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Reptilian Genesis - The Original Super Soldier Creation of the Nephilim

by Carolyn Hamlett

Reptilians…what exactly is the “genesis” or origin of these bloodthirsty, volatile killing machine creatures? 

Are they something that evolved into what they are by sheer happenstance?….or are they something else, something created?…And…if so…by whom and for what purpose?

Reptilian Genesis

I think this interview of mine will connect a lot of the dots for many people and answer many unanswered questions in regards to the big picture of Reptilians…of their origin, design, original purpose, history, agenda and (in detail), even the methods of reproduction. (Probably not what first comes to people’s minds about reproduction, nevertheless, no less interesting).

The information I share is probably nothing you have ever heard before.

Also in this interview is information on “the ancients” that you have probably never heard before.  I will be making a separate blog post on “the ancients”.

I hope you will enjoy listening to this latest program on “Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval”.

Program description:
"What are reptilians? Who are the ancients? Do these groups actually exist? If they do, what are their origins? There is a lot of mystery revolving around these subjects and people all over are looking for answers. In this week's episode, we will be asking these questions and more. To help us answer them we will be joined by Carolyn Hamlett, a former illumined one that defected from the Luciferian hierarchy. Daniel and Carolyn will be disclosing information on these subjects that has been recovered through the process of Carolyn's journey of healing. The information will SHOCK you. Don't miss this ground breaking episode.

Reptilians and Ancients Exposed 


The information I share is my part of my on going testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to deliver from the powers of darkness and to bring healing and restoration to the wounded and broken. I tell my story to expose the lies and tactics of the enemy and to point people to the One I know is in fact, The Way, The Truth and The Life, the One I owe my life to, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

In my 61 years of life, I have experienced and witnessed many fantastic and sensational things and have knowledge of many sensational topics, and yet, the most extraordinary, incredible, sensational and amazing of all (by far) is the saving and healing Power of Jesus Christ and God's plan of salvation through him, Jesus Christ. He Truly LOVES us.

This is my testimony and will remain my testimony forever that: “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” ~ The Apostle Peter (Acts 4:12). 

Included in this article:

What are Reptilians?  
The origin of Reptilians. 
Nephilim Purpose and Use of Reptilians.
Reptilians on earth: unseen assassins. “Dust Devils”
Misc facts about Reptilians.
Reptilians in ancient history.
How Reptilians Replicate - The 11 Point Process.
Other ways Reptilians reproduce.
Why humans are the preferred host.
Can a person with Reptilian in their bloodline be cleansed of all that is Reptilian? 
Are Reptilians mentioned in the Bible?
How did the Reptilians escape the Noahic flood?
How Reptilians fit into Satan’s plan.
The Near Future: Reptilians who left earth plan on returning.
Are there good Reptilians and bad Reptilians, good ET’s and bad ET’s?
Why humans are of such great interest to all of the creatures of the universe. 
“The buck stops here.”


DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is something that happens to someone who has endured severe trauma. In order to protect oneself, the mind disassociates. If it is severe enough those disassociations will become alternate personality states or what is called “alters”

As Daniel has worked with me, he has met a lot of my “parts” or “alters”.  As we have gone through the healing process, of meeting those parts and getting them delivered from demonic bondage, they often come back with information that I was not consciously aware of before meeting those parts of me.

This is actually how we have come to learn information regarding Reptilians and the ancients. It is largely information that has come back as a result of the healing process that I have been in which is centered on the work of Jesus Christ in my life.

For more information on DID, recovery and healing, I refer you to these 2 series of programs. 
(Titles below) Both series are found on this page at brideministries.



Also see my blog articles that have some notes that go with the "Are My Memories Real?" programs.

In this program “‪Reptilians and Ancients Exposed by a Former Illumined One‬”, Daniel had me begin by introducing to the audience the part of me named Andrew. 
Andrew was the part who dealt with Reptilians. When Andrew first surfaced, he was very dark. In fact, I thought he was a demon.

Daniel shared with the listening audience some of what happened that day when Andrew first surfaced.

One of the first things Andrew told me was “You don’t know what I have done for you!”…and as I mentioned, Andrew was so dark that I thought he was a demon. (In time I learned the reasons why he was so dark.)

When it was determined that Andrew was actually a part of me and not a demon, Daniel had me acknowledge that Andrew was a part of me and that he did do something for me even though I didn’t understand what he did or why he did it or why he was so dark. That broke the ice. We didn’t hear from Andrew for a long time. When he did come back, he had a different attitude and became extremely helpful in telling us a lot of information of what he had been involved in which were some very dark things. As Andrew talked, my memory came back of much that I had experienced as well as what Andrew alone had experienced. (To understand some of how this works, I refer you to the series of programs titled “Are My Memories Real?”.

There is enough information about Andrew that I am thinking that I should plan on making a separate blog post about Andrew in the near future. For now I will stay with the information that I shared on this program.

Andrew was created some where around 1972.  The organization I was born into contracted me out to the mob for a 4 year period. They were to protect me and round out rough edges and serve as a sort of finishing school before my next division of use which was to be in another part of the US. The mob was allowed to use me for their own purposes, but with limitations. They had an overseer, like a sort of God-Father they answered to even when it came to what they were allowed to do with me.
When I was first taken for programming, I didn’t want to cooperate. I was told that I had no choice and that the harder I made it for the people in charge of me, the more trouble I would bring onto myself, so cooperating with them was going to be the best way for all. I was also told that this was a temporary deal, for only 4 years and then I would be free of them. Somehow temporary seemed doable for me.

They told me that they would be coming for me whether I liked it or not. They told me that there was a way they could borrow a part of me and use that part of me without me even knowing or remembering. This would free me up to live a normal life and not be affected by the part of me that they would be using. For this to work best, they needed me to agree with them and work with them on making this possible.

Andrew was the first mob loyal alter created. Next came Candace who was what Andrew refers to as a “Monroe Model” as in Marilyn Monroe, though Candace was not used in the same way one would think of by the term “Monroe Model”. Both Candace and Andrew were large splits of me.

Andrew’s purpose was simple at first, but became multifaceted as time went on. Initially he was created to be the one who would get me to the meeting places on time. He was also the one who would be my protector. When I slept at night, Andrew was always awake. When ever I answered my phone, if it was my programmer, the part of me that was Andrew would take over.  As time went on, Andrew was found to be useful in other areas of business…especially since Andrew had a unique ability.

When Andrew was “out” as the “front alter” or “front personality”, he took things a step farther.  Andrew had the ability to shape shift and would often change our body to look like himself, a 6’ 2”, well-built Italian looking young man in his early 20’s.  Few people knew what he was.  Andrew was such a strong personality that those who knew what he was, would actually let that slip their mind. Andrew was more real to them than I was as myself.  Andrew was preferred over me.

When I look back at those 4 years of my life, a lot makes sense to me now. 
Such as:

Why I disliked everything about the telephone and still do. (The telephone was a means my programmer contacted me.)- Why there was often gas missing out of my car. I thought someone was syphoning the gas out. (I had actually been out driving and had no memory of it because Andrew was out.)

- Why I would wake up in the middle of the night just in time to protect myself from a possible intruder. (Andrew was awake and woke me up because the circumstances were such that it was something I had to deal with.)

- Why I was always falling asleep when I was out with my friends. (I was tired because my body wasn’t getting rest when ever Andrew was out doing his work at night.)

- Why I would get the urge to take bicycle rides or walks in the middle of the night. (I was acting on programming. Andrew would take over to have me at a place where ‘we’ would be picked up by a driver and be taken to another location and returned later.

- Why I would take walks in the daytime in the small wooded area near my apartment and why I was so intent on making sure I was alone and not seen. (Often Andrew would take his form while hidden in the wooded area and walk out a block up the road from my apartment where his ride would be waiting for him.)

- Why I was followed and stalked by separate groups of people as if they all had an interest in me. The FBI, the police, people claiming to be police, but without identification to prove it, men watching my apartment at night, apartment break ins,etc. (Some actually did have invested interest in me and were protecting that interest. Some were watching me because of the people I was associated with.)

- Why on several occasions I was approached by people who seemed to know who I was, but I had never seen them before…and as soon as they realized that I didn’t know the business talk, they quickly shut up. (They had met another part of me (an alter) and had assumed that they were talking to that alter.)

- Why I craved cigars and cigarettes and yet I was not a smoker. (Andrew was a smoker of both cigarettes and Cuban cigars especially what he refers to as “Delmonicos”.  Andrew also liked to drink Cognac and beer.)
The list goes on. It all makes perfect sense to me now that Andrew and I are co-conscious and I have many of the missing memories back.

It also makes perfect sense to me now as to why throughout my life I had seen many different types of beings, had regular encounters with various types of Greys, yet I never had a single memory of ever seeing or hearing of Reptilians.

The information about Reptilians was disassociated in the person of Andrew.

How Andrew developed his understanding of Reptilians:
Andrew’s initial work didn’t involve Reptilians. He had seen them because some of his associates did business with Reptilians. Reptilians were thought be useful, but dangerous creatures. They could be called upon to do evil deeds, although they always required a higher payment than the value of their service. If a Reptilian does “a favor”, the Reptilian always believes those who asked the favor are forever in debt to him and Reptilians in general.

In time, it was discovered that Andrew seemed to have an innate understanding of Reptilians and knew how to deal with them, so more and more, the job of dealing with Reptilians was handed over to Andrew.

Our programmer was relieved when Andrew stepped in to deal with the Reptilians. She worked well with demonic entities, but she was deathly afraid of Reptilians. She didn’t want anything to do with them. If they took on a different form, it was a little better. When it came to Reptilians, our programmer didn’t know what she was dealing with and she didn’t really want to know either. She was more than happy to divorce herself from all dealings with Reptilians.

If I am from the Merovingian bloodline as I suspect because of certain family surnames and family crests, this could account for Andrew knowing how to deal with Reptilians and maybe why they dealt with him. Perhaps that part of me was funneled into Andrew. This also could account for the Grey’s interest in me.

Andrew explains why Candace and I do not remember seeing any Reptilians.
Andrew said the Reptilians are not the easiest to work with.  Andrew said that I don’t remember them because he was the one who worked with them. Candace and I were not co-conscious with him because he forbade it. It was for all of our safety and business could not have been conducted if there was any co-consciousness with Candace or I.

This was our dynamics:
There were times when I was co-conscious with Andrew and times he was co-conscious with Candace, but when it came to dealing with the Reptilians, that job alone was for him and kept locked tight from Candace and me for our own protection.

The Reptilians didn’t like Andrew any more than than they liked other humans they dealt with, but they had a degree of respect and fear of Andrew because Andrew seemed to instinctively know how to deal with their kind. He knew how to push their buttons and manipulate them and get what he wanted and yet have them thinking they were in charge and making the calls. Andrew played on their egos.

Andrew alone, in his full personality, had to be the one that met with the Reptilians. If the Reptilians had sensed even a part of me or Candace, they would have seen Andrew as weak and would have destroyed us. Candace nor I could not have even a fraction of knowledge of the Reptilians because the Reptilians would have sensed that about Andrew like they could smell it on him.  If Candace or I had known about Reptilians, it would have created a link like a door from me to Andrew and from Candace to Andrew which would have been like a leak and detectible to the Reptilians. Like a shark that smells blood in the water, Reptilians would have sensed us which translates to them like an odorous scent.

Also, if Candace or I had any memory of a Reptilian, that would have acted like a calling card to draw Reptilians to us which would have put all of us in danger.

Andrew had to carry this assignment alone.

As my protector, Andrew also bargained with the Reptilians which kept them at bay. He distracted them and gave them other options which kept them from messing with me.

Andrew says that in some ways the Reptilians reminded him of the Ferengies on Star Trek Deep Space Nine…except their "Rules for Acquisition" are barbaric and they have no patience. I relate them to The Klingons…only 10 times worse or more than the most vicious warrior Klingon. They do not have the loyalty that a Klingon has. They will turn on each other in a heart beat. They will even viciously attack and eat another Reptilian. They are all about war and killing. They don’t value life at all except for their own. 

The Reptilians that Andrew most dealt with resembled in appearance a blend of the two pictures above. Their faces more resembled the picture on the left, but the snouts were less pronounced like the Reptilian on the right. All of the Reptilians Andrew dealt with wore armor.
Andrew shares some interesting details about Reptilians:

Reptilians have the ability to grow back a body part.

Everything is expendable to a Reptilian.

If a Reptilian is killed that he can be completely replicated along with his original consciousness. In that sense, they never die.

Reptilians stink as in smells putrid. They can contain their smell to a degree, but that takes energy because it is a natural characteristic of them to put out that putrid stink.  The smell is enough to bring terrifying fear to those who have witnessed the grotesqueness of their evil acts. The memory of the smell attaches itself to the memory and seems more powerful than a memory itself. So when a person familiar with their smell, smells them approaching, a person if not in control of themselves can be overwhelmed by a type of terror that borders on insanity and dying of terror.

Reptilians think humans stink.

They love to eat human babies and will even steal babies that are to be used in Satanic sacrifices.

Satan sees Reptilians a “useful idiots”.

Some Reptilians live in underground caverns here on earth.

They grow their own human children food supply.

They can be inter-dimensional. Sometimes you can smell them like a heavy presence, but not see them. They don’t always want you to see them. Sometimes they like their victims to see them because they like the taste of adrenaline in the blood.

They have claws on their fingers. They have a type of scale. 

The Reptilians Andrew has dealt with wear armor. They don’t need to wear armor, they just like to wear it.  Maybe they think it makes them look more fearsome. Andrew said that he thinks Reptilians picked up the wearing of armor from humans.

Andrew sometimes conversed with Reptilians in their own language.
When dealing with Reptilians there is no letting one’s guard down. One has to be keenly aware of every subtle move they make, any slight inflection or change in their voice, any change in their breathing, especially any change in their vibration.  At the same time, one must be able to maintain the same air of strength, confidence, extreme unpredictability and reckless fearlessness to match theirs. In fact, one must exceed their air of dangerous volatility to even stay in the game, but even that must be properly balanced or they will see you as too much of a threat and kill you.

Andrew said that there is a fine line in balancing a rapport with them. They despise weaklings and they do not like to be bossed. You have to be constantly working on walking that thin line between them perceiving you as a push over and being seen as trying to push one over on them. They are very volatile. You have to out think them, be a step ahead of them and sense their next move and thoughts. They actually exhume a type of odor that some, like Andrew can detect with his senses as to what is going on in their thoughts or emotions. They can be very reactionary and act quickly. They didn’t know this about Andrew, that he was usually a step ahead of them because he could read them. “They are incredulous creatures. They are suspicious and trust no one, not even another Reptilian. That is their nature. Very hard to deal with on any issue.
Andrew knows some of their language, which he skillfully used to his advantage. He mostly used their curse words to stand up to them and talk on their level. Other times he spoke in their language to distract and diffuse a volatile situation.

Reptilians are very sensory beasts, quick to react. Sometimes it takes split second timing to keep oneself from being harmed. If their attention can be safely distracted, the distractor has the advantage. Andrew was quick to pick up on this and discover that when he sensed a Reptilian’s mood was about to go south, that if he blurted something out in their language, that it would snap the Reptilians attention to what Andrew had said and the fact that Andrew, a human was speaking their language. This gave Andrew a few more seconds to regain control of the situation and direct it toward a calmer atmosphere.

How Reptilians fit into Satan’s plan:
Andrew is familiar with three different groups of Reptilians.  For the most part they operate independently from each other. They may think they call the shots and operate alone, but they are all in Satan’s kingdom and very much being manipulated and used by Satan’s spiritual hierarchy. As said earlier, Satan sees Reptilians as being useful idiots. Like demons, Reptilians are not in the same class or league as Satan’s ruling elite and they never will be.

One of the highest ranking beings whom I knew who dealt with Reptilians was an Arcturian called “Rommel”.  Rommel was one of the 1st Arcturian’s brought in through the portal that was opened in 1983. One of Rommel’s commissions was to run and oversee the section of Satan’s hierarchy that managed and used Reptilians to Satan’s full advantage. Rommel is so trusted by Satan that Satan has given Rommel the authority to act without seeking Satan’s direct consent.

For more detail on the portal that was opened in 1983, I refer you to my 6th interview with Dan Duval. 

It took humans to open up the portal. Although Satan and his minions have many people duped into believing that they have more power than humans, the truth is that there are certain things Satan can not do without using humans.

It took the energy of a combined twin flame union of two humans, coupled with what Satan’s spiritual hierarchy calls “the 5th fire initiation” to open up the portal where many of Satan’s highest and most powerful were waiting to be able to gain entrance into our 3rd dimensional earth.

They needed humans to open up that portal because Satan does not have the spiritual authority to open that portal. 

Quick explanation: Although Satan and his fallen are powerful, they do not have the “natural born” spiritual authority that humans were created with. It’s just a fact. The human spirit is different than all other created creatures. The human spirit has what I call “the God code”. We have an essence of God the creator Himself as His children.  We are similar to being “chips off the block”.

Satan sees humans as a commodity to use to get what he wants, which is the throne of God and rulership of the universe. Various types of beings try to use humans like keys to open areas in the supernatural that Satan can not do without the agreement of human will with their will.

This is why humans are of great interest to all of the creatures of the universe. They don’t want to help us.  They want to use us to get what they want!. They actually need us to get what they want. We don’t need them. They just want us to think that we need them. They don’t have our best interests in mind, they have their own interests in mind.

The majority of the humans they use are good people who have been deceived into believing they are working for the good or the “forces of light” when in fact those “forces of light” are using humans to further Satan’s agenda.

These beings use deceptive methods to manipulate humans to choose or to “will” what Satan and his fallen want. Thus Satan’s “Great Invocation” which refers to “the little wills of men” to be in agreement with “the higher will which the masters know and serve.”  That “higher will which the masters know and serve.” is Satan’s will.  I know this for a fact because I served in Satan’s spiritual hierarchy with the fallen ones who wrote that invocation, including, “the master Djwhal Khul", who channeled it to Alice A. Bailey.

You maybe wondering at this point:

Who then, are those working for God the Righteous Creator of the universe and 
those who are workers of darkness? How can you tell the difference?

Are there good Reptilians and bad Reptilians, good ET’s and bad ET’s?

The truth is that there are two separate kingdoms and two separate plans.  
There are no gray areas.

How can one know for sure what is of the Kingdom of the Righteous Creator of the universe?
One needs to be guided by The Holy Spirit of God.

How does one become guided by God’s Holy Spirit?
There seems to be many camps supplying the answer to that question.

So, who is right?
The answer to this riddle may be easier than you think.

If you examine the many camps supplying religious or scientific answers about creation and of who we are, where we came from and what our purpose is, you will see that all of those camps have one HUGE thing in common… 

Remarkably, they all make a point and go out of their way to name the same book and discredit that very same book. Not only that…out of ALL of the characters in that book (3,237 approximately)….they all have picked the very same character out of that book to discredit! Imagine that! What a coincidence!….or not.

They all make the point to specifically call out the Bible and Jesus Christ and make the claim that The Bible is false or not to be taken literally and that Jesus Christ is either a myth, a liar or just a “wise” incarnation to bring enlightenment.

Think about it….Out of all the books ever written in the history of mankind and out of all the great people who have walked this earth, these camps ALL pick the same book and the same man to discredit? Think about it.

There are two kingdoms. I think it is clear to see.

One kingdom comprised of many different camps that are all in agreement of major thing….against the very book that is said to be the very Word of God, the book that says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”
“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” ~ The Apostle Peter (Acts 4:12).

Could it be that the Bible REALLY is the TRUTH?…
That humans are fallen creatures and that every single one of us is so loved by the Righteous Creator of the universe that He made a rescue plan to save us, redeem us and restore us to our original place high above all principalities, powers and dominions? Sounds too fantastic? This is what Grace is all about. I venture to say that most people reading this have at one time or another heard a Bible believing person mention Grace as being a gift from God. Maybe you have heard that word parroted so much that it has lost it’s meaning and flavor to you….or maybe the persons who parroted that word used it in more like a weapon to hit you. I can relate. They like to use this verse:

“For by grace are you saved through faith; and not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

I’m laughing to myself right now as I think of all of the times I have been in the line of fire of militant graceless “christians” who seemed dead set to kill me with their “good news”.  
I learned that I better get my track shoes on as soon as I heard that grace word come out of their mouths. (OH NO! not the Grace message!!!) Those sort of “christians” always save the heavy artillery to deliver their...“good news” of grace message. 

You’re lucky if you are still standing after they fire that first round: “For by grace are you saved through faith” which is full of buckshot and followed by a harpoon and a slap in the face, because they know buckshot is good for a moving target and the harpoon is to insure you stick around to hear all of their “good news” for you. The slap in the face is for the “through faith” part which translates “It’s through faith, you disbelieving idiot.”

Round two can be a doozy. It’s the gift part of the message. It literally will bring you to tears.
“and not of yourselves: it is the gift of God”. That one is sent with a lighting bolt, tear gas and clap of thunder for the shock and awe effect to instill "the fear of Gawd" in you and punish you for ever thinking you were anything more than a lowly worm.

“NOT  OF  WORKS !!!!” ....(I don’t know what’s worse, ...being at the wrong end of a gun barrel…or  facing point blank, a finger pointing “christian”.

And….because they just KNOW you’re a dirty rotten self-righteous boaster…next comes the howitzer (boaster buster), flame thrower, numb chucks, brass knuckles, billy club, ninja stars… what ever they have left in their arsenal. They just can’t let you go without letting you know what you are. As you turn to crawl away, there’s a last shot fired over your head…lest you ever think about boasting ever again.

Then they all merrily go out and boast to their friends about how they witnessed and preached the “good news” and were working to bring others to the love of Christ.   

Folks, those people are nothing like Jesus Christ.  

Don’t let imperfect people ruin it for you.

Believe me, I know how abrasive and misled some “christians” are.  In fact, they have been some of the hardest people for me to forgive.

It’s still hard for me sometimes when I hear certain scriptures because the scripture might remind me of some “christian” who used it as a weapon to hurt me or to control me or to whip me into submission. 

If it was not for my own real rubber meets the road experience with the supernatural working of the Kingdom of God and experiencing the true Saving Power of Jesus Christ, I would have rejected Jesus Christ because of the witness of those un-Christlike, distasteful, abusive, self appointed policemen for Jesus people who don’t seem to know him at all. They certainly are nothing like him.

Here’s what Grace REALLY is:

What is Grace?
Grace is unmerited favor
Grace is the finished work
Grace is Divine Influence upon the heart
Grace is God’s ability

Now read that previous verse THIS WAY:
“For by unmerited favor, the finished work, Divine Influence upon the heart, and God’s ability, are you saved through faith; and not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast”.

(The “lest any man should boast” part, still grates at me a little, but that’s just me. I know what it means and what it is actually referring to. I am still dealing with the painful memory of that being the last stone hurled at me by “holier than thou” Pharisaical “christians” using that scripture as a weapon.)

At least I can laugh and see some humor now….as you have seen.

I do have understanding, yet sorrow for those who have suffered a bad “witness” and never want to hear anything from anyone who claims they “have been saved by Jesus”. It is a tragedy. I just hope that if you are one of those people, that you will choose to give this another chance. God’s plan is a good one. Now that I know it and understand it, I realize that it really is “good news”. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to join themselves to God’s Kingdom. I am conscious of the fact that many people have never really heard the plan of God properly explained to them. People sound like a bunch of parrots parroting the same thing the same way. It gets to the point where they sound like static or white noise. There is no color, no picture, just tasteless dry saw dust.

That is why I am passionate about finding the best descriptive words possible to describe the supernatural work of God so that it might make more sense than any other way you have had it presented to you….so I hope you will bear with me. 

The Truth about God…and us:

Adam, the first of mankind, was designed to have dominion (under Creator God) of the earth, but this was lost during the fall.  God began a plan of redemption to redeem mankind.

Because God loves us,  He made a way. It is His GIFT. Why just a way…why not many?  Because it took the very Word of God to do what it took to make that way. When you come to understand exactly who Jesus Christ is and what was needed to make that way possible, you will see why it took the Word of God himself because no one in all of creation could do what was necessary to save us.

So which is the Kingdom of light, the Kingdom of The Righteous Creator of the universe?

Clearly it all boils down to what is in that book called the Bible and who that one man known as Jesus Christ really is and what he did which has rocked the entire universe and all it’s inhabitants and sent many of them scrambling to keep the humans blinded from the truth of who they really are in the whole scheme of things.

Consider again the claims of all the so called “intergalactic”, “interdimensional”, “ascended” beings etc. What camp are they in?

It is no coincidence that those so-called “enlightened beings” are telling people that they will not learn “the higher truths” or “raise their vibration” by spending time reading the Bible in context. These beings want you to believe that taking the Bible literally is for spiritual Neanderthals, not for you. These beings are famous for using a portion of scripture in one of their spiritually sounding flowery worded sentences to impress and to sway the listener to believe that they know the esoteric meanings, higher thought, and cosmic truths and that following them is the true path.

Suppose these beings are liars and are purposely trying to lure you away from the Bible because they know that the Bible actually IS the TRUTH and when read in context will expose them for what they actually are. Suppose the Bible is dangerous to them because the Bible has the truth of God’s Kingdom and God’s true plan not only for you, but for all of creation!

Here is an example of probably the most misused verse stolen from the Bible: “You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”.

Why do you think these beings quote that to you? What are your thoughts when one of those beings quotes that? Are you thinking that maybe they have a handle on the truth and that their path is the path to enlightenment?

Do you know where that quote comes from and what it is in reference to?

Jesus said it.

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” ~ John 8:32.

Do you know what Jesus was making reference to?   It really isn’t some huge esoteric mystery like some self-proclaiming “enlightened” ones would have you believe.

If you really want to know EXACTLY the Divine Truth Jesus meant when he spoke those words which the so-called “ascended masters” are so fond of quoting…just read his words in context. The “ascended masters” don’t want you to read in context and THINK for yourself….because if you actually examined even this one sentence in context with the rest of that conversation Jesus was having, you would clearly see that what Jesus was talking about is 100% contrary to what the “ascended masters” say about Jesus Christ.

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” ~ John 8:32.

Let’s take the “mystery” out it…

Take a look at the Bible verse before that one.  You will see who Jesus is talking to.

Who was Jesus talking to?
The Jews and others who believed him.

Believed what?
His word.

What is his word?
His testimony.

What was his testimony?
The answer to that is found in the first chapter of that book , the book of John.

It isn’t at all what any “enlightened” “ascended” “illumined” being claims about Jesus Christ. Somebody’s lying about what the Bible really says and what Jesus Christ claimed about himself.

To know, for yourself what the Bible says, I encourage you to check out the book of John yourself. Read it in context. You will see the truth. You will see what truth Jesus was referring to. 

Here is a sample. I have paraphrased it. I hope you will check it out for yourself.

John 1: 1- 5

BEFORE the world was created, the Word already existed;

he was with God, and he was the same as God.  From the beginning, the Word was with God. 

Through him God made all things; not one thing in all creation was made without him.

The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to men. 

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out.

(How do those few sentences match up to what the so called “illumined”, ascended,“enlightened” beings have told you about the identity of Jesus Christ?)

I encourage you to read on in the book of John, in context. You will have an eye opening experience.  You will see the truth. You will see what truth Jesus was referring to. Even if you only read a few verses and ask yourself questions you will learn exactly what Jesus is referring to.

Salvation! Rescue! God’s plan. Jesus Christ is a rescue plan..The rescue plan.
“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” ~ The Apostle Peter (Acts 4:12).

Suppose following the so called “illumined”, ascended,“enlightened” beings is to follow and embrace lies…not the truth. 

Suppose these beings are liars and are purposely trying to lure you away from the Bible because they know that the Bible actually IS the TRUTH and when read in context will expose them for what they actually are. Suppose the Bible is dangerous to them because the Bible has the truth of God’s Kingdom and God’s plan.

These beings are famous for using a portion of scripture in one of their flowery worded sentences to make the listener believe that they know the esoteric and cosmic truths 

Think about this: These so called enlightened beings will tell you that you will not learn “the higher truths” by spending time reading the Bible. I am here to tell you that they are liars. They don’t want you to read the Bible because you will actually discover the REAL truth of who Jesus Christ actually is!…Jesus Christ himself tells who he is and why he came into the flesh. It is God’s plan of salvation. Jesus Christ taught that we have one life to live and then we die. He taught redemption from a fallen state, not evolution and working ones way to perfection.

What Jesus said and taught are completely different than what the so called “illumined”, ascended,“enlightened” beings claim. Don’t let someone tell you what Jesus said without checking it out for yourself. Go to the Bible and see for yourself. Don’t buy that line that the so called “illumined”, "ascended,“enlightened” beings tell people, that the Bible is corrupt or elementary. If that were the real truth, then why do they like to take quotes out of it? It is because their entire plan is built around taking people AWAY from the truth of who and what Jesus Christ is. The way they do this is to take very important points of truth from the Bible and change the meaning. Their whole plan is based around anti-Bible, anti-Jesus Christ. They ARE anti-Christ. They are Satan’s spiritual hierarchy. They are master deceivers. 

I know what I know because I was born into their bloodline and organization that a lot of people don’t want to believe exists. It is Lucifer/Satan’s organization.  It is the body of Lucifer who is Satan. This organized body is comprised of humans, fallen beings and hybrids all unified in doing their part like a well oiled machine to bring Satan’s kingdom into reign here on this 3rd dimensional earth. As a former “illuminist” and “illumined one”, I was used throughout my life in various capacities and departments in "The Plan" which yielded to me a wide range of experiences which gave me privy to classified information.

The beings that people think are the forces of light fighting the dark forces, ARE the dark forces. They are all part of the organization I came out of. They are all associated with Satan and are serving Satan’s plan. The good ET vs the bad ET is one of Lucifer/Satan’s deceptive tactics. It is what is known as a controlled opposition. ALL, I repeat, ALL of the so-called “highly enlightened” beings claiming to be working to help humanity are ALL under the direction of Lucifer and his spiritual hierarchy. Believe me, they are not your friends. They do not have your best interest in mind.

I was told when I was a child in the late 1950’s of these beings and how they would be used today, at the end of the age. What is taking place now, I have known about since I was a young child. I have known about this for 57 years.

I learned about Satan’s plan from being in Satan’s organization.

There are two separate kingdoms. There are no gray areas.

One kingdom is comprised of many camps all in agreement in opposition of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

The other Kingdom IS the Kingdom of the Righteous Creator of the universe. The Bible is His written Word. Jesus Christ is the very Word of God. This I know for a fact. This is the word of my testimony. I hope you will investigate for yourself all that I have

Are Reptilians mentioned in the Bible?

As far as I know there is no detailed description in the Bible of a specific species of vicious warrior reptile-like creatures. So is that proof that they don’t exist? If one is to use that type of reasoning to make the conclusion to say that Reptilians don’t exist, then most of the species of all creatures on the face of this earth must not exist either since so few are mentioned in the Bible.

Here is where Reptilians most certainly do fit in:

Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

What are Reptilians?  What is their origin?

I will begin with the simple basics and move on into a more detailed explanation. I think for many reading this, it will soon make perfect sense as to why Reptilians are the way they are and why they are so blood thirsty.

Reptilians are not angels or demons. They are what they are.

They are a dominion power of another realm.  Some Reptilians exercise control of another realm and operate out of that realm as a home base.

They are pirates of a sort. Some have ties to Venus, Orion, Sirius, and Pleiades.

Reptilians have the ability to operate inter-dimensionally and are able to manifest physically.

Reptilians have their own agenda, their own type of plan, however, as I explained earlier, Reptilians are very much under the management of Satan’s spiritual hierarchy.

Were do Reptilians come from? Were they created by God?
No, Reptilians were not a creation of God. They are an off shoot of another species, a renegade group.

They don’t want to believe in their beginning of how they came into being.

Their beginning took place in another realm. They were an experiment gone wrong. They, the Reptilians took over.

They were created for a specific purpose, but something went awry.

They don’t want to think that they were created. They want to be considered as the master race.

Reptilians are a by-product of the Nephilim.
They are a super solider type being created to do battle against the enemies of the Nephilim. They turned on their creators. They were more than their creators could handle. They quit taking orders. They decided that they were not going to do battle for the Nephilim. They considered themselves to be better than their creators.

The reason they are blood thirsty warriors and fierce looking is because that is what they were created to be.

They were multi-dimensional and could go to different dimensions and realms and were mainly used on earth.

They have the ability to shape shift or change their form. 

They harness energy from our physical earth.

They are vermin like rats that take over an area if left unchecked. They are like blood thirsty vermin. They are what they are. They do what they do because that is what they are.


How do Reptilians reproduce or replicate?

They hijack other life forms. They prefer to use humans.

They use a method called “twinning” which they learned from the Nephilim. Twinning is kind of like cloning. They create a type of clone from a piece of the original Reptilian, but upon birth, it begins to gather to itself it’s own experiences.

Life is in the blood. Blood cells are like a slice of themselves and are the type of cells used for twinning.

Their blood cells contain the blue print of everything they are, including their genetic memory, life force, intellect etc. This can be switched on for full memory or partial. Full memory would be a replica of the complete memory of the original. They don’t like to have a complete twin made because there is an identity  competition. One would kill the other.
Reptilians are very competitive.  A clone would kill the original because the clone would want to BE the original.

Reptilian Replication: The 11 Point Process

1.) Done by a process called twinning.

2.) Twinning has to do with the blood.

3.) Their life is in their blood.

4.) Their blood cell contain the blueprints for everything they are including intellect, spirit and memories, a type of genetic memories. These memories can be switched on if necessary. This is not desirable because the twin may try to kill the original.

5.) A single blood cell which has connection to the bone marrow is separated from their body.

6.) They use some type of energy maybe electricity that activates the part of the cell that is the life force. The life force is connected to every thing that is in the cell.

7.) This area of the cell that is the life force begins to direct the cell to form another entity. The life force is connected to everything in that cell. This process involves magnetic qualities. It activates everything to begin working. This life force contains spirit, memories, and intellect. All characteristics to be expressed are contained in the cell.

8.) This cell must be deposited into another life form as the preferred method of replication. The preferred targets for hijacking are humans. Although they find humans detestable, it is a necessary element of the process. The cell itself at this point may be in another dimension or any where else.

9.) The cell is in some way joined to a human egg. The Reptilian cell is a viable thing. At this point things can go in different directions.

a. The Reptilian cell is joined to human egg fertilized by human sperm in the womb.

b. The Reptilian cell is joined to human egg fertilized by human sperm in a laboratory. 

c. Less desirable, the Reptilian cell is joined to an unfertilized human egg.

They are using science. They learned this through the Nephilim.

10.) The Reptilian cell is able to combine into the life form to the extent that it has the ability to project the physical characteristics of the human while remaining in charge. They can not kill the human spirit, but they subdue and subjugate it.

11.) They rule the host from this point forward.

- At times they impose their form on the host body such as at rituals where they eat human sacrifices. They prefer the Reptilian form over the human form.

Because a Reptilian can be replicated, memory and all through one blood cell, if a Reptilian is killed, it can be completely replicated along with it’s original consciousness. In that sense, they never die. It works like the above explanation, but the part of the cell that contains the full conscious memory is not shut off.

Replication is being done in laboratories across the US.

Reptilian people working in labs are the ones motivated to make the replicas.

Another manner the Reptilians reproduce:
When 2 infected humans procreate, Reptilians consider that offspring to be theirs and of Reptilian bloodline. 

Sometimes a person’s exercise of will can prevent the Reptilian part from fully expressing itself or taking over.

People with Reptilian DNA in them are unconsciously attracted to those who also have such such DNA. It is like being attracted to a scent on an unconscious level. 

Why humans are the preferred host:

1.) Humans because similar DNA.

- Reptilians don’t like to acknowledge it, but they already have human DNA in them because they were created by the Nephilim with Nephilim DNA and Nephilim are part human.

2.) To have an anchor on earth.

- Using any terrestrial creature gives them an anchor to the physical plane because a terrestrial creature is made of the substance of the physical plane (earth), but humans have a spiritual authority above all creatures. Even unredeemed humans.

3.) Our intelligence is desirable over other terrestrial life forms.

4.) For spiritual authority.

- Hijacking a human body gives them use of a spiritual authority here on earth that belongs only to humans.

- The spirit of humans are different than all other creatures in creation. We have what I call “the God particle” which is the stamp of the Creator Himself. Mankind was created to be co-rulers over creation with God.

(This is a huge reason why spiritual beings are seeking out humans. They need us to agree with them so they can use us to have access to things on earth as well as in the supernatural. There are places that these beings don’t have access to unless they use humans to get access for them.)

Dan Duval explains this well in his recent program “God’s Plan For Your Life”

1:05:07 “Adam was a king priest designed to be co-ruler over creation with God. This was lost during the fall. But God began a plan of redemption after that fall, that would lead to a savior that would redeem man to his original status. In the process, man never lost certain characteristics, never lost complete dominion over the earth. He simply lost his right to exercise it against the power of the devil. And this dominion over the earth is tied to the heavens. Therefore in order for the devil to do evil, he has to implicate men in his agenda through agreement and in the same way, God needs to implicate men in His agendas through agreement as well!”

5.) Human reasoning and will power.

- Though Reptilians detest humans, in order for Reptilians to blend better in the world of humans, they make use of the human’s ability to use the intellect to think and reason rather than be as reactionary as pure Reptilian. This human feature works as a type of governor to help the Reptilian maintain composure rather than instantly flying off the handle when annoyed. 

Can a person with Reptilian in their bloodline be cleansed of all that is Reptilian?

Absolutely. God is the only one who has our original blue print and the only one who can restore us to that original blueprint. We can absolutely be cleansed. The only way this can be done is through Jesus Christ.

I am speaking from my own experience. I grew up in the organization that is responsible for many evil atrocities, one of which is the hijacking and pirating of humans as a means to further Satan’s agenda. I worked much of my life in that organization. I have seen so many aspects of it that most humans have never seen and if they have they are probably still in the organization. I’m out of the organization because God got me out. I believe God got me out and is healing me because He wants other people to be healed. He wants people to know healing is here for them.

Reptilians were created by Nephilim to do battle against the enemies of the Nephilim, which is why they are so blood thirsty.

Reptilian are inter dimensional so their cells have inter dimensional capabilities.

Reptilians were used in other realms as well as on earth.

Reptilians had the advantage on the physical realm.

An advantage on earth was that they could operate in the unseen non physical mode and be unseen assassins. They could manipulate matter on the physical level without being seen. They could attack without being seen.

I know this is possible because I have been viciously attacked many times by unseen assailants. When I was a teen, it was nearly an everyday occurrence. . It was just like being grabbed by physical beings. I felt their hands grab me, their fists hit me etc, but they were invisible.


A well known documented case I can refer you of such phenomenon is the story of the exorcism of  Clarita Villaneuva by world renowned Pastor and demonologist, Dr. Lester Sumrall. Dr. Sumrall told me this story in his own words many years ago. He told me that while he was working on deliverance of this young Filipino girl, that although the demon that tormented her could not be seen, the harm it inflicted upon her was visible, such as vicious bloody bite marks that would appear as she fought the demon. Dr. Sumrall said that at one point during the exorcism, Clarita grabbed the unseen attacker and when she drew back her fist, it was full of visible black hair/fur. After Clarita was delivered, Dr. Sumrall took the hair/fur sample to a laboratory to have it tested for identification. The lab reports were shocking. The hair/fur sample was of no earthly creature known to man. 
(Keep in mind that this hair/fur sample was tested and found to have DNA, which means it could actually be cloned and likely to have the same characteristics as the original beast it came from.)
Some early use of Reptilians on earth: unseen assassins.

It was quite an advantage to Nephilim to have at their hands armies of vicious blood thirsty beasts who thrived on killing and who loved the taste of humans.
Having the ability to be silent invisible attackers was an added advantage as was the ability to be heard, but not seen. 

Much terror would strike the hearts of those who heard the thundering army approaching, and seeing nothing other than the dust being kicked up and moving closer like a dirty cloud. 

I was not surprised when Andrew told me that the term “Dust Devil” originated from these unseen assassins.

Sometimes making themselves visible was an advantage as they were very frightening to look at.

There are superstitions today that have their origin from the ancient Reptilian warriors. People had no other way to explain what they had experienced. 

There are documented cases of Native Americans seeing Reptilians.

Some Native Americans could see into the spirit realm and see the Reptilians. They did rituals to get rid of them. They were very real to some of the Native Americans.
Some Native Americans called Reptilians “Lizard People”. They didn’t know what else to call them.

The Hopi Indians are ones that called them “Lizard People”. That particular group of Reptilians was associated with “Alpha Centauri”. 

I later researched and found that this is true that the Hopi Indians called them “Lizard People”. 

I also found that other people are claiming that some Reptilians come from “Alpha Centauri”.

How did the Reptilians escape the Noahic flood?

Some went underground. Since Reptilians have the ability to change into their inter-dimensional form, it is possible they escaped death that way. Some left and went into other realms. Some left through a portal that exists in the star system of Orion.

Note: The words “dimensions” and “realms” are sometimes referred to as “heavenly places”. The Bible is clear on the existence of heavenly places. Ephesians 2:6 says that we have been raised up and seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. There are heavenly places associated with God’s realm, but there are also other heavenly places. The Bible says in Ephesians 3:10 “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God.”

There are heavenly places associated with principalities and powers, that are realms of the spirit. There are evil and wicked agendas that are coming out of some of these places. They are implicated in the devil’s plans in the last days. This is what Dan and I are talking about. It is easier to work with the terms, realms and dimensions in common language, but just as easily we can call them “heavenly places” and still be nailing it right on the head. This is when we are getting into higher dimensional spaces than the earth plane where a lot of the inter-dimensional beings are hailing from.

The Reptilians who left earth plan on returning. Other beings will also be returning. They want to rule again and have us think of them as gods.

Movies, TV shows and  books are purposely being promoted to get humanity used to the idea of the appearance super beings and to feel inferior to them, desire to be like them, and look to them to solve the worlds problems. They will be happy to fill positions of admiration and power and be looked upon as a type of god.

The truth is no one can truly bring world peace because peace is a conscious choice that begins in the heart of every single human on this planet. No one can force another person to have love in their heart toward all other fellow humans and to live unselfish love every single minute of every day.

Most of the people today who buy into the lie that humans are evolving, and have been raising the vibration of the earth are people who haven’t been alive long enough to witness the mass move of humanity toward degradation that has taken place over the last 60 years.

60 years ago, the majority of Americans lived their lives according to “The Golden Rule” (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) Even school children were taught this from their very first day in school. The “Golden Rule” was written in the hearts of most Americans and it showed at home, school and in the work place.

This was a huge problem for Satan’s spiritual hierarchy. The very beings who falsely call themselves “ascended masters” are this hierarchy. They are fallen beings and as evil as evil can be. THEY are the master minds that devised the plan to take America down and get us to where we are today…far away from the wholesome life in middle class America of the 1950’s.

I refer you to my article, “The Brotherhood of The White Lodge and Their Plans For America”. This article will give you some foundational understanding of what “The Plan” is, it’s purpose and goals and how it operates. The section in this article titled, “POST WWII AMERICA - One Nation Under God” gets into specifics of why America was such a problem to the fallen ones and their plan.

Maybe after reading that article, it will be more clear that humanity is not advancing toward Godliness, but rapidly moving away.



I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. 
(1st public announcement on 11/04/16)

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