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RUMINATIONS of the mind – God’s “GIFTS”, Sometimes Not what we think

RUMINATIONS of the mind – God’s “GIFTS”, Sometimes Not what we think

Written by Nikki Garrett 

Nikki Garrett is a devoted wife, a mother of a special needs child...
and a very dear friend of mine.

Nikki, you are an inspiration to me...and no matter how many times I have read this, 
I still can not finish with out crying.

From Nikki: "I truly hope that those who need to read these words will find this...
God knows who you are.......

I think sometimes that we believe that God’s GIFTS are warm and fuzzy...GIFTS of the Spirit, a relationship finally working, or some financial issue being met, etc., etc., etc.

I suppose it’s because we think in human terms of what a GIFT is...alas, our thoughts are not His thoughts, His ways are not our ways.

I have come to realize that God’s “GIFTS” can be what we call quite severe in nature. and having that mind traveled to Mary, the mother of Jesus. thinking of that woman’s life brought me to some deeper understandings:

Mary...just imagine being in that poor woman’s shoes:
she gets know they all think she had some man...that she is also crazy w/her wild and outrageous visions...and then telling folks God did this. One brave woman....her father could have beaten her...or she could have been stoned.

Can you imagine any of us going around and saying God caused this pregnancy? Sounds like a blasphemous lunatic. Ummm, yea right. Most would be hauling her to the funny farm.

and of course her worries about how Joseph was gonna probably leave her...and that she would be abandoned by him and everyone else. I’ll bet she lost all her friends as well. Sounds just lovely...and all for this “GIFT.

Going on:
as we know Mary and Joseph certainly spent their time on the run, hither and yon, just trying to stay alive w/their young son. Now, can you imagine how you would feel, knowing that all the children under 2 were killed by Herod because of Your Son?

can you imagine knowing that even her neighbor would probably turn her in if she knew that this was the One Herod was looking for. Seriously, knowing all these children were being killed because of Your Son. that must have been extremely painful to go through. Experiencing all this because of this “ GIFT”

And then, poor Mary...can you imagine for even one minute raising God’s Son? Yikes! I would constantly be looking over my shoulder for some feeling of disapproval that I’ve corrected Him wrongly, wasn’t patient enough...was too tired to deal w/Him and my other kids and hubby that day.

Seriously...trying to live a normal life knowing full well that you are under constant watch by God! wow....give me the anxiety meds...quick! that would be just so hard I would think...and yet, this was all due to her “GIFT”

and then we find Mary...her husband has passed...she is a widow. Even Joseph isn’t allowed to live a longer life w/Mary..he will not share w/Mary the final moments of this GIFT.

So now she experiences widowhood and loss, which probably also caused a lack of finances, and you know in your heart God has a reason for that as well...all part of the plan of the ‘’GIFT”.

she watches her Son’s ministry, sees the unkindness, sees his life in peril...and in the end knows the one personally who betrayed him...with a kiss no less.

how bitter that must have been...her kisses were always with love and this supposed friend betrays her Son w/the same actions of love she used to bestow upon Him.

she now sees her son beaten beyond recognition, nails in his hands, thorns on his head..and possibly naked for all to see....great humiliation and pain.

and Mary...she witnesses all of this.

at this point...God has allowed her, not Joseph, the one who bore Him, to witness His death.
I look at all this and I wondered why. why have her watch this final act. and then it dawned on me, she was allowed to see the depths of such evil and Her son’s sacrifice that is deeper than any of us can ever know. God allowed her to experience all of this “GIFT” ...all the way to the end.

Deep, deep pain...more than any of us will ever go through.

But why? all I know is that Mary’s heart was allowed to experience so much so that she too understand what God felt, about sin, about evil, about His love.

Book learning cannot compare to experiencing what God experiences....and Mary was allowed to experience God’s own emotions and thoughts...she shared in His pain. what an honor that was bestowed upon her....yes, this painful GIFT was an incredible honor that only she would experience. no other human experienced what Mary did.

and the reward of all this “GIFT”? well now I know that Mary is in heaven, and amongst the billions there, she is indeed the only one who had such a relationship w/ one in heaven ever had what she had.

and now her reward is seeing her Son in heaven and being there in His presence and truly understanding all that was done at least on some level more than most.

while I do not espouse whatsoever in the worship of Mary, like others in the bible, I can certainly appreciate what God teaches us through their lives.

Mary lived w/her GIFT all the way from beginning to the end... till her death and her entrance into the glories of heaven.

what a reunion w/her Son that must have been!!!

This story should remind all of us that God’s ‘GIFTS” are not necessarily warm and fuzzy...they can be of such severity that the pain of His GIFT can overtake us.

I think our modern churches and those who supposedly walk w/Jesus have forgotten what the calling really is. it is not about comfort, it is about sacrifice and dying to self...and above all loving Him....loving Him enough to receive His “GIFTS”.


Nikki wrote this article several months ago. I was saving it to post for Mother’s Day. 
This Mother’s Day…Nikki will be honoring her mother from afar.
  Nikki’s mother passed on just three short weeks ago. 

Nikki told me: “After she passed, I anointed her feet w/an essential oil blend called “His Garments" Psalm 45:8…wonderful scent.  Told folks I thought she should enter into heaven smelling good to meet the King.  I will always treasure putting those oils on her feet.”

Not everyone is blessed with a good and loving mother.  Nikki was.
And what a beautiful way Nikki honored her mother...for the last time...on this side of eternity.


A reader's comment - by Myja Mahoney

 "Myja-thoughts to your thoughts"


I was just telling my hubby this two days ago. How much faith Mary must have had to say YES. And here we are with very little challenges or "Gifts" compared to her and we act all over-burdened and over-whelmed in comparison. 

Just last night during our usual Rosary night prayers.. I was praying over my son who is a good young man but far from God spiritually.. and praying over his soul.. I looked at a picture in our living room with Mary holding baby Jesus.. and in this picture he looks just like my son when he was little.. and I wept as I put myself in her shoes watching Him die! 

She did not get angry at God.. she knew she had to give Him back.. She was the one that kissed His little baby checks and held His baby hand.. and had to watch her baby being beating bloody beyond all recognition.. knowing how loving and good He was to all those around Him...even Judas. She had to accept that it was all God's Will or God's GIFT. 

WOW! I don't know if I would understand nor believe nor have that kind of faith.I would die of grief! 

So last night in In my prayers I begged her to hold my son too.. and bring him to Jesus. I have to place him in her arms - I know he's safe there... and help me to be a better woman, better wife, better mother, better daughter and have even just an ounce of the faith that she had. 

That was her test... and that's ours too. 

THANKS for sharing.. I read it to my hubby in tears. He said "Weren't you just telling me this the other day?" 
I needed to hear it anew. 

Peace beyond all understanding.