Sunday, November 8, 2015

Seven Reasons I No Longer Practice Hatha Yoga, a book by Mike Shreve

Regularly I am asked to give my opinion as to whether Yoga, especially Hatha Yoga is something I recommend for anyone to practice. My answer is always NO. “What about for stretching exercises?”... people ask. NO is still my answer. Along with no, I tell people 4 things:

1.) I know for a fact from my background serving in “The Plan” to bring in a global rule with the new world religion, that it is part of “The Plan” to market Hatha Yoga as being healthy for the body, but in truth this is a deceptive marketing plan to get people AWAY from the TRUTH of Jesus Christ and into eastern thought which is part of the anti-Christ religion. 

2.) I know for a fact from my own experience in Satan’s organization, that indulging in any type of Yoga will open yourself to be demonically influenced. This is the fundamental reason why Satan’s organization is pushing Yoga so much. They want access to you and use you!

3.) I know for a fact from my own experience as a former athlete that there are plenty of stretching exercises that are FAR better for the body than doing Yoga. 

4.) MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL…I refer everyone to Mike Shreve’s ministry sites and encourage them to read and listen to his testimony and read his books. Why? Because Mike Shreve is the expert of experts on these topics. 

Because I want as many people as possible to hear the REAL truth, I want to specifically call attention to a new publication by Mike Shreve on the topic of Hatha Yoga. This booklet is sure to answer questions you or your friends may have on this topic of whether Yoga is the good thing that it is being marketed as.

Below note is from Mike Shreve’s web site along with a LINK to his site to purchase your copy of this new publication, "Seven Reasons I No Longer Practice Hatha Yoga".

I am often asked the question, "Is it OK for Christians to do yoga?" My response is always in the negative. Inevitably, someone will say, "But what about groups out there that claim to teach Christian Yoga?" My answer is almost always, "That's an oxymoron. There is no such thing as "Christian" yoga. It's a spiritual practice from a false religion! It can't be holy." Just compare (Hindu) and (a group that claims to be Christian) to see that in all reality, the two are totally incompatible.

Most of you on my email list know that 45 years ago, I was a teacher of Kundalini Yoga at four universities in Florida. I also ran a yoga ashram in Tampa, Florida (a commune where people study yoga on a more intense level). I was radically converted to Christianity in one day's time and God brought me out supernaturally. Since then, I have NEVER practiced yoga, NOT ONE TIME----AND THERE ARE SEVEN MAJOR REASONS WHY (which I explain in this booklet).

I urge you to get several copies of this booklet and share it with friends and family, especially those who might be involved in yoga. Remember in Sanskrit, the word yoga means "yoke" and it implies being yoked with God----however, the concept of God in Hinduism (the root of yoga) is completely different than the biblical concept of God. In Biblical Christianity God is personal (a triune being comprised of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit); in Hinduism God is an impersonal force that manifests in 330,000,000 gods and goddesses.

Also, in Hinduism, yoga is used as a supposed means of achieving "God-consciousness," however, in that world view, "God consciousness" means having a conscious awareness that YOU ARE GOD---which is altogether blasphemous and the opposite of the truth.

This is probably one of the most important books I have published in years. Yoga is everywhere. You see it on television programs, in advertisements, and in entertainment. Some schools have even started offering it in their physical education programs. I personally believe that yoga classes and studios are one of the main means by which New Age spirituality is permeating our culture (a world view that promotes pluralism---the idea that all religions are different paths to God). However, Jesus said:


Anything that robs Jesus of His position of Lordship should NEVER be embraced by any believer. After you read this powerful expose', I feel certain you will agree with me. ~  Mike Shreve

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