Saturday, June 20, 2015

Are My memories Real? (Part 5) with Dr. Preston Bailey, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

Main Topics:

1.) How many survivors will comment “It feels like I’m making this up”.

- Dr. Bailey said 100% of the people he has counseled in the last 40 years who have had trauma or disassociation have said, “I feel like I am making it up.” 

- I gave examples from my own life that relate to denial programming and how the adults in my childhood reinforced that. 

- Loren Grace brings up some very good points. She reminds us that we are completely entitled to our memories as equally as everyone else is entitled to their own memories. 

She speaks of the reality which is true for many people who have suffered abuse and programing and how hard it really is when one comes to the realization that their entire life was built on lies. She said it is very difficult to process. It is very difficult to face, very difficult to admit. She said that she doesn’t want to believe all the bad things happened to her. She doesn’t want to believe that her mother was extremely abusive. She doesn’t want to believe that she went through all the rituals. She doesn’t want to believe she was programed. 

It isn't easy to face that truth. Loren Grace wants to think that she had a pretty normal life, that she was loved and taken care of, but that it’s just not true.  

Loren Grace talked about family members working to reinforce denial. They are basically saying that their memories of her life are all true, but her own memories of her life are not true. 

Loren Grace goes on to say that even in the best of home life, the best childhoods, even in the case of having the best parent, that parent can not be there 100% of the time. No parent can be there 100% of the time and know what a child is experiencing. Loren reminds us that you are the person who experienced your own life. You will remember things that a parent won’t. It is just a fact! It doesn’t mean that something you experienced wasn’t true or didn’t happen. 

When it comes to a situation of abuse, Loren stated that of course the parent will deny that the abuse happened because that would mean that they would have to admit their own abusive behavior, face their own sin or demons which would mean that they would actually have to change.

Loren Grace reminds us that honesty is valuable in the process of healing. We need to be honest with ourselves about what really did happen and not allow anyone to take your life experiences away from you. 

2.) Rituals that seal memories.

- Dr. Bailey mentions that many rituals and high level occult groups meet on an island or peninsula. 

- Dr. Bailey stated that only 2% of Psychiatrists believe in DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and that most of them treat DID with drugs or with hypnosis. Dr. Bailey gives a couple of examples of the techniques used by some Psychiatrists which are very damaging. 

- I mention the methods that were used in sealing and splitting my memories. (Drowning, electroshock and the use of demons who were put in charge of guarding the memory or programing.)

I talk a little about a ritual where I was initiated and sealed to a bloodline inheritance of demonic power and authority. I refer to this as “the blood in the book and receiving the scepter” though there was much more to this ritual and inheritance than just one ritual and blood in a book. 

- Loren Grace shared some of her own examples of rituals that sealed memories. 
- Dr. Bailey shares information which validates Loren Grace's experiences.   

3.) Alters and physiological changes.

- Dr. Bailey shared about a woman whose medical doctor verified that she had all the symptoms of pregnancy, but was not actually pregnant. 

- I shared about Andrew, an altar of mine who smoked cigarettes and cigars.
- I talked about the change in my eye sight when Candace and I were integrated and what corrected that problem. 

- Loren Grace shared about an alter of hers who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 
- Loren Grace also talked about how her hair has gone from straight to curly when her African-American alter named Jo is out for an extended length of time.  Loren has also experienced a change in her eye color.  

4.) Memories that one would retrieve that occurred while in a drugged state or altered state of consciousness.

- Dr. Bailey talked about some of the reasons that people are drugged for programming or rituals. Drugs are used to create amnesic barriers and also used in rituals to accentuate the senses. 

- Dr. Bailey shares how he can tell when an alter relating a memory was in a drugged state. Dr. Bailey also shares how through prayer, the power of God can deliver that alter of the drugged state so that the alter can be counseled, healed and integrated. 

- I shared several examples of when drugs were used on me. 
(a.) During my childhood, the two men who used to abduct me had a small glass jar with gauze inside.  They would take the gauze out and put it over my nose and mouth which would knock me unconscious. 

(b.) Though I don’t remember being injected with drugs, I know this happened to me many times. In my past I had a horrific fear of needles, something that is very common among victims of mind control programming.

(c.) I remember being drugged for training exercises. The object of the exercise was for me to over ride the effects of the drug with my will power and be able to function as if I was not drugged. 

- Loren Grace shared her own experiences relating to fear of needles, drugs used in programming and rituals.

Please visit Loren Grace's blog to read her own very insightful thoughts on the topics we covered on this Part 5 of "Are My Memories Real":



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