Friday, February 12, 2016

“If they were to kill me right now, what would you think?” ~ Bill Cooper

Audience member: “Why haven’t you been assassinated?”

Bill Cooper: “If they were to kill me right now, what would you think?”

I will add to that own question...

“If they were to kill ME right now, 
would you believe my story because I’m dead?”

I bet there are few if any posts of my interviews and articles posted on the Internet that do not have at least one person insinuating that I would be dead if my story was true. 

Common comments are: 

“If she is telling the truth, then why is she still alive?…and “I’m pretty sure she isn’t for real since the Illuminati kill defectors.” and “I’m pretty sure she is lying because you don’t get out of the Illuminati alive.”

I am sure some people believe my story and are puzzled as to why I am alive, but most I have found are people with an agenda to keep people from the truth. (It isn’t hard to trace the actions of the people making those comments.)

A product of mass mind control is that many people have forgotten how to think and how to use common sense reasoning. They are content to engulf a spoon fed statement and digest it so it becomes their own baseless opinion…with them not even realizing that the opinion they have was fed to them.  

Tony of “A Minute To Midnite” recently posted an interview he and I did together on the topic of how I got out of the “Illuminati”. I had hoped this interview would be enough to lay to rest this misconception being spread that no one gets out of the organization alive. 

Many people have defected and are still alive today. I am just one of MANY. 

Apparently I need to make a larger comment to the comments being made as to the TRUTH as to why I and many other defectors are alive. This way, anyone who comes along with questions and comments such as those I mentioned above, you can post for them a link to this article to answer their question. Thank you!

So here goes…

Rather than take the time to smooth this into one long flowing article, I will just post various comments I have given to people who have asked me in one form of another... "Why are you still alive?" 

I first post my most recent comment to a very good question, because I think it covers some basic points. Here it is:

“Don't they (the Illuminati) put a price on your head and try to have you killed if you leave the Illuminati?”

That is a question many people ask..that along with “If she is telling the truth, then why is she still alive?…and “I’m pretty sure she isn’t for real since the Illuminati kill defectors.” and “I’m pretty sure she is lying because you don’t get out of the Illuminati alive.”

Well, I’M SURE that the people who post such comments are either working for the organization or have not used their brains to think things out. Besides, how would those people who say such things KNOW what the Illuminati does or doesn’t do? Where did they get THEIR information? Do they know because they came out of the organization?…if so…then why are THEY still alive and telling people no one gets out alive? If they didn’t come out of the organization…then how do they know what the organization does or does not do? 

Think about it… The organization doesn’t want defectors to be believed!…The organization doesn’t want people to believe that there is a power greater than them. AND they certainly don’t want people to know about “The Plan” which I am exposing and speaking against. 

Because so many people ask the same question, I will take a few minutes to address this in case anyone reading this is interested in what I personally know on this topic..not from “hear say”, but from my own experience. 

I use the word, “you” in my comments, but I am using it to address readers as a whole. It is because the word, “you” is a more personal approach to speak to readers…because I care so very much for each person who reads this. 

Here is an interview which covers things I am not mentioning here.

There are many misconceptions about what and who the “Illuminati” is and what their power and authority is. They are NOT all powerful.  

Bottom line: 

Jesus Christ is more powerful than the “illuminati” and their lord, Satan. (Illuminati is just one group of people who Satan is using to complete his plan. Satan has used MANY different groups throughout the centuries.)

A common misconception is that staying in the ranks insures safety. It does not. The people in the organization are ruthless and easily kill their own..even their own family members. I proved my allegiance at a very early age. I would have coldly killed my own family members and easily moved on if I had been called to do that. 

There are many murders the organization is responsible for which are called “accidents” “suicide”, “domestic violence” or “murder at the hands of a home invader during a robbery..victim walked in on a robbery in progress”…and so on with similar “causes of death”. 

Here is just one murder my mother and I knew was murder.

The murder of President Kennedy was another murder at the hands of the organization.

I learned early as a child that going against the organization could cost me my life. I also learned that they will kill a member if the death of that member benefits the moving of “The Plan”…such as the case of the murder of Secretary General to the UN, Dag Hammarskjold. 

That was long before I knew who Jesus Christ really is and that he has the Power to keep those who are His, alive. 

Does being silent insure a defector’s safety? NO. Defectors know that being silent does not ensure their safety….in fact..the TRUTH is that speaking out is more assurance that they will LIVE LONGER…which is why some survivors go public.

Some defectors who have chosen to speak out are doing so because they have a conscience and a heart for others and know to be silent is morally wrong for them. I could not live with myself if I did not expose the lies and warn people. This isn’t about just a physical NWO, it is about eternity. There is a real war going on. God wants people to hear the truth, so He preserves people who will yield themselves to Him and speak the truth. This has been true throughout the centuries. The Bible is full of such examples. 

There are MANY defectors from the organization who are alive today, many. Most of these people have given their lives to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ makes the difference because he is exactly who and what the Bible says he is. 

Some defectors are no longer with us, yet their information is as valuable to us as it was when they were alive. They knew they might be murdered, but in spite of that, they cared enough for humanity to speak the truth as long as they had breath. I will do the same.

Did the deaths of whistle blowers suddenly make people believe their story? No.

Will people suddenly believe me if I die today? No. 

FACT: My being dead will not prove I am telling the truth any more than other whistle blower’s deaths have proven they were telling the truth. 

Something else that people do not understand is that “the Illuminati” are small potatoes compared to their master, Satan who is a very real and powerful being. 

Some of the worst attacks to defectors do not come from the physical members of the organization, but comes from the unseen “supernatural” members who are high ranking powerful fallen beings who serve Satan. These are the beings who authored “The Plan” and who work through humans AND demonic entities. These are the beings I worked with “hand in hand” 24/7 for many years. 

These beings are far above any group of people on earth in power and rank. I served in the inner circle with Satan’s most powerful and highest ranking beings. I later stood before Satan and had the nerve to say NO to him. I renounced him and all of his hierarchy. I knew I could die by saying no to him, but I took the chance because there is no life serving Satan. I called on the ONE I KNEW has the Power to Save. I called on Jesus Christ. That was over 30 years ago.

I still get attacks from both realms as anyone does who has left the organization. My every day and every night revolves around spiritual warfare. As the Apostle Paul said, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God in the pulling down of strongholds. 

I alone do not have the power against Satan and his organization, but, Jesus Christ DOES have that power. My life is just one testimony to that fact. There are MANY defectors from the “illuminati” and other groups of Satan’s organization who are still alive and are testifying as I do. People may be just now hearing about me, but I have been sharing my story for 30 years. The organization has tried to kill me and continues to try to kill my message so people will never know the REAL truth from a person who KNOWS what she knows from being one who worked with Satan’s inner circle.

Hard to believe? Yes, I know, but that won’t keep me from speaking the truth and the truth of why I know what I know. It is what it is…believe it or not. 

Theory is theory until you put it into practice and have it proven as fact or just theory. I call it “The Rubber Meets The Road Test”.  I know from experience, not theory, that Jesus Christ is exactly Who and What the Bible says He is. He is Exactly Who and What He said He is in the Bible. That IS my ongoing testimony. 

The organization would rather have you stay in the dark.

I tell my story so you will not be in the dark…and so you can hear the truth..because you deserve the BEST that God has for you. 

I will keep on doing what I do as long as I have breath… whether I am believed or not.


What happens when you leave organization?


While in the organization you get "gentle reminders" as to what to expect if you do not comply or try to leave the ranks. The gentle reminders are to have you consider the consequences you already know are real. You know first hand those consequences from witnessing the fate of those who disobey. Most, if not all those who choose to escape, not only have witnessed the fate of those who disobey, they have at one time or more been the ones who were required to punish those who were risks to the organization.

Example: 1. Stalking: you get reminded that they know where you are and what you are doing.

Example: 2. - THE BOX - (threat to kill entire family..and threat to expose the crimes committed by a former loyal person to the organization.)  In my case, the box was both. It was a promise that IF my mother did not comply, she and her children would be buried and never seen or heard of again. OR… the crimes she helped cover up for the organization and to protect her children, would be made public. My mother chose to comply for the sake of her children. I believe one of the reasons my mother began drinking was to help her try to forget what the box was all about. She had to keep it all to herself.

Example: 3. - My SUV (see this interview - A Minute To Midnite - Carolyn Hamlett - How She Defected From The Illuminati)

Example: 4. - Torture by demons (the hand of protection is withdrawn)

Example 5. - In mind control some have triggers in place, trigger sounds or smells that only that person hears or smells. Often the programmed person is not even aware that they have been programmed with these triggers. They just react to follow the programmed response.

Those in organization already know..if you do not obey…

- You might be killed.

- They will hurt those you love.

- They can make your life as miserable as possible.

- They will discredit you if you tell "secrets”.

- You will have no more financial gain - you are off the gravy train and blackmailed and black listed.

This is done through Physical AND Supernatural means.


- Assassinate you or a loved one.

- Cause bodily harm by causing an "accident”.

- Cause you financial loss.

- Destroy your reputation.

- Stalk you.

- Electronic harassment - ELF and other technology.


- Place curses on you and your family.

- Direct demonic attacks - physical attacks on self and family members.

Indirect demonic attacks - oppression - depression.

- Try to intensify a weakness and try to destroy the person through the to try to encourage a person to become addicted to something...or increase negative emotions like anger to rage.

- Try to break down the person any way they can...interrupt sleep.


- Physical - attacks.

- A few times I have had threats on my life and family, but I can't connect them to the organization.

- I have been followed where the stalker makes sure I know he is following me and keeping an eye on me.

- I have been followed many times when I am out in my car. The person following makes a point to make sure I know that they are following me.

- I have my home buzzed regularly by military helicopters.

- I sometimes have helicopters follow me when I am in my car. Recently, a helicopter that was following me even hovered in front of the post office while I went in. As soon as I was back in my car, it continued to follow me where ever I went. It left me long enough for me to think I could get home, but as soon as I parked my car, it showed up to hover in front of where I live. Who ever was in the helicopter already knew where I live.

- I had a SUV that burst into flames only seconds after I got out of it. The fire department couldn't put the fire out. It was found to be arson. I was asked by one of the fire fighters if I knew of anyone who wanted me dead.

- Self destruct mind control programming: In mind control programing there is a fail safe that is triggered when someone is a rogue to the organization or moving in that direction. This seems to be in the programming of many to self destruct after a certain age.

- I have survived that programing. Evidence indicates I was programed to kill myself just before or on the day of my 55th birthday. With the help of a knowledgable Christian Pastor, we were able to figure that out and prevent it.

- SUPERNATURAL ATTACKS: on me...and my family.

- Physical objects used as weapons by unseen forces.

- Bodily harm inflicted by unseen forces.

- Oppression, depression (that lifts immediately with prayer).

- Paralyzing force fields (that can only be broken by thinking, "In The Name of Jesus Christ”).

- Heavy demonic presence (so strong that one would think a physical being was present).

- Nightmares 


“What gives you the courage to just talk about all this stuff that happened to you?”

One reason is because I know that I am supposed to, that God wants me to. I don't believe God intended me to go through all that I have and remain silent. I am a witness to crimes and know of the plan for future crimes to be committed against many innocent people. I can't sit back any longer and watch the evil plan unfold before my eyes and not at least try to warn people. I love God and I love humanity. More than anything I want to do God's Will.

Before I left the organization, members told me that they would do everything within their power to stop me in the event that I was to speak out against them. The key words are, "within their power". I told them that if God wanted me to ever speak out against them, that there was nothing they could do to stop that. They knew that I was right and were furious. I may lose my life eventually, but not before I reveal what God wants me to. I know that I have to stay as close to God and His ways as possible..."that secret place of the Most High". 

I have stood before the counterfeit "Christ", the impostor. I know he is real and I want to tell people what I know since I know it will help them be more spiritually discerning. Christians think that it will be easy to spot the anti-Christ, but it will not. I don't want people to be fooled and I don't want the enemy to get the satisfaction of fooling those who love God. People deserve to know the truth, God deserves to be known as the good, righteous and loving God that He is and the enemy deserves to be exposed for what it is.


"i’m sure it’s not a fun job recounting/remembering those parts of your life. your humility and kindness is evident in your words and personality."

You are correct. Many people do not even consider the fact that it is never fun to recount an uncomfortable past experience and even more so, a traumatic experience. It was 30 years ago when I left the organization and it has taken me this long to write what I have about it. As it is, I am having great difficulty trying to put together notes to go with the radio programs. I do a little bit at a time.

When I do a program, I am left with little energy and have to isolate in order to regenerate. It takes me several weeks to recover. 


An Excerpt from one of my blog posts:

6/06/14 - The topics I address during this interview are very complicated topics and very difficult to explain. It has taken me nearly a year to write what I have thus far. It isn't easy writing about the enemy to expose him and his plan. When I write, I am revisiting that moment and having to relive everything. I have to do spiritual warfare to prevent being supernaturally connected to the entities I am writing about. I know they do not want me to make public what I know. As I write I am also praying. I ask God to help me to write only what He wants me to share and to write in the manner in which He would have me to write.


“Will people automatically believe my story if I get killed or die?”

Doesn’t appear so going by the present examples of how the masses have treated the now dead whistle blowers. 

Excerpt from my article:


"Ex-FBI operative Ted Gunderson is the hegelian tool in this instance pointing you off after Satanists, a cull-d-sac where you will chase your own tail round, and round, and round. I do not believe that Ted knows that he is being used in this regard. I may be wrong."


Ted Gunderson is no longer living. 

I guess now that Ted is no longer living, you people believe Ted REALLY was a legitimate whistle blower??? Right? Like being dead proves that he was telling the truth. Do you people really take Ted's story more seriously now??? Some how I seriously doubt that you do. 

Ted Gunderson was alive when the article I have been quoting was written. I suppose the FACT that Ted Gunderson had numerous failed assassination attempts on his life was because he, Ted was "being used", as the author stated, as "the hegel tool"??? MORE LIKELY THAT THE AUTHOR OF THAT ARTICLE DIDN'T WANT TED TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! that Ted's dead...maybe you naysayers approve. 

If Ted was a "tool", then why was he such a threat to the entire organization? His own best friend of 20 + years turned out to be a plant by the organization (fake friend) and one of the people who tried to assassinate Ted...and not for being "a tool"!!! but for being a threat to the organization which the author seems to want you people to believe is myth and "philosophy". 

If the author knew Ted Gunderson, then the author is lying on purpose about Ted and Satanism making the entire article he/she wrote a lie. 

I have met Ted Gunderson and spent enough time with him to know that he was a THREAT to the entire organization and the entire Satanic hierarchy. He exposed much of "The Plan" that operates on BOTH sides of the spectrum. 

Don't believe the author's lies in the article I have been quoting. Do your own research and you will see the author is most likely purposely seeking to drive you away from the truth.


QUESTION 1 of  “Why are you not dead?”

Someone asked me a long time ago:

"if the illuminati exist as you claim them to do and as well you claim they silence and kill dissenters how are you still able to even be alive?"


The "Illuminati" DOES exist, but much more important and more powerful than any human "illuminati" are the "illumined ones" of Satan's spiritual hierarchy of which the "illuminati" get their orders from.

Children of the bloodlines are tested at an early age to find what division they are best suited to work in. I was chosen primarily to do work in the supernatural, therefore, I have no physical proof that I had any contact with any human who is in global power. If I was a person who had been with famous people and had proof that they are criminals and was out proving and making waves, then I would be in greater danger. I know 2 people personally who did have those associations and are dead now and I know of several others who are dead also. All of these people experienced numerous failed attempts of others to kill them. All were finally killed.

I have no doubt that God intervened to keep those people alive to tell what they knew.

Either they do not see me as a threat to them or God is protecting me. I think it is both. "The Plan" is so far toward completion and the masses responding according to plan, that not much I say is seen as a threat to "The Plan".


QUESTION 2 of “Why are you not dead?”

Someone asked me a long time ago:

“How did you manage to escape the illuminati’s plans and why haven’t they tried to kill you?"


I addressed my thoughts to that question in some detail in this interview. I truly believe I am alive today because God has wanted to use my life experiences to expose Satan's plan on many levels, to bring help for those who are seeking a way out of occult bondage, and to help bring healing to many victims of Satanic ritual abuse and programming.

History is full of whistle blowers who spent their lives exposing evil. 

The devil can steal, kill and destroy, unless people have a certain degree of divine or supernatural protection.

Interview with a Former Illumined One - Part 6 
NOTICE: All 7 interviews that told many highlights of my testimony were taken down by podcaster, Dan Duval. He removed these interviews from his website and You Tube when I made my public announcement that I had left Bride Ministries and associates. (1st public announcement was 11/04/2016.)


I have had many close calls in my life where I was spared from harm. A few times there was supernatural intervention that saved my life. 

It is strange that some people have doubts of the legitimacy of my story since I am alive to tell it, as if the death of a whistle blower proves anything. 

There are quite a few whistle blowers and truth activists who are now dead. If people actually believed their word now that they are dead, then masses of people would be waking up and taking action themselves against the criminals that the whistle blowers were exposing while they had the breath to do so. 

No, the sad fact is people STILL DON"T BELIEVE the reports that the whistle blowers provided when they were alive. They have been silenced and are being forgotten along with their activism. My former friend, John Boncore aka Dacajeweiah "Splitting the Sky" is one prime example. If you are not familiar with who he was, you owe it to yourself to find out. 

Now that he is deceased, (I believe murdered), shall I expect that you people will now believe him???...or will you fall for the lies of those who sought to destroy him because he stood for the truth and fought for the truth because he believed you deserve to know the truth and that you and your children and grandchildren deserve to live free of the globalist agenda?

I refer you to this blog article:

Splitting the Sky is still The NWO Globalist's Worst Nightmare. He named them for you and provided you all the proof you need.

As long as I have breath, I too stand for the truth and will continue to share what I know about the globalist agenda and of the hierarchy that is behind it. I believe whole heartedly that God has preserved me so I could live what I have lived and tell about it. People deserve to know the truth rather than be fooled by the lies from the enemy. What Righteous God would not have you hear the truth? 

And here is the truth: There is a real conspiracy on this planet being carried out against the good people of this world. 

This isn't just a conspiracy on the physical level. 

It is like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. The most dangerous part of it is hidden and therefore overlooked, striking us in the level of the supernatural affecting our very spirits and souls. Satan's plan, "The Plan", is the plan to take humanity down and destroy humanity on ALL levels. Killing a body does not kill a person's identity, soul or life force, but Satan's plan "The Plan" is a plan to do just deceptively lead humanity away from the very thing that will restore them to the Creator of the universe which is Life on all levels. God's plan of restoration starts with Jesus Christ. I live to share the truth of God's plan which is LIFE on ALL levels.

I live to expose "The Plan", Lucifer/Satan's plan which is more than the evil physical plan of global rulership known as The New World Order or The One World Order. "The Plan" is a plan to destroy mankind on the deepest level of what we are...our very God breathed spirit, the very core of our life force. No, Satan doesn't mess around, he goes right for the heart of life. He has his sight set and locked on our very spirits. 

Satan who hates God, hates what we are in our core because it is from God. Think of the implications of that, of the gain Satan sees by perverting and destroying our God given essence of life, our spirits. It is also an attack on God. 

As I review my life, I know that at least a few times I was saved from harm by supernatural means. There were numerous close calls. Were they all coincidences? Possibly, possibly not. The fact is, I was preserved to live my life, preserved to be here today to speak the truth. 

I have had numerous close calls with death. Maybe it just wasn't my time to go. 

- God could easily have allowed my mother to abort me while in her womb as the doctor had advised her since her life was in danger. 

- God could have easily have let me stay dead during just one of the many times I was drowned for trauma based mind control. 

- God could have allowed me to drown the time I was 6 years old and had fallen in the canal behind my friend's house. 

I knew that I was never coming back up when the waves and current pulled me under the third time. I knew death was then, but my friend's mother just happened to see her son alone in the yard without me when a few minutes earlier she remembered seeing he and I together. She ran out to see if I had gone home or not..and though I didn't see her, she saw me go under that final time. She dove into the canal after me, found me deep in the dark water and brought me to the surface. I'd be dead if she hadn't been there. 

- When I was 19 years old, I was training for a bicycle race. A car ran a stop sign and hit me broadside. The impact knocked me from my bike and sent me flying a few car lengths ahead. I hit the pavement pretty hard, doubled up and continued to roll head over tail until there was no more momentum. I suppose I could have been killed then, or injured severely, but amazingly, the only injury I suffered was a broken coccyx. 

- I could have been killed by that area rapist. (I tell about this during the this interview. (This 4th interview of my testimony was taken down by podcaster Dan Duval. See notice above.)

- I could have been in my SUV when it burst into flames a minute or so after I got out of it. 

There are lots of times that I could have lost my life, but didn't. 

Something else to factor in is that although I have named a few names of well known and powerful people as I have been telling my story, I have not shared any personal first hand encounters with any of them. 

What the general public does NOT understand is that my remaining silent about what I know DOES NOT guarantee my safety. The lives of people with backgrounds like mine are ALREADY in danger. 

In addition, many of us have been programmed to self destruct at a certain age and have beat that with the Power of God. I had to deal with this just before I hit my 55th birthday. If it were not for a female Christian Pastor who knew enough to recognize the symptoms, I may not be here to be telling you this. Thank God for her and for others like her who love God enough to spend enough time with Him to know His voice, to know the guiding of His Holy Spirit and be grounded in the Word of God. Such people are not afraid of Satan in his most evil form because they know God's Word which is universal Law. They have no problem stating, "It is written!"

Was this a warning or an attempted murder? Investigators thought someone wanted me dead.

In this video by “A Minute To Midnite” I talk a little about a possible attempt on my life and whether a whistle blower is believed more after they are gone. 

Also covered is the often asked question “How did you get out of the Illuminati?”


QUESTION 3: of Why are you not dead? 
and my being a “Judas to the group” Explanation example 1:

“There was a post where you said they knew that you were going to turn against them. Since they are not stopping you from talking, could this mean that maybe they actually planned to make you an enemy for themselves?”


They HAVE tried many times and in many ways to prevent me from talking. They have tried to kill me. They are STILL trying to stop me, but the power of Jesus Christ is far stronger than them. 

No, they never planned for me to leave them. 

I repeat, they never planned for me to leave them.

They didn’t know for sure that I would turn against them. They knew God was trying to wake me up which put a rush on their plans for me. Satan’s hierarchy does not have the dominion and spiritual authority that we humans have…so in order for them to pirate the earth and other realms and open portals, they need humans to be in agreement with what they want to do and in many cases be the ones who do the work.

They invested a lot in me and had me almost at the place they wanted me so that I would be of the greatest use for them in the last stage of Satan’s plan. I was the person they had invested in and had been trained to do specific work. No one else had the training and rapport with them that I did. 

When God began working to get me out of that hierarchy, Satan and his top knew that if they wanted to keep me working for them, they had to speed the process up of the last bit of training. 

The reason Satan’s hierarchy is so good at deception is that they take things very slowly and carefully introduce the poison slowly while making it seem reasonable and good. They knew if they didn’t at least try to push my training, that they would lose me by God working to show me the truth. 

So, Satan’s top members decided to take me faster. They needed my agreement with that in order for them to be able to do that. They lied of course. First they told me that they feared that I would be a “Judas to the group”. I didn’t believe it, but they assured me that I would go against them unless I let them help prevent me from that. 

You see, they needed my verbal agreement so they could do what they wanted to do. They were very happy when I told them that I wanted them to do everything they possibly had power to do to keep me from being what they called "a Judas" to them.

They told me that because they had to rush their teaching with me, that there was still a chance that I would not accept it and that I would turn on them. (A real "catch 22" situation.)

The truth is:

- Satan and his hierarchy had invested in me and needed me as a human to do what they had no spiritual authority to do.

- God was working to get me to see I was working for Satan, not God. 

- They knew they were about to lose me because they knew God was working in my life to wake me up and get me out of Satan’s hierarchy.

- They knew that if they did nothing they would lose me. 

- They knew that if they tried to push their plan with me, that they might also lose me because there was not sufficient time to lead me carefully and slowly to buy their deception.

- Of course they decided to take the chance of speeding up their plan with me because they believed that they still had a chance of keeping me and likely a chance to use me for important projects before I turned on them.

- They needed my permission to proceed and their permission to do what they could to prevent me from turning on them. 

So, the fruits of my turning on Satan and his organization have been:

- Exposing the lies of Satan.

- Many people hearing the truth of who Jesus Christ is and what he did for humanity. 

- This has resulted in many people leaving Satan’s organization and giving their lives to Jesus Christ. 

- Which has created many strong believers of God's plan through His son Jesus Christ who are walking daily according to the percepts of God. They love God and His ways with all of their heart and might. This is where their treasure is. God's Law is written in their hearts. Their nature becomes more like the nature of God and less and less like the spirit of this world.

- Resulting in many of Satan’s strongholds being demolished. 

- The domino effect of all the good fruits producing like fruit and more like fruit.

God is our Father. He alone has the blueprint of who He created us to be. God our Father is the only one who can give us Life and Life more abundantly. Satan has a plan for our lives, but God’s plan for our lives is not found in Satan’s organization.


 “Judas to group” Explanation example 2:


I would like to clarify something. The ascended masters told me I would be a Judas to their "spiritual hierarchy" and "The Plan" and that I would speak out against them and "The Plan" before millions of people. 

At the time they told me this, I was horrified because I thought "The Plan" was God's plan and that the ascended masters were serving the Righteous God. 

I asked them to do everything within their power to keep me from being a Judas to them. I actually gave them more power over me (which they wanted) by my giving my free will to them, by asking them and giving them my permission to fight to keep me and to keep me from being able to speak out against them in the event I ever decided that they should be exposed for anything. 

It is very difficult to explain all the details that were going on at that time. God evidently had a plan for my life too and it appears that the ascended masters became aware of this and were rushing their Luciferic teachings with me in the hope that they could take me to "illumination" of who they really are (the enemy of God and humanity) and yet have me convinced that serving them was the right thing to do. I am sure they wanted to convince me before God was able to reach me. 

Some of the masters voiced their desire to have me killed before there was any chance of my turning against them. I think they found out that God was protecting me and they couldn't kill me. 

That gave them only two choices; to drop me or keep me. 

If they dropped me they had much to lose since I had been trained all of my life for the projects we were working on. Also, if they dropped me, they still ran the risk of God working His plan for me and my turning against them and exposing them and all that I know about "The Plan". (I had a lot of experience in numerous divisions of "The Plan" in both the supernatural and in the physical global affairs.)

They had to keep me and do their best to work 'their' plan for me, but rushed it, which increased the risk that they would not have the time it took to slowly work step by little step to show me who they actually were. They wanted me to know the truth like all top "illumined ones" that Lucifer is Satan and that the ascended masters are evil and "The Plan" is their evil plan against God and humanity. They wanted me to know this and then consciously choose to serve them against God and Jesus Christ. 

They needed the time to slowly show me and be working to convince me that serving them against God was the choice I really wanted to make. They wanted to be in control of showing me the truth at their pace, but God started to intervene and was showing me things from His perspective. This put the ascended masters in a rush.

They feared they would lose me and they did.

If anyone questions who I serve, it should be obvious by my interviews and my on going blog posts that I serve God and Jesus Christ and God's plan of salvation through His Son Jesus Christ. I will continue to expose the works of darkness and point everyone to the Only Savior, Jesus Christ, as long as I have breath.


“Judas to group” Explanation example 3:

MY ANSWER TO AN EMAILER in January of 2014:

I'm not sure if you misunderstand what the hierarchy meant when they told me they feared I would be "a Judas to the group", or if you and I are on the same page in agreement as to why Satan's hierarchy told me this. They meant they feared that if they took me too fast in "illumination" that I would choose to go against them and expose them and "The Plan" for what it is. 

"Illumination" in this hierarchy is knowing the whole truth about who they are and who they are opposing. I was brought up to believe that I served God's spiritual hierarchy. The ascended masters needed me to know who they really are and for me to choose of my free will to continue to serve Satan with them against God. They knew they had little time to do this. A slick con artist has his/her steps to carefully complete their agenda to con someone into willfully choosing evil. In this case they knew in their rush to reveal themselves to me, that there was a good chance that I could not be convinced to align myself with them, knowing they were evil. 

When I look back, I think what was really going on is that God was intervening to get me out of the hierarchy. I think Satan's hierarchy saw this and realized it and knew they would lose me if they didn't do everything they could think of to seal me to them. That would mean I would have to choose them over God, of my free will, my fully knowing who they were. I think they knew they had to at least try because they knew how much I knew about them and "The Plan" and they couldn't afford to have someone knowing what I knew to be out exposing them. 

Keep in mind that when they told me they feared I would be "a Judas", I fully believed they were 100% God's spiritual hierarchy. I had known these beings all my life and fully trusted them so it was very serious business when they told me I could be "a Judas to the group". They needed my permission (spiritual law) to do all that they could to keep me from being "a Judas to the group". When I gave them permission they began working that delicate surgery of showing me the truth of who they are while they worked to convince me that they are still better than God and His plan.

Did they look human? Were you afraid of them?”


Yes, the looked human, although they had the ability to appear anyway they chose whether it be angelic, human, or monstrous. They chose to look human most of the time. These beings choose to look certain ways depending on the work they are doing. 

Sometimes they materialize in a fleshy human form and blend in with other humans, not wanting anyone to think they are anything but human.

Sometimes they purposely materialize in front of a human. They may materialize in a fleshly human form or a fleshly monstrous form. Usually it is the lower class demons who like to materialize in the monstrous fleshly form.

Sometimes they will appear as an etherial “angelic” essence. This is most common as a means to deceive people into either believing they are angels of God or either “highly evolved ascended beings”.


I was never afraid of them, except when I was a child I had a type of fear, but in way a child would have for a type of adult they admired and wanted to please. I desired to please them because I loved God and I believed these beings were sent from God to: teach me, help me progress spiritually to perfection and mastership, to be closer to God, to help humanity to evolve spiritually and to reach “godhood”…and more. 

I believed that if I failed them, I was failing God Himself.

ABOUT FEAR in my life:

I learned at an early age that evil thrives on fear, so anything that appeared evil, I chose to not fear. I also thought the evil beings were low life and not as spiritually powerful as I was, so I looked at them as punks, cowards and bullies. If I had more trouble with them than I could handle, I called on a higher ranking member of the hierarchy to get rid of them. This only works for those in Satan’s hierarchy who are in good standing. I even knew this fact when I was a kid, that if a person chose to disobey the hierarchy, the spiritual hierarchy leashed demons out on that disobedient person. 

I was taught that it was up to me to over come and over power evil on my own power. They gave me plenty of practice. I got so used to power matches with demons, that I became immune to fearing them. 

THE ANSWER I found is Jesus Christ.

It took me half of my life to discover this, but the TRUTH is God’s plan is His Plan to redeem us to Him and restore us. God’s plan is salvation through ONE. That ONE is Jesus Christ. God would not have anyone lost. He wants to spend eternity with us. He is our Father. It took God, the WORD to do what it took to redeem us. John 1 and John 3:16.

I have no doubt that I would have been dead long ago if it were not for Jesus Christ! 

 It has also been the prayers of many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ which has helped me in so many ways. 

A friend of mine commented:

“It's sad to think how you actually gave them an open door (permission ) to do anything to keep you. It took a great miracle to get you free from them,but now you are free. 

They were almost "family " to you weren't they? As far as trust and devotion to them I mean…”

I responded:

They were much closer than family to me. I also fully trusted them. I believed they were true servants of God and were some of God's highest representatives. You wouldn't think it would have been so hard for a person to see that those beings are of Satan, but these beings are master deceivers serving the "Father of lies" who is the CON of all cons. Many good hearted people are still being brought under their spell and are being used by them.



I, Carolyn Hamlett, am no longer affiliated with Daniel Duval, BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, nor can I recommend them. (1st public announcement on 11/04/16)

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