Friday, July 31, 2015

Are My Memories Real? (Part 6) with Dr. Preston Bailey, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace

by Carolyn Hamlett

Topics discussed:

1.) Memories involving hybrid beings, "aliens", Greys, Reptilians, blue people, cosmic beings, "ascended masters", fallen angels, heavenly orders etc.

- I have so many experiences on this topic that I have never shared yet.  

2.) Memories involving outer space and secret space programs.

- I have alters that have been trained to fly various types of crafts. 

Some crafts are piloted by way of a telepathic computer system. Some crafts operate through a combination of hands on and telepathic commands. Global "military" and non human beings both have such crafts.

Some non humans have ships that are biomechanical and are more biological than machine.

- I shared what may seem to some as a strange and unusual story, how ever, what happened to me is actually more common that many realize. It is becoming more common knowledge that a split of a person (alter) can be taken out of a person and used in another location.  Some locations happen to be in other realms or off planet. In this interview I share of my own experience of having one of my alters taken and kept captive on another planet for many years. 

I was one of the few fortunate ones taken in that I was found to be of use to the society there. It wasn't easy at first, and although I belonged to someone like slave, I was well cared for and did my best to be useful and make the best of the situation. When it came time for me to be freed, it was quite difficult for me since I had staked out a fairly decent life and had also grown quite close to my sponsor family. Not many taken captive as I had fare so well. 

3.) Memories involving water and underwater locations such as bases and cities.

- Demonic entities including "ascended masters" derive energy from water.
- When hybrid bodies were made for the beings that were brought through the portal in 1984, all births took place under water. 
- The babies created from the union of a human woman and a being that had come though the portal were all birthed under water.  
- There is a base off the coast of California that the US military share with the Greys.
- Many UFO sightings near Catalina Island.
- Catalina Island has been reported as having an underground base. 
- I shared a little about a 5 week stay I had on Catalina Island.
- Some people including myself are able sense the vortex on Catalina Island and are affected by the energy.

I would love to come back to this post and add more detailed notes and share more on these topics, but I can not promise anything. I am so very far behind on finishing the notes for previous blog posts.

Loren Grace has posted her article to go with this Part 6 of Are My Memories Real? 

Here is a link to Loren Grace's article: Are My Memories Real? Part 6


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