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TIME CAPSULE: My Mother, Project Blue Beam & "The Reappearance of "The Christ", MASS MURDER 4 GLOBAL PEACE

by Carolyn Hamlett
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Twenty five years ago, [from the posting of this article in 2014] just a few years after I defected from what I call "the organization", I was encouraged by a Christian friend of mine to begin writing my story so my testimony could be shared with others. I found it extremely difficult to write about my life, but I did manage to compile some information, some neatly typed, but most of it is hand written.  I recorded many of my memories and even some of the thoughts I had during that time in the 1980's.  I wrote of some of the things I wished I could tell Christians. Those things still pertain to Christians today, unfortunately.

Twenty-three years ago  [from the posting of this article in 2014] I took all that I had written and placed it in a large envelope, sealed it and locked it in a safe where it has remained untouched until just recently.

I have decided to share with my readers some of what I wrote all those years ago. I still labor with myself, wondering how much I want to share and I wonder if anyone is really interested.

Some of what I want to share applies to what is happening in the world today. You may read it and think it is nothing new.

If anything, what I share will at least serve the purpose of validating that what is going on in the world today is the effect of many generations of organized crime using the blood sweat and tears of both the innocent and non innocent to bring the plan for the NWO...and more into fruition. 

Below is the 1st of a series of posts I will be making from excerpts of my writings from well over 25 years ago. 

The words you are about to read were written by me in 1989 only three years from the time I left Satan's hierarchy. These are excerpts from a longer composition. I may decide to add the piece in it's entirety later. 

NOTE: I have used brackets such as [   ] to indicate notes or comments I have added to help explain the original writing of 1989. 

Dear readers, in this article I speak of "The Plan" and "the organization". If you are not familiar with these terms, I refer you to this article link: 


I was aware of my mother's zeal to serve "The Christ" and "The Plan" which I understood at that time [as early as age 3] to be a step by step plan of "God", to little by little, through world events, changes in nature and extraterrestrial manifestations (UFOs), cause mankind to look outward from their out-dated and warn-out theological thinking to examine the unknown so that their wills ("the little wills of men") could be manipulated into "enlightenment", preparing them to consciously be ready to receive "The Christ" (Lucifer's chosen global ruler) as the world leader before the year 2000.

[note: I know it is hard for some people to believe that a 3 year old could comprehend such things. Nevertheless, it is true. Not only did I understand much of this plan even before the age of 4, I also understood the very terminology used in the first paragraph which was the terminology used by those working "The Plan".]

There were times during my childhood that my mother, in answer to my inquisitiveness, would tell me there were things she wished she could tell me, but that she would "be in trouble" with the higher-ups if she was a leak.  Sometimes she shared information with me anyway or she hinted enough until I sort of figured things out for myself.  After putting two and two together I can now see why certain information was to be kept secret from me.  All of my mother's little leaks have proved to be more confirmation, (though I don't need any more confirmation) of the fact that "The Plan" is not of God, but of the god of this world, Satan, and that "The Christ" is not Jesus Christ, but rather an Anti-Christ.

[Looking back, I believe my mother had been shown what I was later shown which led me to defect from the organization. I believe my mother had also been taken to the level of "illumination" where she too was introduced to Lucifer as Satan and that she too had been told the truth, that Lucifer IS Satan and the enemy of God. I suspect she too refused to bow to Lucifer as the evil Satan and willingly surrender her life to him, knowing full well who and what he was.  I know my mother loved God too much to be convinced to turn against.

I remember as clearly as if it were just the other night, when my mother came into my room to tell me the things she said she would be in trouble for telling me. The only explanation of her demeanor which was a combination of shock and fear, and the only explanation of why she chose to put that fear aside and risk her life to drop a few hints to me, indicates to me years later, that my mother must have been exposed to that same shocking truth that was later revealed to me. I believe my mother would have told me the whole truth right then and there that night if she could. I suspect that she was told that if she told me, that "they" would kill me. That is how it works in the organization.]

My mother who knew the steps of "The Plan" in such a much broader sense than I ever did, was intently interested in national and world events as well as global politics.  I used to wonder if most of her out-of-the-body work was in the area of global politics.  I can remember how my mother rejoiced over certain global events, mostly political in nature.  To me it seemed as if she had prior knowledge of the events and was excited that our nation and the world were seeing and feeling the effects of the Hierarchical undercover work.  I knew from my mother that global events were following suit just as the spiritual Hierarchy had planned.  She saw the Hierarchy as heaven in charge.  She was assured that just before the year 2000 "The Christ" (chosen one of the Luciferian plan) would be here. 


[Don't be fooled by the olive leaves as having anything to do with peace. Under the guise of being a peace making union, the UN has always been governed under the Luciferian organization's "Law of Harmony Through Conflict".  While one hand appears to be working on humanitarian efforts and on global peace, the other hand is creating conflicts and wars to insure the masses will be so sick of conflicts and wars, that they will be primed and ready to embrace the Luciferian's planned global ruler who will usher in a new age of "peace"....a false peace.]

My mother spoke of the United Nations as being set up specifically as a tool to be used "to usher in "The Christ"".  I believe this [the topic of the UN ] was one of the things my mother was not supposed to tell me much about. [I knew my mother worked closely with members of the Luciferian hierarchy who were responsible for creating the UN and who were responsible for insuring that the actions of the UN went in accordance with "The Plan".]

["The Spiritual Hierarchy" (Lucifer's hierarchy) still controls the UN, global politics and religions, which is why you see religion and global politics connecting today.  The marriage of global politics and religion will be fully consummated under the planned global rulership of Lucifer/Satan's chosen "Christ". This representative of Satan will not come in as the evil being that he is, but as a wise leader, spiritually advanced "savior" to the world.]


My mother knew the coming global ruler would be proclaimed "The Christ" worldwide, over radio and television, via satellite long before I ever knew this plan. 

It was on the night of October 4th 1957 when many details of this event were explained to me. I was told that through satellite technology, every person on the face of the earth will instantaneously hear the announcement or heralding that "The Christ" of this age has arrived. All of the earth's people will simultaneously hear this proclamation and see the appearance of "The Christ" in their own sky above them.  I was under the impression that the people of the world will believe this is a supernatural event, but this heralding and global projection will all be achieved through satellite and computer technology. 


As a very little girl, already having some knowledge into "The Plan" and "The Law of Harmony Through Conflict", I asked my mother, "Will everyone be enlightened enough to recognize "The Christ" when he appears?"  

She assured me that not all would, that there will be those who live by out-dated Christian beliefs who will remain stubborn to their ignorant faith no matter what pains the Spiritual Hierarchy would go through to make them open their minds and no matter how many people prayed for years "The Great Invocation" "to guide the little wills of men, to the purpose the which the masters know and serve".  

My mother went on to tell me that it was these fundamentalist type Christians who have been the flies in the ointment preventing the moving of "The Plan", and that they, in their stubborn, blind ignorance were holding back the entire human race in spiritual evolution because they refuse to conform and will continue to refuse to conform, and until the human race as a whole is in the "illumined path", even the most spiritually evolved will be held back. (Another lie.)

I remember feeling compassion for those poor, ignorant Christians, picturing them as dumb animals, too stupid to know the helper from the predator, bucking at every effort made to save them.  "What will be done for these people?", I asked.  

My mother stated that there was "a compassionate plan within "The Plan"" for their highest good, and for the highest good of all mankind.  She told me that there would indeed be harmony through conflict, that these Christians will be done away with. They will be killed, which she said will be the only way to achieve true harmony.  

Through our discussion I learned that these Bible-believing, Jesus Christ following Christians were considered to be the only evil in this world. 


Supplemental information recently written by me that applies to the subject matter in this post.


"The Plan" is twofold. 

The physical workings of "The Plan" is the plan for the NWO.

The plan for the NWO is carried out by the globalists. 

Many globalists are Luciferians who have pledged their full allegiance to a real being known as Lucifer. Lucifer is Satan. Top members serving "The Plan" know this. They also know Lucifer is the author of this plan and that this plan is not just a plan of global domination. Top members of Lucifer's hierarchy know this is a spiritual battle. They have aligned themselves with Lucifer/Satan against the Righteous Creator of the universe. 

Sounds like Star Wars? You might be surprised...then again, right now, you, the global public, are being introduced to the possible reality of super human beings and "extraterrestrial" beings. In a few more years what I am saying here won't seem so "out there". 

The globalists have been working especially hard over the last three generations to bring "The Plan" into fruition. It won't be long before the masses are brought to the point where they will gladly embrace the spiritual "Christ", aka New Age Christ, which is Lucifer's representative.  So if you think that the plan for the NWO is an evil and deceptive plan, you only know the half of it. Actually, less than half of it. 

Most people do not know that the plan for the NWO is not a plan conceived by men, but of evil entities that have their origin and base of operation in the supernatural.

The top servers of the organization know that it is through this physical plan working on earth, that politics and religion will marry and the masses will be prepared to embrace the organization's "Christ". The term "Christ" merely means "chosen one". This is not to be confused with Jesus Christ (Jesus means Savior, Redeemer) who was and is the creator of the universe's provision to redeem mankind from Satan's plan.

Many years ago I was told how this "Christ" will be presented to the world.


I learned much the night of October 4th, 1957 just after the Soviets launched into orbit the first man made satellite, Sputnik. While Americans feared the power of the Soviet Union, Others like myself knew the power behind the global powers and that the global powers were mere pawns in the hands of the orchestrators of The Plan. The launching of Sputnik was the first major step in the global communication system which was being created to link all nations under a sole provider whereby everyone world wide would be notified instantaneously of the global rule headed by "The Christ" (their "anointed one" or "chosen one").

With the launching of Sputnik came many rituals and ceremonies. It was a time of celebration and planning.  It was a prayerful time when "ascended masters" and the Luciferian hierarchy on earth and in the supernatural recited "The Great Invocation". Few people realize just how big a deal that event was. It was the biggest event next to the coming future event which the organization calls "The Reappearance of The Christ" which is when this technology will be used on a grand scale.

Our whole celebration of Sputnik was all about our (the organization's) future rewards that would come from deceiving and controlling the masses through sophisticated satellite technology. What we celebrated most was the planned future global heralding of our "chosen one" who was to fill the office of "The Christ". This is Lucifer's "Christ", not Jesus Christ. The term "Christ" merely means "chosen one".

Though I don't remember hearing the term "Project Blue Beam" while I was in the organization, everything that was explained to me back in 1957 concerning the importance of Sputnik, accurately describes Project Blue Beam.