Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unlocking Revelation Seminar by Dr. Roger Lucas

Do you sense time is VERY short? 

Are you one of the many people who sense that there is very little time left before great darkness is allowed to blanket the earth? 

I am in agreement with you.

As was in the days of Noah, there was plenty of warning, but the peoples of the world were more interested in everyday affairs of the temporal world than hearing from God. People were busy in marriage and giving in marriage with no thought of tomorrow. Many people including Christians are in this mind set today. 

I believe this is a last in the days of Noah.

We have very little time. 

This is the last call to get serious and get your life in order as to whom you choose to serve. 

Calling oneself a "Christian" doesn't make oneself a follower of Jesus Christ. 

Going by what I know of "The Plan" of Lucifer/Satan and of what I know of God and His Plan, it is NOW time to stop being a fence sitter. 

For everyone who has "fallen off of the wagon", there is no condemnation. God is calling you back now. Get yourself back on the wagon, rededicate your life to God for real and let God do His work in you. 

There is no sin so great that Jesus Christ didn't already take that to the cross! 

God loves you and does not want you to be caught off guard.

 How can one prepare for the coming days ahead? 

I believe many of those questions are answered in the "Unlocking Revelation Seminar" by Pastor Roger Lucas. 

Though I haven't yet watched all of these videos in this seminar, what I have seen so far is so valuable as pertaining to right now and the near future, that I want to share this information with you now.

I ask you to watch, listen, take notes, study and prayerfully ask God for His guidance on the topics covered. I truly feel these videos will answer many questions you may have about the past present and future.  

The book of Genesis chapters 1-3 tells of how Paradise began and was lost.
The book of Revelation, chapters 20-22 tell us of Paradise regained.

God is VERY real and has a plan. If those words have very little meaning to you, then I especially hope you will listen to this series. 

It may be the first time any message about God's Plan and Jesus Christ makes sense. 

I never really realized how connected the entire Bible is to the book of Revelation until I stated listening to this series. Now I understand why Pastor Lucas titled this seminar as he did. I now see the truth that the key to unlocking the book of Revelation is found in the rest of the scriptures and through the guidance of God's Holy Spirit. It is by His Spirit that we understand spiritual things. (John, chapter 3.) 

Dr. Lucas is devoutly pas­sion­ate about help­ing peo­ple of all ages and cul­tures to find rel­e­vance in the Holy Bible, to accept Jesus into their lives, and then to mature in that rela­tion­ship. Despite hav­ing acquired a per­sonal study library of over 5,000 vol­umes, Dr. Lucas has a gift to com­mu­ni­cate the intel­lec­tual details of Scrip­ture and his exten­sive stud­ies in an eas­ily under­stand­able and prac­ti­cal way for the Chris­t­ian and non-Christian alike.

In these times, as peo­ple observe the increase of earth­quakes, flood­ing, hur­ri­canes and tor­na­does, they are ask­ing ques­tions: “What does it all mean? Is it a sign that ‘the end’ is com­ing soon?” 

Many peo­ple of all faiths look to the Bible book of Rev­e­la­tion to explain these phe­nom­ena. This has led Dr. Lucas to spe­cial­ize in edu­cat­ing peo­ple about this fas­ci­nat­ing book of Scrip­ture. He has stud­ied the book of Rev­e­la­tion in the orig­i­nal Greek lan­guage. Dr. Lucas presents the mes­sage of Rev­e­la­tion as one of hope and restora­tion with an empha­sis on when Jesus will make all things bet­ter for the world.

Accord­ing to Dr. Lucas, “The book of Rev­e­la­tion cer­tainly has its more scary and seri­ous parts. And it does speak of the even­tual end of the world and the destruc­tion of evil. But it is first and fore­most an exhor­ta­tion to believe in the sav­ing power of Jesus. It is like a dra­matic play with sev­eral scenes reveal­ing the back­ground of evil at work through the ages, cul­mi­nat­ing in a time of esca­lat­ing trou­ble just before the return of Jesus, the sav­ing of His fol­low­ers, and the re-creation of the earth in its Eden beauty. Under­stand­ing Rev­e­la­tion helps us to be pre­pared for the end of time.”"

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