Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Are TV Programs Programming Us? A Reader's Comments Well Worth Reading

I received this very good comment with a challenge from Steve Johnson and would like to share it with my readers. Please take to heart this information. My hope is that you all will join in and take the challenge. Thank you, Steve!

I just read your blog post 'The Shooting, The Globalists and Gun Control; The 2nd Phase of Disarming Americans' and I just wanted to encourage you to keep bringing the truth to the masses, or at least the ones with enough reasoning capacity left to critically and independently think.

What really struck a cord with me was your comment regarding 'triggers'. I can tell you first hand that I have fairly recently turned off the mind control object in my home (and subsequently ALL the triggers!) and what the outcome has been. That object of course is the television.

Starting approximately last summer, my personal life became very hectic and I literally just didn't have a lot of time to sit stone faced and stupid in front of the tube. While in what I now see as the 'withdrawal' phase, I recall being annoyed that I wasn't able to watch 'my television shows' and I missed them. I longed for them. I wanted them and though I had many things to keep me busy, I spent a lot of time resentful that I wasn't getting my TV time. Eventually I only tuned in to the weather channel and now I seldom do that because the triggers exist there too and in abundance.

The triggers I'm referring to come from extremely sophisticated  psy-ops brought forth in an unending supply of programming, commercials, ball games etc. that essentially lull otherwise thinking-capable people into a near trance. For proof, one only need to go to any sports bar, restaurant or store with TV displays and you will see dull, blank faces staring impassively at the tube while they sit next to someone they could or should be talking to. Talk to your coworkers about their home activities and you'll learn that the tube is on hours and hours a day and thus spewing triggers and propaganda into their homes, children and brains. How else can anyone explain the phenomenal commercial success that is 'Honey boo boo' , 'Jersey Girls' and 'Dancing with the stars'? A more grotesque waste of time and energy (sitting in front of the TV brain dead and watching this trash while the country goes down the I take that back; what I meant to say is while the country is being taken over from within, right in front of our eyes!) I challenge you to find!

Sensory management and deprivation is a long serving tactic of interrogators the world over, and our homes, businesses and lives are endlessly bombarded by mind/senses control from the Marxist media that simply has to be in close dialogue with the Globalists/Illuminati/NWO or whatever you choose to call them. I call them 'The Enemy'. Chief among that enemy is the current regime in Washington.

As recently as last week, I turned on Fox News and I sat in stunned disbelief at the stream of pro minority (esp black), gay and anti US sentiment they sent out just in the form of commercials! The intent obviously was to paint a picture of minorities that is patently wrong and unjustified, make you think that most white men are weak minded and gay and that the immoral and godless 'something' being promoted is better. There is no other explanation possible.

Fortunately for us, the propaganda being spewed has to be constantly reinforced to work at all. By simply turning off the television, I believe your core values and principles will re-assert themselves. (Mine did!) Once that happens, there's no going back! You will be out of reach to the Globalists/Illuminati/NWO or whomever they are.

Please don't take my word for any of this. If you haven't already turned off the TV, DO IT NOW!!! Leave it off for at least a month. I beg you, as a thinking person to do this if you still use the device. After a month or two, turn it back on and watch for five or ten minutes. You will be horrified and frightened to say the least!

Yours in Liberty,
Steve Johnson"

In an addendum to the comment, Steve added:
(I agree with Steve on this also.)

"I would bet you anything that the vast majority of people will NOT take the challenge and turn the TV off. They are so addicted, so dumbed down and so controlled by what they are being hammered with day in and day out, that asking someone to give up their precious TV voluntarily is not something they will ever do. Further, the NWO types know this is the case. They have won without firing a shot. If we could somehow turn off all the satellites and cable boxes in this country for a month or so, the NWO types would be so deep in the hurt locker it wouldn't even be funny!!!

Some thinking person out there is going to ask the question: "Carolyn, what's behind all this 'mind control'?" The answer is strikingly simple: MONEY, POWER and GREED!"

A Glaring example of mind control:
(Also from Steve Johnson)

I apologize for multiple emails. I did want to pass along this glaring example of mind control, just in case anyone needs an example:

Recently a deranged individual murdered his mother, armed himself with her guns and went to a grammar school and murdered a bunch of kids and administrators. This was and is a horrific event and anyone with any level of common sense would understand it takes a truly insane person to do such a thing. Agreed?

But turn on the TV and all you are bombarded with is virtual around the clock demonizing of law abiding gun owners! That's right! The powers that be, such as they are, are demonizing law abiding people and seeking to turn THEM into criminals and turn the mind numbed against them. The masses don't even question the motives or veracity of the propaganda being used on them.

Why would the powers that be do this? Why not talk about the insane? Why not talk about the core values this young man had that allowed him to do this terrible deed? Why attack the law abiding? Why is there no discussion of the many crimes actually prevented by the law abiding with arms?

The reason is simple: Disarming the law abiding, the true citizen, the American Patriot, as you know well, is essential to the NWO taking full control of ALL assets and money in this country. Plain and simple.

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Thank you, Steve for sharing your experience, thoughts and great insight. I am looking forward to reading your up coming articles at

As you know, Steve, people don't even have to believe in subliminal mind control via TV and movies to give your idea a test. No doubt many more people would become believers and independent thinkers if they would go on the no TV and movie diet. I include in with that, no video games.

We are what we eat whether it is food and drink or what we allow to be spoon fed into our brain. TV programs program us. Garbage in, garbage out.

Why is this country in the state it is in? "Plain and simple".

I hope my readers will take the challenge and see for themselves.

Remember readers: "The globalists know that an educated society armed with all the facts and the ability to rationally think and reason as individuals is a well armed society that is not easily overtaken." 

Unhook yourself from the feeding machine. Take back your brain and use it.