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"Mark Dankof’s America" - Conversation with Carolyn Hamlett: Reminiscing JFK's Visit to Tampa, November 18, 1963

President John F. Kennedy's motorcade on Franklin St. between Madison & Twiggs St. in Tampa Florida just 4 days before the fatal trip to Dallas. 
Photo is courtesy of Tim and Cindy Menendez.

March 27, 2013

Following Mark Dankof's news summary, at the 27.19 mark of this broadcast, Mark Dankof and I reminisce the days of our youth when life was much simpler in middle class America. Our focus moves to our memories of JFK and how we both remember something that differentiated him from other politicians and Presidents, it was his smile. It was the real deal, clearly from his heart, displaying his very nature. We kids knew he was different. 

Mark asks me to share my memories of JFK's visit to my home town of Tampa Florida just 4 days before that fatal trip to Dallas Texas in 1963.  

Though my mother was campaigning for Nixon during the 1960 Presidential race, shortly after his election, President Kennedy quickly won her heart as he did so many Americans, young and old. 

I can't remember if my mother and my aunt kept my brothers and cousins home from school, that Monday or whether the city of Tampa had closed the schools for this great event. It is very likely the schools were closed.

My mother and my aunt piled all 6 of us kids into my aunt's blue 1959 Pontiac station wagon, the kind with lots of room and with the back seat that faced the rear window. That new invention finally put a stop to all of us fighting to "ride shotgun". 

Add 3 more overly excited kids all fighting for that rear facing back seat with the electric window control at our fingertips...and you have a fairly accurate picture of us.

We made our way to Grand Central Avenue, (later renamed Kennedy Blvd.) just ahead of the west bound motorcade. We quickly parked and as soon as the car was stopped, all us kids darted out the doors and the back window of the station wagon and ran like a mad pack of dogs to the crowd that had already gathered there on the south side of the street. My cousins and my brothers and I politely worked our way to the front just in the nick of time. A minute later would have been too late.  There we were, all 6 of us standing side by side as the President's car passed just a few feet in front of us. We certainly caught his attention, all of us lined up like that and waving like crazy. His eyes lit up when he saw us. He smiled that smile which rewarded our efforts and he laughed and began to wave back at us. We were all so excited! 

To our delight, my mother and my aunt hustled us all back into the car with the promise that the fun was not yet over. We drove down some red brick side streets heading farther west to find a place once again, just ahead of the motorcade. Another parking spot was soon found and as soon as the car was at a stop, we all darted out of the doors and windows like gangbusters toward the anxious crowd. As before, we made our way to the front of the crowd and stationed ourselves side by side and just in time too. Here came the motorcade! Seconds later we were there again waving like crazy only a few feet from the President of the United States. When he saw us, I had no doubt that he recognized us. He smiled that beautiful warm smile again which broke into a great laugh. He waved back at us!

November 18, 1963, President Kennedy in his motorcade heading west on Grand Central Avenue. When this shot was taken, my cousins and brothers and I were waiting just a half mile west.

The fun wasn't over quite yet. YEA!!! We all piled back into that 1959 Pontiac wagon and drove west down a maze of more antique red brick side streets until we came to the Tampa International Inn where the President was scheduled to give a speech. Once again, all 6 of us found our way to the front of the waiting crowd which was this time made up of mostly grown ups who towered over us. We were lucky to be street side again. Minutes later we spied the motorcade making it's way toward us. I wondered if the President would notice us again. I sure hoped so. All 6 of us stood side by side hoping to see that smile again, the smile that we kids knew was not a fake, but coming from his heart. When he smiled, he gave of himself, not from the lofty position of the President of the United States, but as a friend to a friend and to us, as a young father smiles in loving delight to his children. 

We were not disappointed, no not at all. The President spied us right away and when he did he heartily waved directly at us and let out another joyous laugh. It was real and we knew it. I hope we added pleasure to his day. He sure made our day!. That day was one of my fondest memories of my life. 

At the 0:58 mark of this video (where I have it cued up) President Kennedy enters the room at the International Inn to give a speech. When I watch this, I can't help but think about the minutes before he entered that room, when he was laughing and smiling at my brothers and my cousins and me. 

People pass away, but memories last forever....especially this one.

It also is one of those memories that marks the beginning of the end of America. 
Can you now see the slow decline? It has all been part of "The Plan".

The Ruby - Oswald solution from a child's eyes, my eyes.

Most people know exactly what they were doing when the news reached them about the assassination of President Kennedy. Almost as many people remember what they were doing when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald in cold blood. Many saw it happen live on television. My cousin was one who did. I would have witnessed it with her if I had not walked out of the room seconds before it happened. 

 No sooner than when I had walked out of the room, my cousin who was one and a half years older than I, started shouting how she couldn't believe it..that right then before her very eyes she saw a man come up and shoot Oswald. All of us kids in the house came running into the living room to see what she was talking about. As we watched the replay, we all wondered how and why a man was allowed to get that close and allowed to have a gun and then shoot Oswald. We too thought it strange, that someone might have wanted Oswald dead before he could speak, but why and who? The adults actually bought the story that Ruby was justly angry, like all Americans and that they understood that anger. The adults appeared to be happy that Ruby killed Oswald, like Ruby did something righteous. 

We kids were still in shock over the death of our country's leader! We had all seen him so alive and smiling at us one week before! Added to that shock was the reality that murder was real which rocked our little sheltered world. Not only was murder real, but our minds were still being seared with the video playbacks of our country's leader's head being blown out by a bullet and his frantic wife, our first lady scrambling to catch her husbands brains before they landed on the street. Over and over we kids watched in slow motion which caught every detail of it all. We watched Jackie over and over crawl on her hands and knees across the trunk of the Lincoln to retrieve her husbands brains. He was so alive and smiling at us days before, as he rode in that very same car. It didn't seem real. None of this seemed real. Only his smile seemed real. That is the way we wanted to remember him, alive and smiling. 

Right there in our homes we children were being traumatized over and over by graphic displays of violence and murder. We didn't know how to process it and no one helped us make sense of it except the TV broadcasters themselves whose job was to tell us over and over what we were seeing and what to believe. The wonder of live television!

Our little world was dramatically invaded by the frightening fact that just because a person is a grown up doesn't mean they are good. Why would a man do such a BAD thing? How could a grown man (Ruby) do that and why would grown ups allow it to happen? And why did our grown ups, our parents think that bad thing that man did was good? I wondered what was wrong with everybody. Where were the morals of the grown ups? Are they murders too? Can our grown ups be trusted? Can we kids trust them to protect us when they think this bad thing the man did was good? Where was their judgement? How could we kids be safe when our own grown ups can't see clearly? Indeed, our little world was shaken and cracked allowing more evils to seep in and push the cracks even wider. 

The whole Oswald/Ruby thing invaded our play. It became the new replacement of running around the house as Superman with a towel safety pinned to the backs of our T-shirts. Over and over we kids took turns playing Oswald and Ruby. We had the script easily memorized like photographic memory; Ruby pushing his way toward Oswald, Oswald folding as the bullet entered, Oswald's face scrunching in pain as well as surprise. Yeah, we all had it down exactly how it went down. The whole neighborhood had it down. The whole school had it down. It was the new game in the school yard. Maybe it was our way of trying to make sense of it all, but it never made sense. 

We all just moved on to the next thing the TV brought to us which led to the rebellion against our parent's generation and rebellion to all they seemed to represent. No wonder we didn't respect them. We felt they let us down. We felt they were too stupid to know what was right and good. We thought we were our own thinkers. We thought we had our own opinions, but in truth, we were the first generation of victims of mass media mind control. The globalist run media was telling us what to think by promoting stories and music that enforced the message that would encourage us to unknowingly follow their blueprint plan to dismantle America from within and make future generations putty in the globalist's hands. To a degree, we are all Monarch mind controlled slaves. Like poison eating Monarch larva, we are on our 4th generation of eating the globalist's spoon fed poison. 

We of the 60's cried "Down with the establishment". Now we are the establishment....or are we? 

Come on out, all you gray haired hippies. Let your "freak flags fly"...It's the dawning of that terrific "Age of Aquarius"...see the fruits of your labor...or "their" labor. 

Welcome to the "New Age". If you think this is bad....well...actually, we ain't there quite yet...and you still have a choice and a chance.

You can sit back and ride the roller coaster down...or you can decide to take this country and this world back, starting with your own self. 

1.) Turn off the mind control programming machine called television which is aptly named since it tells you what you are seeing.

2.) Prevent the "New Order" by going back to the old order. However there are 2 missing ingredients. Add these 2 missing ingredients and you are on your way to the true recipe for global peace.

Recipe for Global Peace

 a. Love God with all of your heart, soul, strength and mind. To know God is to love God. If you don't love God, then you do not really know Him. Seek to know Him.

b. Treat all humans the way you would have others treat you. Give to others as you would have for yourself. Forgive. When you have the Love of God in your heart, it becomes your very nature to live in love, fairness and peace. 

Living this can stop the NWO dead in it's tracks. Very simple. Don't worry if no one else is doing this. Good must start somewhere...why not with you?

*      *      *

About Mark Dankof:
Mark Dankof is a broadcaster for The Ugly Truth Podcast.  Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, the son of a United States Air Force Colonel, he graduated from Valparaiso University in 1977 and from Chicago's Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1983.  In recent years, he has pursued post-graduate work in systematic theology and theological German at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  Formerly the 36th District Chairman of the Republican Party in King County/Seattle and later an elected delegate to Texas State Republican Conventions in 1994 and 1996, he entered the United States Senate race in Delaware in 2000 as the nominated candidate of the Constitution Party against Democratic candidate Thomas Carper and Republican incumbent William Roth.  Mark Dankof's America may also be found at Word Press.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Time To Say Goodbye" In Memory of Donnie

by Carolyn Hamlett

In Memory of Donnie, my high school sweet heart, my best friend and companion of many years who died 7 years ago today. Life goes on, but it will never be the same.  

Four years ago when I was grieving the loss of my friend, two wonderful things happened which helped ease the pain. Maybe it was God working though one of his servants or maybe it was a coincidence, but I will never forget this blessing. A friend sent me a video of a beautiful water show that had the most beautiful music behind it. With a little bit of searching I found the artists and this beautiful video. Somehow it spoke to my heart that it was time to let Donnie go. I posted this video on Facebook with these words and then left to do my daily laps at the community pool:

"It was 2 years ago today that he passed....exactly one month after we celebrated his 55th birthday. He was a former High School sweet heart and my very best friend. When he left, it hit me like a ton of bricks...that my world would never ever be the same again and it never has. Hardly a day goes by that I do not think about him and miss the companionship we shared. I cry today because I miss him....and...I smile too, as I remember the wonderful times we shared together. Someday I know that I will see Donnie again...and when that happens, we will pick right up where we left if no time at all has passed. That's the way it is with good friends.....only, today, as it just seems like forever...."

When I was swimming the laps, I was still grieving. I took a break, looked up. My eyes beheld a most glorious sun set. I wanted to cry again because Donnie and I went nearly everyday to the beach to watch the sun set. He used to take me there because he knew that evenings were difficult for me, that I got depressed every evening, but some how being at the beach to watch the sun set, kept me from feeling the dark depression. When ever there was a sun set as spectacular as the one I was seeing from the pool side that evening, he would turn to me and say, "It's another Mona Lisa, Lady Carol, another Mona Lisa.". 

So, I found myself saying out loud, "It's another Mona Lisa, Donnie, another Mona Lisa." and as I was saying those words, I glanced over at the pavilion to notice that though it was vacant, it was decorated for someone's Birthday with bright and cheerful "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!" signs everywhere. I realized that all day long I had been grieving the anniversary of Donnie's death....yet...that day was someone's birthday...and in truth, it was also Donnie's Birthday to his new life. 

Happy Birthday, Donnie. My life has never been the same without you because you were such a good friend to me. 

Time to say goodbye     --     I'll go with you

When I'm alone
I dream of the horizon
and words fail;
yes, I know there is no light
in a room where the sun is absent,
if you are not here with me.
At the windows
show everyone my heart
which you set alight;
enclose within me
the light you
encountered on the street.

Time to say goodbye.     --     I'll go with you
to countries I never
saw and shared with you,
now, yes, I shall experience them.
I'll go with you
on ships across seas
which, I know,
no, no, exist no longer;
it's time to say goodbye.     --     with you I shall experience them.

When you are far away
I dream of the horizon
and words fail,
and, yes, I know
that you are with me;
you, my moon, are here with me,
my sun, you are here with me
with me, with me, with me.

Time to say goodbye.     --     I'll go with you
to countries I never
saw and shared with you,
now, yes, I shall experience them.
I'll go with you
on ships across seas
which, I know,
no, no, exist no longer,

with you I shall experience them again.
I'll go with you
on ships across seas
which, I know,
no, no, exist no longer,
with you I shall experience them again.
I'll go with you.

You and me.