Monday, September 30, 2013

If I haven't answered your email...

Resting On The Path. Mark 6:31

"Take rest: a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." ~ Ovid

If I haven't answered your email, please do not take it personally. Quite simply, I am exhausted from over extending myself which I have a tendency to do. I put others before myself until I have nothing left to give, even to myself. Please know that every single one of you is extremely important to me. I do read all of my emails and though I am not able to give you the attention you deserve, just know that when you write to me, I do pray for you and your particular needs and I continue to pray for you. 

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Mike Shreve's Interview

Some of you who have been following my story through the series of interviews with Dan Duval may remember me talking about my teen years and of my former Kundalini Yoga teacher who became a Christian. His name is Mike Shreve.  He was Dan Duval's guest September 18, 2013 on "Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval". 

Here is the link for the archived broadcast:

In all of my years serving under the ascended masters, I had met only a few people whom I knew were far beyond most humans in "enlightenment", who possessed great depth of knowledge and understanding in many religions, including deep metaphysical knowledge, and understanding of eastern mysticism.  Mike Shreve was one of those. I admired him and saw him as great teacher, though he was not one bit pretentious. Mike is another perfect example that is evidence that becoming a believer in Jesus Christ is not equivalent to getting a spiritual frontal lobotomy. It is the opposite. 

In my 4th Interview with Dan Duval, I tell part of my side of the story of the day back in 1970 when Mike, was late for class for the first time ever. When the news came why he was late, we were relieved he was safe, but shocked at the news we received as if it was a tragedy. 

For many years I wondered what ever became of Mike. People say that the Lord works miracles and He works in mysterious ways. My life is certainly a testimony of both. As I reflect right now, I can't help but believe that part of God's plan to help people today was why Mike's and my path crossed when they did many years ago, and why our paths have crossed again. His story and mine independently and together help strengthen the truth of where the boundaries of the occult lie. Our testimonies reinforce that Jesus Christ IS The Way, The Truth and the Life. 

There really is a wide road that leads to destruction and a narrow road provided by God through His plan of salvation from that destruction. Jesus Christ IS God's provision to restore mankind and to bring eternal life rather than leave mankind to Satan's plan that is deceptive leading to death and destruction. Take a look at our world today as we allow Satan to reign in our hearts and lives. Satan works through people. God works through people too. 

Who you chose to serve makes all the difference in the world. Think about it. 

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To read my notes and listen to my story of my teen years which includes the story about the Kundalini Yoga class and the day I could never forget. Go to the link below of my May 21st interview. At this link you will also see a link to the video where Mike tells what happened that day. 

A quick note as I think back: I spent a good amount of time with some Mahatmas who were traveling with "Guru Maharaj Ji, a couple of years after Mike gave it all up for Jesus Christ. Everyone seemed to think those Mahatma guys were really something, but compared to Mike they were so kindergarden. I pray that those young men have also found the Real Truth as Mike found and as I later found.  In fact, all of my friends who attended Mike's Kundalini class at The University of South Florida became born again believers of Jesus Christ and are still living a Jesus Christ centered life. None of us would ever want to go back to what we had before. We know why Mike Shreve gave it all up for Jesus Christ. In truth we had nothing before. Satan's world is full of deceptive trails. You think you are on paths to golden enlightenment, but in truth those paths are only trails to get you lost and snared in the briar patch. 

"Mike Shreve has traveled throughout the United States and overseas as an evangelist and missionary since 1971. He is also the author of 11 books and 3 Bible Studies, as well as the director of a Christian publishing company called Deeper Revelation Books. Prior to His conversion to Christianity in the fall of 1970, Mike was a student of an Indian guru and a teacher of yoga and meditation at four Florida universities. He is now involved in a very strategic outreach toward followers of other world religions called “The True Light Project”. 

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