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TIME CAPSULE: The Competition Swimmer Who Nearly Drowned in the Sea of Churchianity

by Carolyn Hamlett

Article No. 5 of  my "TIME CAPSULE" articles.

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Twenty five years ago, [from 2014] just a few years after I defected from what I call "the organization", I was encouraged by a Christian friend of mine to begin writing my story so my testimony could be shared with others. I found it extremely difficult to write about my life, but I did manage to compile some information, some neatly typed, but most of it is hand written.  I recorded many of my memories and even some of the thoughts I had during that time in the 1980's.  I wrote of some of the things I wished I could tell Christians. Those things still pertain to many Christians today, unfortunately. 

Twenty-three years ago [from 2014] I took all that I had written and placed it in a large envelope, sealed it and locked it in a safe where it has remained untouched until just recently. 

I have decided to share with my readers some of what I wrote all those years ago. 

NOTE: I am using brackets such as [   ] to indicate notes or comments I have added to help explain the original writing.

This is the 5th of a series of posts I will be making from excerpts of my writings from 25 years ago. 

Introductory remarks to this story:

This particular story begins with an excerpt from a letter I wrote in July of 1988. 

The person to whom I was writing to was already familiar with the details of the latter part of the story so I never included them in the original letter to her.  Those details I have written just now to share with you. This is quite a story of how God once again showed up at a crucial time in my life to guide me and give me strength. 


The 1980's was the heyday of Charismatic televangelism. For some denominations it was a time of ministry minded madness.  

I was a naive struggling new Christian needing shepherding, but was caught in a sea of insecure yet competitive church people jockeying for positions in the church hierarchy, many had lofty dreams of soon entering the limelight of Christian ministry. 

Their doctrine was a failing one of  the "fake it 'till you make it" doctrine of affirmation of wholeness. They were the walking wounded, blinded by their doctrine of denial, carrying a beam in their own eyes while earnestly searching for someone else to fix.  

It was a very confusing and lonely time for me. I had thought that Christians were people whose focal point was on Jesus Christ and on becoming more like him. I thought Christians were supposed to be nice people, caring people, people who were different than the rest of the world, people who had genuine love for others like Jesus in the Bible.  

Instead, I found myself in the midst of "Churchanity", surrounded by church people whose ambition was to be a leader of leaders, not a servant to the needy....and, for some reason some of these ministry minded church people targeted me.  

They soon had my already low self esteem beat down to nearly zero from their "helpful" (hateful) "words of knowledge", "words of wisdom" and "words from the Lord" for me.   I nearly buckled under the weight of  the "helpful", "constructive" condemnation they used to verbally "boost" (beat) me. 

My increasing self doubt made it next to impossible for me to trust my own spiritual discernment. This, you will detect from my writing.  It seemed that no matter what I said was seen as wrong in the eyes of these people. They made my life their business.  They sought to corral me and make me their sheep dependent on them. They even had scriptures they used as a means to keep me in line.  Any sort of maturity I showed seemed to threaten them.  It didn't make sense to me at all.  

Because of all the discouragement, when I did hear from God, I had a great deal of trouble believing it was God.  

This is the story of how God worked once again in a dramatic way to help me.  I was being drowned in the sea of  "Churchianity" by ministry minded "Churchians". 

The words you are about to read were written by me on July 8, 1988 a couple of years from the time I left Satan's hierarchy.  

Excerpt from a letter to a new friend, July 8, 1988:

I didn't tell many people about my background and the few I did tell tried to muzzle me.

Yes, I had thought of writing an article for a magazine, but never did for one reason or another.  

You see, I have had such unbelief and discouragement around me.  I believed I'd heard from God to tell, [about my background and of my testimony] but even my pastor tried to muzzle me.  

I've wanted only to do God's will, so being submissive to "more mature Christians", I sat back and actually suffocated under their teachings.  In some ways I am very behind as a Christian, yet, farther ahead in understanding due to my falls.  Maybe I have totally been in God's will through all of these frustrating times.  I just need to get rid of my bitterness and forgive these people.  

Since I had been living a double life of secrecy when I was delivered of my occult background, it never crossed my mind to tell anything even then [of my background].

[Explanation: In the beginning, as a new Christian, it never occurred to me to tell anyone about my past. That life I had lived all those years was kept a secret while I lived it, so I was in the habit of keeping it secret. I didn't talk about my secret life when I was living it, so why talk about it later, as a new Christian, was my thinking.]

A year after I was delivered, [renounced my past and put my life under the authority of Jesus Christ], I began to hear very clearly whom I believed was God.  I heard from Him on a daily basis for a week or more with daily confirmation from Christians, even once through the pastor of the church I was attending.  

Even while I slept at night I was given dreams and scriptures in the same manner that I was given that first led to my deliverance a year earlier.  

I was told to share what I know.  I was told, "There's a lost and dying world out there crying out to God, but it is the wrong god.  They need to know about the God of Salvation."  

That very night at church, my pastor said, "There is a lost and dying world out there crying out to God and they need to hear the message of salvation."  

[That certainly caught my attention.] 

Then he directly went into a story:  

Once there was a top competitive swimmer in Florida who was also trained as a life guard.  One day he watched as someone in the deep water began to have trouble.  The person went under once, twice, and then the third and final time.  Though the swimmer had all the training and capacity to save the drowning person. he did not.  

My pastor said this swimmer was somewhat responsible for the person's death because he had all the training necessary to save the person.  He was equipped for the job, but sat on the shore and watched instead.  

I don't know if this was a true story, but what is true is that I grew up in Florida and from the age of 7 years old until 15 years old, I was one of the top competitive swimmers in the state of Florida.  I had the best coaches and excellent training.  I was also trained as a life guard and swim instructor.  

Thank God I have never witnessed someone drowning, but I do see the multitudes now going under in the deceptions of Satan. 

Naturally, this story hit me very hard! 

[In fact, I was a bit shocked.  I couldn't help but think of how very unusual that story was for the pastor to just pull out of the air to tell...and of how much I could identify with it.] 

My pastor didn't know about my past as a swimmer and life guard in Florida.  I felt in my spirit God was speaking what I had heard earlier that day.  

The pastor had even used those very same words about there being a lost and dying world crying out to God.  

What more could it mean other than God telling me that sharing my testimony will help reach some of those cries for help?  After all, it was the testimony of someone else that God used to answer my cry for help, so why would He not use my story someday to help someone else like me?]

[I continued to hear daily from whom I thought was God.]   

I would hear in my mind a scripture or some words.  Daily those same exact words and scripture would come forth out of the nightly speaker at my church. [There was a week or two "revival" meeting at my church with different speakers every night.]  

I told my pastor this and his answers were always this: "Satan can quote scripture."  I never told him that he himself spoke the very words I had heard earlier that day.  

So, I had to wonder...did I not hear from God?  If I did not, then who gave my pastor those words he spoke and that story that so struck my spirit?  The last I heard clearly [whom I thought was God] was, "Your sign shall be the salvation of many souls through your loving caring way."  

This is truly an area that God is showing me...His Love and Grace.  This is something Satan can not counterfeit and something everyone needs more than the earth needs rain and sunshine to survive.  

[I continued to feel that God was wanting me to share my testimony with others to help others get free of the occult and to help wake Christians up to the deceits of the New Age doctrines which were creeping into the Christian churches.]

Knowing that my story was hard to believe and that most people around me seemed numb to the message of infiltration of the occult into the church, I decided to try contacting a Christian TV show.  

[Explanation: I felt that God really was telling me it was time to share my testimony, that God knew there were people out there in the world who would relate to my story, people trapped by occult bondage who were wanting answers and wanting help. 

The problem was, I was surrounded by church people who considered me very much beneath them spiritually.  They didn't seem interested in anything I ever had to say no matter what it was.

Maybe I would have been taken more seriously by the churchians around me and would have been considered spiritually mature if had been a boisterous worshiper who shouted in tongues and danced in the isle during service, like those whom the congregation looked up to as being spiritual leaders.  

In that church, being loud seem to equate to "Holiness".  I was a quiet worshiper. 

I decided to contact a Christian TV show to see if they would be interested in my testimony.

I knew that if a Christian TV show was interested in my testimony, that this would provide the validation I needed so that the information and message I had would be taken seriously by other Christians.  Being on a Christian show would be like getting a "Christian seal of approval".]  

I sent them [the Christian TV station] a 12 page typed testimony.   I filled out the form letter and several weeks later I received a letter stating their interest in the testimony and that a researcher would call me.  A week or two later the researcher called and gathered more information.  All this information was then brought before the show's committee in their monthly meeting where they vote on the testimonies to be aired that month.  They agreed on mine and set a date.  

I was contacted by the show's guest coordinator, by letters and phone.  We agreed on the date and airline tickets were mailed to me. 

[Because of the lack of support I had at my church, and wanting to avoid the likely unfavorable response, I kept the news of my upcoming interview to myself and a couple of my close friends until a few days before the scheduled date.  

When the church people found out my news, they responded just as I had expected.  My intuition proved to be 100% correct. Though a few churchians congratulated me, their expressions and body language continued to tell me other wise, that they were not so happy for me at all.  I was glad I had chosen to not tell them earlier.]

Unfortunately, [on the day of my departure flight] a paralyzing snow storm hit, forcing the air ports to close.  

Because Washington International was closed, they rerouted my flight to Pittsburgh where I was stuck all day and later flown home.

[Upon my return, a number of "well meaning", "more spiritually mature" fellow church members were all ready for me their "words from the Lord" to tell me that God told them that He caused the storm. 

Reasons for God bringing the storm varied. 

One person said God told her I had "a rebellious spirit".

Another said God told her I was "acting out of the flesh" and "was out of God's will."  

The last "Words from the Lord" came from a fairly well respected lady in the church who told me that on my behalf, she had earnestly sought the Lord in prayer as to why the storm blew in and prevented me from being on the Christian program.  

She said she heard the word very loud and clear over and over again, "NOVICE!" "NOVICE", NOVICE".  She told me God's message was that I was a novice and that is why I was stopped.  

I "was stopped" ...and she started.... spreading her "word" about me, to others in the church who viewed me with even more disdain. I wondered if those people cared about what the Bible had to say about idle gossip and bearing false witness.]

I put it all in God's hands as to if or when I would be rescheduled.  

[A few months later I was rescheduled.]

[I know that God orchestrated this event in my life. This event was what put me in touch with the people who became the most helpful to me in my walk as a follower of Jesus Christ.] 

God used it all to help heal me.

[When I was seated on the jet just before take off, I remember looking out the window and feeling very small and inadequate.  I was thinking to myself of what a nobody I was and that I had no business being on that jet and where it was headed. 

Then I heard so very clearly the sweet words that I knew was God's voice, "I didn't bring you here for nothing."

I closed my eyes and thanked God and prayed that all would go according to His will. 

My gaze and attention shifted to the cabin isle, to the flight attendant who was doing her final pre-flight safety check of all the passenger's seat belts. 

It was then I noticed the man in the seat next to me. He looked friendly.  Maybe God answered my pre-flight prayers after all.  I hoped so.  The man smiled, pointed to the Bible in my lap and asked me if I was a pastor.  

I laughed, and told him him, no, I was very far from anything like that. 

He said I seemed like a pastor and looked professional like a pastor.  He introduced himself.  His name was Mr. Church.  

I thought he was kidding, but that really was his name. He showed me his driver's license to prove it.  I laughed again, because fortunately, Mr. Church didn't seem like any other "church" people I knew. 

The conversation with Mr. Church was pleasant which seemed to cut the flight time in half. We were at our destination before we knew it. 

Mr. Church and I said our good byes and well wishes for each other.  Before departing, he turned to me and said the reassuring words, "You know, Carolyn, God didn't bring you here for nothing." 

I smiled and thanked him for saying that.  I didn't tell him that I had heard those same words just a couple of hours before. 

The driver for the Christian TV station met me at the baggage claim.  Minutes later we were on the road.  He asked me what brings me there.  I laughed and said, I guess, like everyone else, it's a testimony.  "Please tell" he said.

I don't remember much of what I told him, but I do remember what he told me, most especially what he said to me when we reached our destination.  He leaned over, smiled and said, "Carolyn, God didn't bring you here for nothing."

I dined alone in the hotel that night, probably the first time I ever dined alone in public.  There were numerous others there like myself, alone, save the company of a paperback or magazine. I didn't feel alone in my aloneness, at all. 

Sleep was peaceful that night.  I awoke early, but refreshed. 

At my door was a complimentary USA Today Newspaper.  I took it with me to the dinning room for breakfast where I enjoyed a peaceful breakfast alone with the same faces I had seen dining alone the night before. They too had their copies of USA Today. 

I was surprised at how calm I felt. Maybe it was the presence of God with me.  Maybe it was because I was rested, or possibly both.  For what ever reason, I was thankful for it. 

Soon my ride to the studio arrived and we were on our way.  It was the same driver who had met me at the airport the day before.  His upbeat, enthusiastic personality was as contagious and encouraging as the day before. 

When we arrived at the studio, he escorted me into the building and began to introduce me to the staff who all greeted me with the same warmth, respect, and enthusiasm which the driver had.  In spite of this, I have to admit, as the time of the show neared, I began to experience some anxiety and self doubt.  I only wanted to do God's will.  I hoped it really was God's will that brought me there. 

Maybe the guest coordinator sensed what I was feeling.  She came over to me, put her arm around me, looked right into my eyes, smiled and said, "You know Carolyn, God didn't bring you here for nothing!"

There were those very same words again! I knew God was with me. How could I doubt?  I chose to put doubt aside and believe that God would somehow make everything work out good and according to His will. 

The guest coordinator took me to the "Green Room" where I was told the scheduled guest on before me was also waiting.  

I probably looked shocked when I entered the room.  I hoped it wasn't too noticeable.  Sitting there was a very familiar face.  I knew who he was right away.  In fact, every Christian I knew was familiar with this man and of his testimonies and his mission work and would have given almost anything to have been in my shoes that very moment. 

The guest coordinator began the introduction. "Dr. Sumrall, I would like to introduce to you Carolyn who will be the guest following your interview."   "Carolyn, I would like for you to meet Dr. Lester Sumrall." 

Wow, I was way out of my league, I thought.  I was sure the church people back home would have been all too quick to agree with me.  I even knew of a few who actually would have gone so far as to think they were more entitled to be there than I, as if entitlement had anything at all to do with being there. 

Apparently, who I was or wasn't in the sea of churchianity didn't seem to be important to Dr. Sumrall. He greeted me warmly and with the same respect one would greet a peer of equal standing. 

I took a seat directly across from him.  A TV was positioned so we both could watch the live show if we wanted to.  Dr. Sumrall's mind seemed to be somewhere else, not on the TV nor on me, which was the only other visible presence in the room.  I didn't want to bother him in case he was talking to God.  

I couldn't help but notice how comfortable I felt in his presence in spite of the silence. There was an air of authority about him that almost commanded respect, yet at the same time there was the noticeable presence of a warm humble nature that put me very much at ease.  Dr. Sumrall was refreshingly different, not at all lofty or intimidating like what I had seen in other lesser known evangelists and pastors. 

I don't remember what broke the silence, but a few minutes later we were conversing. I hung on his every word. We talked about a lot of things, some about his life and some about my life. 

He began to tell me his own testimony, of when he was a young missionary and of his first encounters with powerful witch doctors of a village and how the witch doctors folded because the presence of God began to block their curses and incantations.  

Many people in that village were getting delivered and were giving their lives to Jesus Christ because they witnessed the power of Dr. Sumrall's God.

Dr. Sumrall told me that he knew right away it was not him doing the works.  It actually caught him by surprise at first.  It the power of God working.  He said there was a need to set the captives free of demonic strongholds and that he was a willing vessel to speak, teach and preach God's word. God supernaturally did the rest.  
He said the power and presence of God was just too much for the strongest of witch doctors.  

Seeing the power of God working in the mission field increased Dr. Sumrall's own faith in God and his faith in the Power of God. He knew that it didn't have to do with having faith in himself because it was God who worked the miracles and set the captives free. 

Dr. Sumrall also told me the dynamic story of the deliverance of Clarita Villaneuva. He said he had fasted and prayed so he would be properly prepared and walking in the Spirit of God in order to minister to this young woman.    

(Anyone not familiar with this story of the exorcism of Clarita Villaneuva can find it through Internet search engines.)

It was quite an experience hearing Dr. Sumrall himself tell me in his own words the details of the deliverance of Clarita.

I had all sorts of questions I was hoping I could ask Dr. Sumrall before the day was through.  I especially wanted to ask him to pray about something for me, but I didn't mention it.  I hoped that somehow there would be time.  Interestingly, just before he left the room for his interview, Dr. Sumrall looked over at me and said to me, "Yes, after the show, I will pray for you." 

When my interview was finished and I was walking off of the set, I was greeted by an excited guest coordinator who told me that the phones were ringing off the hooks from people calling in to give their lives to Jesus Christ and to get delivered from occult backgrounds! 

I was really surprised.  I didn't think that anything I had said could possibly have had that effect. In fact, I was thinking the interview didn't go so well.  I knew it had to be God working.  It had to be Him! I thanked God for what He was doing in the lives of others and that He allowed me to be a part of it.  It was a humbling experience, this time in a good way. 

I returned to the "Green Room" where Dr. Sumrall and I would wait out the remainder of the broadcast.  Again, I took a seat directly across from him.

It was during this time that our conversation topic moved from occult and deliverance topic to what walking with Christ was all about.  

I expressed to him some of the confusion I was experiencing as new Christian. 

I thought Christians were supposed to be nice people, but so far, my experience with fellow Christians was disheartening to say the very least.  

In fact, if I hadn't had my own beyond a doubt earth shattering experience of knowing Jesus Christ was real and Savior, I would have said to heck with Christianity and would have kicked that dust off my feet, turned around and never looked back. I expressed all of this to him.

Dr. Sumrall took on a very serious look.  He leaned forward in his chair, looked me square in the eyes, pulled at the right breast side of his suit jacket where a name tag might be, and said, "Carolyn, "Christian" is a name tag people put on and wear. Calling oneself a Christian doesn't make it so!" 

The more he talked the more encouraged and solid I felt.  His words were what I needed to hear that day to keep me strong in my faith for the rest of my life.  

Dr. Sumrall assured me that I had no problem hearing from God. 

He told me that if any Christian ever has a problem with me or my background, to tell them that Dr. Lester Sumrall told me to tell them that he says that I am fine. I had to laugh because I knew that no one would argue with a statement like that coming from Dr. Sumrall, no demon or human would dare. 

There are some people in this world whom demons just can not stand to be in the presence of.  Dr. Lester Sumrall was one of those people! 

The news of the next event of the morning really caught me by surprise. 

Dr. Sumrall and I had been invited to do a radio program together. Uh-oh, I felt panic approaching...

"What?! with Dr. Lester Sumrall?? What??,no,no I can't do way!...way out of my league...WAY out of my league!"  

Apparently Dr. Sumrall had no reservation at all with sharing the mic with me.  He expressed complete faith in me, enough to ease my mind.  I decided to have faith in his faith and cast my doubt aside. 

The radio show was a live show where listeners called in to ask us questions.  Most of the questions had to do with the supernatural and occult topics which I knew quite a bit about from my own personal experience, so answering questions was actually quite easy for me.  I was just surprised that anyone was even interested in asking a "no name" like me, my opinion and guidance on occult topics and on how to get deliverance.  I was so used to people not taking me seriously and not considering my experience as having any value.

I found it reassuring that each time I answered a question, Dr. Sumrall nodded his head in agreement with me.  A few times during the show, the host asked Dr. Sumrall if he had anything to add to what I had said.  Dr. Sumrall would reply that he thought I had covered that topic very well. 

I had assumed that the events of the day were wrapped up at the completion of the radio program, but it was lunch time and reservations had been made at a lovely restaurant near by. A table set for five was waiting for Dr. Sumrall, his lovely wife, their pilot our driver and myself. 

I didn't know it then, but the icing on the cake was just if the day wasn't such a Blessing for me already. (It still amazes me when I look back on that day about how much God was with me and how He brought things together to show me His path and to build a solid foundation of faith in Him and His Word which He could build upon. That day I began to live by faith in God's Word, not in the lack of faith others had in me or in their hurtful, insensitive un-Godly "Words from The Lord".)

It was a short drive to the restaurant. That feeling of unworthiness began to creep over me again as we walked into the restaurant.  I felt like I was walking in with the likeness of Hollywood stars and that I was not in the same league as them.  That feeling was very short lived.  It never had a chance to take root and flourish. Mrs. Sumrall who was walking beside me, put her arm around me. She smiled sweetly at me and said, "You know, Carolyn, God didn't bring you here for nothing!". 

Wow! There were those words again! Again!...those very same words!  How could I ever doubt? How could I?

We were shown to our table, a large round table covered with an elegant white table cloth with a perfect place settings for the five of us.  

Mrs. Sumrall sat to my left, Dr. Sumrall to my right, next to him sat our driver and next to him which was across from me sat the young man whom I knew as the Sumrall's pilot.  

What a perfect table for us, a round table. The round table discussions began with great gusto.  


Toward the end of the meal our conversation returned to the topic of  deliverance ministries and and of the harm that was being done to good people at the hands of ignorant arrogant "Christians".  

Dr. Sumrall picked up a butter knife and said to me, "If you needed surgery, Carolyn, would you get on this table, let my pilot (he pointed to his pilot) take this butter knife and start cutting on you?" 

I looked around at all the people in the restaurant. I looked at the condition of our table, white table cloth loaded with plates of the half eaten meals garnished with crumbs and spills laying here and there. I replied, "No." 

Dr. Sumrall next said, "It is the same with ministry and deliverance ministry.  There is the proper time for surgery and the proper place. You don't just let anyone cut on you.  You have the one who is trained and qualified to do the surgery; the seasoned surgeon who is the expert." 

Dr. Sumrall related all this back to my own experiences with the church people in my life. He told me that there are many different types of ministry and when God calls someone to a ministry, that God trains and equips them for that ministry.  He affirmed to me that ministry is all about ministering to others. It's all about being a servant and having the heart of a servant and being a willing vessel for God and keeping that vessel clean and filled with God's presence. 

Dr. Sumrall also reminded me that we are not to be blind to our own faults and short comings, nor fear them. We are to seek God in our healing and allow Him to do His work in us. 

Neither are we to take a blind eye to the the fruits of others. It is the continuing actions, words and deeds of a person that reveal a person's heart and what is most important to them. 

That day something very important was reinforced for me; that God's timing is perfect. I had no doubt that God orchestrated my entire trip including meeting with Dr. Sumrall.  Dr. Sumrall was a wonderful teacher and wise counselor for me and because he listened to God and God's leading, an even greater work was able to begin at my soul level as a result. The time that Dr. Sumrall unselfishly gave to me was the beginning of the greatest lessons of all that sticks with me even to this day, that true healing, especially to the deepest wounds and gashes to our very soul, can only be healed by the Hand of God Himself. The One who created us whole in the beginning is the only one who can take away our pain, heal us and completely restore our souls. 

Even with all that I have written here, I have left out many other lessons Dr. Sumrall taught me that day so many years ago.] 

Back the original letter of 1988:

That evening when I sat down in my seat aboard the jet that would take me home after the interview, I looked out the window and began to reminisce the day's events.

Then, in my mind appeared the clear image of a book. It was open about two-thirds the way through the book, to a brand new chapter.  The title of that chapter was in bold italics.  It was titled the same name of the Christian TV show I had just been interviewed on.

Being on that show was a real turning point for me.  It put me in touch with members of the Body of Christ who have helped me. 

Though I did not see it then to the extent that I do now, that entire experience really is a chapter in my life.  I could easily fill a chapter with all the things that have come about in the way of healing since that interview.  God put me in touch with people who took me seriously and have helped me. 

As a wise counselor told me when I called as a plea for help, "The Body of Christ, the church, is God's provision for us."  I believe God used that visit to the Christian TV organization to put me in touch with others who could help me.

(End of excerpt of the letter of 1988.) 

I was able to return to my home with a stronger faith in God and a stronger faith that God could speak to me Himself. I returned with renewed strength encouraged to continue my walk with Jesus Christ regardless of what others around me did or didn't do. The people around me didn't change, but I did. 

Even further, because of that interview, I was put in touch with a Bible based healing ministry not far from where I lived at that time. A person from that ministry just happened to see my interview and contacted me. She and I are stead fast friends to this very day. It was to her that this excerpt was written to. It was part of one of the first letters I wrote to her. 

Many years have passed since I wrote the original letter. Many things have happened in my life since then, some good,...some things seem not so good.  I can say that throughout it all, nearly 30 years, that God has always been faithful to me to make lemon aid out of the lemons life has thrown at me and to bring healing throughout the seasons of my life. 

I know beyond a doubt, that this is true, not only that "God didn't bring me here for nothing", but that God didn't bring me this far for nothing.   

"He restoreth my soul."

Psalm 1
Psalm 23
Psalm 100

May my testimony be one that reaches the voices of those struggling in the deep water, those who are crying out to God. I want you to know that The God of Salvation is real. His name is Jesus Christ. I cried out to him and he saved me.  I can not rest knowing you are out there struggling to stay afloat, just as I was. I must at least try my best to some how reach you before you have given up all hope. 

Psalm 3

But You, O Lord, are a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.
I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of His Holy hill. Selah.

He that has begun a good work in me will continue until the day of Jesus Christ.

This is His promise to you too!