Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The possibility of a fake anti-Christ before the REAL counterfeit "Christ"

by Carolyn Hamlett

I usually make important information public by way of interview before I post it on my blog. This particular article is a couple of years old. Since I wrote it, I have presented more info on this topic of the counterfeit Jesus Christ by way of interviews and pieces here and there on my blog. I also have mentioned on my blog about the technology the organization has planned to use to fool the masses in many ways. This technology is that of "Project Blue Beam".

While in Lucifer/Satan's hierarchy, I met 3 beings. One was Lucifer in the form of a man, another is Lucifer's chosen one for global rule, the other one is a counterfeit of Jesus Christ who was referred to as "the most illumined of all". This counterfeit may have been Lucifer himself "as an angel of light". 

I believe that Satan's organization very likely will use the global ruler to fake the prophecy of the anti-Christ and then use the real counterfeit of Jesus Christ to fool the peoples of the world into thinking it is the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ or their promised Messiah. 

I first made this information public in an interview with Daniel Ott on "The Edge Broadcasting" on August 25, 2012. (Video provided below).

Daniel Ott was kind enough to give me the floor to let me tell for the very first time the extremely important information regarding the plans which the NWO organization may decide to pull off...that of a fake "anti-Christ" before the REAL "anti-Christ".

The REAL "anti-Christ" is such a close counterfeit of Jesus Christ, that you are likely to be fooled. Before this show, I had only told a couple of people face to face what I knew. I didn't dare tell this even over a phone line or through email.

Daniel Ott didn't even know what breaking information I was planning to make public on his show, though being the fearless "cosmic cowboy" that he is, he let go of the reins for me to freely make public what had been such a burden on my heart for so long.

Thank you, Daniel. :-)

The information I shared is not "hear say", but from my own experience of being in the organization that authored "The Plan".

Here is my interview with Daniel Ott where I talk about how I believe the organization is prepared to fool the masses concerning the anti-Christ. 

(My description begins at this mark: 29:15 and goes to: 42:10.)

The Edge Broadcasting with Daniel Ott 
Carolyn Hamlett Interviewed August 25, 2012


Here is a link to the mp3:

Here is a link to my blog story that describes my meeting with
 the counterfeit Jesus Christ entity whom I believe was Lucifer/Satan.

The first program I mentioned The Most Illumined of All" was on this program:

This and MANY of my interviews had many hundreds of thousands of views EACH on numerous channels until You Tube targeted those channels AND my videos. 

Carolyn Hamlett a former Illuminati Member
 on Xtract Radio - Sunday March 6 2011.

17:47 - 19:24 (At around the 19:10 mark we were knocked off of the air and was off the air for approximately 6 minutes during which time I had gone into great detail in my description of "the most illumined of all" and of what is absolutely necessary of us to do in order to NOT be fooled by this counterfeit of Jesus Christ. (The best part of the description I gave of this entity was never heard by the listeners and was lost.)

Questions & Answers with Paul Anderson

Here are a few questions asked of me by my friend Paul Anderson. 
Paul and I have had many question and answer exchanges through out the last few years. I plan to add more of our conversations to my blog in the near future. For now I am including just a couple of them here since my answers give a little background which explains and leads into more of my thoughts about "The Plan" to fool the masses possibly with a false anti-Christ before bringing in the real counterfeit.

As I said, this comes not from hear say, but from my personal experience of meeting three very significant beings before I defected from the organization. I plan to write more about these beings so that it might help you know from my experience, what they are like so you will be less likely to be fooled by any of them. The absolute truth is that if you do not truly know Jesus Christ and have His Holy Spirit alive in you, you will be fooled by Satan's "Christ", the counterfeit of Jesus Christ.

Paul asked: 
"You said that your group was primarily involved with infiltrating churches. Was it that you heard about the faked-coming plans from them, or was your group somewhat involved in its implementation, or is this just what you've deduced from your experience and what you learned from them, that you pretty much know what to expect?"

My answer:
Infiltrating churches with doctrine to lead people to follow "The Plan" was, and is just one of the actions of the organization, as has been the manipulation of the masses through mass media including Hollywood.

I know of the plans to instal the global ruler from my own personal experience from being born and raised in the organization that authored "The Plan". I was trained from infancy to serve this plan. I served in both the physical and supernatural divisions of the organization. My physical mentors were authors for Lucis Trust and my spiritual mentors were top "ascended masters" such as "the Master DK", aka "The Tibetan" aka "the master Djwhal Khul, "the master H" aka "the master Hilarion", "the master Saint Germain", "the master KH" aka "the master Kuthumi" aka "the master Koot Hoomi". There are numerous lower masters included.

I worked closely with these masters until my final initiation or "Illumination". Full "Illumination" is for those who reach the top level of "The Brotherhood of the White Lodge".

From my first hand experience, I know many things are fact, that most people can only presume or assume.

Paul asked:
"White Lodge -- anything to do with Freemasonry, or just a similar name? Do you remember any specific doctrines that you instilled into churches? Was Zionism or Scofield theology among them?"

My answer:
Freemasonry is one product of the organization as is Zionism and what some refer to as "The New Age Movement".

The "White Lodge" or "Brotherhood of the White Lodge" is the main seat of "The Plan" and the most deceptive division of Lucifer's hierarchy in that it controls the underground workings of "The Plan" that promotes "white magic", mysticism, church and religious infiltration, political and government infiltration to name a few. This division runs the entire "show". Top level members run both this division and the division of the blatant dark Satanism division. Top level members ARE the "All Seeing Eye" and over both divisions.

Freemasonry is primarily associated with the "Brotherhood of The White Lodge", however, some top members belong to what people refer to as "the All seeing eye" which is the highest division that runs both Satanism and the "White Brotherhood". Both divisions are equally evil and as EVIL as Evil can be.

The master DK is the creator of "The New Age Movement". I knew of it and the plan for it many years before it was set into motion. I knew it's purpose. The Master DK referred to it as a package, a deceptive package having an underlying cause, the underlying cause being the purpose it played to manipulate the masses to separate themselves from the true Plan of our Creator to unknowingly serve what the masters call "the higher will" that they serve, which is in truth the will of Lucifer. High initiates meet Lucifer and know him for the evil entity that he is.

The organization has a physical hierarchy with many divisions. Every division has within itself it's own hierarchical structure. Every server in each division has his or her assignments.

See my diagram and description:

One of my many assignments was church infiltration and recruiting clergy into the organization.

Most of my doctrinal assignments was to lead Christians away from Jesus Christ by enticing them with "higher" knowledge or awareness. I was very good at numerous Bible interpretations. Finding out how easily misled many Christians were, just made me disrespect them, not admire them.

One of the easiest things to use to deceptively lead the Christian masses to support "The Plan" has been through infecting churches with various conflicting doctrines of "Bible prophecy".

I knew as a child the plan to infect the Christian churches with the Zionist doctrines and the prophetic interpretations to go along with it so that well meaning Christians will be thinking they are serving God, yet be following Satan's plan instead.

Christians don't think that they can be so easily deceived, but they must remember that Satan is the father of lies, the master deceiver. He is the CON of all cons.

Consider the topic of counterfeit currency. It takes an expert on the minute details of the currency in order to create a good counterfeit.

It also takes an expert on the minute details of the currency AND knowledge of counterfeiting techniques and knowledge of the profile of the criminal mind as well, in order to detect a counterfeit currency created by the best of the best counterfeiters.

Now take that a step further to the making of the counterfeit Jesus Christ by THE CON of all cons.

The Con of all cons knows who Jesus Christ is. He knows the finest of the finest details of who and what he is. He is an expert. Much more of an expert than most Christians are, by the way.

So I ask my readers, are YOU an expert on Jesus Christ? Because that is the ONLY way you will know the counterfeit Jesus Christ from what Satan has created to deceive you. I have met that counterfeit. I stood before him.

See why I am so adamant at stressing the need to REALLY know Jesus Christ? 

How many of you know exactly what a friend will say or react at a given stimuli? Are you sure you know Jesus THAT well? I am finding that many Christians do not know the Spirit of Jesus Christ. They do not know his ways, nor do they seek to know him or to be like him. They are as far away from knowing him as those who think that "higher thought" is greater than Love and the "higher thought" is the answer.

All the gnosis or knowledge in the world will not give you the discernment you will need in order to detect a spiritual counterfeit, most especially THE COUNTERFEIT of ALL counterfeits.

You can have all the knowledge in the universe and yet not have love or know love or know the power of love.

You can spend your entire life on the path of self actualization, which is actually a selfish ego centered path, yet in truth, the hardest path there is, is to live love. Try harnessing your every thought and your every action to be a display of selfless love, compassion and mercy balanced with wisdom and see how far you get in just an hour.

Intellect, "higher thought" or having a "higher vibration or frequency" will not give you the discernment that you will need to recognize the counterfeit. You too have been set up to fail, just like the Christians. If you do not have selfless LOVE as your nature, you will fail the test. If you do not know the REAL Jesus Christ, you will NEVER recognize a counterfeit of him. "Christ" merely means "chosen one". Lucifer has many chosen ones, many "Christs", but there is only ONE "Christ" (chosen one of God) to be The Savior or "Redeemer" of mankind. "Jesus" means "Savior" or "Redeemer". Jesus Christ means "Savior, chosen one". There is something to be saved from and there needed to be only one chosen, sent by God to redeem mankind from the power of Satan. Satan is real. Jesus Christ is real. God really did love the world so much that He sent His very only one like Him, only begotten Son in the flesh to draw all mankind to Him, if they choose.

There is no higher vibration than the Love of God Himself through His Son Jesus Christ. I know this from experience.

And Christians, so you think you know Jesus Christ? Knowing is not enough. You better have His very Spirit alive in you. Refresh yourself by reading the Gospels. Mold yourself after Jesus Christ. Seek to live His Love, mercy and compassion. Bridle your anger, jealously and envy. Seek healing from God to rid yourself of evil and to heal yourself of bitterness, anger, jealously, and envy that blinds you from God given wisdom and discernment. Make a conscious and deliberate choice to live GOD's standards. 

As I have mentioned before, in my 8/25/2012 interview on "The Edge Broadcasting", that while I was in the organization, I met three significant beings. One was Lucifer, another was the one I was told was the chosen "Christ", the other was the true counterfeit of Jesus Christ. Knowing the differences of these three, and knowing "The Plan", I am convinced that it is extremely likely that the one chosen to be the "Christ" will in fact be set up in a global rulership made to follow the prophecy concerning the anti-Christ, so as to fool the masses into thinking that the REAL anti-Christ is their long awaited Messiah or Jesus Christ. Technology from Project Blue Beam will be used to pull off these deceptions. I was first told about this in 1957.

My prayer for all, is that if that "Christ" of Lucifer makes his appearance or when the counterfeit Jesus Christ makes his appearance, that none of you will be fooled. It will take more than knowledge to know the difference and more than knowledge of prophecy. You will have to rely on the Holy Spirit in you. Are you greatly repulsed in your spirit by unholy things? If you said no, you will fail the ultimate test. Feed yourself with the things which are good and of God. Don't assume you are "spiritual" enough to know the counterfeit of all counterfeits created by the CON of all cons.