Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Minute To Midnite - Carolyn Hamlett - Illuminati Plan to Kill Christians

Thank you, Tony and Chris, for helping to get this information out to more people 
and for the terrific job you did in presenting the information! 

Program description:

by "A Minute To Midnite":

This is the first in a series of interview videos with Carolyn Hamlett that will be posted on the "A Minute To Midnite" youtube channel in the coming weeks. These interviews cover a wide range of subjects that relate to what is known in the Illuminist organization as "The Plan". 

Note also, while this is primarily an audio podcast, it differs from previous episodes of A Minute To Midnite in that it contain a slide show and photographs throughout the clip that you may wish to view.

In Episode 13 of A Minute to Midnite, Carolyn Hamlett a former Illuminist joins Chris and Tony as a guest, and reveals the Illuminati's shocking "Compassionate Plan" to kill all Christians! This will be done to free the world of the restraining influence that Christians impose on the collective spirituality of the human race. At least that's how the Luciferian Elite view the "Christian Problem" that hinders their ultimate solution! This is the true goal of the New World Order, and they will use the lie of reincarnation as part of the grand deception required to get humanity onboard with "The Plan".

In this fascinating, and sometimes shocking interview Carolyn tells listeners in no uncertain terms that the Illuminati is a Satanic organization who answers straight to Lucifer their master. She begins by explaining her birth into an Illuminist bloodline, delves a little into her upbringing, and then launches headlong into revealing the truth of the demonic plan that is being meticulously followed in the world today. The ultimate goal is the enslavement of humanity and eventual the destruction of the human race. The fallen angels are the masters of this conspiracy, and lead deceived  humans into following a plan designed to lead to the demise of mankind.

We are not just in a physical war, but  spiritual war, and we must put on our spiritual armor in order to be victorious.

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Also…All News Pipeline has posted this article:

(It appears that we struck a nerve. The trolls have been hot and heavy on the All News Pipeline comment section…working damage control. That’s a good sign!)

Thank you, "A Minute To Midnite" for clarifying some things to the commenters. Thank you for pointing out the fact Jesus Christ trumps Satan every time, and that the message to the listeners is faith based, not fear based. Some people claim that the Bible says "fear not" 365 times, one for each day of our lives. Just the fact that Jesus Christ said it, is enough for me.

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