Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Splitting the Sky is still The NWO Globalist's Worst Nightmare. He named them for you and provided you all the proof you need.

by Carolyn Hamlett
Splitting the Sky
John Boncore

Let it be known that I do NOT believe for one fraction of a millisecond that the death of Splitting the Sky was an accident. 

Though I am still mourning the loss of a dear friend, one of the greatest Truth activists of all time, Splitting the Sky, I am keenly aware that his voice has not been silenced. His voice is alive for you today via the many speeches and interviews he has done through the years. He named the names of the NWO criminals. He provided all the undeniable proof you need and then some. 

If you ever want to understand the NWO and it's present players, begin your journey right now by getting to know this great man, Splitting the Sky. You will see why I say that Splitting The Sky was enemy # 1 of the TOP NWO powers. You will see why those powerful people of whom he fearlessly named and exposed with undeniable proof, have worked very hard to keep you, the good people of this world from hearing the name of John Boncore, aka Dacajeweiah (Splitting the Sky) because if you knew the truth, you'd have put them ALL in jail yourself. 

This is NOT the end of this story. 

Splitting the Sky may be gone, but his information is still VERY much alive and pertinent. 

The criminals are still at large working their plan against you, the good people of this world. Splitting the Sky named these criminals and he gave you the undeniable proof of who these criminals are and what they have done and what they are STILL doing.

Now, what are YOU going to do about it?

Treasure map starts here. Follow the money.