Thursday, February 9, 2017

NEW - Q & A with Carolyn and Loren

First, you may have all noticed Loren Grace commenting and responding to some of you on my Public Figure page on Facebook. I've asked her to help me out, and since we are working on videos together, it seems like the natural thing to do.

Second, I am closing my email accounts as of today. I will not be responding to any more email messages. Instead, Loren Grace and I will both be taking questions on a different email address:

What we are doing is simply collecting the questions and comments from those who email us at this address, and choosing some (we hope to get to all!) that we will then address on a new video segment we are planning, “Q & A with Carolyn and Loren”. It won't be anything fancy; just the same conversation-style as the other videos we have done together. But the hope is to get information out in a more efficient way, rather than spending 8 plus hours a day doing my best to read and respond (by myself!) to individual emails. That is taxing and overwhelming, and I simply don't have the time or energy to do it any longer. 

We are NOT going to be responding to any emails that come to this address, except on our YouTube videos. Furthermore, should we choose to address the questions/comments that you email to us, rest assured that we will NOT give out any of your personal information, including name, email address, location, etc. (Unless, of course, there are threatening emails; those will be turned over to the authorities. We don't see this as being a potential problem, however.  ) We are going to simply focus on the question or comment you send to us. 

We look forward to receiving your emails at:


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