Sunday, December 30, 2012

Interview with a Former Illumined One - Part 1

The story of my life which is a powerful testimony to the truth that Jesus Christ is real and Savior for mankind, that Jesus Christ is The Redeemer, the healer and the restorer of our souls. He is the only Power against the dark forces. We can have Victory through him. It is only through Jesus Christ that we can have the tools we need this hour, this day and for the coming days ahead. 

My story is also a first hand witness report of some of the plans for the anti-Christ rule. Those who hear my testimony should be strengthened in their faith and be encouraged to know Jesus Christ in a greater way than ever before, seeking to have His very nature alive in them through prayer, study of God's Word and by "picking up their cross" and following Him.

What ever spirit that is in you will be manifested. What ever spirit that is in you will be the one guiding you.

Let that spirit in you be The Spirit of Jesus Christ who is the only one who can guide you into all truth, the only one who can give you the discernment you need today and most especially in the coming days ahead.


This was the 1st of a series of 7 interviews I did with Dan Duval to tell my testimony. Dan removed these interviews from his website and You Tube when I made the public announcement that I had left Bride Ministries and associates. (1st public announcement was 11/04/2016.)

I refer you to this article for details: