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Witchcraft, Portals, Evil Dedications, Spiritual Warfare and Prayer (Q & A with Carolyn and Loren)

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In this video, Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace address some questions regarding "praying against" sorcery & witchcraft, shutting portals, hearing voices, and "praying against" evil dedications. 

“Doctrines of Demons:
Exposing Christian Witchcraft”
by Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett

Former insiders expose popular occult teachings infiltrating today’s church

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Q & A with Carolyn and Loren - Article Descriptions with Links

First, you may have all noticed Loren Grace commenting and responding to some of you on my Public Figure page on Facebook. I've asked her to help me out, and since we are working on videos together, it seems like the natural thing to do.

Second, I am closing my email accounts as of today. I will not be responding to any more email messages. Instead, Loren Grace and I will both be taking questions on a different email address:

What we are doing is simply collecting the questions and comments from those who email us at this address, and choosing some (we hope to get to all!) that we will then address on a new video segment we are planning, “Q & A with Carolyn and Loren”. It won't be anything fancy; just the same conversation-style as the other videos we have done together. But the hope is to get information out in a more efficient way, rather than spending 8 plus hours a day doing my best to read and respond (by myself!) to individual emails. That is taxing and overwhelming, and I simply don't have the time or energy to do it any longer. 

We are NOT going to be responding to any emails that come to this address, except on our YouTube videos. Furthermore, should we choose to address the questions/comments that you email to us, rest assured that we will NOT give out any of your personal information, including name, email address, location, etc. (Unless, of course, there are threatening emails; those will be turned over to the authorities. We don't see this as being a potential problem, however.  ) We are going to simply focus on the question or comment you send to us. 

We look forward to receiving your emails at:


“Doctrines of Demons:
Exposing Christian Witchcraft”
by Loren Grace and Carolyn Hamlett

Former insiders expose popular occult teachings infiltrating today’s church

Download free or read on line at:

 ~ Q & A - Blog posts - links ~

Video: Discerning Demonic Attacks

The following is a recorded video conversation between Carolyn Hamlett and Loren Grace. It is not an interview.

Pam’s Testimony

What follows is the testimony of Pam, former follower of Bride Ministries. We thank her for her courage and commitment to speak the truth in love. 💗

I first began listening to Daniel Duval through his interviews with Carolyn. I was very encouraged and grateful for Carolyn’s bravery to stand-up and speak the truth in love and expose the evil she had experienced. The ultimate message in those interviews was to trust Jesus with our whole hearts and also to test the spirits. I believed and still do that this was wise council, especially now more than ever, for He alone is worthy of all our trust and is our supreme authority.

Later, I saw a Facebook post Daniel Duval made, announcing a discipleship training course he was making available for free. I was a little hesitant, but decided this may be a great way to learn about discipling others. I greatly longed to know my Savior on a much deeper level!

Wow! I had no idea the teachings I would receive were far different from what I had always believed the Word of God taught. Just as the serpent twisted Scripture in the garden of Eden, and just as the Pharisees twisted Scripture in the time that Jesus walked this earth, it is still going on today. I witnessed this first-hand through the discipleship training courses, as Scripture was constantly being twisted and manipulated. This twisting of Scripture started off gradually, but by the time the last course was being taught, the false doctrine was becoming more obvious to me. Although, it wasn’t until several months after I finally left Bride Ministries and went through a spiritual detox that I fully recognized how nefarious and demonic Daniel’s teachings really were.

Speaking Out

“If you know that sexual abuse is occurring in the home and you do nothing to stop it, you’re not in denial. You are an accomplice!

These words apply to any abusive situation, whether it occurs in the home or outside the home.

And these words also apply to any abusive situation, whether it’s mental, emotional, physical, sexual, or SPIRITUAL. (Spiritual abuse is often overlooked, but it is just as harmful!)

So to those abusers and their accomplices (THOSE PEOPLE WHO STAY SILENT IN THE FACE OF EVIL) who have harmed me and others, I have a few thoughts to share with you:

Q&A: Advise for Those Who are Being Gang-Stalked and Harassed


“I am being gang-stalked. It’s been happening to me for the past 4 years and has continued now that I moved to [another state]. Do you have any advice for those being harassed and gang-stalked?”

Tolerance is Not a Fruit of the Spirit

As you probably already know, we have set up a “Testimonials” page for people to share their testimonies of how the Father has delivered them from false teachers, false prophets, harmful ministries, and from false (satanic) doctrine. We recently added a little something to this page, however, that you may not have noticed. Directly preceding the contact form, we added this statement:


There is a trend within occult circles that has been around for quite some time now, whereby certain people engage in channeling and automatic writing. In other words, they will say they have a “word from Spirit,” or a “word from this angel or that angel,” or a word from “this Ascended Master or that Ascended Master,” or a “proclamation from certain light beings,” and then share it either via spoken word or, quite often, through written word. You can pick up many books by famous (or, infamous…?) occultists and will see evidence of this channeling, as well as the related automatic writing. Furthermore, with the internet widely available across the world now, it’s easy to find many different websites whose contributors write down and share the words from these supposed “divine” or supernatural, or light beings.

But while this trend has always been common in occult circles, it has now become progressively common amongst so-called “Christian circles.” There are an increasing number of people who claim to have a “word from God” or who say, “Jesus Christ gave me these words and I wrote them down or here’s what he said.” Or even, “Spirit told me this thing,” or, “my angel said the other thing,” or “this light being showed me this.”

Testimonies from Former Clients and Family or Friends of Former Clients of “BRIDE Ministries”

We, Carolyn and Loren, have already shared our own testimonies concerning Dan Duval and Bride Ministries in several ways: in an initial blog article, in video conversations that we recorded and shared, and in a book that we wrote to explain some of the doctrines of demons that Duval and others are involved in. Furthermore, we continue to share things here and there on the blog articles that we write.

However, there are other people who have testimonies of their own that they have shared with us, and we thank them very much for sharing. 

So what follows are these testimonies of others that they have publicly shared on various social media sites, as well as the testimonies of some who have emailed us, telling us and others of their experiences with Bride Ministries, as well as with other false doctrines and ministries.

Duval’s “Judgement Decree” at Montauk

What follows is the transcript of the “prayer” that Duval wrote out and prayed at Montauk.

We share this transcript for four main reasons:

1. To give an example of channeling and automatic writing, as practiced by those who are engaged in “christian” witchcraft.

2. To offer proof for the discerning of the ungodly spirit out of which Duval is operating.

3. To use this opportunity to point out all the false doctrines that are being alluded to in this prayer that was penned by Duval’s own hand, and spoken by his own mouth.

4. To give an example of the type of “spiritual warfare” that Duval engages in, and to point out that it is unscriptural, ego-driven, and doesn’t even make sense half the time.

He sent a copy of this prayer both to Loren Grace as well as Carolyn Hamlett. Loren has since deleted the email account to which Duval sent the Montauk prayer, however, so she has no proof that he sent it to her. However, here are the screenshot that show that Dan Duval sent it to Carolyn:

Update: New Resources

We have added a few new pages to our blog today. You can find all these resources here:

On this page, we have our original resources listed: our book, “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft,” as well as our video series we did on “Exposing Christian Witchcraft.” But we have added a few more helpful pages. They are:

Q&A: Gateways


This is mostly a comment, but it’s an important one. And it’s good to know that through the book that Carolyn and I wrote, people are starting to make connections for themselves about the occult doctrines that have begun to infiltrate into mainstream Christianity. 
I’m nearly done with your book, and I appreciate all the time and effort. Wow. A huge accomplishment. As I was reading, I remembered Ian Clayton on [YouTube], and he was teaching a great deal of what is in the book. He had many of the buzzwords of engagement, gates, and even talked about [making] the spirit man come out of the body and be over the body. Huh? Totally bizarre. Have you heard of him?

I already personally responded to this individual, but I decided to address this here (adding a lot more info than I gave in the email response, because that’s just how I roll…  ), because it’s important that people are warned away from these false doctrines.

Q & A: Why Does Scripture Not Positively Affect Occult Infiltrators?


We’ve received an email from a reader who asks the following:
I was wondering why luciferians who are the infiltrators in churches and tv programs knowingly teach on scriptures? For instance, let’s take Ken Copeland or any wolf of choice. Years ago, I used to listen to him. He’d teach on some powerful scriptures such as the ones in Eph 3 about God’s love and His amazing abilities which we cannot fully understand. I’m using the verses at the end of that chapter because I just got done reading that third chapter. When Ken knows that those verses are about our true biblical God, how can he preach with such joy and enthusiasm when he isn’t even interested in our precious Lord. Ken serves a different God. I can understand how you and Carolyn could do it because you were deceived that you were in the right camp, I don’t understand how the fake people can do this? Do they think that the Bible is a joke and a fictional book while they deliberately lead the masses astray? And pretend to be full of joy? Are they simply good actors? If so, one would think that eventually the powerful Word would convict and deal with their wicked hearts after decades of this sort of thing.

Additional Info about Occult Training

In my last post (Q&A: Luciferianism, Occult Training, and Dispelling Some Misunderstandings), so much was going on in my head with all the connections I was trying to make for you, the reader, that I forgot to share one very important aspect of occult training!

Sorry ’bout that. 

I shared about my experiences with occult schools in the astral, and I shared about my experiences with charismatic “christian” training in the physical that was teaching occult doctrine, but I forgot to share about charismatic “christian” occult schools in the supernatural. And to be clear: I’m aware that it’s not actually Christian, but the people who are involved in this call themselves “christian.” It’s all a part of this wave of “charismatic witchcraft” that has infiltrated Christian groups, and I’ll just briefly share my experience with this type of training.

Q&A: Luciferianism, Occult Training, and Dispelling Some Misunderstandings

I (Loren) don’t generally like talking about my background a lot. First, it is difficult to adequately describe my background because it is a confusing jumble of layers that I have had to wade through in order to sift the truth from the lies. And when issues surrounding my dissociation are added into the mix, I’m not sure if addressing questions people have about me actually answers those questions, or simply adds more confusion. Aside from this, I also have a fear that I might be glorifying or drawing undue attention towards things that are not of God. That’s not my intention, and so now I try to be very careful about what I share and how I share.

Q&A: So, what IS the name of that magazine you mentioned, anyway…?

Last September, Carolyn was made aware that a “christian” magazine was preparing to publish altered transcripts of what had initially been private conversations between herself and two others. Well before the expected publishing date, Carolyn reached out to the individuals involved in this plan, including the editor-in-chief of this “christian” magazine, along with a few other witnesses, including myself. She made very clear that not only were the transcripts incorrect, but that she did not give permission for these transcripts to be made public.

She was informed that the article was going to be published anyway.

Dissociation, Fragmentation, and Spiritual Prisons

Please take note of our full disclaimer:

We’ve received emails from several people asking questions about and wanting to discuss dissociation and fragmentation, as well as the idea of parts of them being taken or stuck in different demonic realms. The following are a portion of some of the emails.

On the “Selling of Prayers”

Today, Carolyn brought to my attention an advertisement that she received in her email from the sham of a ministry, “Bride Ministries,” that the both of us used to be associated with. Although the journey was difficult, our Heavenly Father was gracious and merciful enough to open our eyes and free us from that bondage.

Bible Study: Romans 1:28

The other day, I was looking for verses that had to do with discernment, and I came across Romans 1:28.

At first I thought I must have made a mistake somewhere in my studying and accidentally clicked on the wrong verse or clicked on the wrong word, because I didn’t see where Romans 1:28 had anything to do with discernment. Discernment has to do with the ability to tell the difference between one thing and another. Spiritually or morally speaking, it’s the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong, or between good and evil. And at first glance, I didn’t see where this verse had anything to do with discernment.

But I started studying a little closer, and here’s what I found.

Meditation and Yoga: a Deeper Look into Occult Practices that are Deceiving Christians Today

Please take note of our full disclaimer:

We’ve received questions about meditation and yoga. The first email you will see was more of a comment rather than a question, but I am going to address it anyway, since many Christians share the same viewpoints. On the other hand, the second two emails were sincere inquiries into the practices they were involved in.

A Current Example of Occult Infiltrators Infecting Mainstream Christianity

“Christian” tarot cards?

This is where mainstream “christianity” is headed, and what much of mainstream “christianity” is beginning to accept and endorse.

Bible Study: 1 Peter 5:7

1 Peter 5:7 (BSB)

“Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”

Answering Questions About Various People and Ministries


We get many questions from people asking us about specific people and what we know about them. Everyone from politicians to well-known preachers to obscure internet “prophets” to new-age occultists and even about those who have died — many people want to know if we have heard of these individuals and what we think about the messages they share.

Bible Study: Prayer

Some verses I have been thinking over today:

Ephesians 6:18 “Pray in the Spirit at all times, with every kind of prayer and petition. To this end, stay alert with all perseverance in your prayers for all the saints.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.”

Matthew 6:7 “And when you pray, do not babble on like pagans, for they think that by their many words they will be heard.”

Church: Should I Stay or Should I Go?


We have received questions from several different people about church, including the following:

“Where should I go to church and feel the truth?”

“Are there any “good” churches any more, or are they ALL a part of the Whore of Babylon? And if so, how do Christians stay connected to each other?”

“I am heartbroken that I can’t make my family see that Satan is working in [their] church even though they name the name of Jesus. I don’t know where to go to church anymore.”

“I don’t know where to go to church where there is good doctrine being taught. Everywhere I go I see deception. What should I do? Do I stay in a church that is teaching false doctrine, or should I go?”

Update: Our Book Can Now be Read On Our Blog

Today I finished formatting the book that Carolyn and I wrote together, and I put it online on our blog. You can find the link to read it at: It’s the second link. Or, you can follow this link ( and go straight to the main menu, navigating your way around the book from there.

Q&A: Answering Questions About the Antichrist

Every once in a while, we get an email or a Facebook comment asking us, “Can you tell me who the Antichrist is?”

We hope to simplify the conversation and speculation surrounding the Antichrist with this article, but first, we have some background information.

Bible Study: Unity

What is unity in the body of Christ and how do we achieve this unity?

A Timeline of Events Before the Return of Jesus Christ


We received the following email from an individual that reads in part:
Since so many things are changing so quickly now and since the veil between the physical and the spiritual is thinning every day — could you propose a timeline of events until the return of the Lord Jesus?
And another person sent us an email that said in part:
When [will] the Anti-Christ/Beast/Man of Perdition be unveiled? How much time are we looking at?

Dragons, Renunciation, and How to Deal with Increased Demonic Attack


Carolyn and I received the following email that reads in part:
I have been deceived like many people with the whole new age religion. For many years i’ve been feeling like i’m under some sort of psychic attack – I get a high pitch ringing in my ears and this can bring on migraines, stomach cramps, zap my energy entirely and affect my legs whereby I can hardly walk. 

It started to subside somewhat over the last year when I went and saw a clairvoyant lady who told me to ask for protection from the Dragons. (their names being Ma and Da from the planet Komo). She told me that even though evil exists that i should not focus so much on that and not to worry too much about that, as evil is supposed to exist along side of good and the only way to deal with evil is to prayer for protection and send it unconditional love, and to basically clear myself with prayers etc and that the Dragons would protect me. This did help somewhat but never completely went away. 

Now I have come to understand that i have been deceived by the new age – e.g protection from Dragons, and many other things. So i have started to say the prayer of renunciation and started praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ for help with protection and to cultivate my own relationship with God. What I have noticed is my attacks have increased more. 

That is why I am writing you to both. I was wondering if you could devote one of your Q&A’s on this topic and offer some advice on how to deal with attacks getting worse before they get better. I am continuing my daily prayers but any insights on what the demons do when you reject them – what we can expect or not expect to happen, or advice on strengthening one’s faith during this period would be really helpful to many of us who are just starting to come in contact with this new information about the lies and deceptions of New Age, Occultism etc, etc. and want to completely remove these evil, negative influences that have unknowingly plagued our lives and even physical bodies.

Spiritual Warfare: Harry Potter Christians and A Spiritual Makeover

We have received many questions from followers of our blog — Carolyn’s blog, in particular — that either have to do directly with spiritual warfare or indirectly. The latest email we have received is by far one of the more extreme examples of what many are calling “spiritual warfare,” and unfortunately, the both of us are well-acquainted with this type of ungodly warfare.

Zetas, the Illuminati, and Satan’s Ultimate Plan


We received the following email from someone who wants to know about the role the Illuminati plays in propaganda, particularly in regards to the alien race of Zetas:

Q & A: Astral Projection Question


“How can you tell if someone is attempting astral projection/traveling towards you? Can you give detailed examples of how some people are aware of that intrusion – whether they are awake or asleep? 

“This is my own personal situation – that I have finally decided to document and track to discern a possible pattern – but every once in a while I will hear a buzzing in my ear(s) and my ear(s) gets full as though I were on a plane and we were changing altitude. Looking back this primarily happens at night but can happen at other times of the day (it’s been happening the last few years). I immediately pray against it, break off any curses, witchcraft, hexes, spells, lies ect and plead the blood of the lamb over me. I keep doing this until it goes away and so it generally only lasts a couple of minutes. I have been thinking a lot about the teachings you have both been sharing on “Christian” witchcraft and the occult and I’m wondering if this sounds familiar? Maybe the feeling/noise is an “early warning” signal letting me know I’m under attack OR I started wondering last night is this attempted astral projection happening while I’m awake and therefore it “bounces off me” due to my prayers?”

Illness, Disaster, and a Warring Spirit

Romans 8:35-39

Hello all. 

It’s been a little stressful around here the past couple of weeks, but I’m not complaining. If anything, I’m feeling guilty for being as okay as I am. It’s a familiar feeling this “survivors guilt,” but I still can’t get used to the feeling of guilt and shame for surviving when so many others are barely struggling through. What the past two weeks have cemented in my mind more than anything is that we are truly in the end times. Of course, we’ve been in this period of time for quite some time, and although I don’t claim to know the timeline of events, it’s clear to me that things are getting worse in this world, and will continue to get worse until the final end.

Our Book is Finished

Well, it’s been a long 6 months, but the book is finally finished.  Carolyn and I want to thank everyone who has prayed for us during this process. It hasn’t been easy, for many reasons, but our Heavenly Father has been with us every step of the way.

Q & A: Concerning Politics

We’ve had inquiries come in from several different people, wondering about President Trump. The questions are basically categorized as follows:

1. Was this [the results of the election] planned?

2. Should Christians support the President?

3. What do you personally think about President Trump?

4. Is Trump in on [the NWO plan] and simply a puppet or pawn?

5. Is Trump genuinely good?

Q & A: Witchcraft, Portals, and Evil Dedications

This is the video conversation we recorded and published on February 17, 2017, addressing a reader’s questions regarding praying against sorcery & witchcraft, shutting portals, hearing voices, and praying against evil dedications.

Welcome and Updates

Hello friends, followers, and various other interested parties.

Carolyn and I have some things in the works that aren’t quite ready to go just yet, but we wanted to keep all of you updated. No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth. Yet.  And yes, we are okay. But thanks so much for those of you who have emailed us, expressing concern for our safety.