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Interview with a Former Illumined One - Part 2

by Carolyn Hamlett

This was the 2nd of a series of interviews that Dan Duval and I did together to bring out some of the highlights of my life story from my birth on through my leaving, what I refer to as "the organization". The organization is responsible for authoring "The Plan" which is the plan for the New World Order as well as "The Plan" to instal their "Christ" (Anti-Christ) into global rule. The top servers to this organization refer to themselves as the "Illumined Ones"

It has been my hope that in telling my story, you will be better prepared for today and for what lays ahead. You will need more than food and water in the days to come. You will need more than intellect and "enlightenment". You will need to be connected to the very Spirit of God, for we are not dealing with just the flesh. We are dealing with 'spiritual' forces. 

How can you be connected to the very Spirit of God, the Creator of the universe? 
He provided a way. He only needed one way, so He made one way. He sent His Only Son, Jesus Christ into the flesh so that by Jesus Christ becoming of our earthly physical world and being of The Spirit of The Creator, He could draw all humanity to the spiritual position with him. Jesus Christ is a life line or like a life preserver to humanity to redeem us back to The Father, The Creator of the universe. 

Whether you realize it or not, you have an enemy. He is very real to me as he is to all top "Illuminists". The enemy is Lucifer. Lucifer is Satan. He does not act alone. Satan is the top of the most organized plan working against humanity. The "Illuminists" serve him knowing who he is. It is his, Satan's organization that I refer to as "the organization". The organization is comprised of both physical beings of this realm and beings of other realms, aka, the supernatural. Most of my life was spent working in both divisions of Lucifer's organization. 

Take note:

There are two camps and interestingly, both camps claim Jesus Christ as theirs.
One is the truth, the other is a LIE. Like many well meaning people, I served the lie thinking it was the truth until I learned on my own WHO truly is Name Above All names, Jesus Christ. Twenty-seven years later, I do not regret a single moment that I have lived in the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. 

In one camp Jesus Christ is the Only begotten Son of the Creator of the universe and co-Creator of the universe who now sits at the right hand of The Father in the Highest of Heavenly places. 

In the other camp, Jesus is a mere low "master" not worthy of learning about.  In this camp, other created beings called avatars who take full possession of people are held in higher esteem than Jesus Christ.  

If people only knew the truth, they would never want to be possessed or be 'guided' by a spirit when they can have the very Holy Spirit of the Creator of the universe instead! There is only one Holy Spirit of the Creator of the universe and it is only received through the other camp, through Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of God, God's true provision for us. God's Plan for humanity. 

- In fact, in this camp where Jesus is taught to be a low master, one is discouraged from reading the literal face value of the testimonies of the very men who knew Jesus Christ if there is nothing to be gleaned by reading and meditating on the literal writings. These are the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Bible. The truth is that this camp doesn't want you to pick up on that Spirit of God which can happen when you read the "Gospels" on your own. You will See Who He Really Is. 

- In this camp there is no such thing as grace and being restored by the very Spirit of God. 

- In this camp you are taught that you are evolving and reincarnation is the means, not the truth that Jesus Christ came to restore us. We don't have to work our way up. We came from that high place. Jesus Christ is our life line back. Be assured that Regeneration is the truth, NOT Reincarnation. 

In my future interviews, possibility the 5th interview, I will be addressing more on this topic of reincarnation vs regeneration. 


This was the 2nd of a series of 7 interviews I did with Dan Duval to tell my testimony. Dan removed these interviews from his website and You Tube when I made the public announcement that I had left Bride Ministries and associates. (1st public announcement was 11/04/2016.)

I refer you to this article for details: Why I Left Bride Ministries

Topics covered during this 2nd Interview:

In all interviews I discuss various things that went on in my life simultaneously.
- My facade personality known to teachers and students.
- My mother and 2 mentors knew the real Carolyn.
- Often at night and sometimes during the day, I was taken from my home for testing, programming and ritual abuse. 
- I was being trained to work in the supernatural and was schooled in the supernatural while sleeping. I had a whole other life when I put my body down to sleep.

- I had an even different personality as one of the nation's top swimmers. I was allowed to express myself as a confident outgoing personality.

Here I am at 7 years old at one of my first meets just after I broke 2 state records, one in Butterfly and one in Freestyle. 

I have precious few pictures of my life as a swimmer. I cherish the few pictures I have. 

Before and after a relay race. Probably age 12.

There I am, confident and daydreaming, not listening to my coach's instructions before the relay race against the fastest team we ever raced, the hand picked team sponsored by "Phillips 66". Those kids were unreal! Lesson learned...always listen to Coach before the race. After the race I listen to my coach. Yeah, you can tell by my after the race expression as to who won that event.  

Easter at Jeykll Island Georgia was my very favorite meet that I looked forward to every year at the Aquarama. Notice the pyramid architecture. 

The meet was a 3 day non stop meet. My event could be at any time of the day or night. The arches were concave and quite large. Many of the swimmers, myself included could not resist climbing to the highest point over the pool to lay our towels down to rest while we watched the meet below and waited for our event to be called. We often had some wild cards games going on up there to help pass the time, though a bit tricky due to the angle of our perches. Good memories.

Every year the meet ended Easter Sunday morning just before sunrise. The icing on the cake and the grand finale of the long weekend was the sunrise service held on the beach just outside of the Aquarama. This picture from the late 1960's shows the area on the beach where we gathered for the sunrise service. 

A 1967 Aerial view 

In this interview, I cover more topics from my grade school years. 

I mentioned about working through the guilt of being a survivor, how I have wrestled over guilt because I was never able to help one of the little boys who lived in a cage at the underground facility. There were many caged children there, but I knew that I was this boy's only hope. I know he had hope I could get help for him, but I let him down. He thought I would get him free, but I never could.

I am still searching for pictures that look like the cages the children were kept in. The picture below can give you an idea of what the cages looked like. The ones I remember were a little larger than the ones in the picture below and were all made of thick iron bars on all 4 sides. I think the tops were bars also. The cages looked old. The bars were pitted and not smooth. They most likely were old zoo or circus animal cages. The cages were arranged in a row and often there were cages stacked on top of cages. Sometimes 3 cages tall. Some nights nearly every cage had a little girl or a little boy in it. Other nights there were fewer children. I don't ever remember seeing more than one child in each cage. When ever the children saw me with the adult who was in charge of me, they looked longingly at me. I knew that they knew that what ever fate I had that night was going to be better than theirs. 

- I mentioned more about - Sputnik - October 4, 1957 when much of "The Plan" was explained to me that night. This corresponds to Project Blue Beam.

"The Box"

I talked about harassments and the story of "The Box". I will be writing more about the box, but for now, here are some pictures I took of a box that reminds me of the one that was delivered empty to my home. These pictures can give you an idea of the size of the box and how it looked as it aged pushed up against the wall of my home under my bedroom window. 13 years later, when my mother died and my brothers and I had to move out of the house, the box that we were never allowed to go near, had rotted down to a few raggedy boards. Good riddance.

Below is a picture to illustrate what the box looked like the day it was delivered. It was new or fairly new and made out of Pine Wood. It had shipping stickers and ink stamps running up one of the sides of the end. 

- I mentioned experiences that indicate I was given drugs and possibly hormone injections. 

- I talked about the first and last time my mother went against the "ascended masters" and what happened to our home and our lives.

- I talked about when I was given a copy of "Good News For Modern Man", a paraphrased Bible.

I also gave thanks for all those people who have prayed for me. 

I almost specifically mentioned the name of a dear friend of mine. 
When he prayed it was like the heavens moved in my behalf. 
I wish I would have mentioned him. 
He had been on my mind nearly all of that day. 
I couldn't stop thinking about him. 
I know it was not a coincidence that he was so much on my mind. 
I was later to find that he was killed earlier that same day. 
My spirit knew. 

I miss you Dac.

Without a doubt, few men who have ever walked on this earth could even walk a single step in the shoes or moccasins of Dacajeweiah "Splitting the Sky".  

He is the man who actually first said and coined the phrase "911 was an inside job." 

He had the proof years ago. He connected the dots that paint the accurate picture. He connected the NWO dots many many years ago. 

In memory of "Splitting the Sky", watch and listen to: 

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I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. 
(1st public announcement on 11/04/16)
I refer you to this article: