Saturday, July 13, 2013

Interview with a Former Illumined One - Part 5

by Carolyn Hamlett

This cute house on a fabulous piece of property, quietly snuggled away on a secluded lane, 
was just too good to be true. 

Unbeknownst to us, the house was built on a Shawnee Indian burial ground. The entire lane of 14 (originally 13) houses was haunted and obviously cursed. I consider my 6 1/2 years there as being worse than the story of "The Amityville Horror"


I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. (1st public announcement on 11/04/16)
I refer you to this article:

Subsequently, Dan Duval removed my testimony series and other interviews with me from his website and You Tube. I do not have a copy of this part 5 interview. 

Here are some partial notes of what was covered in this program. 

I have added pictures to help illustrate.   

Keep in mind that in order to get a better understanding of my story, it will help to listen to the program and read my notes. 

Though my notes are detailed in some instances, there are topics covered in my interviews that are not in my notes. In some instances, I actually have topics in my notes that I didn't talk about in the interview. 

This program may not seem significant to the listeners, but it is the beginning of the most important information I have. The powers of darkness have fought to keep me silent not only because I can expose them and their plan, but because I have met their "chosen one" and the counterfeit Jesus Christ. I have the first hand knowledge that can help people know how to arm themselves and protect themselves from being victims of Lucifer's plan.  

This is information that Satan does not want you to know and as I have said they have worked to prevent me from exposing them. 

It has taken me years to learn spiritual warfare. The most valuable lesson I have learned is that we Christians are not an island. We need each other. If it were not for those who have been praying for me, I would not be here today. God doesn't send a single soldier to face a legion. He sends an army wearing His armor. I was failing alone, but now I have found fellow warriors on the front line. We are there together united as one, fighting this battle and covering each other's back. I thank all those fellow warriors for being there with me and for helping to cover for me and lend me a hand when I am under attack. There is no greater brotherhood than those who are of the Body of Jesus Christ. We are one in His Spirit. 

Warrior 101: The Law of Christ

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." ~ Galatians 6:2

"Do for others what you want them to do for you: this is the meaning of the Law of Moses and of the teachings of the prophets." ~ Matthew 7:12

Dan initial comments upon opening the program:
"On Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval we try to dismantle ignorance and empower Christians to be more affective with knowledge, with equipping and with teaching." 

"God needs to get certain things across to His people in these last days.
If we don't know our enemy, what he's doing and what he can do, and what he plans to do, it's very easy to become a victim of his strategies just because of ignorance."

Dan opens this program with this prayer:

"Lord Jesus, we come before you in prayer and we plead the blood of Jesus over this program. I thank you Lord that this program will be a tool, an equipping, Lord, that it will touch hearts and minds, it will perform your intended purpose. Lord, I thank you that there is a covering over every person that will listen to this program, that they will not be triggered negatively for any reason, Lord, but that your Spirit would literally indwell this program. In the name of Jesus, amen."

Dan gives a short recap of topics covered in last 4 interviews.
- My being born in a family bloodline of servers to "The Plan" and being a former "Illumined one".
Things that happened to me at a young age including 
- Education and training in the spirit realm
- Was a part of certain government experiments
- My experiences in school
- Out of body experiences and work on the astral realms.
- Using my "gifts" for the organization. Remote viewing and other abilities. 

I begin by going into a little detail as to the opposition I have been facing from the forces of darkness in regards to the information I will be covering on this program and the next program. It was 27 years ago that I left the organization and I still have not be able to put in writing or talk in detail this past of my story. 

The opposition became even more evident as I was preparing my notes for this program. Here are some of my notes that have a little more detail than what I said during this part of this interview:

I realized yesterday (7/07/13) that I think that the reason that I have not been able to write about this part of my testimony is because of the strong opposition from the dark side. Every time I try to even think of how it all went down, I feel like I am hitting a brick wall. I have the sensation that I am pushing this wall in order to gain ground to tell my story. The wall needs to be shattered and disintegrated. 

Yesterday, when I realized this forceful opposition, I began to pray against it. I gave myself totally to God and I have asked Him to take all of me and everything that was done to me, take all of my experiences and memories and I asked Him to use it according to His Will. After I prayed that, my thoughts began to flow more smoothly and I began to feel like I have a better idea of the direction I will go in telling this part of my life. 

I am reminded of the things the hierarchy told me after they told me that they feared that I would be a Judas to them. I had to give them permission to do all that they could do within their power to keep me from being a Judas and then to keep me silent if I turned on them. I gave them that permission. I submitted my will to them. That is part of spiritual law, that ensured them the most power over me because I willfully gave it to them. It was a type of covenant. 

Years later, when I was shown the truth of who and what the "ascended masters" really are, I did what I could never imagine I'd do, I turned on them. At that time they assured me that they would block as much as they could from my memory and that they would most definitely do all that was within their power to silence me. I told them that if God ever wanted me to expose them and their plan, that there would not be a thing they could do to stop that. They were fuming mad because they knew I was right. 

Now, after many years and much struggle, I am here willing and able to do what I feel is God's Will.

If it were not for the notes I made more than 25 years ago and had put them away in a safe for future reference, I may not have remembered the some of the significant details of this time period in my life. 

Now, as I look over these old notes, I see even more clearly how deep I was into their circle. Not only did I work directly on a daily basis with Satan's closest and most powerful, I had been required to kneel down before their chosen one for the office of "The Christ" (global ruler) and ask him to enter my heart. That was something I had resisted doing because of his nature. He was the most arrogant evil being I had ever been around and he seemed proud of it. He was like a spolied child of royalty being very full of himself.  Yes, he could be quite charming, but being so around me served him no purpose. He saw no need to put on airs around me. He hated me. He often threatened me that he would "turn my lights out", meaning that he would kill my body while it was in the sleep state. I knew he wanted to murder my very spirit and soul and would do so if he could. On numerous occasions he voiced this desires to the other "masters", but they out ranked him and they still had use for me for the upcoming work. 

I may not have experienced the frightening ugly side of evil, but reality is that I was joined with the most evil ones in Lucifer's kingdom. Johanna Michaelsen's book is so well titled: "The Beautiful Side of Evil". Just because they don't show the evil to others, doesn't mean they are not horrendously evil and powerful and will not do what it takes to silence their enemy. Their enemy is the Righteous Creator of this universe and His plan of redemption of mankind through His Word who became flesh, Jesus Christ. When you give your life to Jesus Christ, His Spirit will join with yours working to heal and regenerate it. His Spirit in you has the power to draw your spirit to where He is. 

An "ascended master" is a lying and deceptive being that promises life, but will only give you death. There is no reincarnation and karma. 

Moving into the interview:

I picked up where we left off in the last interview when I was sharing some about the haunted house my husband and I had purchased in 1978. For more detail about this house, see my blog notes that go with the last program.

This cute house on a fabulous piece of property, quietly snuggled away on a secluded lane, was just too good to be true.

1978 - summer My husband and I moved into our little dream cottage, which soon became a living nightmare that lasted the entire 6 1/2 years we lived there. Unbeknownst to us, the house was built on a Shawnee Indian burial ground. The entire lane of 14 (originally 13) houses was haunted and obviously cursed. I consider my 6 1/2 years there as being worse than the story of "The Amityville Horror".

This arial shot from Google shows part of the haunted "L" shaped lane.
My house is in the center on the right hand side of the lane. It has a detached garage with a brown roof. 

The beginning of the lane. 
The house I lived in is two houses down from the white house in the left of this photo. 

There is much that I could tell about the years we lived in that house, but I have decided to go into more detail on another occasion. Perhaps if I ever write a book I will take the time to tell in more detail, not only what my family suffered, but of the terrible things that others on that lane experienced. Not one household on that lane was not affected by what seemed to be a curse on the entire area. Every household had a very ill family member or someone suffering from a nervous disorder and during the years we lived there, 4 households out of the 8 who had sons, lost their first born sons. One was murdered on his front lawn, a drive by shooting, another was killed early one morning by a hit and run, another was killed in a head on car collision by his own neighbor on Easter morning. Another fell to his death while rock climbing out west. My sons were next in line and were clearly being targeted by what ruled that lane.

My son and me behind the house in the summer of 1980.

"The spiritual hierarchy" (Satan's spiritual hierarchy) are opportunist and use what ever they can to further their purposes. They used the demonization in this home to their advantage. What my family and I endured in that home could easily have been dealt with and been extinguished and made null and void by the Power of Jesus Christ, but I did not know that and of course the hierarchy did not want me to have that truth. 

They wanted instead to use the effects my family suffered from the demonization as a reason to send me with my children to visit specific doctors that they were interested in recruiting for services in "The Plan".

This pic shows the loft area where my son was pushed off of by an invisible force. 
He was safely standing behind the chain barrier and was pushed past the speaker. After he had hit the ground, the speaker was then launched to the ground after him, missing him by just an inch or two. 

When one of my sons was thrown off of the second story loft of our home by an invisible force, I was given by my mentor the name of a cranial osteopath whom the hierarchy wanted me to take my son to. I had never even heard of such a doctor, but I was soon to learn a little about this interesting field. I had been instructed by my mentor to observe this doctor and use my abilities to read him to see if he had the degree of intuitiveness that would be suitable for work in "The Plan". Cranial osteopaths are trained to be able to detect very subtle changes in all body tissues. Some such people, like myself who had similar abilities are sensitive and open to supernatural influences and therefore can be used by the organization in both the physical and in the supernatural divisions of "The Plan". I was sent to see if this doctor was such a candidate.

Often much can be perceived by the initial hand shake. The physical contact of a hand shake along with direct eye to eye contact told me much about this man even before he began to examine my son. I perceived that he was indeed an intuitive person that had some ability to also perceive things of the spirit. His gentle and calm nature was a plus. 

I took my son to see him for several more necessary treatments. The "ascended masters" were pleased with this doctor's over all ability and professional expertise. My job was done and as was so often the case, I never knew if anyone ever followed up on the next stage of recruitment. 

Another doctor I was sent in to see was the most intuitive and in tune doctor I had met. He was a young holistic doctor who proved to be one of the best, most dedicated and caring doctors I have ever met. He was the only one outside of my one Christian friend who saw the dynamics of the problems including the demonic stronghold that other doctors were oblivious of.  In fact, My sons had two "Christian" pediatricians who witnessed demonic behavior and were even physically attacked while I watched. In both cases both doctors went into a trancelike stare repeating the same words that my son was perfectly normal, yet what they had witnessed was very far from normal. It amazed me how much power the demons that followed us had. I was frightened to see how blind they could make people.

Obviously the pediatricians were not any help to me or to the hierarchy unless the hierarchy used them to push me to seek alternative doctors who practiced alternative medicine. The holistic doctor was certainly a refreshing change. Nothing got past him. Like me, he immediately sensed the demonic before it manifested and he helped me divert it's ability to manifest. Nevertheless, there seemed to be no full deliverance from the problems that plagued us as long as we lived in that very haunted home on that very haunted lane. Even my husband was falling into the same pattern that the men of the two previous families fell into.

Apparently, the previous owners discovered as we had, that you don't own the house, it owns you.

Looks can be deceiving. There was nothing cozy about this little cottage. 

Staying warm in the winter was a nightmare. The furnace blew the first time we turned it on. We were lucky the house didn't burn down. Apparently the underside of the house caught fire, but mysteriously went out. (I have to wonder if it was God protecting us, or if it was the evil protecting it's possession.) The baseboard heaters we bought were almost worthless. We supplemented with with a Franklin wood burning stove. Even with the stove cooking furiously 24/7, our home at it's warmest averaged 42 degrees fahrenheit in the peak of winter. 

My husband found out about the two previous owners in a round about and interesting way. He had made a doctors appointment for himself and when he signed in at the front office window the female receptionist read his address and turned white. She slowly asked him, drawing her words out as she spoke, "You live at _ _ _ ____ Lane?......I used to live there....." She had a frightened look on her face. It was her who told my husband about the few horrifying years she endured in that house during her childhood. She told my husband what happened to her father which was exactly the same pattern that had befallen the previous owner. Both men had gone from being good natured, calm men to being rage alcoholics who verbally and physically abused the other family members. Both began drinking heavily which intensified the evil moods and bouts of insanity. Following this, both men ended up losing their right leg in a car accident. What a coincidence. 

My husband had already gone from being a good natured and calm man into fits of insane rage. He had become verbally abusive and at times physically abusive to our sons. He put our lives in danger on a couple occasions. Once I was sure he was going to kill us and then himself as he swore he was about to do. If my sons had not been sitting right next to me at the side door and if I had not acted as swiftly as I did to grab my sons and run, I really don't think we would be alive today.  I was afraid to go back home for fear of finding him dead. 

Continuing in that same pattern of the two previous owners, my husband who had never been a drinker began to drink which intensified the problems. I think that when he heard the story of the office receptionist, it shook him up enough to see what was happening to him. He was able to grab ahold of himself and decide to fight it. We decided to try to find away to sell our little dream cottage house and search for a new place to live. It wouldn't be easy since when we had moved into the home, we had plenty of money, but the house had been in constant need of repair which took every cent we had and then some. Murphy's law seemed to rule that house in that if anything could go wrong, it did go wrong, not just once, but over and over again. It was unbelievable. 

Our back yard on a misty November morning. 

It must have been God working on our behalf, we were able to find someone delighted to have our little home even with our honesty about it. In fact, at the last minute, my husband and I had second thoughts of selling it and tried to talk the prospective buyer out of wanting our home. However, no matter how horrific the horror stories we told this person were, we couldn't talk him out of wanting the house. The buyer seemed to be more in love with that house than my husband was when he first saw it. The first time I ever saw that house and lane, it reminded me of a seductive woman. It looked great, but I knew something was terribly wrong with that house and that area. It was mostly the men who lived on the lane who were initially enamored by the beauty of it while their wives knew in their gut that something was terribly wrong, though they couldn't put our finger on it. As bad as living there was, once you were there, it seemed hard to leave. 

Like a miracle, my husband found a nice roomy newer home with an affordable loan that we could assume. The house was in a nice family neighborhood with bike trails, a pond, a pool and shopping center. The house even came with a cat which was a delight to me. Life was looking better and was becoming better too. 

The holistic doctor proved to be exactly what the hierarchy wanted. I remember seeing him on several occasions in his astral body at our physical meeting place. 

Reinstatement into "The Spiritual Hierarchy": the division of "The Brotherhood of The White Lodge".

Backing up a little to the Winter of 1978 
My husband and felt the strong urge to go to church. Out of all the many churches in that tri-state area, we quickly decided on a church that was associated with the Unity churches and New Thought which of course is part of the "New Age" doctrine.

When I think back on that Sunday, it is as clear as it was yesterday. I can even remember what we were wearing.  Also so clear is how we entered the church lobby at the same time with 3 other young people our age. We stood there looking at each other. I could tell they were also new to this church so I asked them. None of the three knew each other, but we all seemed to hit it off. 

What a wonderful coincidence for all of us to walk in at the same time, none of us knowing each other except for my husband and myself. Was this "divine appointment"? 

My husband and I excused ourselves to find the church nursery for our son who was barely 2 months old. When we returned to enter the fairly large auditorium church sanctuary we found that it was quite full. We located 2 seats in the center section near the back and sat down. 

She stood out among all of the church congregation
Out of all the people, one person stood out among all the rest. She was sitting near the front in the left section. Maybe she felt me looking at her. She turned around and looked back directly at me and smiled a warm welcoming smile and turned back to look at the stage where the pastor approached the podium. 

He welcomed all of the congregation and we stood to hold hands and sing a most beautiful song. Christmas Song - Let There Be Peace on Earth 

In this more recent picture of the church sanctuary, the congregation joins hands to sing "Let There Be Peace On Earth". Not quite the full house attendance which was typical when I attended back in the late 1970's and early 1980's. My mentor usually sat in the left seating section, 4th row from the front, on the inner isle. 

Every Sunday for the next following few weeks, out of all the people in that church, there was one person who stood out among them all. She always sat in the same place with a man I was later to find was her husband. She always made a point to look back directly at me and make eye contact and smile sweetly at me. 
After church socialization.
It was the habit of many of the congregation to socialize in the church social room after the service. My husband and I began to join our few new friends there. I couldn't help but notice the beautiful woman who always made a point to single me out and smile at me. She was never alone. She attracted people like bees to honey who congregated around her. As I watched her, she seemed to be watching me, being totally aware of me. I felt that she knew that I knew she was different. 

One Sunday I was alone.
One Sunday I was there without my husband. I stood in the meeting area talking with a few of the ladies. I couldn't help but notice that the beautiful woman who tired of standing took a seat at a long table in the front of the room. The people who usually followed her were standing in line to have their turn to ask her questions or receive some sort of counsel. 

She motioned to me to come to her.
Every time I looked her direction, her eyes met mine and she smiled that warm and inviting smile. Finally motioned with her pointer finger for me to come to her. I was going to take a place in line behind the last person, but she laughed and motioned again for me to keep walking toward her to the table. 

When I stood in front of her she smiled and spoke. As she spoke I could see by the sparkle in her eyes that she knew that what she was asking me was a something that would most definitely catch my attention. 

She said, "Tell me about the stairs, the rocks, the water and the tower." She knew that phrase would get to me. I could see it in her eyes. 

It was a very significant part of what I believed was a former life. I had never told a soul about it and in fact I hadn't even thought about it in many years. I think my mouth dropped open in shock. She laughed and pointed to the chair in front of me and motioned for me to sit down. I think I needed to sit down. 

Telepathic communication.
She and I began to converse. I forgot about all the people in the room. It was like they disappeared. I came back into focus in the physical when people who were trying to listen to us began to ask us what was going on. They were saying that we were talking in half sentences and sometimes only a word here and there.  I realized then that we were communicating more telepathy than we were verbally. Verbally was too slow.  After I realized that, I just completely forgot there were any people around. I had never met anyone like this woman. The closest was my mother. 

note: I am fully convinced that the theory and doctrine of reincarnation and karma is a lie. Later in my interviews and in my articles I will explain why in more detail.

In this program, Dan Duval mentions that "the Bible gives no indication that there is such a thing as past lives, but there are people in this world that believe that they have memories of past lives."

Though there are more scriptures to back up the truth that we are fallen beings, not evolving beings, Daniel gives us two very good scriptures both attributed to have come from the Apostle Paul. 

1.) "It is appointed to man once to die and after that the judgement." ~ Hebrews 9:7

Next, a scripture to back up what I said about man being reinstated to our original position with God though Jesus Christ: 

2.) "For by one the man's offense death reigned through the one, much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ." ~ Romans 5:17

God designed for us to be reinstated into our spiritual intended position by Him through the sacrifice of Jesus

Weekly Pastor's Study
Maybe it was her that invited me to the weekly pastor's study.  At any rate, I began to attend the study and realized that I knew far more than the pastor and everyone else I had met at the church so far, except for the beautiful woman who was also always at the study. She seemed to pretend to be learning, but I knew better and she knew that I knew. 

One morning after the pastor's study I went up to her when no one else was around. I flatly asked, "You aren't like these people. What are you doing here?" 

She smiled like she was holding a secret and said, "Sometimes I wonder that myself." I knew that she would say no more that day on that topic.

The next week I asked again, "Tell me what you are doing here. Why you are here?" 

She smiled again and said that she was not at liberty to say, just yet, but might be able to give me more info at a later date. 

The next week I asked her again, "Why are you here?" She surprised me by answering me and her answer was a surprise to me.

She first led me down the hall and out the back door leading to a fire escape. She motioned for me to close the door behind us. I stood with my back to the door and she stationed herself facing me.

She said, "They sent me." Maybe I telepathically picked up who "they" was, but I wanted to make sure, so I said, "They?" Her answer validated my impression. She said, "the masters". I knew she meant the "ascended masters". She began to speak freely. 

She told me that she had to ask them permission to answer the question I had been asking her. They had their timing for everything. She told me that that they had given her permission to tell me everything.  She said that the masters had sent her to the church to recruit me back to work with the spiritual hierarchy and that she was sent also to pick up several others at the same time. 

She told me who the others were. They were the three other people who had walked into the church for the first time that one Sunday months before, the ones my husband and I met in the lobby when all remarked about how we all felt for some strange reason drawn to attend that church that Sunday. 

Dan Duval mentions Divine appointment. "God has in heaven a blue print, so to speak, of how He wants to organize people and ministries in order to most effectively execute His plans. He united Barnabas and Paul. He united Peter and John. You see, God works with teams. So does the devil. The devil has a counterfeit for everything, 

I mention that my relationship with her was different than the relationship the others in the group had with her. They didn't have the background and training that I did. They were kept in the dark about most everything. She was using all of us in different ways, her goal to lead them away from Jesus Christ and gradually into Luciferic doctrine. From there they would be used further to infect more people and bring more converts into the fold. She even deceptively worked on one of the young women to have her believe it was her own decision go to school to learn to be a chiropractor. A chiropractor can be a powerful tool to lead others into new age spirituality and the hands on treatments make demonic transference easy. 

That night, out of body, I met up with my mentor who took me to meet with the master who goes by the name of Saint Germain,  aka “the Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain”.  (He has had much to do with implementing the part of the plan involving the new age movement as well as influencing non denominational factions.)

I was a bit nervous, but my mentor assured me there was nothing to be anxious about, though it was a serious matter requiring due respect for the master. 

My mentor opened the door to where Saint Germain was waiting for me. She smiled at the master and motioned for me to walk in. 

It was a small room that could only be described as a library. On the floor in front of a low square table sat Saint Germain, legs crossed in yogi position. Surrounding him were wall to wall books from floor to ceiling. What I noticed first about him was his very dark brown eyes that were soft and yet piercing as he looked into my eyes. He was handsome. His hair as dark as his eyes was was mid length and parted in the middle. He wore a mustache that reminded me of Paul McCartney's the way it framed his lips. He was kind looking. The air about him was sweet and somewhat earthy like freshly mown hay.  

I don't recall our conversation, but I do remember sensing his over all satisfaction with my demeanor and of my desire to please and to follow all necessary requirements without question. I had no reason not to fully trust my entire life blindly to an ascended master. Blind trust and full obedience is what they look for. I also had the ability to easily pick up on and remember each master's individual vibration which is necessary for working closely with them. 

We all have our own unique soul/personality/spirit signature, more unique than a fingerprint and the masters have theirs also.

I clarify that the "Master Saint Germain" is not a human spirit, nor are the other ascended masters, though some claim to be. Those in the highest level of "the brotherhood" know the truth, that these entities are fallen beings who hate God the Creator of the universe and who seek to destroy mankind through deception, not assist mankind.

I mention in the program that when one looks at the images of the "ascend masters" on an Internet search engine, that they should take note of how so many of the caricature drawings look so much like the caricature drawings of the caucasian version of the blue eyed pale complected Jesus Christ. This is part of the deception to use images that people associate to Jesus Christ and create similar images to make the ascended masters seem similar to Jesus Christ. This takes away from who Jesus Christ really is and subtly drops Jesus Christ in the same pot as the ascended masters. 

Also notice that the ascended masters claim that Jesus is a low master, yet they seek to discourage you from reading the Bible for yourself since they know that if you did, you'd discover who and what Jesus Christ is and you will clearly see that they, the ascended masters are liars. 

"Christ" means "anointed one" or "chosen one".
"Christ consciousness" is a term coined by the "ascended masters" as a lure to take you away from knowing the REAL "Christ", the only chosen One of the Creator of the universe sent to redeem mankind and to restore mankind. This is not religion. This is spiritual fact and Law. 

We are not evolving beings who need anyone to help us advance.

While the ascended masters would have you looking to them as types of saviors sent to help you advance, the truth is that they are liars and that God so loved the world that He made a way to restore us to Him. God is perfect and His perfect plan is that He sent His Word into the flesh one time (Jesus Christ) so that through him all men could be drawn back to God from which the Word came from, and returned to. By returning was made the means to draw all men to Himself according to their will. A way has been made.  

I further mention that what people are referring to as "the New Age Movement" is in fact a package created by the "ascended masters" as a tool gather people from a wide area and funnel them into the spirituality that will take people away form the truth of God's plan to follow "The Plan" of Lucifer. 

The "Master DK" (Djwhal Khul, The Tibetan) once described the new age movement as “a symptom of an underlying cause”. 

The "Master DK was the master who telepathically dictated to Alice A. Bailey a series of books known as “the blue books” which is a sort of instructional blueprint of The Plan used by disciples world wide under the direction of the Masters of Wisdom.

I knew The Master DK as a very serious no nonsense personality. I don’t believe he was very fond of me either. I have had the most opposition from him since I left "The Plan". He once made it clear to me that “they have ways “ to keep me silent about what I know. I in turn voiced the truth that if I am meant to reveal anything, there is nothing he nor they can do to stop me. I sensed intense anger rising up from within him. He knew this was true.

I am now doing exactly what the Master DK never wanted me to do. It has taken me years to get here. God is All Powerful and Perfect and so is His timing...perfect. 

A psalm rises in my heart for God. My 2nd grade teacher used to read this one to our class every morning until prayer was outlawed in our public school. We cried that day. America has been on a steady decline ever since that day. It was her, my 2nd grade teacher who made a difference in my life that planted the seed that brought me to love God's written Word and the desire to read the Bible from my heart and not from the head center of the intellect that the masters insisted was the highest means of understanding. They were liars. 

You'll never see a stick in the mud "ascended master" love God like David in the Bible did. You'll never see an "ascended master" so close to God and in touch with God's Love that they are so full of joy and praise that they can not contain it. You will never see an ascended master's cup over flowing like David who danced in the street in open joyful praise of his beloved God, the Creator of the universe, YHWH.

Psalm 100

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all you lands!

Serve the Lord with gladness;
Come before His presence with singing.

Know that the Lord, He is God;
It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves;
We are His people and the sheep of His pasture.

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
And into His courts with praise.
Be thankful unto Him, and bless His name.

For the Lord is good;
His mercy is everlasting,
And His truth endures to all generations.

Going back to the program, Dan and I share experiences that relate to knowing God's Spirit and being familiar with that and how we can be sensitive to the nature of other spirits that are not of God. The best way to know God's Spirit is to spend time with Him. Read His written word in context and spend time in prayer. Feed your spirit with the things that are of Him.  

After my reinstatement, once again my life became complicated with a triple life. 
My husband, nor his family or our friends knew anything about me other than the surface facade. My physical life appeared quite boring. My husband's family and friends felt sorry for him being married to me. People thought I was boring and never wanted to do anything, but the truth is that I was interested in doing many things, but was strapped down with a child and little money. I told my husband to go out and enjoy himself, which he did. 

The hierarchy liked it that way. As long as my husband was out of the way and having a separate life from me, they could have my undivided attention.

I was lonely, but the hierarchy more than made up for that

1.) I had the best mentor one could ever hope to have, so I thought then. 

2.) I was constantly in touch with beings that were what I knew to be next to God Himself. 

3.) Being attached to them was like being attached to a lifeline of a slow steady feed of a spiritual amphetamine. 

I longed for the night. It was my real life. My physical was just something I had to deal with so I could have the night.

Who was I in the night? 
I had various roles. Mostly, at first I just felt like a tag along and they were just showing me the ropes. In fact that is what I think they were doing to get me up to speed and ready to do the job they had in mind from the beginning. 

Out of body, not too much was required of me in the beginning. Our meetings were mostly casual. The only requirements they had was that I be as punctual as possible and I was expected to wear a white robe. It was already my nature to show respect and have true humility. 

In some ways I felt like a little girl being accepted into a high school or college in crowd and treated as an equal. The masters worked to help me feel like I was an equal, though much of what they were bringing me into was nothing like anything I had ever seen or done before. 

Jumping ahead just a bit....As time passed, my roles changed. I became more comfortable with the "ascended masters" and began to feel as one of their peers. Though I had been schooled since childhood to resist attraction to a master, that changed as I was accepted into their circle. I was being treated as a desirable female. Nothing floats the ego like being thought of in romantic terms by an ascended master, especially when I was allowed to explore the possibility. That felt like being on the level of royalty and being thought of as equal to the top royalty of the universe. I did find myself attracted to one of them, and later to another. The first one I knew as "Jason".  I will mention some about him coming up...when I describe how we met in one our outings.

What did we do and where did we go? 
Often I was in my astral body on this physical realm, just not visible to most humans. 
I was able to transport to other realms. Sometimes classes were taught in another realm. Sometimes rituals were carried out in another realm. One ritual I will be talking about took place in the ruins of an ancient temple. 

Some realms resemble places on earth, and some realms are very different. 

Travel in other realms
Just as each master has his own unique personality signature, other realms and astral levels do to. You don't have to be physics major to be used in the occult and in the realm of the supernatural. The demonic can link to you and call you. These realms are inhabited by Lucifer and his spiritual hierarchy. 

Every realm has and astral level has a unique vibrational signature too. When you know it, you lock onto it and are transported there. In order to work with an "ascended master" you must know their signature. If you are under a particular master, or working with him, you usually have that open line to him and can go where ever he is. They can transport people in the astral by calling them to their place through their vibrational signature. Because of this, not everyone has to be not be a real student of physics or metaphysics in order to move from realm to realm. 

When you are under an "ascended master" you can usually feel him all the time, like you are tethered to him, like there is a string connecting you and that string is an open phone line of audio and visual. You may not always be able or allowed to remote view to where the master is, but you are very aware that the master can hear and see you clearly. Sometimes this is comforting and sometimes it is a little frightening especially when you realize that you have said or done something that they do not approve of. 

Often when concepts or ideas are rejected it due to a simple misunderstanding of terminology. In this interview, before I began to share some of my experience about other realms, Dan Duval helps to clarify for the audience what I am referring to as astral levels and other realms. Dan references the Bible. The Bible speaks of "heavenly places".

Dan Duval tells us: "The Bible actually says in 2 Corinthians 12:2-4, that there is a 3rd heaven where paradise is found. If there is a 3rd heaven, there's a 2nd heaven and a 1st heaven. 

"The 2nd heaven is where a lot of spiritual activity takes place both good and bad. When the Bible says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness and against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places, this is not occurring in front of God's throne. In fact, this is occurring in the spirit realm beneath the realm where God is seated."
"The Bible talks of heavenly places in a number of contexts including the book of Daniel chapter 10 when we find that the angel that was sent to Daniel to communicate to him a message, was held up by the prince of Persia, which was a fallen angel, in the 2nd heaven, that would not allow the angel to speak to Daniel for a certain time until Michael came in and helped him. All of this took place in the spirit realm, but it wasn't in front of God's throne." 

In the interview, before I move into my description of other realms, I clarify that I am not a physics major nor does a person need to be a physics major or be schooled in the higher metaphysical teachings to be able to be used by Satan's spiritual hierarchy in the demonic realms. 

I talk about how I loved what I called my "night life" and how I can relate to the main character in the movie "Avatar" who was anxious to put his human body to rest so he could enter the body that was suited for the planet he was on. I was very much like that. 

In fact, one of the realms that we visited almost on a nightly basis was much like the planet in the movie "Avatar". 

The realm like the movie "Avatar" was one of my favorite places to go. It was where we workers and some masters often visited after our nights work was done. The best way to describe this realm is the movie, "Avatar" because that realm was very much like the planet in that movie. There were no strange creatures like on the movie, just the over all look, with the same heightened almost exaggerated color. There were beautiful waterfalls and lush vegetation. All senses were heightened in this realm, even the awareness of being aware, that it was more like being awake than being awake in a body in the physical realm. 

This realm was also a place where two experienced the intimacy of being one.
Keep in mind that Satan can only offer a cheap counterfeit of God's original design. 

Sometimes we traveled out of body on this physical dimension or realm and into space. 

Once I was taken back in time. I will describe this in the last part of my story since it happened near the end of my work with them. I was taken to witness the fall of Atlantis. Lucifer's hierarchy claimed that Atlantis, the earthly kingdom they had created was brought to ruin. 

There are hellish realms we called the lower astral realms
To me it seemed that these realms were part of the location of this physical earth. Other realms seemed to be outside of this earth's physical atmosphere. 

The lower astral is hellish with extremely evil demonic entities. There is one level that reminds me of the movie "Back To The Future" when reality became like the pit of hell. Everything is dark and smokey, gangs of demonic characters are on the loose. It can be a very frightening place if you let their evil intimidate you. I never believed they could ever harm me, though maybe I was wrong and didn't know it because there were times I would go there just for sport and then hear the voice of the Master Hilarion echoing like thunder through the realms as he called for me. When his voice was heard all action stopped and the beings on that realm trembled in fear.

It's actually much more sinister and hellish than this. Keep in mind that in addition to a visual, one can nearly drown in the profound degree of sensory filth and permeating fear that is characteristic of these realms.  

The very worst and most evil of all demons I remember meeting up with are called, "Sub-Elementals" Some of them were huge furry bear like creatures. I couldn't smell them, but I knew they stunk of hideous evil. They packed enough fear that when discharged, could easily kill a man caught off guard. 

After I left the organization, several times I tried to tell someone about them, but each time I tried, just the mere mention of their name brought them to me and brought on a physical attack to my person while I was in my physical body. 

I have to wonder if that was one of them that materialized in front of my husband one terrible night in the haunted house we lived in. The description he gave sounded much like one. 

Should we fear such evil beings? No, not at all. Train yourself now to be strong in knowing the position and power Jesus Christ has and that you too have that because of him. 

I have gotten stronger in knowing who I am in Jesus Christ, by learning the written word of God and by quoting it like Jesus did, "It is written" and standing firm on God's Word. My faith has been strengthened as I see the power of the name of Jesus Christ make even the "ascended masters" tremble in fear and even break their cool and react in rage. Strange reaction for such "ascended" and calm beings. 

It is all about making the armor of God something you consciously put on everyday. When you make that your habit, your armor becomes a part of you. The enemy often relies on the surprise attack to paralyze you in fear, but if you are used to wearing your full armor, you have programmed yourself in faith to react in faith which makes it much harder for the enemy to surprise attack. If you become surprised and a moment of fear sets in, it is likely to be just a moment as you remember that you are wearing the armor of God. His Righteousness and His Truth. His Word is your deadly sword. You can count on it. "It is written" is the very law written by the creator of the universe. It is LAW. 

One realm seemed like hell itself
I have been in a realm that I thought was hell itself. It was a terrible place where everyone is crying out for help, but everyone is all alone in their misery. All they have is all the regrets to live over and over with no relief. One would love to just kill themselves to get out of their misery, but they are spirit, they can't kill themselves. I think they would have welcomed real fires to burn them up along with their misery. 

In between place, lost world or dimension
Another place seemed to be much like something like you would see on the old TV shows, "Outer Limits" or "Twilight Zone". This place seemed to be somewhere stuck between time. It was like walking through endless gray clouds. You can hear lost people calling out to one another, yet no one can find each other. Some are just calling for help. There is lots of pitiful weeping going on there. You can feel the presence of others there, but never see them or meet up with them. You are forever lost and alone and fully aware that you will there forever, lost and alone. 

Some people get all caught up on arguing about what Jesus' name really is, but in spirit, they know who he is and they know if His Spirit, that authority is actively living in you. 

Dan asked me to give examples of what kind of missions I would do in that state for the group. 

I told the story of the time I was with the masters and we entered a jet liner in flight and how some of the masters materialized and were telling people that the jet was moments away from crashing and that they were going to die, but if they came with them, the masters, that they would feel no pain. For those who chose to go with the masters, the masters took them out of their bodies. 

Dan asks me to share some more about the "Master Hilarion".
The "Master Hilarion" was by far my favorite master. I knew him as a warm, personable and charismatic individual. The Master Hilarion was also known as “Melchizedek” the high priest over the order of "The Christ". He was called “The Father of The Plan”. He once told me that he could have been The Christ himself, but chose not to take this “office”. When I was a child I had been told that the increase of UFO sightings beginning in the early 1940’s was under the direction of The Master H. whose intention was to get humanity to look outward from their 3rd dimensional narrow minded complacency.

In this program I describe, the best that I could, the robe that the Master Hilarion wore when he assumed his role and position as the High Priest, Melchizedek. Perhaps I actually need to take the time to draw this robe and the scene where I first saw him wearing it. We were at an ancient temple ruin for a special ceremony. It was then that I learned that the Master Hilarion held the eternal office of the High Priest of the "spiritual hierarchy".  I was told that he was the Melchizedek of the Old Testament, the priest to the Most High God.  At the time I was told this, I believed that he was who the masters said he was since at that time, I believed that the masters were also serving the Most High God, the Creator of the universe. It was not until about 6 years later that I would learn the truth, that it is Satan they serve and that the master Hilarion is the high priest of Satan/Lucifer's spiritual hierarchy. 

I will come back and add more notes here and later a drawing to help describe the robe the Master Hilarion wore when he assumed the role of High Priest. 

I mention in this interview that there are false teachings being circulated that claim that the Master Hilarion was in a past life the Apostle Paul. I will spend some time in another interview or write a blog article that can easily prove that the claim that Hilarion was the Apostle Paul is a lie. In the mean time I ask everyone to read the Apostle Paul's writings in the Bible and see that what Paul taught was not at all what the "ascended masters" teach. The Apostle Paul taught salvation through One, Jesus Christ. He taught redemption, not reincarnation. He taught that we have one life, we die and will be judged. The list goes on and on. The "ascended masters" want you to take their word for it and not look at the Bible for yourself in context. Do yourself a favor and read the Bible yourself. You don't need no stinkin "ascended master" telling you how to interpret it. Ask God Himself to help you understand His full message and to see the truth. 

Remember, the greatest propagandist knows that the best way to lead people is to tell them what to think.  

Next, Dan asks me to tell about meeting the "ascended master" named Jason.
It wasn't until I was out of the hierarchy that I put 2 and 2 together and had to wonder if he was Jason of the Argonauts. I will be writing about this meeting and will soon be posting it.

Dan next asked me to to tell about the church infiltration, but because the time left in the interview was running out, Dan and I decide to cover that experience in the next interview. Instead I talk about the two Catholic Priests whom the ascended masters wanted me to evaluate as potential use in the "brotherhood". 

I was sent to evaluate two priests in the same parish. One was an older priest whom I discovered was also open to the supernatural. Many priests are. To me it seemed that he had been a priest so long that his position as a priest was more like a job to him than a means to serve God. Like others priests I have observed, he seemed to be going though the motions with no thought of the holiness the sacraments represented. Even when he spoke the "Lord's Prayer", he hurried through it in a monotone at break neck speed, never once feeling any of the words of the Lord.  If this priest loved God, it didn't show. By the books, he was a good theology teacher, but he certainly lacked the most important thing, the evidence that in his spirit was the presence of the Spirit of the living, loving God. 

The 2nd priest of interest to the hierarchy was a fairly young man and from what I could see, was well liked by the parishioners. He was handsome, always smiling and friendly to all. His overall personality was pleasing and his social skills made him easy to like and to feel comfortable around. 

I did detect a slight sexual air about him that told me that sexual expression was a part of his thinking and his lifestyle. Not very becoming of a priest, I thought. The other priests I had been around didn't have that air about them.  I wondered if I had read this one wrong. 

Our conversations were always interesting. He seemed fresh and vibrant. He liked who he was and was happy with his lot in life. I quickly found that he was yet another priest who could teach theology by the books, but whose nature seemed to be lacking the presence of God. 

After a few meetings, I felt he was comfortable enough with me that I could break the chain of surface talk and have him tell me more about his personal thoughts of theology.  I began by asking him some questions. The nature of the questions and the terminology I used was meant to tell him something more about myself, that I was a student of various schools of mysticism. I hoped he would feel free at that point to express his own views. He did.  As he talked, I began to wonder why he was a priest at all since he didn't seem to hold the same view of the sacraments as the other Catholics I knew.  He disclosed to me that he didn't pray the rosary, nor did he see a reason to do so. He kept the rosary primarily for appearance.  

After that last meeting, there was no further reason for me to talk with him. I shared my findings and impressions with my mentor and thought no more about that priest or whether he was invited into a division of our fold. He didn't seem to have the love and dedication for God that I had seen in some of the best workers in my division, but he did have some qualities that could be used. 

A few months later that priest's face was plastered on the front page of all the local newspapers and was the breaking lead story of all the local TV networks. He had been charged with multiple cases of pedophilia. The Catholic church had allowed this to continue under their noses. My intuition about him had been correct, though I never suspected the sexual air about him had anything to do with children. 

Spring of 1980: The hierarchy chooses a mate for me.
Members in the organization are married to the organization. Their allegiance is to the organization. Often the physical life is a facade to hide the organization's member's activities. A member may be married to a person by law in life, but in the organization, that is not recognized as law. The organization often makes their own match especially for a specific project. My mentor, though married was provided with the spiritual hierarchy's mate for her. They also matched me with their choice for me. When I married the man I married in 1976, I never dreamed of the possibility that my marriage would ever end, much less be on the rocks soon after we said "I do". I loved him more than he loved me and he didn't want me. 

Let it be known that my husband was a victim too. Just as I am not the woman he married and have given my life to Jesus Christ, he is also a new man and a very good one. He has since become a real Christian and is a real man of God. I am very proud of him and happy for him and so happy God put my former husband on His path to bless others and to serve His Kingdom. So, please keep in mind that if I mention anything about him, I am talking about a person who was a victim like myself and that he is not that person any longer. 

Maybe it was perfect timing for the hierarchy to set me up with who they wanted as one of theirs. Maybe I was the bait to bring him in. He never knew that the hierarchy chose him.

He was a handsome young man who was in Catholic Seminary to become a priest. I had met him several years before. Our paths now crossed once again. There was nothing about him I didn't like and even love. Most especially what I loved about him was his love and dedication for God.

Neither he nor I voiced our strong feelings for each others right away, though we both knew the feelings were there. It was hard to fight them. It seemed a terrible thing to have such a friend and have feelings like that to be there, but reality was clear that our friendship could never be because love was getting in the way. I was a married woman and he was going to be a priest. We had to say no to our friendship and good bye forever.

Because he loved God more than his own life, he had the strength to say good bye to me and close the door before either of us could disobey our vows; his to God and mine to a husband, though my marriage was well on the rocks. Thought it hurt, I had great respect for him for making the moral choice that he did and for following it through. God had better plans for his life, and as far as I can see, God has him exactly where God had intended him to be all along. 

In spite of that wise young man's decision, the hierarchy did have us meeting in the astral to try to convince him to at least be a part of the work in the supernatural. He was firm in his convictions and we left him alone.

Next in the interview, Dan asks me to talk a little about my mentor/handler, her hierarchical mate and how they were used together for the purpose of "The Plan". 

I will be writing these notes and posting them here as soon as I am able. I will be covering this topic in greater detail in my next interview with Dan Duval. 

Dan explains that we are now getting into the part of my story where we begin to see elements of the enemy's plan, the real thing. It's not just demonology 101. Now we're talking about how the is enemy going to release the greatest deception this world has ever seen.

Dan asks, "Why does the Bible say "As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the son of Man?" The Bible mentions the last days and gives us some descriptions of those days, but "How does it happen? What is the mechanism in which this world enters into these last days?" 

That is a hard question to answer, Dan said, because you don't just come up with the mechanism by theory or guess work, but when somebody who was in it, comes out and begins to speak and say, "This is actually what I witnessed.", then Christians and people in general should listen and begin to think along the lines of "If this is true, what does that mean for me right now?" rather than discarding what that person has shared and will be sharing from personal experience. 

We need to ask, "If this is true, what does that mean for me?" 

In my next interview with Dan Duval, we will be talking more about the "ascended masters", about the one chosen for the office of "The Christ".  I will be sharing again about, the one referred to as "the most Illumined of all" and more about what was revealed to me about "The Plan".

In addition, for the first time in public, I will tell in detail about the final project I was a part of which involved the creation of bodies for some of Lucifer's most powerful. Could these hybrid bodies of these beings be considered a type of Nephilim? 

Also for the first time, I will be publicly sharing the details of what I haven't been able to share before, of everything that happened to me that led me to want to leave the organization. God Divinely stepped in. It is a wonderful story that demonstrates the Love and the Power of our Righteous Creator and that Jesus Christ is in fact God's Plan to save us from "The Plan". 

In closing the program Dan expresses to the listening audience why I am telling my story. It is because I want people to know that Jesus Christ is the deliverer, is the healer, and is the power.

If you have been listening to my programs or have been reading my blog entries and have decided that you want the deliverer, the healer and the power, Jesus Christ, here is a simple prayer of salvation which will get you started on your journey with Jesus Christ. 

"Lord Jesus, I come before you in prayer and I repent because I have sinned and I have been separated from you. Lord Jesus, I receive you as my personal Lord and Savior. I renounce the devil. I renounce the past life I have lived and I thank you that I am cleansed by the blood of the lamb. Lord Jesus, thank you for saving me. Amen."

Jesus Christ is real. Jesus Christ is the answer. 

My prayer for you:

May the Lord be with you.
The Lord bless you and keep you.
The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you,
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. 

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ. 

May you be a blessing to God Himself. 

To know Him is to love Him. 

May you love Him with all of your heart, 
with all of your strength and with all of your mind. 


I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. 
(1st public announcement on 11/04/16)
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