Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Minute To Midnite - Carolyn Hamlett - How She Defected From The Illuminati

By "A Minute To Midnite".

This is video comes from a series of interviews with former Illuminati member Carolyn Hamlett. In this interview she details what she was told about how The Illuminati controls the Global financial system. There is a plan to enslave people to the financial system, so that they will be reliant on the New World Order. The Plan also requires the removal of "super power status" from countries such as America, so that Global Government can be brought into existence. Carolyn says that she believes Obama has done  more to forward the cause of the New World Order than any other president before him.

The question is then asked off her : "How did you get out of the Illuminati?" 

From here Carolyn gives a fascinating account of her defection from the Occultic Organization she had served all her life. She tells of the spiritual battle that occurred between the forces of God and of The powers of darkness, as she struggled to discover the truth. Her eyes were opened to see the lies that she had believed all her life till that point. She talks of her experience with the power of the Holy Spirit during the time where she thought she "knew it all", only to find that He began to tear down all her idols. She shares how she discovered that the power of God is greater than the power of the occult. 

She also talks about the threats on the lives of Illuminati defectors (of which she has first hand experience), and how some of the other whistle blowers have been killed.

This interview offers a powerful testimony to the grace and power of God, and gives hope for anyone who may be caught up in the deceptions of the Illuminati and other occult groups and secret societies.

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Installments from this series of interviews with Carolyn Hamlett have been posted on the "A Minute To Midnite" youtube channel during the past few weeks. These interviews cover a wide range of subjects that relate to what is known in the Illuminist organization as "The Plan". 


People need to know about John Boncore Dacajeweiah (his Mohawk name which means "Splitting the Sky") because his life exposes the Illuminati and NWO criminals. That is why "they" still try to keep his name from being known.