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by Carolyn Hamlett

Twenty years ago few people outside of the organization were familiar with the term,“New World Order”. In today’s world, I would venture to say that there are very few people who are not familiar with the term “New World Order”.  In fact, it has gotten to the point where those who claim the NWO is a “conspiracy theory” are the ones who look foolish

The information I am sharing with you in this article is a type of outline that I prepared for an interview. This outline only touches on some of the things each administration (Reagan to Obama ) has accomplished for the NWO-anti-Christ plan.

In this article I speak of "The Plan" and "the organization". If you are not familiar with these terms, I refer you to this article link: 



40th President - President Ronald Reagan 1981-1989 (TWO Terms)
January 21st 1981 -  January 20th 1989 
VP George H. W. Bush

President Reagan was not a Christian. He was a practicing occultist.

President Reagan was:
- a Freemason
- a Trilateralist
- a member of Bohemian Grove
- had the support of David David Rockefeller. 

As a the President of The United States, Ronald Reagan was like the pagan rulers of the Bible who sought the guidance of astrologers, numerologists and soothsayers. 

Reagan was the first President to take his inaugural oath in the west wing of the Capital Building facing the Washington Monument obelisk. 

The obelisk is representative of the Egyptian sun god Ra and the Babylonian god Baal The word obelisk (o-‘bel'-isk) means the 'shaft of Bel' or Baal. Facing the obelisk could be seen as honoring the pagan gods Ra and Baal. 

“Ex-Jesuit priest, Dr. Alberto Rivera regarding the triumph of Ecumenism over Protestantism in the United States, made a very interesting point.  While still under the extreme Jesuit oath, in February of 1981, believed a sign was to be given—the swearing in of an American president facing an obelisk for the first time in U.S. history. 

The obelisk is a cultic symbol with four sides (global-north, south, east, and west) and a pyramid on top representing religious and political power and symbolic of a one-world government.   

Ceremonies were moved, for the very first time, to the West front of the Capital where Ronald Reagan received the oath of office before the Washington Monument.  This sign would be confirmed by the signing of a concordat between the Vatican and the United States.  A concordat is a mutual agreement, or formal contract, between the Vatican and a foreign country concerning the ecclesiastical affairs of state.  This course of events occurred January 20, 1981 !”  ~ Chick, Jack T. The Godfathers, 3 of 6 in Alberto Series, P.O. Box 3500, Ontario, CA   91716-1019, Copyright © 1982, p. 26

What other significance is there to President Reagan taking his inaugural oath while facing the Washington Monument?

Some people claimed there is a secret society prophecy that Reagan was fulfilling. The “prophecy” states that “The leader who faces the obelisk shall introduce the world to the man who will introduce Anti-Christ”.  (I personally have never heard of this prophecy.) The same people who thought Reagan was fulling this prophecy believed that it was H. W. Bush who would introduce the world to the Anti-Christ”.

One thing I know for a fact is that H.W. Bush was the chosen "light bearer" who introduced to the world many of the esoteric (hidden) words of the organization thereby making the words exoteric. This act was the signal to all members of the organization that “The Plan” was stepping out from the underground to work hidden in plain sight. 

President Reagan filled his administration with 28 CFR members, 10 Bilderbergers, and 10 Trilateralists.

Is responsible for Proclamation 5696 which is “Emergency Number Day, 1987.

Guess what day President Reagan chose to declare as “911 Emergency Number Day”?

September 11th 1987 (9/11)

41st President - President George H.W. Bush 1989-1993 (ONE Term)
January 20, 1989 - January 20, 1993
VP - Dan Quayle

George H. W. Bush is not a Christian. He is a high ranking Luciferian occultist.

George H. W. Bush is:
- a 33rd Degree Master Freemason
- a member of the Skull and Bones Society
- a Trilateralist
- a member of the Council of Foreign Relations
- a member of Bohemian Grove

George H. W. Bush chose to take his inaugural oath with his hand on George Washington’s inaugural Bible, a Masonic Bible. 

George Bush Sr. is famous for a lot of things, but the most significant thing to mention that pertains to the subject of the moving of “The Plan” involves the speech he gave that people refer to as "Toward a New World Order speech" on September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM. 

George H.W. Bush was the Anti-Christ organization’s chosen "light bearer"

When I was a small child, I was told that just before the end of the 20th Century, one of our members of the organization would be chosen, a man, 
- who would emerge on the world political scene 
- to introduce some of our esoteric terms to the masses under the guise of peace and security. 

This was also to be a signal for those serving the organization that "The Plan" was in it's final stages and was stepping out from the underground, to become exoteric.

Our esoteric terms were to be presented in such a manner that "the masses" would readily adopt them into daily usage, becoming desensitized to their meanings and esoteric roots.

Thus, "The Plan" could step out from the shadows to work openly before the very eyes of the sleeping masses.

George H.W. Bush was that chosen "light bearer."  

He continued to introduce more of our esoteric terms in several more speeches.  A few are these:
1.) “New World Order"
2.) Global" soon replaced the word, "world". 
3.) “a thousand points of light”.
4.) “masses”
5.) “implement" (as "implement" A New World Order, "implement" The Plan)
6.) “usher in"

(George Bush’s NWO speech was the next biggest event since the launch of Sputnik on October 4th 1957.) 

The next biggest event after George Bush’s NWO speech of September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM.

11 years later to the day, was September 11, 2001 when the organization pulled off the "attack on America" as the first airliner, Flight "11", hit the North Tower of the “11” shaped WTC at “11” minutes to “9”am.

This preplanned “terrorist attack” carried out by the Luciferian NWO organization of which many of our Presidents have pledged their allegiance to, created many opportunities for the organization’s push for the final steps of the completion of the plan for that NWO and the reign of their “Christ” (Satan’s anointed one).

Another interesting trivia about the date of September 11th: It was on September 11th 1941 that construction officially began at the Pentagon. 

42nd President - Bill Clinton 1993-2001 (TWO Terms)
January 20th 1993 - January 20, 2001  
VP  - Al Gore

Bill Clinton is not a Christian. He is an occultist.

Bill Clinton, a 33rd degree Freemason also chose to face the Washington Monument, the occultic obelisk, while taking his inaugural oath. He was the 1st President from the Democratic party to give honor to the Egyptian sun god Ra and Babylonian sun god, Baal. President Reagan was the 1st President of the Republican party to face the Washington Monument while taking his inaugural oath.

Clinton further revealed his early support for the plan for the NWO when during his acceptance speech he gave praise to his college professor, Carroll Quigley as being one of the most important influences in his life.  Professor Quigley is well known for his passionate support of the New World Order. 

VP Al Gore is also a Freemason. 

The brotherhood of Freemasons supersedes all political party loyalty. 

Some of what the Clinton administration did to further “The Plan”: Cause and Effect:

1.) Economically: Set a purposeful cause into action: 
lowered interest rates.
-  encouraged Americans to go further in debt. 
-  encouraged Americans to refinance their homes, take out a 2nd mortgage. (This was a set up). 
-  Bank card companies pushed temporary low interest cash advances to their card holders. 

Short term Effect: Americans choose to go in debt - believing the economy is secure, believing they have job security and will be able to pay off their loans.

This was all a set up for the next Presidential administration which would begin to destroy the economy and send many into unemployment and debt they can not pay and then into foreclosure of homes and bankruptcy. 

2.) Cause: The idea of a health plan is introduced. “The Clinton health plan”.  I knew the masses were not ready to "buy it" and that it would be presented again under a different administration.  

Effect: Introducing this idea to the masses so it would make it easier for masses to accept it later. Now we have “Obama Care”. 

3.) The Monica Lewinsky calamity: (9 sexual encounters with President Clinton. There is that favorite number of the globalists). What did this accomplice for “The Plan”?

I knew that the organization would be using this as a means to get the American public to begin to accept the idea that a President can be dishonest and not always tell the truth. 

Effect: After the Monica Lewinsky ordeal, the American public moved past shock and began moving toward a greater degree of desensitization. 

Americans were not so moved by some shady business dealings of the next administration. ENRON for example. 

From what I saw being worked through the Clinton administration, I was aware of what stage “The Plan” was in and what the organization would be doing next. 

I knew what was planned in “The Plan”…

- SO…I knew who was going to win the 2000 Presidential race.  
- I knew the intended purpose of the platform both opposing candidates were running on.
- I knew what the out come of the 2000 Presidential race was to be.
- I knew that that administration would be the one that would be used to escalate the world closer to the NWO more than any previous Presidential administration in the history of The United States of America.  

- I even knew some of the planned actions to make this happen. 

Pre-2000 election: The American people were being set up big time.

The stage was set for the NWO organization to USE Christianity and good hearted Christians in a large way. 

"Christian" George Bush vs “New Age” Al Gore

The Christian Americans were being courted by the media's marketing of George W. Bush as being a "born again" Christian and Al Gore as being into New Age thinking...which to Christians equated that George Bush was safe and Al Gore was a person supporting the coming New Age religion of the future Anti-Christ.

The truth was that the American people were being played.  George Bush and Al Gore are both from the same camp and were playing the roles given to them by the Luciferian organization. 

George W. Bush and Al Gore are brothers in the Masonic order. In the brotherhood, loyalty to the brotherhood supersedes all political party loyalty and religious affiliations. Top level Freemasons' loyalty is to Lucifer and "The Plan".

Religion became center stage for a reason. The organization needed Christian’s to think George W. Bush was a Christian so they would support him in the future plans of political global policies of the Luciferian plan for the NWO to:

The Plan to work through the George W. Bush administration was to:
- Build patriotism and loyalty to the government so the American people will allow the organization to: 
- Sink our economy
- Strike fear in our hearts
- take our freedoms away
- initiate the plan to create religious and racial strife
- start wars in the middle east
-  get Christians into “end time thinking” so they will back political moves on the belief they are fulfilling Bible prophecy. 

- Get Christians to blindly support Israel politically and economically on the belief that the state of Israel is the Israel of God. ( In truth, Israel is a creation of the organization working to bring in the NWO and the anti-Christ. If you doubt me, do your own research about the Israeli Supreme Court Building. Check out it’s architecture. It was designed, engineered, constructed and paid for by the Rothschilds.)

More truth: The NWO organization is responsible for all the wars in the middle east and will continue to play everyone against each other until the remaining world population is sick of religious people killing each other over religious beliefs. This will set the stage for the masses to cry out for global peace. The UN is prepared to help install Lucifer’s chosen “Christ” as global ruler to “usher in an age of peace”. This “Christ” will come in on a platform of being free of religion, but the spiritual “universal truth” he promotes is the religion of Lucifer who is Satan. 

43rd President George W. Bush administration  2001 - 2009 (TWO Terms)
January 20th 2001 - January 20th 2009 
VP Dick Cheney  

VP Dick Cheney is a 33rd Degree Master Mason

George W. Bush is not a Christian. He is an occultist.

George W. Bush was marketed to the American people as being a “born again” Christian, however, Bush was not a Christian, he and his father are practicing occultists. 

- G.W. Bush is a Freemason and member of the Skull and Bones Society. 

- George W. Bush also took his inaugural oath on on the West side of the Capital Building facing the Washington Monument obelisk. 

- For his inauguration, George W. Bush had hoped to use the Masonic Bible that had been used both by George Washington in 1789, and by his father, George H. W. Bush, in 1989. The historic Bible had been transported from New York to Washington D.C. for the Inauguration but, due to harsh weather conditions, a family Bible had to used instead.

George W. Bush assembled a staff of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Skull & Bones members that is unequalled in any previous administration.

The economy was very good when George Bush took office, but…
1.) As soon as George Jr. got into office one of his very first statements was how bad the economy is. (CAUSE)

EFFECT: Stock market plummets.

CAUSE: Bush continues to reiterate how bad the economy is.

EFFECT: Keeps the stock market plummeting. 

I was telling people that during the Bush administration that the organization would work to bring the economy further down by raising the price of oil which would mean:

- an increase of prices of goods and services across the board.
- and create a domino effect of businesses closing down, job loss, 
people would lose their homes because of being upside-down in their mortgages and in debt. 

This indeed took place. 

It first began with talk of broken pipe lines
There was talk of broken pipelines which meant fewer barrels of oil available and higher prices of the oil that was available, yet, Bush began to cap or close numerous oil reserves within the United States which meant even less oil available and higher prices for importing oil. 

Various reasons continued to happen which kept the price of oil rapidly rising.
1.) Prices for goods and services DID rise.
2.) This began to affect the rate of unemployment. 
3.) Many people who had eaten the bait of low interest rates and easy bank card cash advances promoted during the Clinton administration, found themselves in more debt than they could handle. 
4.) People began losing their homes. 
5.) Many Americans began to file for bankruptcy.

I knew the Bush administration would fake an energy crisis to get people to panic and to have a reason for energy fees to rise. Weeks after I told people this…it happened.

Then of course there was 911.

911 was also a way to stimulate Christians to be more prophecy minded than ever before, so that they are chomping at the bit to have it prophecy fulfilled, therefore pushing for wars just to see it fulfilled. 

The governing body of the United States is Illuminati run…
…so foreign policy is Illuminati run. 

Hollywood, all major publishing companies and all main stream media sources have been Illuminati controlled for many years. 

Public opinion is influenced by these news and information sources
- For many years, the American public has been told what to think. 
- They have been purposely conditioned to react, and to not think rationally. 

- The American public has been conditioned to have a herd mentality and the pack mentality so that they can be 

1.) herded like animals
2.) set off to react as a pack of wild dogs that lack individual rational thinking and behaving. 

The G. W. Bush administration greatly paved the way for the Obama administration to finish wrapping up the tearing down of America from within. 

Is it a coincidence that we now have an “Obama-nation”? 

working to bring the desolation


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Alice A. Bailey and the “Three Occult Factors” governing “The Plan” - What are they?... I believe I know.

by Carolyn Hamlett

“Discipleship in the New Age”
One book of a series of books by Alice A. Bailey that I read as a child. 
The Luciferians in my life referred to these as the A.A.B. books or simply, the blue books

In this article I speak of what is known as “The Plan”.  If you are not familiar with this term, or with what I refer to as “the organization”, I refer you to this article link:

There is a video on You Tube and articles on the Internet which quote Alice A. Bailey from this book, “Discipleship in the New Age” (Lucis Press, 1955), Vol.II, p. 35.

It is said that Alice Bailey mentioned 3 occult factors which governed global plans of the organization, but she never mentioned what those 3 occult factors are. 

I believe I know what those 3 occult factors are and will share this information with you because it further exposes the deception being used trick humanity. The factors involve free will and manipulating free will.  I will explain, but first I will give you a little background information on Lucis Trust, Alice A. Bailey and the entity who telepathically dictated to Alice Bailey the books she authored. 

“Lucifer Trust” ?

Lucifer is “the father of lies”, not at all what the title of the publishing company insinuates.

“Lucifer Trust” was established in 1922 by Alice A. Bailey to print and distribute the books of Madam Blavatsky, books of the Theosophical Society and the books channeled to her, Alice Bailey, by the so-called “ascended master” Djwhal Khul” aka “the Tibetan”.  This entity who goes by the names “ascended master Djwhal Khul”, “the master D.K.” and “the Tibetan” is a high ranking fallen entity serving in Lucifer’s “spiritual hierarchy”. Lucifer is Satan of the Bible.

In 1923 the name “Lucifer Trust” publishing was changed to Lucis Trust.  I suppose the masses weren’t ready to hear anything associated with Lucifer. Times have changed. 

I remember being told when I was not quite 4 years old that we in the organization worshiped Lucifer and that “Lucis Trust” was actually “Lucifer Trust”.  I was shown actual pre 1923 publications with “Lucifer Trust” as the publisher. 

Alice Bailey and the “Three occult factors” 

Here is the quote from Alice A. Bailey’s book, “Discipleship in the New Age” (Lucis Press, 1955), Vol.II, p. 35
“Evidence of the growth of the human intellect along the needed receptive lines [for the preparation of the New Age] can be seen in the “planning” of various nations and in the efforts of the United Nations to formulate a world plan. From the very start of this unfoldment, three occult factors have governed the development of all these plans”.
This quote is referring to the success of the propaganda being employed by the workers of “The Plan” (“various nations and the United Nations”) to manipulate the thinking of the masses to fall in line with the New Age, Anti-Christ doctrine of Lucifer and his plan to bring in the NWO and his global leader or “Christ” (Satan’s chosen one). 

A verb which means: 

  • to handle, manage or use especially with skill in some process or treatment or performance. 
  • to adapt or change accounts of something or change facts to suit one’s purpose or advantage. 
  • to handle or control (a tool, mechanism, etc.), typically in a skillful manner.
  • to control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously.

To manipulate is to work deceit. 

“The Plan” of Lucifer/Satan is a plan of deception to lead humanity away from the truth and away from God the Righteous Creator of the universe. 

So what was “The Tibetan” referring to by “the three occult factors” that “have governed the development”?

My educated guess is that it comes from their “Great Invocation”

“The Great Invocation” is the Luciferian’s “lord’s prayer”. 
It is a powerful prayer invoking the powers of Satan and Satan’s will to be done in the minds and hearts of mankind. It is all about invoking the powers of darkness to be more present on earth and to work slyly to get people to choose to do Satan’s will. (Through deception persuading humanity to will to do the will of Satan.)

Below are some quotes from the Luciferian “Great Invocation” of  3 Major Occult Factors which govern the success of Lucifer’s plan. 

1.) "The higher Will of God which the masters know and serve."
The “ascended master’s” “God” is Lucifer who is Satan. Top level initiates know this fact. Capitalizing the “G” in “God” is a means to trick people into thinking that “The Plan” is actually the plan of God the Righteous Creator of the universe when in fact, it is NOT of God at all!
2.) "The little wills of men" (The will of the masses).
3.) "The little wills of men" being brought to serve the higher will, "that the masters know and serve".

It is all about the manipulation of our wills!

Any more, the masses have been conditioned to react which is non thinking and reasoning. The masses, just like a herd of animals react to stimuli. They (the masses) have handed their "little wills" over to the controller and the masses do not even realize this. 

The truth is that God the Righteous Creator of the universe has His own plan for humanity.

God’s plan is exactly what the Bible tells us. God made A way to save and restore humanity. We are not evolving. There is no evolving to this. 

God made that way through His Son, Jesus Christ “the Word of God” of whom all things were made. (John 1). Please Read at least the first chapter of the book of John. 

These statements are true:

  • God so loved the world that he gave his Only Son.
  • Jesus died for us so that we might live.
  • Jesus became sin for us that we may have eternal life.
  • By grace we are saved, not by our works. 

One does not need to understand all of the dynamics of what the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ accomplished in order to be rescued (saved).  

God wants to spend eternity with you. You mean that much to Him that He would not have you separated from Him unless that is what you want.

From my heart: In all of my posts I present what I know is true. My testimony is all true. Please forgive me if I come across too preachy at times. I sometimes have a difficult time finding the words to convey how urgent it is to know the TRUE message of salvation through God's plan in this time in history. The truth is that most people I have known who follow the “ascended masters” are very good people who have great love for humanity.  This is not a flaw.  It is this type of people whom the “ascended masters” prey upon because good hearted people make the best workers when they are led to believe they are helping humanity by following the “ascended masters” and by serving “The Plan” which the “masters” serve.

My plea to all of you very good hearted people who follow the “ascended masters” is that you will consider the possibility that my testimony is true.