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Near Death Experience (NDE) DO NOT go to light! Call on Jesus Christ!

This could be one of the most important articles you will ever read. In fact, it may save your life. 

Even if you do not take me seriously now, someday you may thank God that you heard this information, because it either saved your life or the life of a loved one. Later on in this article I share the story of a young woman who contacted me to thank me for my testimony and my information about NDE. She said the information saved her husband’s life. 

The most important information I have always proves to be the most difficult for me to write about. The information in this article is no exception. 

This seemingly simple article should be a piece of cake to put together, however it hasn’t been easy… at all! I suppose I should not be surprised of the resistance and difficulty I have had in trying to get this article written and posted.  After all, there was resistance to keep me from initially sharing this crucial information on 2 previous live interviews. 

Near Death Experience (NDE) DO NOT go to light! Call on Jesus Christ!

One of the most important warnings I can ever issue has to do with what is referred to as “Near Death Experiences” (NDE) and going to the light. My warning is not based on conjecture, it is fact from my own personal experience which I will be sharing with you here in this article. 

From what I have discovered about the testimonies of people and their "near death experiences" is that many have reported being drawn to a light and then traveling through a tunnel. Some people report that there was no light or a tunnel to travel through and that they simply found themselves hovering over their body until their bodies were resuscitated. 

I think it is possible that some people who have reported seeing and entering the white light during their NDE may have experienced something that was of God.  I too have my own similar experiences of such a thing from when I was a small child and drowning was used by my handlers as part of trauma based mind control. 

However, one should never assume that all spiritual experiences = God experiences and that “angels” or beautiful looking creatures who claim they are there to help you are actually sent from God to assist you. There are many fallen angels working for Satan who masquerade as angels of light. I know this is fact because I used to work with these fallen beings on assignments in both the physical and the supernatural.

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God;          ~ 1 John: 4

“And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.” ~ 2 Corinthians 11:14 -15

One of our assignments had to do with this very important topic of NDE. 

The first time I publicly shared this unusual information about NDE's was in an interview in 2013 where I talked about some of the out of body work I was involved in with the fallen angels who call themselves “the ascended masters”. (Everything about these beings and their plan, “The Plan” is deception.)

Here is why you should NEVER take the word of any being claiming to be here to help you…even when it comes to NDE’s.

During my many years of service in what I now know to be Satan’s spiritual hierarchy, I worked with Satan’s inner circle on numerous projects. At the time I fully believed these beings I had known all of my life were what they claimed to be, which was God’s spiritual hierarchy and working to help humanity. These beings have had numerous names and titles throughout the centuries. Today they are most commonly known as “the ascended masters”, “the masters of wisdom”, “The Brotherhood of the White Lodge” and “The Great White Brotherhood”.

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NDE - Convincing people they were about to die and that they should come with us.

One of the activities I was involved in with these beings had to do with the great deception of convincing people they were about to die in an accident and that if they came with us right then, that we would take them to the light and they would be spared of all pain. The part of our message about being spared of pain was accented as leverage to motivate the person or persons to quickly make the choice of their free will to let us “help” them leave their bodies so we could take them with us. Talk about high pressure sales! (If the victims desired what we offered and gave us their permission to “help” them, it was easier to take them from their bodies and no force was necessary. It was all about manipulating people’s will. We needed them to be in agreement with us.) 

Here is an example of one of those events where I participated: 

The “masters” told me that a jet liner was going to crash and that were going to help the people on the liner. (Again, keep in mind that at this time I fully believed that these beings who called themselves “ascended masters” were of God and that we were working as servants of God.)

In our astral bodies we entered the jet liner while it was in mid flight and we semi materialized to the passengers as ethereal translucent angels in white robes. Not all of the passengers were able to see us, but the ones who did see us, we petitioned them to come with us. We told them that their flight was going to crash and they were not going to survive the crash and that we were there to help them pass over to the other side. We told them that if they chose to come with us right then, that we would take them to the light and that they would be spared all of the pain of dying. We stressed to them that IF they did not choose to come with us right then, that they would feel the full impact of the crash and all the pain of death from the injuries.  

As soon as a person chose to come with us, we drew them out of their bodies and took them to a large bright vortex of light. I don’t know what happened to these people after they entered the vortex of light, nor do I know what ever happened to their bodies. 

I only know of one flight where I knew for a fact that people actually died. It was Air Canada Flight 797 which made an emergency landing at the Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky airport on June 2, 1983. Though I was not on assignment on that flight, there were members of Satan’s spiritual hierarchy on that flight of whom I was in communication with. 

(See the addendum of this present article for what I have written in regards to this tragedy.)

Now that I know the REAL Truth about the organization I was a part of, that it is not God’s organization, I tell EVERYONE that if they ever find themselves in a NDE, do not go to the light or take some being’s word that they are there to help you. Instead…call on Jesus Christ! 

As I stated above, I don’t know what happened to those people after they entered the vortex of light, nor do I know what ever happened to their bodies. I can’t even say for sure that the vortex of light was a counterfeit, because I don’t know for a fact that there is a genuine article like that which is of God.  What I do know is that the Bible says that Jesus is “The Way, The Truth and The Life” and that no one comes to the Father except through him, Jesus Christ. 

And I do know for a fact that Satan’s organization is promoting the “go to the light” and they are busy “helping” (tricking) people to enter a bogus vortex of light. 

This is why I MUST warn as many people as possible of this deception and tell them that if they ever find themselves in NDE, do NOT go to the light, call on Jesus Christ instead!


Beings were telling him to go to the light. Instead, he called on Jesus and lived!

Last year, (2015) a young lady named Ashley contacted me to thank me for sharing my testimony, especially what I shared about the NDE’s and why we should call on Jesus Christ. She said this story saved her husband’s life. 

Ashley said the information “saved my husband's life during a heart attack where people or beings were telling him to go to the light and He called on Jesus and lived.”

“I remembered you saying don't go with anyone or listen to anyone near death, just call on Jesus because it could be a trick. It happened a couple more times in his dreams after, but he's healed and healthy as can be.”

Ashley explained that right after she listened to the interview where I shared about taking people to the light, she told her husband about the story, though she wasn’t sure if he took the story seriously.

Months later her husband began to suffer a heart attack. Beings appeared to him and told him to go to the light.  He remembered what Ashley had told him and instead, he called on Jesus Christ!

Ashley’s husband said that he felt he was being pulled from his body. Like there was an attempt to get him to let go of his body and an attempt to separate him from his body. Like the soul sucker dominators from the Harry Potter movie.

He resisted and called for Jesus and petitioned God for more time, repented from always believing he would die young.

Ashley added:
“I know it's an important thing for people to know. I know if I die I'm not going to any light or with anyone. I'm calling on Jesus and out for Jesus. When Steven in the bible was martyred he stated he saw Jesus.”

This is an example the Bible gives us:

But he, [Stephen] being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God, and said, “Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!” ~ (Acts 7:55-56).

My thanks to Ashley and her husband for giving me permission to share their testimony and witness of the power of calling on Jesus Christ during a NDE.

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Air Canada Flight 797

Air Canada Flight 797 made an emergency landing at the Cincinnati Ohio/Northern Kentucky airport on June 2, 1983. Though I was not on assignment on that flight, I knew there were members of Satan’s spiritual hierarchy on that flight, including the master Hilarion who at one point took on a physical form because a physical form was needed for the job. (It must have been important "business" for Hilarion to be there overseeing the operation and in physical form.) 

I was in communication with the “masters” who were on that flight as well as a couple who were not on the flight. I knew of the fire which had started in a rear laboratory. Considering the way the ordeal was being handled, I couldn’t help but feel the “masters” might have been responsible for the fire. At any rate, they seemed to have an invested interest of a non humanitarian nature and were working to influence the perceptions of the crew members in regards to the seriousness of the fire. This was initially done by creating an air of passivity and false security. For as long as possible, the “masters” wanted the crew to see the situation as a non emergency. 

As the situation was fast reaching the critical level, I couldn’t help but begin to question the motives of the “masters”. My thinking was if the “masters” really were working for God, then would they not have done what they could to stop the fire when it first began or ensure that the pilots knew what they (the masters) knew about the fire? It seemed more like they wanted to create a disaster, not prevent one. It didn’t make sense to me.  I knew better than to question their work. Actually, I think I was afraid I would have to face something that I really didn’t want to know…the possibility that the “ascended masters” and “the spiritual hierarchy” were not of God at all and never were. I had already witnessed some things that just did not add up. I added this event to the list.



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