Saturday, December 24, 2016

Exposing Christian Witchcraft (Part 2) MORE on the “SPIRIT MAN” doctrine


The following is a list of ministries, teachers, leaders, and schools you can research and decide for yourself if what they teach is Biblical and Godly or not. As the web is large, this is NOT a comprehensive list, but some of the "bigger names." There are many smaller ministries that teach the same or very similar doctrines as the following. You can learn who is closely associated with whom by "Googling" various combinations of names together. 


Voice of Fire Ministries - (Adam and Paula Thompson)

The Fire Place Church - (Daniel Duval)

The Fire Place Church - (Walter King Jr. aka "The Spellbinder")
BRIDE Ministry board member
- Production Director of  The Fire Place Church

The Fire Place Church - (Darla Carver Guerra - Coordinator at The Fire Place Church and Bride Ministries. (See Loren Grace's and my article "Why We Left Bride Ministries".)

SHP Coaching - (Wendy Hibbard, Darla Carver Guerra)

Fresh Fire - (Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson)

Global Fire - Murfreesboro, Tennessee (Jeff Jansen)

Global Fire - Australia. (Senior Coordinators are Daryl and Belinda Crawford-Marshall

Glory Fire Now - (David Burt)

Voice of Fire - (Adam Thompson also Itinerant Ministry is Field of Dreams Australia)

Run With Fire Ministries - (Roy Fields and Melanie Fields)

Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc. - (Arthur Burk)

Ignited Church - (Stephen Strader)

Robert Henderson Ministries

Sons of Thunder Ministries (John Crowder)

King of Glory Ministries International (Kevin and Kathy Basconi)

Kanaan Ministries (Roly and Amanda Buys)

Angela Greenig Ministries

BRIDE Ministries - (Daniel Duval "coaches" and associates)

BRIDE Ministries -  (Walter King Jr. aka "The Spellbinder")
- BRIDE Ministry board member 
- Production Director of  The Fire Place Church

Bride Movement - (Daniel Duval)

Bethel Church - (Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson)

Morning Star Ministries - (Rick Joyner)

Field of Dreams - (Todd and Rachel Weatherly, Senior Associate Leaders are Adam and Paula Thompson (Voice of Fire), Young adult leaders and worship Karl and Amber Smith, Worship leader Mark Jory, Women’s Pastoral Care Bronwyn Jory)

Gateway Church Australia

Gateway Church Texas

Generation Fire - (Donny McGregor -founder, Bob Crockford, Bony Baroi)

Fire Rain Ministries (Rick Pino)

Fire on the Altar - (Rick Pino) - regional worship events of 50-hour gatherings of non-stop worship in the heart of the tabernacle of David

Burn 24-7 - (founded by Sean Feucht of IHOP)

Breakthrough Ministries - (Rob Ruckert)


Bethel School of Healing - (Bill Johnson, Chris Gore)

BRIDE Ministry (Dan Duval, "coaches" and associates.)

School of Healing and Deliverance - (Field of Dreams)

The School of the Supernatural Realms of Heaven - (Todd Bentley)


WELTON ACADEMY (Jonathan Welton)

Moravian Falls School of Higher Learning 
(Home of "the Brownie anointing and impartation" "which is an aspect of the seer anointing") Kevi and Kathy Basconi


Todd Bentley

Bill Johnson

C. Peter Wagner

William Branham

Bobby Conner

John Crowder

Stephen Strader

David Herzog

Mike Bickle

Arthur Burk

Mike Parsons

Ian Clayton

Robert Henderson

Jeff Jansen 
"Google" Jeff Jansen with any of these names, you will see how many he is closely hooked up with.

Daniel Duval

Walter King Jr. (aka "The Spellbinder") 
BRIDE Ministry board member 
- Production Director of  The Fire Place Church 

Dave Hayes (Praying Medic)

Chris Gore

Daryl Crawford-Marshall

Belinda Crawford-Marshall

Rob Ruckert

Linda Craig (Formerly Linda Stanhope)

Ruthie Andrews

Bethlyn Brandt

Rick Joyner

Paul Tothill

David Burt

Rick Pino

Roy Fields and Melanie Fields

Sean Feucht

Adam and Paula Thompson

Steve Harmon

Ken Fish

Karl and Amber Smith

Glen Beakley

Mark Jory and Bronwyn Jory

Darren Canning

David Hogan

Karl and Amber Smith

Mark Jory

Adam and Paula Thompson

Todd and Rachel Weatherly

Jonathan Welton

Kat Kerr

Patricia King

Angela Greenig

Kevin Basconi and Kathy Basconi

James Maloney

Tony Kemp

Mahessh Chavda

Bob Jones

Chuck Pierce

Sid Roth