Wednesday, July 5, 2017

FALSE FIRE - (Christian Witchcraft) Dan Duval Promoting the Spirit-Man Heresy and Quantum Occultism

Published on Jun 27, 2017 by "the Truth is stranger than fiction..." 

“Much to my dismay I have recently come to realize that there is an increasing amount of teaching falling under the guise of "spiritual warfare" that is in fact a collection of various Luciferian concepts/practices, and sadly, many people are being deceived into interacting with entities they believe to be "angels" or even their own "spirit-person", which is tantamount to engaging with a "spirit guide", a very dangerous and destructive practice quite central to New Age and Occult spirituality.

I have actually been familiar with the figure of Dan Duval for several years, and the testimony of Carolyn Hamlet, yet I would have never have imagined that someone who claims to have Jesus and the Word of God as their guide and source for Truth, could stray so far into blatant occult practice and thinking…”


FALSE FIRE - Planets = Beings?? + Reverse-Engineered Quantum Occultism...

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