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The Brotherhood of The White Lodge and Their Plans For America (Part 2)

by Carolyn Hamlett

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In this article I speak of "The Plan" and "the organization". If you are not familiar with these terms, I refer you to this article link: 

In this Part 2 of "The Brotherhood of The White Lodge and Their Plans For America", I continue to present my information from the standpoint of showing how the organization has worked through the years to get the world to where it is now.  In Part 1, I began by taking the readers back to the world of my childhood, (1950's) of when "The Plan" was first explained to me.  I was told the goals of "The Plan" and how the goals would be carried out from that time in the late 1950's and on through the future. 

So far, everything that I was told was planned up to this point, has come to pass.  Therefore, I have every reason to believe that the organization's further plans for America will soon be carried out...carried out and allowed by the very people we have in our top levels of government. 

Here is my blog post and link to the Part 1 of :

The Brotherhood of The White Lodge and Their Plans For America - Part 2

Future plans for America

Knowing whom is behind these plans will help you:
1.) Have a better understanding of what you are up against.
1.) Help you to not be caught off guard if the events transpire. 
3.) Help you to know how to best prepare and deal with it if the events transpire.

Prepare: Physically, Mentally, spiritually. 
The organization is counting on people:
1.) losing their minds.
2.) losing their sense of reasoning.
3.) behaving like reactionary animals who 
4.) bring harm to each other 

Which will require the government to step in bring various means of control.

When the government steps in to control, it will be under the guise of helping and protecting the American people.

The government will “protect the American people” through:
1.) Martial law.  
2.) Arrest and incarcerate people and keep them incarcerated for undetermined lengths of time.
3.) People will be killed as a means of crowd control.  

All of this was planned out many years ago. 

Various types of disasters and strife have been planned to take place in America.

The very same people who have planned these upcoming disasters have already established the wolves in sheep's clothing - Trojan Horse agencies to help THEM.

(Under the guise of disaster relief)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Dept. of Homeland Security

Is FEMA responsible for much good?  Yes, and there will be times we as Americans will be thankful for the aid we get from FEMA. The point I have been trying to make is that although there may be many very good men and women who are part of FEMA, FEMA itself is a Trojan Horse created by the very EVIL organization that has already brought planned "disasters" to the shores of America and who are planning to use FEMA as a means to control Americans under the guise of "helping". 

The NWO plan all along has been to take away what we Americans have, our freedoms and our prosperity, and then come riding in as heroes to our rescue so we will lick their boots and trust them...all the way as they carefully herd us down the trail and into the gates of the NWO. 

If you doubt what I just said here, go back and read Part 1 of my article: The Brotherhood of The White Lodge and Their Plans For America where I take you back to the post WW II days of America. 

Official FEMA Regional Map 

Is there a such thing as FEMA camps? My belief is that yes, these places do exist throughout America and that if they do indeed exist, they are likely to be used at least at first as a type of protection for Americans. 

I will not be surprised if sometime in the future some such places or small sustainable development communities will serve as work camps to "help" those who are in debt to government sponsored loans work off their debt. 

Speaking of incarceration: Another concern I have for Americans has to do with a very lucrative government paid business of private enterprises. This industry is banking on filling their cells.  What do they know that we don't know? 

Google: Prison Industry.   

And....What about our churches? Are our churches safe? Maybe...maybe not...because...

There is another MEANS OF CONTROL being used RIGHT NOW to indoctrinate the sheep into compliance and support of the US government's NWO initiatives. These organized groups being trained to serve our government are known as the "Clergy Response Teams".

The 501-C-3 Church and FEMA's Clergy Response Teams

The NWO organization just loves their 501c3 (Tax exempt) 30 pieces of silver sold out clergy who have grafted themselves and their congregations onto the vine of the Anti-Christ. 

Duties of a 501c3 (Tax exempt) Pastor who has signed on to be part of the Clergy Response Teams:

- 1st directive is for Pastors to preach to their congregations Romans 13 (out of context) to obey the government.
- Pastors agree to help implement FEMA and Homeland Security directives.
- Pastors will be used as Pacifiers to communities in Preparation For Martial Law.
- Push Agenda 21 for sustainable development. (Google Agenda 21)
- Preach on the green initiatives.
- Push mass vaccinations.
- May support gun ownership now, but will support the government when guns are confiscated.
- Pastors are to support the government and laws even if the laws work against Americans. Pastors encourage their parishioners to do the same.
- Pastors agree to have their churches used by the US government as place for citizens to report at a time of disaster. 

Typical of “pastors” completely sold out to the government: 
- A “pastor” who tells you the NWO is a “conspiracy theory”.
- A “pastor” who tells you that Clergy Response Teams are a “conspiracy theory”.
- A “pastor” who makes a point to call people “conspiracy theorists” or “conspiracy nuts”. 

More on the 501-C-3 Church and FEMA's Clergy Response Teams:

I am all about getting the truth out to as many people as possible.  I hope you will take the time to read these very informative and insightful articles I found written by Dave Hodges. 

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As stated earlier...

Various types of disasters and strife are planned to take place in America. 

Top US government leaders know what is ahead. 

They will lie to the American people of the cause of each incident.

1.) Some events will be called "natural disasters"
2.) Some will be "accidents" and others, 
3.) “Acts of terrorism" and a so-called enemy named as a means of unifying the American people toward a possible war. 

4.) Somethings will be blamed on groups within America as being        
- motivated by religious extremism
- racial hate and 
- political differences or 
- what ever else the organization wants to use to manipulate the minds and actions of the American people to be for or against.

During these times, many people will only see and hear the words of comfort and unity coming from our government heads because people will want hope and provisions.

Unity will be promoted… the same time...division and strife will be prompted!

These government officials will still be busy making sure that the news media will continue to cover plenty of news events from the stand point of race and religion rather than one human being committing a crime against another human being.

Out of ALL the news worthy things to cover on a daily basis, have you noticed how much the media blasts us with stories revolving around racial and religious hatred?  Is that YOUR personal daily world? Is that the average American's personal daily world?

I venture to say that most Americans interact well all day long with many people off different colors and different religions.   

BUT...what "reality" does the media choose to promote? And why? 

I venture to say that we would all continue to interact well all day long if we didn't have the TV telling us we are different and that we should fear each other.

The media is working to poison our minds, make us believe racism and religious hatred is the "reality" of our private lives...when it isn't.  The media is a tool being used to motivate us to hate and war against each other.

I'll take that a step further: 
"The people will believe what the media tells them they believe" and react accordingly.

Plugging religious and racial hate and political differences will keep:
1.) Americans on edge.
2.) At odds with each other and
3.) Easily motivated toward violence.

Which necessitates the reason for government intervention of:
1.) Declaring martial law
2.) Jailing people and
3.) Killing people in the name of maintaining order and safety for the American people.

Much will be taken away from Americans...

And Americans will be happy for even the little that is given to them from the very hands that took it away from them in the first place. 

Weapons of shock and fear will be used.
1.) to confuse and immobilize people.
2.) to create more chaos. (calling for government intervention…lock ups.)
3.) shock and fear opens people’s minds to receive a type of programming when the talking heads of the Illuminati run media tells everyone what they saw and how to react. 

If people know more of the reality of what is going on in the underground, the enemy's tactics of using the weapons of shock and fear will have less power over the general public. 

I was told that lots of chaos is planned...much will happen all at once...this will start to increase and then America will be devastated and be looking for either our government or the UN or both for help. People will be happy to get the help and have a sense of relief.

Numerous things planned that will cause 
- food and water shortages  
- shortage of medical supplies. 
- Even shortage of power.

Water supplies poisoned, land poisoned so growing your own food is less likely to happen. 

Earthquakes, out of control fires, riots
Civil unrest and riots

They have their own people set up in every group imaginable to start riots! 

Nukes and mini nukes likely
"The Plan" is to nuke several areas in the USA. I know at one time that 3 places were being considered. 

At this point they could decide to nuke anywhere in the USA.

Biological weapons

Biological weapons...plagues. 
1.) Plagues will be used as an excuse to quarantine large areas of people or send them to camps for "safety".

2.) Will encourage mass vaccinations. (Research: What ingredients are in vaccines? and Are vaccines safe?)

Anti-Vaccine Scientific Support Arsenal  (Our greatest weapon is knowledge)

3.) The elite can have the antidote for themselves and not have the land radiated.

Weaken Americans physically by:
- air pollution (Google: Chemtrails)
- water pollution
- soil pollution
- GEMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)
- vaccines (Research: What ingredients are in vaccines? and Are vaccines safe?)
- pharmaceuticals 

Other Trojan Horses: 

The World Health Organization and Unicef are not your friends.
Both are United Nations programs. 

The UN was established by Luciferians (Satan worshipers) as a tool to implement "The Plan" for the NWO headed by their "Christ" (Anti-Christ).  

If you doubt me, Google: The UN Lucis Trust. (Lucis Trust was formerly Lucifer Trust.) 

The WHO and Unicef wear the appearance of working for the good of humanity, but under that facade these programs serve the UN's NWO initiatives which is to control and manage humanity. The WHO and Unicef are tools to weaken humanity, bring sickness, decrease the global population and make humanity dependent on the UN. These programs are the actual vectors of the very things they come in as saviors to "protect" and "cure".

Have you ever wondered why the WHO and Unicef are pushing vaccines and childhood inoculations? 

Again...take a look at the organization that created the WHO and Unicef.
Google: The UN Lucis Trust.  

Could it be that this push to vaccinate everyone isn't a good thing?  

Could it be that the pitting of parents of vaccinated children against parents who choose to not vaccinate their children is ALL part of the NWO agenda? 

Research and Think about it!  

Hurricane Katrina - A test ground

Hurricane Katrina was a test ground to help plan future events to further weaken and take control of America from within.
During the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, a close friend of mine was working for the government in search and rescue. According to him, public communication systems were PURPOSELY cut off by our government and the sorely needed food and medical supplies were purposely blocked by our own government. Expect the same.
There is a plan set to close off the entire state of Florida. Back in 2006 DHS was busy working on securing all of Florida's coast line, not for invaders, but to prevent people from leaving. DHS knows what type of water craft you have and if it is sea worthy. They have been watching to see if you have supplies on your crafts to last you more than 3 days.
Destruction of the Hover Dam has been written into "The Plan". Whether "they" destroy it is yet to be seen.

They don't always do everything they plan to do.

Keep in mind their plan is to divide and conquer and cripple from within through "terrorist" attacks, "natural disasters" and economic break down.

Basically, if you use common sense, you can figure out what they will do to destroy America. The Phoenix (New Order) is to rise from the ashes of this present day Phoenix (America).

The strong possibility exists that a foreign power will be used to attack the United States. 

Other methods to be used to cripple Americans: 

Electromagnetic pulse weaponry, not just once, but numerous times.

There are many reasons for this tactic to be employed. Just take time to think of what this will do to the communication system and stability across America. Once electromagnetic pulse weaponry is used, Americans will be crippled and further under the control of the globalists. 

Energy problems to be created and used as a means to 
1.) further weaken Americans 
2.) make them more vulnerable.
3.) Bring panic.
4.) Bring death.
5.) Bring food and water shortages.
6.) increase the chance of riots.

Prepare just in case. 
Keep in mind that most of today's "natural disasters" are carefully planned ahead of time. It is a real science.


The first step in preparation is your mind set. 
1.) Think, do not be reactionary. 
2.) Right now, think about what you can do to prepare for the worst in case it comes. 
3.) Have a plan in your mind ahead of time, so that after the initial shock of an event, you can switch into the mode of the plan you worked out before.

Always…If you find yourself face to face with any emergency, rule # 1 is 

Try to calm you can think and reason.
Have that plan already worked out in your mind ahead of time, so that after the initial shock of an event, you can switch into the mode of the plan you worked out before. 

The technology of Project Blue Beam will be used.

There is technology that can make holographic images so real that you may not realize they are not real.

Psychotronic Weapons

There are psychotronic weapons being used against the people of the United States right now. This will increase. These are weapons that use electromagnetic energy to affect the mind from great distances. 

1.) Alter consciousness
2.) Send silent subliminal messages and impressions.
3.) Make you go deaf
5.) Make you hear voices or impressions nicknamed “The Voice of God”. 

Google: Scalar Waves
Google: Nano Chips
Google: Voice to Skull

How are you gong to protect yourself from such weapons? 
Faraday Cage or Tesla Cage.
Know the REAL “voice” of God. 

UFO's - Shock and Awe

Whether you believe in extraterrestrial or not, if you don’t think the US government doesn’t have it’s own such crafts, you are living in the dark ages. They could very well use a fleet of various types of crafts to shock and awe the masses and fake an attack.

With the technology of Project Blue Beam, our military and others have the ability to fill the sky with 3rd dimensional holographic images that look as real as solid crafts. 

Google: TR-3 Black Manta
Google: The Secret Space Program
Google: Project Blue Beam

Extraterrestrials and "The Plan"

Here's another reminder of who has authored this plan. "The Plan" was authored by a “spiritual hierarchy” who claim to be highly evolved beings who are here to help humanity and "usher in an age of peace and enlightenment".

Some of these beings claim to be extraterrestrials and will be making their appearance here on earth to masses of people.  

- Some will be in physical bodies and have star ships of various types and sizes. 
- Some will just materialize here and become a physical form
- Some will have bodies of light. 

These entities have supernatural abilities like you have never seen. They have the ability to influence people’s thinking and actions….unprotected people. 

Please note:  ALL of the entities and humans who claim they are here to help humanity to evolve spiritually and are here to "usher in an era of peace" WILL ALL BE UNHOLY EVIL ENTITIES of Satan's spiritual hierarchy that has authored the plan for the NWO, the same plan that has been taking your freedoms away, the same plan that is causing the murder, the wars and religious and racial hatred and blood shed…so they can come in and be your saviors!

Remember the the law they claim governs their plan…”The Law of Harmony Through Conflict”.  Their plan is to trick and manipulate, sow evil and strife to destroy goodness, love and peace. They are anti-God, Anti-Jesus Christ, anti-you ever knowing God’s true plan. They claim we are evolving so you will always look to them as being superior and as “gods”.  

They don’t want you to know the truth about God's plan which is a plan of salvation. Jesus Christ is exactly who and what the Bible says he is. (Read at least the book of John and Hebrews in context.)

The most frightening event in all of my life

The most frightening event in all of my life is something I have probably thought about everyday of my life since it happened. It took place well over 30 years ago when I was "face to face" with the one who was called "The Most Illumined of All".  It wasn't that he was so scary...he was beautiful...a tower of blinding white light.  When I stood before him, I was fully convinced in the depth of my being that he was Jesus Christ himself ! ...and I wanted to run to him !....but then....I detected something oh so very faint...that something was off.  As soon as I felt something didn't quite match up...the overwhelming realization struck my entire being once again that made me sure once again....that this being was Jesus Christ himself in a glorified form...but as I was going to run to him again...that oh so faint check in my spirit registered that this being was NOT Jesus Christ.  This repeated one more time.  Who was this glorious being who was stories and stories tall? How could he be exactly like Jesus Christ and not be Jesus Christ? 

Answer.... He was THE counterfeit. I believe that entity was Lucifer in his light form. I say this because, in Satan's spiritual hierarchy, they believe no one is more illumined than Lucifer/Satan. 

I remember exactly what it was like being in front of this entity...and the frightening truth is...that this counterfeit was so close to being like the genuine article, that if I had to repeat that experience again, even now as a strong follower of Jesus Christ, I can not be sure that I would discern the difference again. 

Satan, the CON of all cons is absolutely capable of creating a counterfeit of Jesus Christ including the illusion that he himself is Jesus Christ. 

This I know...that in order to be less likely to be fooled by this counterfeit, one needs to be an expert on the genuine article of Jesus Christ. The best place to start learning about Jesus Christ is to go to the written word of God, the Bible. As you read, you will get to know him.