunate to spend pretty much an entire day with him after being on a radio program together. I felt very good when he validated all of what I had to say on the radio program. He totally agreed with all of my answers and with the advice that I gave to those who called into the program. Dr. Sumrall helped me to have more faith in myself and in God's Power over the dark side. He was a no-nonsense man who did not allow demons a platform to act on. I know for a fact that my day spent with him and his lovely wife was God ordained.

About "problem-reaction-solution":

Lucifer's spiritual hierarchy refers to it as "The Law of Harmony Through Conflict". It is their way of getting the masses to go along with "The Plan". Complying = "harmony". A real twist on truth. It all involves manipulation and deception to get the masses to change their will...so they, the masses, will choose on their own to go along with "The Plan". The hierarchy brings the chaos. Many people serving "The Plan" are deceived into believing that creating evil chaos = good because chaos will force the masses to change faster...to "get on board with the plan". Of course these people I am talking about who serve "The Plan" are on the lower levels not knowing the true reality of The Plan. They actually believe that they are helping humanity.

Concerning ET's, "Project Blue Beam":

In my experience, at this present moment, I have no recollection of hearing the term "Project Blue Beam" during the time I was in the organization. However, in 1957, I did know of all of the technology people say is part of "Project Blue Beam" and I knew how that technology would be used in the future to present "the reappearance of The Christ" to global rule. Soon I will be making public more information about this topic.

In all of my experience with Lucifer's spiritual hierarchy, I knew of various types of beings supposedly not of earth. These, I was taught were of a higher spiritual order than humanity. None of them were Greys or Reptilians. I have no recollection of ever seeing anything that resembles what people call a Reptilian, not to say they do not exist, I just have no memory of ever seeing one.

I always knew demons to be something different than these. Demons were considered very low, but had their useful place in the "order".

Every type of being had different characteristics and different uses. Some who do look human-like, are presently masquerading as benevolent extraterrestrials. I will be addressing this topic more in a future post.

The Greys were never a part of my life in the hierarchy. They were totally separate from everything that involved my life working in the supernatural. They were part of my physical life. I know what demons are, and I have had lots of experience with them. I know various types or species of Greys, having had much experience with them also. I can say beyond a doubt, that Greys are another life form and are definitely not demons. They are demonic, but they are not demons. There are demons that can impersonate ET's, including Greys, but Greys are nothing new to this planet. I have never tested the name of our Creator at the presence of a Grey as of yet. I do not know if Greys are from another planet as they claim, or from "inner earth" as they also claim. What I know for a fact is that they are liars.

As I said, I have had numerous encounters with the Greys. They are involved in genetics and the creating of hybrids. Through all of my experiences with them, I have noticed something that perplexes them. Something they seek to control if they could, but they can't. Though they consider themselves far superior to humans, they are stumped and trumped by something that they do not have, but humans have. It is LOVE and the power of love. The Greys can control pretty much anything, except love. A person motivated by love can not be controlled by them. Greys can't see it, they can't dissect it, and they can't reproduce it. The Greys consider love to be an undesirable quality to have because it can be unpredictable, reckless and it totally defies logic. So, naturally, the Greys, being void of love, can not understand nor begin to predict, much less control something like a human who does illogical and unpredictable things even at it's own detriment or death when motivated by love. I sometimes wonder if the Greys are looking for a way to harness that power and drive of love, yet tailor it to a position of control.

Nicholas' Comment:"You must be a very strong woman to have made it to this point."

I often feel weak, but when I stop and think of all I have been through and how I have been able to process it and digest it and not be nuts, all I can do is thank God. I know it is God who has brought me through this. If it were not for him sending an angel to me when I was 4 years old, I'd probably be dead, crazy or hate God. The angel told me that God wanted me to pray to Him and that good things would come through prayer. I have written about this. It should be somewhere here on my blog. When I prayed to God, I felt His presence, which I have never forgotten. He is my constant. Anytime something bad happened to me or something happened that I couldn't make sense of, I centered in on Him. I knew that He was sanity, He had the answers and He was the Healer and Restorer. He is my constant, my Rock.

There have been a couple of well known professionals who have spent time with me and have made record that they fully believe my story, and that I am completely trustworthy and mentally sound. They have remarked about how astounded they are of my strength of body, mind and spirit. They know too that it is the Power of God that has done this.

I never liked my name and always thought I should have been named something different, until I found out what it means. It means, "Strong".

Nicholas' Comment:

"For as long as I can remember, I was always wanting to know and never accepting beliefs, neither mine nor anyone else's. I couldn't just believe in the spiritual realm. I had to KNOW. I was always driving my parents and teachers crazy with questions they couldn't answer. I was always astonished by the fact that most people just don't want to know.

"In my early teens I began studying the Illuminati. I learned as much as I could about them and I eventually realized something: The Illuminati at the top are the most religious people in the world. Every aspect of their lives, I learned, is dictated by ritual and religious guidelines.... And their god is Satan. Now, by then I knew that the Illuminati don't settle for just believing things. They named themselves thusly because they are the illuminated ones. They get their power from knowledge, not beliefs. So if their god is Lucifer/Satan and their enemy is YHWH (God), then these entities must be real! It was a powerful revelation.

"So I realized logically that this was all real when I began to study the elite and the Satanic cults operating all over the world. When others couldn't answer my questions, I began learning from the people that know about it. Then I began seeing proofs for the Creator in science and philosophy.

"I began reading the Way (which is what the Scriptures were originally called) more carefully and thoroughly and began to realize that the inconsistencies that turned me away from Him before were actually just leaven, or what was added on by men.

"I developed a relationship with Him and began asking Him to speak to me through His word and He always did. I would flip to a "random" page and just start reading and every time I did, it was as if the message was spoken directly to me; it always fit the scenario.

"Then YHWH began proving Himself to me in personal ways. He created me, so he knows how I am. He knows that I can't have faith in anything I don't know to be real, so He gave me all the proof I need and then some. He continues to prove Himself to me every day by answering every single prayer I ask of Him.

"Now, I am in reverent awe of His might and the intricacy of His creation and His plan. I have developed a true love for truth. I've learned that whether it is beautiful or hideous, ALL truth is of the Creator.

"My hunger for knowledge has become insatiable. I no longer get any pleasure from worldly activities. I spend as much of my free time as I can researching the world around me, studying Scripture and sharing what I've learned. Everything I have learned about the world around me only serves to strengthen my faith.

"Faith. It's a word most Christians don't understand. Faith has to be rooted in knowledge, or it will lead to deception. Unless we know what it is we have faith in, we will be deceived by the ways of man, which are actually the ways of Satan. If we don't prove the Creator and His word to ourselves, we can easily end up following false gods, such as the gods of the various churches.

"Many don't understand that, not only is faith without works dead, but true faith, the unshakable faith that the apostles had, is always rooted in knowledge. They were willing to fight and die for the Torah and the teachings of the Messiah because they KNEW the truth. They rejoiced at the idea of suffering and dying for His Name.

"So when people ask me if I am religious, I have to say no and explain how I am not religious, but spiritual because religion is the leaven of the Pharisees; it is all from man. And when they ask me if I believe in God, I have to tell them no and explain that I KNOW there is a God, and the difference is that I can prove His existence!

"I am simply a follower of The Way, a child of YHWH. I stay away from the added-on religions of man that the Messiah called the "leaven of the Pharisees."

I very much appreciate Nicholas Lawton Carpenter's interest and his very good questions and comments. Writing about my past has never come easy for me. Not writing about is an even greater burden to carry. Usually answering questions is the easiest way for me. It is interesting how my mind works. My mind may feel blank, but as soon as a question is asked, all sorts of information comes flooding forth. Sometimes I have to stop to decide where to start.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Underground Bases & Nephilim are Real

by Carolyn Hamlett

by Carolyn Hamlett

After reading "Subterranean Secrets" by Fritz Springmeier, I want to respond to some of the comments from your readers. I know the topic about hybrids and Nephilim is pretty far out, but not so far out when  explained in terms that people are accustomed to:

From my lifetime as a former multigenerational server in the organization that has been working to implement "The Plan" for the NWO, I can tell you that large underground bases do exist and that many bizarre projects such as genetic experimentation and hybridization have taken place there for many years.

In reference to "Jack's" comment, his questioning on how so many employees of such cities or underground facilities could remain quiet about them:

There are several answers to this.

1) First of all, in the military and in the organization responsible for implementing the plan for the NWO, no one is given such a responsibility unless he or she has been tested and found able to keep all activities and information secret.

2) Some military bases contract out certain projects to "civilian" companies who hire non-military personnel who are given secret clearance only after they have passed various tests, one of which is to be able to keep their work secret. My former husband worked on secret projects, yet he never divulged anything at all about the base or his work there.

3) There are people "employed"  in the underground facilities who are there for life.

4) Something to keep in mind are the very real top-secret programs that existed during WWII that involved many people who were dedicated enough or fearful enough to keep it all secretive. My former father-in-law was a code breaker at a secret location known as "The Farm". The reality to all at "The Farm" was that if there was a breech of secrecy, the whole farm with all inhabitants would be blown sky high in an instant.

Another former friend of mine, a retired nuclear physicist, who also spent time at "The Farm", was also assigned to work on the "H" Bomb project at Los Alamos. He too has remained silent concerning his work.

To this very day, the details of the operations at those two places "The Farm" and Los Alamos, have remained obscure due to [enforcers who]  make sure that the general public never receives the truth, and does not believe the truth if it is told.


Many people are talking about Nephilim, but are they ready to believe that the Nephilim are a reality? What if someone came forth to say that they know for a fact that the Nephilim are real, would this person be believed? 

My bet is that people can talk all day long about Nephilim, but if someone came forward to say that they know from first-hand experience that the Nephilim do indeed exist today on earth, this person would not be believed.

Consider this: Just because you can't see it, just because you can't hear it, does not mean it does not exist.

Dogs are able to hear frequencies that are not audible to our human ears. The earth looks flat, but isn't. In this physical world, there are gases we do not see, but exist. There are radio waves, microwaves and other frequencies that we do not see or hear, but they do indeed exist. 

Much of what we do not understand today is not because we are not intelligent enough as a species to understand, or that we are not spiritually "evolved" enough to grasp it. 

The simple truth is, we lack the necessary information for proper analysis. The information does exist and can be proven and soon will be given to the world, but it will be given in a perverted form to support a particular agenda, the agenda that a physical hierarchy of power serves, an organization some call the "Illuminati".

Have you ever had this experience? You were traveling, and as you enter a large city, you can not help but sense an air of evil hanging like a blanket over that city. 

You don't see it, but you can feel it. Actually, you may not have been imagining it. Just as we have mayors and government officials in the physical world, there are in the supernatural, principalities assigned to specific regions to serve the agenda of an organized governing power. Some know this power as the kingdom of darkness. 

If you sense the world is not the same place it was 20 or 30 years ago, that there seems to be a heavier and more evil presence in general, you are not imagining it. 

There is indeed a heavier presence here on earth. It is for the purpose of the very last stage of "The Plan". In this last stage, the supernatural is being combined with the physical which will culminate in a spiritual global world order.

Many people who don't believe in the supernatural or super humans or extraterrestrials, will soon believe. This agenda is part of "The Plan", a plan that was authored many centuries ago. 

A plan that my family bloodline has served for many generations. While many purport to know God's end time plan, I have known and served the plan that is contrary to all that is of a Holy, Just and Righteous creator.

Everything I share is from my personal experience unless I state otherwise. What I will be sharing is probably different than anything you have heard. Many of you will not believe, at least at first. 


The idea of "Nephilim" is the composite of hybridization, not only that of physical DNA, but that of a "spiritual" hybridization, the combining of human DNA and spirit with that of another "spirit" creation that does not appear to us to exist on this physical earth. 

Just because our eyes do not see this other "spirit" creation does not mean that it does not exist, nor does it mean that it can not sometimes manifest or procreate. It is all a matter of one having the missing data for one to understand the possibility.

Someone recently asked me if I, in my lifetime have witnessed supernatural manifestations or ritual magic. My first thought was, yes, everyday from as long as I can remember, for the entire duration that I worked for the powers of darkness.

My next thought was, that I never thought the term "magic" applied to anything I ever did or experienced, that when one understands the supernatural, there is nothing magical or mysterious about it. Everything is self explanatory. So it is with the topic of what the "Nephilim" are, and whether this type of hybridization is even possible.

The topic of Nephilim is only a small part of my life experiences of serving in what I call "the organization". The project of creating physical bodies for a dark spiritual hierarchy is real. It was real enough and disturbing enough for me that I gave up my entire life, my identity, all that I and my family believed in and had worked for all of our lives. 

The project of the creating these composites is literally where the supernatural evil rubber meets the physical road. 

So, if the world feels more evil today than it did 20 or 30 years ago, you are not imagining it. 

The presence of evil on this earth has been stepped up for the last phase of "The Plan". This presence is greater than a supernatural evil presence one may sense, but not see. We now have among us evil representatives in physical forms that do indeed look human, but are not.

 They are a combination of the human and "supernatural" that are able to operate in both realms. I know that at face value it sounds like fantasy, but in time you will be shown that it is not fantasy at all. 

These evil forms are all in preparation for this last phase of "The Plan", which is much more than a physical plan for global dominance over humanity. 

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