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Interview with a Former Illumined One - Part 6


I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. (1st public announcement on 11/04/16)

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This is the 6th of a series of 7 interviews which cover some of the highlights of my story of being born and raised in the organization that authored "The Plan", a multifaceted global conspiracy which is much more than a plan for the New World Order. [There is still much more to my story than has ever been made public. I may decide to write a book after all as the means to document some of this information and to further clarify information I have already made public. 5/07/2017]

6/06/14 - The topics I address during this interview are very complicated topics and very difficult to explain. It has taken me nearly a year to write what I have thus far. It isn't easy writing about the enemy to expose him and his plan. When I write, I am revisiting that moment and having to relive everything. I have to do spiritual warfare to prevent being supernaturally connected to the entities I am writing about. I know they do not want me to make public what I know. As I write I am also praying. I ask God to help me to write only what He wants me to share and to write in the manner in which He would have me to write.

My story is a story of victory over the powers of darkness
 through Jesus Christ. 

Out of all the sensational things I have experienced and witnessed in my life of 60 years, (and I have experienced many), the most sensational by far is the saving Power of Jesus Christ and God's plan of salvation. He Truly LOVES us. 
In this program, I begin to tell about my involvement in Lucifer's end time plan which was responsible for bringing in the "chosen one", Lucifer's chosen avatar for the office of "The Christ". 

Lucifer's plan is anti-Christ, anti-Jesus Christ, anti-God the Righteous Creator of the universe. Lucifer IS the Satan in the Bible. 

I talk about creating hybrid bodies for some of Lucifer's most powerful. These bodies which are composed of both material from this world and of their realm enable these beings to be of both the physical realm and other realms, enabling them to move freely and easily in and out of our material world. They are superhuman. 

Also in this broadcast, I talk about three significant beings. 
1.) The one chosen to be "The Christ". 
2.) I talk about meeting Lucifer.
3.) I talk about meeting "the most illumined of all" who is the counterfeit of Jesus Christ. 

How will YOU know the counterfeit from the genuine article?

The material I cover in this interview and in the next interview is complicated and difficult to explain which is a primary reason why I have never written or spoken about this part of my life. To leave this part out of my testimony is not an option since this is the part of my life where my lifetime of training in the spiritual hierarchy was put to use for the last stages of Satan's plan.
In this interview I endeavor to cover the important highlights of the period of time from the date I met my spiritual mentor on up to the point where I did the unthinkable, I left the organization that I had believed all of my life was the spiritual hierarchy of God the creator of the universe, set up to aid man kind in the evolution of consciousness. 

I begin the program by a little review of where I left off in the previous interview with Dan Duval. A very important key date is November of 1978 which was the time my husband and I began attending an occult church which connected me to my spiritual mentor and then my reinstatement to Lucifer's "spiritual hierarchy". For a review of this information, please listen to the 5th interview with Dan Duval. 

In this interview and the following interview I cover the highlights of the 5 year period from the time my husband and I entered the occult church in 1978 through all of the events that led me to make the decision to defect from what I call "the organization". 

The time span from when I entered the occult church and was reinstated into the "spiritual hierarchy" was about 4 months. During the next 5 years, my mentor and I were in nearly constant contact by phone, telepathic communication, out of body meetings and meetings with her on the physical. Sometimes we met at her home and other times we met in my home.  Often we met for lunch. Sometimes we drove to the cemetery in a city near Cincinnati Ohio which was one of her favorite places to walk.

My mentor was my friend, my teacher, my counselor, and my advisor. She was the physical master assigned to me by Lucifer's "spiritual hierarchy". She was lord over my life. At that time I fully believed that the ascended masters were God's spiritual hierarchy, so I fully believed that allowing this woman to rule my life was God ordained. I obeyed her because I was led to believe that to disobey her was disobeying God. I wanted to please God, so I did everything she told me to do. 

Sometimes when I speak about her I may refer to as my handler since that is a term many people are familiar with. We didn't use that term, but she was everything a handler is. 

It is amazing what good people in all faiths will allow bad people to do to them if they are convinced by those people that God has put them in authority over them. Christian churches are not exempt from this.  In our walk with God, we should never allow another person to convince us that they are God ordained to run our lives for us. People like that are usually ones who seek to control their prey by heaping guilt and condemnation on them. This is not the way of Jesus Christ.  

Any Christian or "Pastor" who keeps you dependent on him or her is not a true servant of Jesus Christ. Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light and he meant it. Do not allow such controlling people to use Hebrews 10:25 to convince you that leaving their "fold" is against God. There is nothing wrong with you leaving that "fold" and "assembling yourself" with a group of healthy Jesus Christ following Christians. The scriptures tell us to follow Jesus Christ of the Bible, not some man or woman. The scriptures also states the strict standards of qualifications which apply to all church leaders.   

Dan asked me if my mentor was also maintaining the same sort of relationship with anyone else in the occult church where I met her. 

My answer was that I was not aware of her having any such relationship with others like she and I had. Throughout the few years we attended that occult church, people still sought audience with her for counseling, advise and psychic readings. She primarily gave her time and special attention to the handful of people whom she claimed the "spiritual hierarchy" had sent her in to recruit and teach.  She taught us on different levels of spiritual teachings. The others in the group had no idea of what she and I were involved in together in the physical and supernatural realms. 

Dan asked if my teaching took place in the body, on the phone, out of the body or all three.

I answered all three. Everything with her was teaching. I was in a constant classroom with her. Even in public I was learning by watching people's reactions to her and how they were affected by her presence which was not entirely her presence, but enhanced by deceptive demonic delusion to make people believe something that was not reality. She also used our time together to show me that she could perform small "miracles" on the physical like multiplying food or stopping the rain for us when ever it was raining and we needed to leave our car or the building we were in. 

Dan asked me "How did she deal with the issue when people would cause a hinderance or a problem with your relationship with her or your ability to be involved in "The Plan" and the way they wanted you to be?"

I mentioned that at one time they threatened to kill my husband when he began asking too many questions and was trying to curtail some of my activities. There were a few other times the hierarchy talked of killing him because he was not going along with their program of fulfilling the role of providing  for me the facade they needed me to have so that my life would appear as nothing out of the ordinary. 

Another noteworthy instance involved my husband's sister:

My mentor who had never even met my sister-in-law told me that the sister-in-law had been asking my husband too many personal questions about me and my relationship with my mentor. The sister-in-law was considered a threat so, my mentor assigned a couple of demons to the sister-in-law, demons that worked for the hierarchy in such matters. They kept an eye on her and kept us up to date on her whereabouts and actions. Their job was also to bring distractions in her life so that she would be preoccupied with her own life and therefore lose interest in my personal life. 

Interesting thing here is that after my mentor told me all this, my husband came to me and told me that, that very sister was asking him personal questions about my mentor and me. 

Also, shortly after this, that sister in law started talking about her "two guardian angels" who talked to her regularly, taught her and advised her. Her "angels" led her right into the occult because they were not angels at all, they were the two demons my mentor assigned to my sister-in-law. 


Quite a few people who have listened to this interview have made very negative comments about how I have laughed at times that seem inappropriate..which is why I have decided to address this topic to help clear up any misconceptions. 
I hope what I have to say here will help people to understand why I, and others with similar backgrounds shake or stutter and at times respond the way we do.
People may think going live on a broadcast is easy. Maybe for some, it is. My bet is that most people would find that being on the hot seat is a lot different than being the listener and critic.
I am by far not a perfect speaker and I still experience anxiety when I talk about my past. It used to be that I couldn't even speak of my past without shaking. The laugh is a nervous laugh which I still do when I am speaking about something that is difficult for me to talk about and brings me anxiety. The laugh may not seem appropriate, but it is helps release some of the anxiety I feel. When I tell of my past, I am revisiting that memory and with that I often experience the shock and horror that was part of that original experience. 
Sometimes I laugh because I know that what I am about to say next will sound completely crazy to some listeners. I do not with hold telling the truth over fear of what some people might think. I tell what I know is true no matter what some people may think, because I know there are people out there who can relate to my experiences and are looking to be set free of those very things that other people think don’t exist. It is to those looking for help that I am talking to. 
As I continue to heal, I have less anxiety and I continue to improve in my ability to express myself more clearly in interviews. My testimony continues to be an on going testimony of victory over the powers of darkness through Jesus Christ. Thank you, Jesus!!!

Dan mentions about the books written by new agers on how to contact your angels and that this idea of contacting your angel is a deception. As Christians, at least 99% of the time, God's communication to us is really through our spirit or inner witness, peace, the Holy Spirit leading us and guiding us into all truth. 

[Note: 5/07/2017 - Concerning the above paragraph- Unfortunately, Dan Duval has changed his mind on this topic of angels and is now supportive of it as well as supporting and promoting other new age doctrines and "christian" teachers of such.]

When entities begin to appear to you, it is time to be very cautious. 

Dan tells the story about a witch doctor in Africa who had targeted a Christian pastor, wanting that pastor dead. The witch doctor used the demons that he had to hurl a large object into the bus that the Pastor was riding on. Everyone on the bus was killed, except the Pastor who had supernatural protection. 

The devil can steal, kill and destroy, unless people have a certain degree of divine or supernatural protection. 

I believe this has been the case with me. I have had many close calls in my life where I was spared from harm. A few times there was supernatural intervention that saved my life. 

It is strange that some people have doubts of the legitimacy of my story since I am alive to tell it, as if the death of a whistle blower proves anything. 

There are quite a few whistle blowers and truth activists who are now dead. If people actually believed their word now that they are dead, then masses of people would be waking up and taking action themselves against the criminals that the whistle blowers were exposing while they had the breath to do so. 

No, the sad fact is people STILL DON'T BELIEVE the reports that the whistle blowers provided when they were alive. They have been silenced and are being forgotten along with their activism. My former friend, John Boncore aka Dacajeweiah "Splitting the Sky" is one prime example. If you are not familiar with who he was, you owe it to yourself to find out. 

Now that he is deceased, (I believe murdered), shall I expect that you people will now believe him???...or will you fall for the lies of those who sought to destroy him because he stood for the truth and fought for the truth because he believed you deserve to know the truth and that you and your children and grandchildren deserve to live free of the globalist agenda.

I refer you to this blog article:

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As long as I have breath, I too stand for the truth and will continue to share what I know about the globalist agenda and of the hierarchy that is behind it.  I believe whole heartedly that God has preserved me so I could live what I have lived and tell about it. People deserve to know the truth rather than have lies from the enemy. What Righteous God would not have you hear the truth? 

And here is the truth: There is a real conspiracy on this planet being carried out against the good people of this world. 

This isn't just a conspiracy on the physical level. 

It is like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. The most dangerous part of it is hidden and therefore overlooked, striking us in the level of the supernatural affecting our very spirits and souls. Satan's plan, "The Plan", is the plan to take humanity down and destroy humanity on ALL levels. Killing a body does not kill a person's identity, soul or life force, but Satan's plan "The Plan" is a plan to do just deceptively lead humanity away from the very thing that will restore them to the Creator of the universe which is Life on all levels. God's plan of restoration starts with Jesus Christ. I live to share the truth of God's plan which is LIFE on ALL levels.

I live to expose "The Plan", Lucifer/Satan's plan which is more than the evil physical plan of global rulership known as The New World Order or The One World Order. "The Plan" is a plan to destroy mankind on the deepest level of what we are...our very God breathed spirit, the very core of our life force. No, Satan doesn't mess around, he goes right for the heart of life. He has his sight set and locked on our very spirits. 

Satan who hates God, hates what we are in our core because it is from God. Think of the implications of that, of the gain Satan sees by perverting and destroying our God given essence of life, our spirits. It is also an attack on God. 

As I review my life, I know that at least a few times I was saved from harm by supernatural means. There were numerous close calls. Were they all coincidences? Possibly, possibly not. The fact is, I was preserved to live my life, preserved to be here today to speak the truth. 

I have had numerous close calls with death. Maybe it just wasn't my time to go. 

- God could easily have allowed my mother to abort me while in her womb as the doctor had advised her since her life was in danger. 

- God could have easily have let me stay dead during just one of the many times I was drowned for trauma based mind control. 

- God could have allowed me to drown the time I was 6 years old and had fallen in the canal behind my friend's house. 

It happened in this canal behind me, only a few houses up the canal to the right. 
The water was very choppy that day with a current that kept pulling me under. 
I knew that I was never coming back up when the waves and current pulled me under the third time. I knew death was then, but my friend's mother just happened to see her son alone in the yard without me when a few minutes earlier she remembered seeing him and me together. She ran out to see if I had gone home or not..and though I didn't see her, she saw me go under that final time. She dove into the canal after me, found me deep in the dark water and brought me to the surface. I'd be dead if she hadn't been there. 

- When I was 19 years old, I was training for a bicycle race. A car ran a stop sign and hit me broadside. The impact knocked me from my bike and sent me flying a few car lengths ahead.  I hit the pavement pretty hard, doubled up and continued to roll head over tail until there was no more momentum. I suppose I could have been killed then, or injured severely, but amazingly, the only injury I suffered was a broken coccyx. 

- I could have been killed by that area rapist. (I tell about this during the 4th interview with Dan Duval.)

- I could have been in my SUV when it burst into flames a minute or so after I got out of it. 

There are lots of times that I could have lost my life, but didn't. 

Something else to factor in is that although I have named a few names of well known and powerful people as I have been telling my story, I have not shared any personal first hand encounters with any of them. 

What the general public does NOT understand is that my remaining silent about what I know DOES NOT guarantee my safety. The lives of people with backgrounds like mine are ALREADY in danger. 

In addition, many of us have been programmed to self destruct at a certain age and have beat that with the Power of God. I had to deal with this just before I hit my 55th birthday. If it were not for a female Christian Pastor who knew enough to recognize the symptoms, I may not be here to be telling you this. Thank God for her and for others like her who love God enough to spend enough time with Him to know His voice, to know the guiding of His Holy Spirit and be grounded in the Word of God. Such people are not afraid of Satan in his most evil form because they know God's Word which is universal Law. They have no problem stating, "It is written!"

Dan asked me another question. He mentioned how I speak about having spiritual "masters" in the flesh. Dan asked if they targeted my offspring and gave them masters and if so, how did that play out.  

As I have mentioned in this and other interviews, just as my mother was given instructions from her superiors on how to raise me, I was also given instructions on how to raise my children. When one family member is working for the organization, all family members are considered property though in many cases, not all family members are used. In the case of my little family, Lucifer's hierarchy was interested in using my offspring. 

Both of my sons proved to be clairvoyant at a very early age. Both were used by the evil hierarchy, but in different capacities. 

An "ascended master" assigned to my son. 
One son was assigned his own master who became that son's teacher and guardian. That master began to train my son for hierarchical work in the supernatural. 

My son claimed that this master used to materialize to to him on a regular basis. I never saw that master "in the flesh" so to speak, but his presence was strong enough to me to know when he was present or if he was remote viewing. I did see this master on a regular basis when I was in my astral body.

I never told my son about this master. It was forbidden. An interesting thing is that my son used to tell me about his master and where that master would take him for out of the body teaching. What my son told me matched exactly with what I knew about this master right down to the correct name of that master and that the master chose to appear as a native American.  

Important- very significant:
Many years after I had left the hierarchy, my son told me something else . 

He told me that one day that master came to him and told him that he had to go away and help other little boys and girls, but that he would return when my son was much older to see if he wanted to continue to see him then. 

I asked my son when that master had told him that. The time period just happen to be when I said no to Satan and his hierarchy, gave my life to be under the authority and protection of Jesus Christ, renounced all of my occult past and claimed the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over myself and my children. 

People talk about there being an age of spiritual accountability. I don't know if there is one particular age or if it varies from person to person. What I do know is that as parents, when we give our lives over to Jesus Christ and live under His authority, our children are under that umbrella also, which makes it harder for the enemy to have the power it may have had before. A household that honors and praises God is suffocating to evil entities. 

When our children grow up and move out and make their own life choices it is very possible that the enemy will try again to influence the wills of our children through deceptive measures. Even when our children are no longer under the same roof,  they will still benefit greatly by our protective prayers which will help protect them from the enemy. 

In occult bloodlines they curse their offspring to help insure their offspring will serve Satan.

Anyone who has dabbled even a little in the occult has opened their very spirit and bloodline to the lords of the occult and familiar spirits. Since not everyone knows their family background and whether an ancestor opened the door to the occult realm, I encourage every Christian to go ahead and pray a prayer of renunciation to close all doors that an ancestor may have opened to the occult. If you had psychic gifts before becoming a Christian, those "gifts" should also be renounced. 

Here is an example of a prayer of renunciation by Johanna Michaelsen from her book: "The Beautiful Side of Evil". This is the very prayer I said after reading her book. Her story gave me the faith to trust Jesus Christ of the Bible with my life.  

Prayer of Renunciation 

"The following prayer of confession and renunciation can be used, but the words themselves are not somehow sacred. It is the intent and attitude of the heart which matters before God.

Almighty God, In the Name of your Son Jesus, I renounce all the works of the devil. 

I confess and renounce all my occultic practices and sins as abomination before You. (list them here) 

I renounce any occult influences from my forefathers and I ask, Lord God, that You now break any hold Satan may have had in my life because of them. I pray that any evil power or ability I may possess, or which has oppressed or possessed me, be completely destroyed and removed  from me, for I want no gift that isn't Yours.

I commit myself, my body, my mind, my personality, my emotions, my whole being, to the Lord Jesus Christ to be my Savior and my Lord. Just as our salvation is by grace, through faith, "and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God; not as a result of works . . ." (Ephesians 2:8) so it is with our deliverance from demonic bondage. It is not based on our performance or merit. It is not dependent on our feelings. Regardless of your emotional state at this point, if you have come before God with an open heart in this confession, you have the assurance of the Word of God that "He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" (I John 1:9).  The door has now been closed. Don't let Satan steal away your assurance, although you can be certain he will try. 



The Portal is opened

Update: 5/07/2016 - What began as a project in the early 1980's of bringing in powerful warriors of Satan's hierarchy for this last stage of "The Plan", has been all too successful. Loren Grace and I are addressing this topic in our upcoming book "Doctrines of Demons - Defining Christian Witchcraft"

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In the last interview "Interview with a Former Illumined on - Part 5", I briefly mentioned an event called "the 5th Fire Initiation".  Dan Duval asks me in this Part 6 to go deeper and expand on this very significant event which took place before my mentor and our small group infiltrated the Christian church. 

The 5th Fire Initiation marked the beginning of a project that I believe is still going in great force, but now on a much broader scale than it was in the early 1980's.

The 5th Fire Initiation was step 1 in a process that created the necessary energy to open a portal to another realm and the  means to bring many of Lucifer's most powerful from that realm into this 3rd dimensional realm for the last stages of "The Plan". 

It is Lucifer/Satan's intention to have his kingdom rule be manifested in physical form in this 3rd dimensional world. 

The 5th Fire Initiation was the beginning of a project that has enabled Lucifer/Satan's hierarchy to create physical hybrid bodies for many of Lucifer/Satan's most powerful.

Though these beings do not fit the standard definition of "Nephilim", some of their offspring would fit that definition. 

The only way to know these entities from what is of God is to have God's Holy Spirit in you guiding you. We need to continuously feed our spirits with the things that are of God to keep our spirit in tune to God. Entities that serve Satan and are contrary to God's Righteous Spirit do not like being around anyone who is filled with the Holy Spirit of God, who loves God with their whole being and who is actively seeking to be more like Jesus Christ. A person can call themselves Holy Spirit filled, but if they are not actively feeding their spirit with the things that are of God and connecting with God through prayer, reading His word, their spirit will be weak. We need to keep connected to God to keep our spirits strong and familiar with His Spirit..and to know His voice. It is so important that one develops a close relationship with God and makes that a priority. Making a habit of listening to others teach you what they say the Bible says and assuming they are correct, is dangerous. You are responsible to go to the Bible yourself and do your Bible study in context. Testing the spirits is also to be applied to present day "teachers", "ministers", "pastors" and anyone who is referred to as a modern day "apostle" or "prophet". If it doesn't line up with the Word of God (in context), do not follow those people. 

The Avatar - Phase 1

1983 - spring - 5th Fire Initiation - I was the only one in the small group who knew anything about this. 

I was initially told that the 5th Fire Initiation was part of the process of the spiritual marriage and bonding of twin flame soul mates. First came a preparatory initiation called "the crucifixion", next was a ceremony, much like a traditional wedding ceremony, followed by the 5th Fire Initiation. I knew some of the dynamics of a 5th Fire Initiation, but was at the time unaware that this particular 5th Fire Initiation had an unusual and twofold purpose. 


Before the 5th Fire Initiation took place, my mentor and her spiritual mate separately went through another type of initiation which seemed to be a preparatory step for the 5th Fire Initiation in which they were to be bonded as one on all levels. This particular initiation was called "the crucifixion", but was not the crucifixion initiation that most occultists are familiar with. There was an actual couch called the "crucifixion couch" that was used in this initiation. 

I do not know all the details, but this initiation was supposed to take my mentor and her mate into a higher degree of mastership of totally dying to self and all attachments whatsoever. Nothing could mean anything to them except their desire to serve their lord. They even had to enter a state of mind and spirit of completely giving up their love for each other for all of eternity. Nothing was to be higher or more valued than their love and dedication to their lord who was Lucifer aka. Satan. They had to be solid in their willingness to be separated from each other for eternity, thereby proving that their love for Lucifer/Satan was greater than the love they had for each other. Nothing could mean more to them than serving their god. Because they met that challenge and passed that test, they were rewarded by not ever having to part with one another.

The 5th Fire Initiation - the physical (sexual) and spiritual union and combining of the two energies of my mentor and her spiritual mate. 

When the initiation was taking place, I felt the noticeable absence of my mentor and her mate's essence. It was like they were not alive. Like a dead connection. So, I actually tried to follow them after they were gone. I left my body and went in my astral form to pick up on their trail. 
(Dan Duval asks me to clarify that I was in my astral form. I affirmed that I was. I next said: "But to me, it's real."  In order to avoid confusion, I will explain what I meant by that statement.  I said it was real to me because being in an astral form is no less real of an experience than being in a body on this physical dimension. It was the same conscious me, just not in my physical body. 
What goes on in the astral realm is as real as what takes place here on the physical. Just because you can't see a demon does not mean it isn't a real fully conscious entity.  A demon is fully visible in the place it is working from. Just because you can't see angels of God, doesn't mean they are not real or as tangible in the supernatural as we are here. The same applies to a person in their astral form. 
As I have stated in an earlier interview, my everyday world from the time of my birth was the one reality that the supernatural and the physical realm were equally a part of my life to the point that they were inseparable. The supernatural was my home base and the physical realm was the work place to bring into manifestation from the supernatural, the plans of Lucifer's spiritual hierarchy which originate in the supernatural.)

I, in my astral body, found myself at another planet, a grayish looking planet that had hideous looking creatures who seemed very hostile to me. It made no sense to me that the chosen destination for my mentor and her mate would be such an unsavory looking place with evil looking creatures that were hostile to my presence. But then again, I recalled the fact that there was a strange looking hairy creature that guarded our physical meeting place, a creature that had eyes all over it.  I reasoned with myself that the seemingly evil creatures on the gray planet might be just strange creations whose appearance served a purpose, though I didn't have a clue as to what that purpose might be. 

Never before had I known the ascended masters to be associated with such evil looking and evil feeling entities of high order, so the fact that I found there were such evil entities in their higher ranks was perplexing to me. I was trying to make sense of it all.  

Hours later it was confirmed to me that the grayish planet was where my mentor and her mate were. The masters scolded me a bit for trying to follow my mentor and mate, yet seemed amused at the same time about my fright at what I saw. 

Later, when I told my mentor how unsettling it was for me to see such vile looking creatures on that planet, she reaffirmed my initial thoughts. She told me that not all angels and creatures are beautiful, that some may look strange to us, but that their appearance served a purpose to God who created them that way.  She reminded me of the creature I had thought of, the one with the eyes all over it who guarded our physical meeting place. Nothing could get past him. He literally saw everything at once from all angles both in the physical and the supernatural. 

It was years after I had left Satan's spiritual hierarchy that I found the verses in the Bible that reminded me of this experience. Dan Duval mentions these verses. 

(We need to keep in mind that God created various types of "Heavenly Hosts" and that 1/3 of of them went with Lucifer.)
Ezekiel 1 mentions 4 creatures. Verse 18, states: "their rings were full of eyes round about them". 
Ezekiel 10:12"And their whole body, and their backs, and their hands, and their wings, and the wheels, were full of eyes round about, even the wheels that they four had."
Revelation 4:6"And before the throne there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind."

After the 5th Fire union, a few days passed and my mentor and her mate returned to this 3rd dimensional world. I noticed that they were different. They were like two acting halves of the same person. It was more than just being joined in their spirits which was what I was originally told was the purpose of the 5th Fire Initiation. I knew there had to be more than just that. 

The change in them made perfect sense to me when my mentor and her mate were given permission to disclose to me the two fold mission of their union. 

They were not the same, in fact, their mission, I was then told, was the process needed in order to make it possible to bring the chosen avatar, the one chosen to fill the office of "The Christ" for this age into our physical realm. It took their combined energies as one to forge a portal between the two realms. I was told that this avatar was vibrating at such a high frequency, that it took special means to bring him into the gross, lower vibrating physical realm. 

It was he, the avatar, who was expressing himself through both of them. He expressed his female side through her and his male side through my mentor's mate. 

I was told that his name was "Ai". 
Note: Years later I was trying to find out if there was any significance to the name "Ai".  I found that there is a city in the Bible called "Ai" and that it means "City of doom.", "heap of ruins" or "the ruin".

I had heard of "walk-ins" before, but never had I heard of an entity using 2 people at once. I wasn't sure I liked the difference I felt coming from them. In a way I felt that the two I knew before were gone forever. I could tell they were still there in their personalities, but they both had the same aloof detached distance about them that was not characteristic of either of them before the initiation. They almost didn't seem human any more. I wondered if I would ever have them back, or if they were "his" the avatar's forever. I felt I had lost my mentor. 
Note: The way the organization works is that though they have long ranged goals and mapped out steps to get to those goals, the servers or servants to "The Plan" and to the "ascended masters" usually don't know the next step until the servers are already stepping over the threshold. Often we didn't know the full purpose of a particular project until we were caught up in it, at which time it was too late to ask any questions.

So it was with the 5th Fire initiation...which was first to unify and bond 2 humans, but turned out to be much more than that. 

So, Phase 1 of the avatar began through the 5th Fire Initiation that enabled the avatar to be brought here.  My mentor, her mate and I did not know there was even a 2nd phase until it was underway. Obviously the "ascended masters" knew all along what it would take to bring this avatar to our realm and that his human hosts were just a temporary part of the process. 

Dan Duval comments that the Bible says that God inhabits the heavens but has given the earth to men. The devil needs to usurp power from people in order to reinforce his kingdom on the earth. He needs somebody to be in agreement with him just like God raises up a man to do His agenda on earth. God uses people and Satan uses people because God has given the earth to men. Dan says that this is a very basic concept that all of this is hinging on. 

Dan gives a summary:

1.) My mentor and her spiritual mate went through a ceremony for a purification process. 
2.) They engaged sexually.
3.) Were consumed by a fire which took them to another realm. (Actually their union helped create the energy that became the fire that consumed them. That energy created the means to transported them to another realm. 
4.) I picked up on their soul signature and tracked them.
5.) I was reprimanded for following them. 
6.) They were in the other realm for a few days.
7.) When they returned, they were very different. They came back as both being the same personality, but the overshadowing personality was the personality of the chosen Avatar, "Ai". This proved to be temporary.  

Note: Stepping ahead: Though I was reprimanded for following my mentor and her mate to the other realm, it proved to the masters that I had the necessary abilities needed for their phase 4 of this project. 

Phase 4 involved a process which brought beings from the other realm, into our 3rd dimensional realm. In Phase 4, I was assigned to escort the beings from that other realm and through the process that enabled them to enter our 3rd dimensional realm. 

In Phase 5, hybrid bodies were created to house these beings. 

The Avatar - Phase 2

Phase 2 of the avatar went down like this:
My female mentor discovered she was pregnant. A few months into the pregnancy, her doctor began to get different test results in regards to the pregnancy. The doctor said that there must have been a mistake because the tests showed she wasn't pregnant after all. Then, later the test said she was pregnant. 

That was when the "ascended masters" told her the reason that was happening was because the baby she was carrying was in fact the body for the avatar, being created by the avatar with hers and her mate's human make up combined with his, the avatar's make up. This combination of both worlds would allow him to have the necessary ability to manifest as physical flesh for long periods of time and still maintain his other attributes and ability to travel to other realms.

The Avatar - Phase 3

1983 - October 11 - A "baby' is born. (Following a 4 month gestation period.)
Birthing took place under water. 

I was told that in addition to his name being, "Ai", he was now to be called "Aroni".
(6 months later he had matured into a fully grown adult male resembling the perfect specimen of a human man in his early 30's.)

Aroni - means: Aaronic
Aaronic means: Aaronical, Pertaining to Aaron, the first high priest of the Jews.

NOTE: He did perform the sacrament of breaking of bread and partaking of wine at the end of our night. This may also pertain to his identity of Adonis who in mythology was killed and is associated with death and rebirth. 
Update - 5/07/2017 - In regards to the above paragraph, I have new information I would like to add. A few years ago while researching some of the Passover traditions of the time of Jesus, I ran across some information that showed me that there was much more to our nightly “Lord’s Supper” than I had ever considered.
I always wondered why they (those whom I served closely in the evil hierarchy) used a triclinium table when they honored their "chosen one". Our seating arrangement was always the same. Interesting too that the seating arrangement was set up as the ancient Roman tradition. I used to know my position in the group, but now I know that even my place at the table was in order to my position and rank. (The enemy sure loves to counterfeit what is of God and blaspheme Him.)

Just as any newborn baby goes through stages of development, Aroni did also, though at an accelerated speed. His body looked like a normal human baby, but because his body was a combination of two different realms, he would fluctuate between the physical and other realms. There were times when he was not in material form. Much the same as a human infant learning to use it's hands or feet or to learning to crawl, Aroni learned in a short amount of time to control whether he would be in physical form or not. 

As far as I know there was no other soul or spirit in that body. His body was a creation specifically from him and my mentor and her mate. The former merging with my mentor and her mate, somehow made it possible for the entity, Ai, to generate a body of his form that could be physical when he willed it. 

The Personality of Ai.
What was the personality of Ai aka. Aroni like?

I didn't like the personality of Ai when he had just come in from the other realm and was expressing himself through my mentor and her mate. He was self-centered, impatient, and void of compassion. He had what I perceived to be an evil nature about him.  He reverted back to that same personality upon the maturity of his physical form which took about 6 months from the time of his infancy to his adult form.  

Getting to know Aroni:
I watched him experience the different stages of living in a male human body and experiencing the physical hormonal things that affect the physical brain. It was a new experience for him and his kind to deal with. 

The masters had me spend a lot of time with Aroni while he was going through the various stages of being human. It is my belief that the masters wanted me to bond with him. There were times I almost liked Aroni. Maybe because he seemed more human and humble, like in his early adolescent years, but that was soon to pass. It seemed he changed almost over night. He swiftly moved out of that curious and wonderment stage into something that reminded me more of a spoiled young prince. Soon he was a full grown young man regaining that arrogant coldness he had before he had a body of his own. I didn't like him and he didn't like me. 

Dan asks me about this being's intelligence and acquisition of knowledge. 

Did this being need formal education or did it extract from it's nature the knowledge base of language, communications and these kinds of things? 

I answered, both. He came in having great knowledge, but was learning about planet earth and this 3rd dimensional world through living in a different type of body which was part human. Thinking back on how it was for him, reminds me of movies or TV shows about a visitors from another planet who are intelligent, but having child like naivety as they learn about this planet and become familiar with the inhabitants, ways and customs of the people on this planet. 

He was the personality of Ai who was logical, but he was experiencing something new that challenged logical thinking. He was experiencing things from a rapidly developing body which was part human. He had to deal with the changes in body chemistry and hormones which affected his thinking and decide what to do with this new experience. He decided to enjoy his physical body to the max on this realm. Having a body of his own was a far greater experience than when he was expressing himself through my female mentor and her mate. 

Upon his maturity, when he was ready to step into his role of authority in "The Plan", we were told to refer to him as Adoni, Adonai,  or Adonis. 

I later discovered that Adoni is Hebrew for "lord". That made perfect sense. I had been told that he was my lord. I was told to bow before him and ask him to take his place in my heart.

Recently I noticed something about the name "Adonai". (Adon - ai) I noticed the suffix is "ai" which is the name of the avatar as he expressed himself through his human hosts. I looked up the first part of the name "Adon" is found that it is a Hebrew word possibly of Canaanite origin,  meaning "hollow". 

Note: Sometimes in the supernatural division, names are altered or changed to signify family, rank or what part of "The Plan" they serve on. The Avatar was called "Ai" during the period he was expressing himself through human hosts. The same Avatar was called "Aroni" during his infancy to adulthood. The next stage as he began assuming certain roles as a leader, we were required to address him as Adoni, (Adonai ) and Adonis. Later, when we began the next stage of  "The Plan", all of our names changed.


Note: A few people who have listened to this interview on You Tube have left some very nasty comments over my mispronunciation of “Adoni”. Because this oddly seems to be an issue with some people, I will tell you the story behind why I mispronounced the name “Adoni”

The way my master teacher (handler) pronounced “Adoni” was exactly as Daniel Duval pronounced it on the program and the same way I ALWAYS pronounced it…(Ad-O-nI) which is the same pronunciation that apparently most people use. (Ad-O-nI) was the only way I had ever heard it pronounced. 

However…because in the past my mentor had sometimes mispronounced words, I decided on the day of the interview to double check the pronunciation so I would have the correct pronunciation. I went on line to see if (Ad-O-nI) was indeed the recognized pronunciation of “Adoni”.  Low and behold I found an audio that pronounced it differently.  Thinking I had been pronouncing “Adoni” incorrectly all that time, I chose to use the pronunciation I found on line because I thought it was the pronunciation that people were familiar with! I was wrong.  :-P  It turned out that the way I had always said the name“Adoni” was the most recognized pronunciation. My bad. 

So there you have it! ... I hope this helps those who claim they can’t believe my testimony because I mispronounced a word. 


The name "Adonis" has a lot of significance. 
Now that I am some what familiar with the Greek myth about Adonis, a lot seems to make sense about this name for this entity.  It even seems to make more sense as to why it was he who was honored as he led "The Lord's Supper" every night at the close of our meetings.  He blessed the bread and wine and we ate and drank in honor of some past sacrifice of his. We were to remember him for what he did in the past and honor him for his future necessary role in "The Plan" where he is to suffer death. This role is a great role to play in "The Plan" and he was already being held in honor for his decision to agree to play this role. 

Dan mentions the book of Revelation where one of the heads of the beast receives a mortal wound. Further food for thought.

In Greek mythology, Adonis is an extremely handsome young man loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone. 

In classical mythology, Adonis is "a youth slain by a wild boar but permitted by Zeus to pass four months every year in the lower world with Persephone, four with Aphrodite, and four wherever he chose."

"Mythically, Adonis represents the cycle of death and resurrection in winter and spring. He is identified with the Babylonian god Tammuz."

Also interesting to note is that the Greek name "Adonis" came from the Phoenician "god" Tammuz. In addition, I have heard that the Phoenicians were descendants of Nephilim. 

In this interview, Dan Duval mentions that the Bible says that in the days of Noah so shall the coming of the son of man. In the days of Noah, there were hybrids, plain and simple.

Angels have the ability of to manifest in physical form as men.

In Genesis chapter 18, angels appeared as men to Abraham and told him that he and his wife would have a son. 

In Genesis chapter 19, two angels in physical form met up with Lot, Abraham's nephew.  It is evident that these angels were in physical bodies because they had their feet washed and they ate unleavened bread with Lot.  

In Judges chapter 13, Samson's parents had an angel appear to them as a man in a physical body to prophecy that they would have a child.

Phase 4 

Bringing more of Lucifer/Satan's hierarchy from another realm into our 3rd dimensional world.

1.) The combined energies of my mentor and her mate were used to create a portal from this physical realm to another realm.

2.) While in that realm, my mentor and her mate submitted themselves to be used as the means to house Lucifer/Satan's chosen avatar who merged with the souls and spirits of my mentor and her mate. The term "walk in" applies to them since they allowed this "avatar" to overshadow their consciousness to use them and express through them. This was a possession.

3.) My mentor and her mate returned to the physical realm with the chosen avatar possessing them. He continued to express himself through their physical bodies. I was told he was expressing his feminine side through my female mentor and expressing his male side through her mate. However, it didn't appear to me that there was a feminine side at all. My mentor and her mate both seemed to be hosting the same evil feeling masculine entity. 

4.) I was later told that the realm where the avatar had come from was of Arcturus and that it and it's inhabitants vibrated at a very high frequency.  

3.) I had proved to have the ability to travel in my astral body to that realm, therefore I was assigned to be used in Phase 4 which involved a process of escorting beings from that realm to ours. 

Phase 4 went down like this:

The ascended masters told me that the realm which Ai, the chosen avatar had come from was Arcturus and that there were numerous beings like himself that were going to be brought in to step up the forces for the last stages of "The Plan".  (Keep in mind that "The Plan" is Lucifer/Satan's plan which is evil, murderous, anti-God the Righteous Creator of the universe and and anti-Jesus Christ who is the True and Only Word of God and Savior to redeem and restore mankind and save mankind from Lucifer/Satan's plan.) 

I was told this about the beings and how they were to be brought in:

1.) They were highly evolved, high ranking members of "the spiritual hierarchy". The masters described  these entities as being like military and referred to them as "the big guns" and "the brass" or "the big brass".  The entities were being brought in to set up territories of base camps and command posts for strategic planning and management of operations for the last section of "The Plan".  I was not told the physical locations of these bases of planning and operation, only that initially these places were to be firmly secured, owned and occupied first in the supernatural as solidly as any physical military force could occupy any physical position.  

2.) The bodies of these beings were much less dense than ours, vibrated at a much higher frequency and were not naturally suited for this heavy physical realm.

3.) The decided plan was to bring them slowly in stages from their realm to ours, allowing them to rest and adjust to the vibrational frequency at specific stations through the realms.

4.) Because I was familiar with the vibrational frequency of their realm and possessed the ability to journey there, I was assigned the job to escort these beings and tend to them along the way.  

My job was referred to as "midwife", though that title seemed a bit odd to me at first.  I have sense discovered that the term, "midwife" has various meanings and was actually very appropriate for all stages of that project. 

For the initial stage, the term "midwife" as a transitive verb fits very accurately with the meaning of: "To assist in producing, bringing forth, or bringing about. A person or thing that produces or aids in producing something new or different."

I assisted in "bringing forth" the entities from their realm and I aided "in producing something new or different". I continued to assist some of these entities as they became acclimated to this new world.  

I was also was considered "midwife" according to an Old English usage of "mid" which meant "with" and "wife" (wif) "female human".  I served as a close female companion and assistant to my mentor for this project. 

In a later stage, I was "midwife", serving as a middle person who assisted with the birth of the hybrid bodies created by the entities I had originally brought in from Arcturus. 

I continued as a "midwife" or assistant during the period of time it took the hybrids to mature  from infancy to adulthood. 

6/0614 - NOTE: I am still in the process of adding more information to go with this 6th interview. At this point, these notes only cover the first half of the 6th interview. 

It has taken me nearly a year to write what I have thus far. It isn't easy writing about the enemy to expose him and his plan. As I write, I am revisiting that moment and having to relive everything. I have to do spiritual warfare to prevent being supernaturally connected to the entities I am writing about. I know they do not want me to make public what I know. As I write I am also praying. I ask God to help me to write only what He wants me to share and to write in the manner in which He would have me to write.  

Out of everything I have ever experienced, out everything I have ever tried to put in words, whether they be spoken or written, the topics covered in this interview are by far the most complicated and difficult to put in words.

If you have been following my story you have heard me share some mighty incredible things. I want you to know that out of all the sensational things I have experienced and witnessed in my life of 60 years, the most sensational by far is the saving Power of Jesus Christ and God's plan of salvation. He Truly LOVES us.

I know I told you that I would be back with more detailed information about the project that involved creating hybrid bodies to house some of Lucifer's hierarchy. I have written more detailed notes about creating those hybrid bodies, but I do not feel comfortable posting at this time. I may choose to do another interview and make the information public that way first or share this information with you through my own short You Tube video. 

For now, I will add some of the other notes I have been working on.

 Hopefully these notes will begin to better explain to you, the events that took place which led to my reason for defecting from the organization.
This is a story of victory over the powers of darkness 
through Jesus Christ.

Skipping ahead in this 6th interview, Dan Duval asks me to talk about the events that led up to my being presented to Lucifer. I have not completed writing about these events which ultimately led to me defecting from this evil organization. Here are some of the notes I have for you now. 

Looking back I can clearly see how the ascended masters had a target goal with me and how they worked the necessary progression of steps to get me to that target goal.

Their final target goal was to have me know exactly who Lucifer/Satan is and exactly who Jesus Christ is and to have me of my own free will and cognitive choice, turn my back on God and Jesus Christ in loyal service to Satan and worship Lucifer as Satan.  It didn't begin with meeting Lucifer, however.  I wasn't ready for such a thing and they knew it.  It was a process of education where I was carefully led from "illumination" to "Illumination".  

They tried to slowly introduce me to "higher" teaching, like small injections of poison given in increments rather than the full vile at once which would have been like an over dose and too much for me to handle and process the way they wanted me to process it.  A little bit at a time was easier for me to adjust to and easier for the masters to control or do damage control if I appeared to be rejecting their teaching. 

You see, they had to take me from one spectrum to the end of an opposite spectrum; from point A to the far end of point B

Point A:   Believing what I had been led to believe all of my life:
1.) The lie that the spiritual hierarchy was God's hierarchy.
2.) The lie that they, the ascended masters were God's highest representatives. 
3.) The lie that Jesus was a nothing low master and "Christ" an avatar.
3.) The lie of physical and spiritual evolution and the lie that humanity is in the state it is because humanity is crawling it's way up the evolutionary path working it's way to perfection. 
4.) The lie that "The Plan" was God's plan to aid humanity in spiritual evolution. 
5.) That my entire life and the lives of many of my ancestors had been in service to God and His plan for humanity.

Point B:  Knowing the real truth which all top "illumined ones" know and serve.
1.) That the truth is the "spiritual hierarchy" is Lucifer's spiritual hierarchy.
2.) That Lucifer is Satan from the Bible and EVIL.
3.) That the ascended masters worship Lucifer as Satan and as their Lord.
4.) That Lucifer and the ascended masters are enemies of God and they hate God and mankind.  
5.) That Jesus Christ is Real and Savior for mankind exactly as the Bible testifies. 
6.) That Jesus Christ is God's true plan to save and redeem and restore humanity. There is one life we live and One Savior. No other lifetimes. No second chances. 
7.) That Lucifer/Satan's plan, "The Plan" is a plan to destroy as many humans as possible physically and spiritually. It's a plan to keep the masses believing they are self evolving lifetime after lifetime and that all roads lead to enlightenment all of which keeps them blind to the FACT that humanity are fallen beings, NOT evolving and that God LOVES humanity and therefore provided a plan to save humanity and restore humanity. God really did so love the world that He sent His Son in the flesh to make the way to RESCUE from Satan's plan all those who want to live eternally with God. 

You see why I try so hard to get this message across?  Lucifer is working his damnedest to keep you from hearing and really grasping the truth! Are you perfect? Did you know God is in the business of wanting to restore you by His Holy Spirit and have you in His Heavenly presence for eternity? Do you want that? It's because He loves you! He REALLY does! He made this possible through what His Son, Jesus Christ accomplished by his sinless life, death, resurrection and ascension to the right hand of God. You don't have to understand how God's plan works to be saved and be of His Kingdom. Here is how.   

Don't believe the lies of those fallen master con artists who serve the CON of all cons, the Father of lies who is Lucifer/Satan. Satan's plan is as slippery as snake oil and more deadly than the most poisonous venom. 

Jesus IS the way, the truth and the life. Jesus said no man comes to the Father except by him. Should anyone take offense that he stated the truth? He wasn't being arrogant, nor am I when I tell you that God loves us so much that He made a way to take us out of Satan's hand. God didn't need to make any more than one way. So why do people take offense to this truth? It's because the spirits that rule this world want you to reject God's gift and rescue plan.  

What I had been and taught since early childhood was light years away from the ascended masters target goal for me. They knew that it would not be easy to show me the truth of who they really are and yet have me still stay loyal to them and choose to serve with them against God.

There are various teachings in the organization as to what "truth" is.  Teachings vary according to division or hierarchical rank. 

As I have mentioned before, the hierarchy has levels of "illumination", the most illumined ones are at the top. 

As I have mentioned before, as one moves up in the hierarchy, they are given more "enlightenment" or "illumination" which boils down to being trusted with more truth of the true purpose of "The Plan" and of the true nature and agenda of those entities who authored and run "The Plan". The truth is that they are EVIL beings serving an EVIL "plan" with an EVIL agenda. 

There are even different types of Luciferian teachings. One teaching actually casts Lucifer as the complete opposite of the Biblical Satan and as "Satan" being more a job title.  This false teaching claims that Lucifer is a part of God's plan and deceptively casts Lucifer as a volunteer savior.  It totally discredits the character of Jesus Christ which breeds disrespect and disdain for Jesus Christ and love and admiration for Lucifer. Remember, this teaching is a TOTAL lie that ascribes Godly characteristics to the Lucifer. It is a trick master minded by the CON of all cons, Lucifer who IS Satan, who is EVIL.  

In the Bible, the book of John, chapter 1, John, who knew Jesus Christ personally is referring to Jesus Christ as being the Only Savior for mankind  and as being the very Word of God that spoke all of creation into being. God so loved the world that He sent His Son who is the Word and Creator into the flesh to be the Only Redeemer for mankind. Do not be fooled by ANY Luciferian mumbo jumbo.) 

Up until this point the teaching or "truth" that was characteristic of those who served in my division of the "spiritual hierarchy" was the belief that there was one God the Creator of the universe and that numerous life forms were evolving toward perfection. In this theosophy, there is no room for a Satan or a Hell. That was about to change. 

I had been told that in order for me to be a part of the next phase of the project that involved the "Arcturians", that I would be receiving some very different teaching and concepts.

The first step taken was to convince me that Satan is indeed real.

I will be back with more information on:

1.) Phase 4: Bringing top members of Lucifer/Satan's hierarchy (Arcturians) into our 3rd dimensional world for the last stages of "The Plan".

2.) Phase 5. Creating hybrid bodies for many of those "light beings".

3.) I will be adding a written description of three significant beings I met.

a. Ai, aka, Aroni, aka Adoni, who was the "chosen one" or "Avatar" for the"office The Christ" (Satan's chosen one).

b. Lucifer.

c. The counterfeit of Jesus Christ ("the most illumined of all"). 


by Carolyn Hamlett (

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I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. 
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