Friday, September 7, 2012

Carolyn Hamlett on "The Edge Broadcasting" with Daniel Ott, August 25, 2012 - Interview 1

During this program with Daniel Ott, I touched on numerous topics which I hope to be able to cover in more detail in the near future.

The most important topic I discussed involves "The Christ", "Maitreya", the "anti-Christ" and the counterfeit of Jesus Christ. I shared some of what I know from my own experience of working in the supernatural division of "The Plan" which is also the plan for the "New World Order". 

Daniel Ott was kind enough to give me the floor to let me tell for the very first time some extremely important information regarding the plans the NWO organization may decide to pull off...that of a fake "anti-Christ" before the REAL "anti-Christ".

The REAL "anti-Christ" is such a close counterfeit of Jesus Christ, that you are likely to be fooled. Before this show, I had only told a couple of people face to face what I knew. I didn't dare tell this even over a phone line or through email.

Daniel Ott didn't even know what breaking information I was planning to make public on his show, though being the fearless "cosmic cowboy" that he is, he let go of the reins for me to freely make public what had been such a burden on my heart for so long.

Thank you, Daniel. :)

In these "End Times", how will you know what is what? Do you rely on a prophetic interpretation, or will you need more? How is "the spiritual hierarchy" of Lucifer prepared to fool the nations?

The Edge Broadcasting with Daniel Ott 
Carolyn Hamlett Interviewed August 25, 2012

MANY of my interviews had many hundreds of thousands of views EACH on numerous channels until You Tube targeted those channels AND my videos. 

This interview has also been removed from You Tube.

11/27/15 The video of this interview is back up on the channel of the person who made the video.