Monday, October 26, 2015

God countered it with a Blessing

So many times in my life when life throws a curveball, God counters it with a Blessing.  

Finding this video (which I posted below) is one such Blessing.  I stumbled upon it a few days ago on the wake of discovering that more videos made of many of my interviews were recently removed from You Tube.  It was when I was looking for new links from other channels, that I ran across this Blessing. The author goes by “FightinTheAntichrist”. 

My thanks to you,“FightinTheAntichrist” for making this video.  It is a double Blessing to me because in addition to what I just mentioned about videos of my interviews recently disappearing, a few months ago the channel that carried all of my interviews and many of my comments was targeted and shut down by You Tube with no warning.  Most of the videos of my interviews on that channel had many hundreds of  thousands of views. One had over one million views.  Those comments of mine are now gone and some interviews are missing too.  So, finding this video was that much more of a Blessing to me!  I praise God that my testimony is preserved and continues to be used for good.  Thank you so much,“FightinTheAntichrist”.  May God Bless you with His richest Blessings! 

“Carolyn Hamlett's Testimony about Jesus Christ After She Worked for The Hierarchy”
(Favorite comments by Carolyn Hamlett from You Tube)