Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Profane Preaching: Pig-Headed Puppet "pastors" Preaching Propaganda From The Pulpit ?

by Carolyn Hamlett

If your "pastor" is using the pulpit to ridicule "conspiracy theorists" and is telling you that chemtrails are a "conspiracy theory", please kindly show him this information. 

If he is a person who loves the truth, he will thank you! 

If he has a different response, please ask yourself why...Then ask him why. 

Give your "pastor" this information in case he wants to know the truth. 

We all deserve to know the truth. 

He might be interested to know of House bill HR2977. 

House bill HR2977 "The Space Preservation Act of 2001" actually lists and names: 

Chemtrails, electronic weapons, psychotronic weapons, information weapons, and ultra low frequency weapons (elf waves). 

Here is a link to the government site with this bill or you can Google and find it. 

Here is a screen shot from the above link to show you it is a legitimate House bill. 

Here is a screen shot showing that section of the bill that lists Chemtrails.

(among other numerous weapons)

Here are 2 screen shots of Govt text books on "Chemtrail Chemistry

("Chemtrails: Chemistry" "Applications & Concepts in Chemistry")

Notice the entire header. (US Air Force Chemtrails Manuel) and (Chemtrails by Usafa)

Here is a Chemtrail resolution of the town of Fairfax, CA.

See item 16: "Adoption of resolution No.  12-7, a Resolution of the Town Council of the Town of Fairfax declaring Fairfax a Chemtrail-Free Zone."

Here is item 16 of page 1 of the Fairfax Chemtrail Resolution:

Here is item 16 of page 2 of the Fairfax Chemtrail Resolution:

Your "pastor" should be VERY happy to learn that directed energy weapons such as these are not "theories":

1.) molecular energy.

2.) atomic energy.
3.) subatomic particle beams.
4.) electromagnetic radiation.
5.) plasma waves.
6.) extremely low frequency (ELF) waves.
7.) ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation.

AND, your "pastor" should also be happy to learn that these land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems directed energy weapons such as these are not "theories" either!
1.) radiation.
2.) electromagnetic energy weapons.
3.) psychotronic energy weapons.
4.) sonic energy weapons.
5.) laser energy weapons.

If your "pastor" doesn't believe in mind control, let him know that the US government does!

If your "pastor" doesn't believe that any of these things, including mind control, have not been used in the past or present on US citizens, then I suggest you encourage him to Google "human experimentation by the US government". The US governments admits to using civilians and service men during WW II. 

In addition, the US government admits to unethical practices of experimenting on unsuspecting citizens of Tampa Florida in the 1960's. Google that. 

President Bill Clinton gave an official apology to the victims of "unethical" experimentation and practices on innocent US citizens. Google that. 

It is NOT a theory that the US government uses all the weapons listed in HR2997 against the citizens of the United States. 

Weather modification and methods of weather control used as weapons are not a theory either:

See: HR2977 Sec. 7 DEFINITIONS 
Item (B) 


Item (C) 

I hope your "pastor" receives this news graciously and treats you with respect for showing him the truth. 

Pastors have an incredible responsibility. 

May your pastor's heart's desire and drive be - to be the best example possible of our Lord Jesus Christ and his standards. 

Psalm 1