Sunday, June 15, 2014

Will There Be A Global "Sunday Law"? My thoughts and more, from my unique background.

by Carolyn Hamlett

Who does the Pope take orders from?...God?

Who do YOU follow?...God and His PERFECT example, Jesus Christ...or a counterfeit who serves the anti-Christ organization?

In this article, I share with you insights and knowledge of "The Plan" from my background of being raised in the anti-Christ organization the Pope takes orders from.

Through the years, I have received many emails from people asking me to share my thoughts on numerous topics. One of the most popular topics I have been asked to respond to from my unique background is that of the Sabbath of God and whether there is a plan to make a global "Sunday Law", a law that designates Sunday as the globally recognized "holy day" or "holiday". 

There are various ways or avenues I could approach this topic from, and I could still go into much more detail, but for now, here are some of my thoughts and important points to be considered, all coming from my present life of being a Jesus Christ following Christian, coupled with my unique past experience of serving in the organization that will make a "Sunday Law" if one is to be made, and I think it will

Here are some of my thoughts. Following, I present important points to be considered.

I desire to share with you what I know because I don't want you to be fooled by the ant-Christ religious system that is already snaking it's way into so many people's minds. 

Some of you may think I preach too much, but I think I have been weak on my warnings when I consider what I know and the sheer numbers of people who are rapidly falling for the plan of the anti-Christ.  Sometimes I wonder what some of you would be doing if you knew what I knew and it was you who had lived my life instead of me. Would you already have several books out? Would you be making more waves than I have been? No doubt many of you would have. 

In spite of myself and my short comings, I thank God that He has allowed me to live to share what I have been able to thus far. I thank Him for using a fragile vessel such as myself to display the power of His Love, Grace, Forgiveness and Healing that is real and available to everyone, even those who think they have committed a sin too terrible for God to ever want them or love them. God's desire is that not one soul will perish. That is why He made a way to redeem us and restore us....if we choose, the way is here waiting for us. He already made that way for us because He loves us. There is no sin too great that God has not already paid for in case you choose to be redeemed and cleansed.  Don't let anyone ever convince you that it is too late for you. They are a liar. 

I share what I know because I care about you. You deserve to hear the truth. You do not deserve to be conned by the greatest conspiracy and conspirators this earth has ever known. 

What I share comes from my own personal experience of being a bloodline server to this  Luciferian/Satanic conspiracy to put the anti-Christ into global rule. I was one of a long line of conspirators working my assignments, doing my small part until God stepped in and changed my life forever.  Now I share with you what I know from the enemy's camp so you will not be deceived by the tactics being employed against you.  I point you to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ who is Salvation and the key to defeat the enemy. 

Now, here are important points to be considered:

First of all,  Jesus would NEVER change ANY of God's 10 commandments. 

Why do I say this?

I say this because Jesus spent much of his ministry teaching the people to keep the 10 commandments!

In addition, Jesus would never ever abolish a single commandment because to do so would be to condone dishonesty, lying, thieving and even murder! 

When one examines the 10 commandments they can see that the commandments are not grievous, but teach honesty, integrity and respect for other's property.  

God's laws protect a husband from losing his wife to another man or a woman from losing her husband to another woman.   

God's laws when followed protects you from theft of your property, of what rightfully belongs to you. 

God's laws when followed protect you from being lied to, lied about or slandered. 

God's laws are a recipe for a safe and happy home, community and world. The laws are a recipe for global peace and happiness!

Jesus took the 10 commandments a step further...from being more than a just an act. For, if one has love in their hearts for others, it is their very nature to be honest and treat others in love! That is what it means to have the law written in one's heart. That is the nature of God Himself. 

The 10 commandments are LOVE based.  They are only grievous to those who are selfish in nature, who worship themselves, who are self-serving, self-centered considering their wants and desires to be more important than anyone else!  Such people consider themselves entitled to what is rightfully yours and they will lie, cheat and steal and sometimes murder to take from you. Such people, though they may not commit murder, DO have a murderous heart. This is the heart of Satan, NOT God.   

Maybe it's the part of the commandments that calls for worship of God that gets you. 

Consider this...

Satan would have you to believe that God is a tyrant who actually needs people to worship Him. No, God is neither a tyrant nor does He need a single one of us to worship Him!  That is why He gave us free will.  Satan, on the other hand IS an egotistical tyrant who does need people to worship him.  Actually, Satan craves to be worshiped and to lord over others.

Worshiping God - an example from me:

Have you ever been so happy and thankful about something that you felt the need to shout with joy? Have you ever seen something so beautiful that was far beyond what your spirit could hold?  I have, and I believe you have too.  It is natural for me to direct my happiness to God, to share my joy with Him. God doesn't need me to do this, but when I share my joy with Him, it just so happens that I feel His presence even stronger!  The Bible says that God lives in the praises of men. He certainly is alive and ever present on that level of joy! When I enter that joy by thinking of the good things in this world, I just happen to find the presence of God right there! Whether God is blessed by my thankfulness or not, I am Blessed by His presence.  This is part of what worship is.
The more I experience God's presence, the more I desire to be in His loving presence. I find myself so impressed with Him and of the Love that He has for spite of ourselves!  I find myself seeing others through the Love and Grace God has.  It is my admiration for His goodness that brings me to want to please Him and to be an expression of His love to others.  I want to please Him because He isn't a tyrant and because His Love surpasses all human understanding. I admire Him and wish to be more like him. 

So, is worshiping God and choosing to live love such a grievous thing?

I don't think so. Though I am not looking for the Blessing, it is a fact that I get Blessed by entering into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. (Psalm 100).   

It could be worship yourself at the expense of others. Or give homage to the one (Satan) who actually gets energized by feeding off evil natured people. Satan may not be real to you, but you are real to him and he and his fallen ones are deadly parasites who seek to use you as a weapon against others and will use you up and throw you away when they are finished with you. Outside of God, whether you realize it or not, you are giving homage to the other gods and their Lord who is Satan. You put yourself under their influence. 

Where your heart what you worship.

That is why God's first commandment is to have one God, the Righteous Creator of the universe and worship no other gods. It is a built in protection for us. Our choice to worship anything else separates us from all that is of God and limits our ability to receive His Godly direction and the Blessings He has for us. It is all our choice. 

In a way, the 1st commandment reminds me of a protective parent speaking to their children to ensure their safety and to keep them out of trouble: "Listen up, I am your parent, listen to me, not to strangers or your little friends."  Much like the way June and Ward Clever on the old TV show, "Leave It To Beaver" would tell their son Theodore "Beaver" to listen to them, not "Larry Mondellow" who had a way of talking Beaver into getting into trouble. When Beaver listened to the wisdom of his parents, he was saved from error and the ill effects that result from error.   

Just a side note: Years ago, I made my mind up that even if there was no heaven to gain, nor hell to shun, that I will do my best to do good even if there ceases to be no me at all for eternity when my heart beats it's last beat and I exhale my last breath.  This is my choice regardless of what anyone else in this world does or does not do.

Now we are down to the commandment that is the least picked on commandment of the 10.  In fact, it seems to be the only commandment that the world has not been making a stink over....yet...

Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy. God made the Sabbath day Holy.  

Contrary to religious traditions of men based on out right lies, many well meaning people believe the Sabbath is actually Sunday. 

Some well meaning people know the Sabbath is Saturday, but think it is no big deal to ignore God's own Word of what day He set apart as Holy... as if this commandment is the one that God has abolished.  The very God who created the heavens and the earth named the 7th day Holy and yet we humans ignore this fact?  It is almost TOTALLY ignored.  Go figure! People value "holy water", "holy sacraments", and even consider Sunday "holy", but in their manmade religiosity, they totally ignore what God Himself named Holy.  Mankind values the traditions of men over God's own Wisdom and Holiness. This is another example of worshiping men, and men seeking to be worshiped as the spiritual authority over other men.

Jesus Christ himself refused to be worshiped and bowed to. Keep this in mind for the present and the future as to what is of Jesus Christ and what is not.  

Going back to the topic of worship: 

One of the tactics being employed by the enemy is to convince people that God has the characteristics that are actually the characteristics of Satan. Satan is the egotistical tyrannical worship hungry entity craving to lord over you. Those who think Satan/Lucifer isn't a tyrant and doesn't expect their worship will be dead wrong.  It is Satan/Lucifer's intention to have you worship him and only him. 

For those of you who think that this NWO is a conspiracy "theory", or that it has nothing to do with spiritual matters, you are flat out living a delusion and are already a victim of the very conspiracy you have been deceived into believing does not exist. 

"The Plan" I speak of...what is it?

"The Plan" is actually a HUGE conspiracy composed of many small conspiracies carefully designed to trick humanity into following Satan's plan. I didn't name it "The Plan", the author of it named it "The Plan". 

If you don't like the term "conspiracy", you are already a victim of the very organization implementing "The Plan". 

Allow me to re-educate remind you of the original meaning of the word, "conspiracy"

A conspiracy is the same thing as a deception.
A conspiracy is simply a deception being orchestrated by more than one person

Satan is the CON of all cons and the author of the greatest CONspiracy of all.  Lucifer/Satan named the conspiracy "The Plan".

Two of Satan's most successful feats has been to convince people that he, Satan doesn't exist and that his organization on this physical earth working to carry out his plan "The Plan" does not exist either. 

This evil organization which many do not believe exists is busy right now introducing one of the most diabolical lies ever, that Lucifer is not Satan. Another diabolical lie being promoted by the organization is that Satan is not a name for an individual entity, but rather a term to describe an evil force or influence. 

These are conspiracies which are deceptions being orchestrated by more than one person.

Satan/Lucifer works through people.  After all, Satan/Lucifer wants to bring his kingdom rule on earth to rule what?...people!  He works through willing servants like many of my ancestors and then myself to bring this to pass. He isn't a dummy just haphazardly trying to make this happen. He has a carefully designed battle plan. Again, that plan is called "The Plan". 

Guess who is responsible for coining the term "conspiracy theorists" and similar terms? It is a cloak of protection for Satan/Lucifer's organization of humans as a means to divert people from the truth and to further program people to listen to them and not to the real truth. People who parrot and name-call others "conspiracy theorists" are like Pavlov's dogs. They are programmed to react and are tools in the hands of the Luciferian globalists.

Here is an illustration of the progression of just one aspect of "The Plan"- just one of many target goals.

This will also show you the progression toward a possible future "Sunday Law". The anti-Christ organization works through deception after deception to lead the masses toward the target goal. (Conspiracy after conspiracy. It's a deliberate bread crumb trail leading into the trap.)

This target goal or end goal, I will refer to as "Point B"
The place of beginning, starting point or point of origin is "Point A".

Target goal "Point B" is to have the masses gladly embrace the Lucifer run organization's initial guidelines for global peace and the "new" global spirituality. (aka. "The New World Order", "One World Order", "Global Management System" and numerous terms of similarity.) This new system will be the love child of the marriage of global politics and religion. 

How do you get the masses to want this and beg for this? 

By way of what the organization calls "The Law of Harmony Through Conflict". (This is not of God.) 

Simply put, they create the conflict and present the solution.

The organization creates the evil, the wars, the strife and chaos until humanity is ready to embrace their recipe for "harmony" as being the answer to peace. The masses will lick, praise, eat and drink from the evil hands that brought them the evil to start with. They will praise them for being their savior and saviors from evil, unaware that those whom they praise are the very ones who are behind all the evilThe true followers of God will then be considered the enemy of global peace. 

Plan: to create the opposite of peace in order to later provide the war torn hurting world with a counterfeit solution. 

Plan: Create religious strife, racial strife, political strife, divisions among the people in the United States and the people of the world. Much chaos is planned for the US, and globally; confusion, brother rising up against brother in hate, bloodshed, riots wars etc. 

How do you get masses of people to hate, war, riot and even turn on people of their own faith and political party enough to have murderous intent? How do you bring America down from the inside? How do you get religion and politics married so the anti-Christ system can direct global politics according to Lucifer's plan? 


Place of origin of this "Point A" = September 11, 2001.

911 was the launch pad used to launch this phase of "The Plan".

From the place of origin, the road is paved with conspiracy after conspiracy to lead the masses to "Point B" which in this case is to have the masses gladly embrace the Lucifer/Satan run organization's initial guidelines for the fake global peace which is the product of the marriage of global politics and religion. Most of those in global and religious power today are Luciferians who serve "The Plan" of Lucifer/Satan. They are working on the masses now. 

What I am sharing with you in this article are some of the things I was told nearly 60 years ago. 

I have seen every major target goal come to pass so far except for their target date to have their "Christ" in global rule before the year 2000. Obviously they are well beyond that ETA (estimated time of arrival). 

911 was the means they used to escalate the movement of "The Plan".

If you doubt me, take a few minutes to try to remember our pre-September 11th 2001 lives in America. Consider the laws passed since then which took away our freedoms as the means "to insure and protect our freedoms". 

(I could write a book on "The Plan" and 911.)

I actually was warning people about this event weeks before it happened. I told people what this planned catastrophe was going to be used for.  I was not privy to the exact location nor the exact date, but I knew it would be very soon, on the east coast and many people would die.  My warnings were documented before the event of September 11, 2001. 

The planned conspiracy to bring religious strife and instigate religious strife and wars to get the masses to hate religions and "religious extremists" largely began on 911. 

If you remember,  the term "conspiracy theorists" was revived and used on 911 as a means to once again corral the non thinkers from taking seriously the rational common sense thinkers and researchers. It is the ones parroting the terms like "conspiracy theorists" who are the gullible. They are spoon fed cattle eating slop from the organization's trough. In fact, the organization looks at them as corralled "cattle" to be used to help fulfill "The Plan"! Yes, the organization has separate plans to use those cattle in. The cattle are weapons in the enemy's hand to be used to fulfill "The Plan" and be used as tools against those who resist "The Plan" along the way.

Besides programming (conditioning) people to adopt the organization's definition and use of the word "conspiracy", there are other terms also, many which began on 911. 

"Extremists", "Religious extremists", "Muslim extremists", "Christian extremists", etc. I don't think I ever hear "extremists" associated to Catholicism. 

The evil Luciferian organization actually created the "Muslim extremists", the "al-Qaeda" and militant groups and are still behind all the uprising in the middle east.

This organization insures the masses hear daily the terms: "Religious extremists", "Muslim extremists", "Christian extremists", etc. 

The organization supplies their definition of these terms DAILY by examples on TV News, TV shows, movies, music and even through TV commercials and Sports commentators during live televised sports events! (It's all about marketing the product.)

All made easy by 911. Feeding the sheep...or cattle. 

You are what you eat. 

It's a bread and circus show. (If you don't know what "bread and circus" is, look it up.) 

People think they are being fed and entertained, but they are being poisoned body, soul and spirit. They are being slowly conditioned to adopt the views the globalists feed them. They are being told what to think and are spoon fed their opinions from the globalist run media, globalist run Hollywood, globalist run publishing houses, newspapers and globalist run Internet sources...and globalist run teachers, preachers, pastors, Rabbis and priests. 

You may not think this organization exists, but it has it's loyal members of all races placed in all walks of life, all governments, all political parties, all universities,  and in all religions throughout all of the world. These servant's allegiance is to "The Plan".   

"The Plan": Wars and strife will be blamed on religions and religious fanaticism and extremism. We have seen this playing out quite a bit. 

The masses will be led to believe that extremism, especially religious extremism is the enemy to the peoples of the world. 

When a majority of the masses are convinced that extremism and most especially religious extremism are the enemy to the peoples of the world, guidelines will be set to ensure peace for all.   

At which time, Target goal "Point B" will have been reached. 
In this maturing anti-religion world society, make way for the new religion which will be peddled as not being religion at all, but as being THE truth. 

According to "The Plan", there are yet to be more wars and great devastation before most of the masses will be ready to unite for global peace and follow the guidelines. I was told the guidelines will be presented by the organization's "Christ".  I was told that the United Nations was created by Lucifer as his means to "usher in The Christ"(Lucifer/Satan's "chosen one") for global rule. My own mother was part of the esoteric group who created the UN. 

The Sunday Law is likely to be done at this time, and likely to have been already suggested many times before that time. 

I believe we will be seeing more and more reference suggesting that Sunday is the preferred "Holy-day"..or more like 'holiday" of rest.  The Pope and other religious and political leaders will be priming the masses with talks of peace and ecumenicalism. Again, as I said before, Lucifer/Satan works through his people to make his plan for his global rulership a physical reality. 

The way of "The Plan" is to gently stroke the masses with suggestions. The suggestions are gradually increased and plugged where ever possible by way of TV, radio, books, and movies. This primes the masses to be open and ready to embrace the final suggestion

People may laugh now about the thought that there could ever be a "Sunday Law", but I think it will happen. Here is why:

Nearly 60 years ago, "The Plan" was pretty much laid out to me.  I was told that in the latter section of "The Plan", as a means to prepare the masses to embrace the global spirituality to be brought in with Lucifer's chosen "Christ", religious leaders will meet to begin promoting spiritual unity of faiths. (We are seeing this now.) Though the purpose is to appear as promoting global peace, the plan for the future of this Ecumenicalism is sinister. 

The plan is to condition the masses to believe that global peace can not be achieved without the unity of all faiths. 

This conditioning of the masses will continue until the majority of the world's population is convinced that global peace is being held back from them, the peoples of the world, by a minority of selfish, unloving, willfully ignorant closed minded, spiritually inferior people stuck in their outdated fundamentalist Christian belief system and too suborn to give it up.

Finally, the peoples of the world will agree to exterminate the few for the greater good of the many. My mother called this "a compassionate plan within "The Plan".  

Now I will ask you a question.

What day of the week does the majority of the global population commonly think of as the day of rest or worship?  

You probably answered, Sunday. 

Now I will ask you another question.

What better way is there to promote universal harmony, commonality of purpose and strengthen global unity toward a proposed global rule than to institute a universally recognized day where people of all faiths can be free to worship or observe as they will and be told they are free to worship as they will? 

It is true that the masses can be persuaded to go along with any day of the week as being the shared global observance day, however, the path of least resistance at this time would be to have Sunday as that day since the Catholic church and the majority of Christendom already see Sunday as the day of worship. 

Another point to consider is that this rapidly growing anti-Christ society of today is a society that has been conditioned to believe that God's laws are condemning and limit true freedom. Being told to observe a literal Biblical commandment of the true Sabbath is likely to be seen as legalism and having religion forced on the peoples of the world, rather than to be free to worship as they please, if they please. 

Again, that would be another vote for Sunday as being the likely choice for a global observance day. 

So, I think it is very likely in this developing ecumenical society, that a global observance day will be chosen and that Sunday will be the chosen day.  We are very likely to see this eventually become a law. I can see how the masses will celebrate this being made a law as paying homage to their individual version of god or to celebrate peace and universal brotherhood. 

Originally when I wrote this article I expressed the view that since Lucifer/Satan hates God and everything Holy and believes all should worship him instead of God, that he would not want people to observe God's Holy day, the Sabbath and therefore would choose Sunday as a global recognized day.  

This may be true. However, it could be more complicated than that. It is possible the future global "Christ" (of the anti-Christ organization) who will be "ushering in an age of peace" will be used by the anti-Christ organization to fake the prophecy of the anti-Christ and then fake the return of Jesus Christ with their REAL counterfeit whom I met. This counterfeit was referred to as "the most illumined of all". Although I met Lucifer in the form of a man, "the most illumined of all" could very well be Lucifer in his form as an angel of light. 

I do think that at some time in the not so distant future, a line will be drawn in the sand to separate the true followers of God and His Son, Jesus Christ from those who are not true followers. I believe this will involve the 4th commandment, that of keeping the Sabbath Holy. 

It may seem a trivial matter as to which day to observe as "Holy", but I ask you to consider that this commandment may be used as a means to divide those who choose God over Satan. Where do YOU stand? Whom do you choose?  Contrary to men's tradition, not one of the 10 commandments has been obliterated by God. Is His Law written in your heart...or not?

If the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ is counterfeited, it is possible that this counterfeit may be Lucifer himself. If this is the case, as much as Lucifer/Satan hates God and seeks to blaspheme Him, I do see that it is possible that Satan could declare himself "Lord of the Sabbath" and do one of two things: Either change the day of worship to Sunday, or he could choose to blaspheme God and God's Holy day by declaring himself as "The Lord" and insist to be worshiped on the Sabbath.  

What I know for a fact is that the only way anyone will ever be NOT fooled by this counterfeit is to know the genuine article of Jesus Christ like an expert. You will have to have the very Spirit of Jesus Christ alive and residing with your spirit. You need to know for yourself the nature of Jesus Christ and for yourself what he said of his second coming. That is the way to cut out the guess work now and in the future. 

How will you ever know what is of God and what isn't if you don't know God or Jesus Christ? Read the Bible for yourself and ask God to show you His Spirit.  Jesus Christ said that he who has seen him has seen the Father. Study Jesus Christ from the writings of those who knew him well. Those are the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  

Remember God's commandments. They are a standard of God's Righteousness. 

Remember that no representative of God will declare any of the commandments null and void. To do so would be condoning the acts of Satan. 

Remember Jesus himself never did away with a single commandment. He took it a step further to teach us that unrighteous acts begin on the heart level.  

Remember, no man is worthy of worship or to be worshiped, not the Pope or any other political or religious figure. We are to have no other gods, other than God Himself as our Lord. 

Remember that Jesus never sought the worship of men. He always pointed to The Father, our Righteous God.

Jesus is worthy of our honor and praise just as the Bible says, but it is not Jesus' nature to seek our worship.  

It is the nature of Lucifer/Satan to seek to be worshiped. Lucifer/Satan craves to be worshiped instead of God. Remember this. 

We belong to God though the redemptive work of Jesus Christ if we choose. God did so love us that He made a rescue plan to save us from Satan's plan. God doesn't need us to worship Him, but He sure loves us and enjoys each and every one of us. As the most loving parent possible, He never wants to lose a single one of us.  Can you imagine being separated from your child for eternity? God doesn't want to be separated from you or for you to be separated from your loved ones. Though it may be hard to believe that anyone could love you that much, believe it. God loves you more than you can imagine. He wants to spend eternity with us, but He will not force us.  

I really don't know how to say it any other way... Jesus Christ really did pay the price to redeem us and that although we still may die a physical death, we will be restored to perfection, clothed with His Righteousness and live in His presence for eternity. Eternity is a very long time. 

Even if this seems like a fairy tale to you, please do not dismiss it. What if I am right? 

What do you have to lose?  

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