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Memes for “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” - Scriptures

Matthew 7:15 "Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." (BSB)

1 Peter 2:2-3 "Like newborn infants, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, since you have tasted that the Lord is good." (BSB)

2 Corinthians 11:3-4

"I am afraid, however, that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may be led astray from your simple and pure devotion to Christ. For if someone comes and proclaims a Jesus other than the One we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit than the One you received, or a different gospel than the one you accepted, you put up with it way too easily." (BSB)

Galatians 5:19-23

"The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity, and debauchery; idolatry and sorcery; hatred, discord, jealousy, and rage; rivalries, divisions, factions, and envy; drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no Law." (BSB)

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Memes for “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” (Section 4) Testing the Spirits

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 266:

"Attacks will come whether you are doing what is right or whether you are doing what is wrong; however, the important thing is not focusing on the attacks, but on focusing on the true God, Who is your Protector and Defender, and on your relationship with Him. Humble yourself before your Heavenly Father, focus on Him, learn to trust Him, and when the attacks come (and they will), you will not be so greatly affected. The demonic attacks will have no more power over you, because your focus is in the right place."

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"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 266:

"Many people experience a type of backlash when they disconnect themselves from or take themselves out of alignment (agreement) with Satan's agenda. This backlash often comes from two fronts, simultaneously: human and demonic. Dissociative individuals may also experience an internal backlash."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pages 276-278, "Testing the Spirits." 

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pages 276-278, "Testing the Spirits." 

To do a word study on 1 John 4:1-3:http://biblehub.com/1_john/4-1.htm

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pages 276-278, "Testing the Spirits." 

To do a word study on this verse:http://biblehub.com/2_corinthians/11-4.htm

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pages 276-278, "Testing the Spirits." 

To do a word study on this verse:http://biblehub.com/1_timothy/2-5.htm

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pages 276-278, "Testing the Spirits." 

To do a word study on this verse:http://biblehub.com/john/16-13.htm

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pages 276-278, "Testing the Spirits." 

To do a word study on this verse:http://biblehub.com/galatians/1-8.htm

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pages 276-278, "Testing the Spirits." 

To do a word study on this verse:http://biblehub.com/romans/8-34.htm

Finding Freedom: pages 246- 263

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Memes for “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” (Section 3) SPIRIT MAN

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 92:

"This Spirit Man counseling is creating and promoting dissociation, and not healing a broken spirit. It is, in fact, Spirit Man programming."

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"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 84:

"This Spirit Man teaching is being packaged and sold by proponents of this teaching as being Biblically-based and something that is highly effective in helping bring deep, inner healing to an individual. However, it is exceptionally disturbing that counselors of this Spirit Man doctrine openly admit in interviews and in the free literature found on their websites and blogs, that many elements of this type of so-called counseling are experimental. The term “half-baked potato” is used by some to describe their speculative ideas, and clients have been referred to as “guinea pigs,” and as having a “guinea-pig anointing.” As survivors of trauma who have struggled with dissociative disorders, we find this to be demeaning, highly offensive, and utterly despicable. It certainly does not present a Scriptural view of healing as they claim. This practice of using people as “guinea pigs” to experiment with half-baked ideas is ungodly, unethical, immoral, and reeks of reckless, gross negligence."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 91:

"Simply put, this “Spirit Man theology” is creating a spiritual trauma, producing fragmentation in people who have not been previously broken, and reinforcing the fragmentation in people who are already broken. It is, in fact, programming that is creating and promoting dissociation, and does not heal it, regardless of what advocates claim. If an individual isn’t dissociative at the onset of Spirit Man counseling, they certainly are at the end of the Spirit Man counseling, to one degree or another."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 81:

"First and foremost, when Scripture is read and studied in context, it is plain to see that this Spirit Man teaching is based on false doctrine and is not Biblical at all.

"Proponents of these teachings claim that God created the human spirit with seven parts, or, portions. The goal, they say, is for the spirit to be united and working together with seven different parts that are the alleged “redemptive gifts” they claim are spoken of in Romans 12. However, there is no Scripture that says God created the spirit as having seven parts, or that the spirit is to be split or portioned into seven parts, or that the spirit is to be separated from the soul. And a simple contextual study of Romans 12 proves that the very foundation of this teaching is not scriptural, because there is no such thing as “redemptive gifts.” “Redemptive Gifts” is a theological concept that is completely made up by taking scripture out of context and twisting it to mean something that it does not mean."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 98:

The “splitting of the spirit” is a spiritual trauma that opens the gateways (doors) to demonic possession. This is because the individual is purposefully opening themselves up for a spirit to take control. They are giving their will (permission) to another — outside of their own conscious, sound mind — and allowing another entity to take full control of them. Since this is not Scripturally sound, and is, in fact, in direct opposition to what Scripture actually teaches, this is opening a gateway for demons to enter, and assume control of the individual through the spirit man. This demonic control enters in one of three ways:

1. Through confused and deceived soul part/s that believe themselves to be the “spirit,” that the demons take control of.

● This is more common with dissociative individuals, but as stated before, this entire Spirit Man teaching is forcing or creating more dissociation.

2. Through occult alters, who are already demonically controlled, taking the role of “spirit.”

● This is common with dissociative individuals who have gone through satanic/sadistic ritual abuse (SRA) and/or trauma-based mind-control programming (TBMC).

3. Or the demons themselves simply saunter in through the open gateways that the individual flung wide open, make themselves right at home, and take control, deceiving the person into thinking they are the human spirit."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 91:

"Wholeness through brokenness? Integration of the supposed “soul parts” through division of the spirit? This is such a clear example of doublespeak and doublethink, that were Orwell still alive, he would likely regret not adding these phrases and ideas to his book. There is no reason to split a person’s spirit into seven parts or portions in order to speak goodness and healing words that will help bring restoration to a person, whether they have been broken and wounded through trauma or not."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 91:

"There is no reason to split a person’s spirit into seven parts or portions in order to speak goodness and healing words that will help bring restoration to a person, whether they have been broken and wounded through trauma or not."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 82:

"In case it isn’t clear by a review of definitions and goals, the Spirit Man teachings are promoting a person to not be in physical control of their mind, will, and emotions, but to allow the “human spirit” to have dominion over this. They are teaching and promoting that the unconscious mind is to be in control of the conscious mind and/or the subconscious mind, and this is actually a common theme with occult teachings."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 82:

"In case it isn’t clear by a review of definitions and goals, the Spirit Man teachings are promoting a person to not be in physical control of their mind, will, and emotions, but to allow the “human spirit” to have dominion over this. They are teaching and promoting that the unconscious mind is to be in control of the conscious mind and/or the subconscious mind, and this is actually a common theme with occult teachings.

"However, a study of scripture never indicates that our human spirit is to be in control of or rule over us. A study of Scripture clearly explains that we are to be in control of our own spirit. This is also called self-control, as in, being in control of ourselves."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 82-83:

"In case it isn’t clear by a review of definitions and goals, the Spirit Man teachings are promoting a person to not be in physical control of their mind, will, and emotions, but to allow the “human spirit” to have dominion over this. They are teaching and promoting that the unconscious mind is to be in control of the conscious mind and/or the subconscious mind, and this is actually a common theme with occult teachings.

"However, If we have the Spirit of God in us, we — not any so-called spirit parts, but we — are to bring our whole self under His authority. The Spirit of the true God is to be in control of us. So we, by bringing ourselves under submission to the Spirit of God, allow Him to control our body, soul, and spirit; we do not give this authority to our own spirit. To give our human spirit control of ourselves is a direct rebellion to God’s authority."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 82-83:

"Some who are teaching this Spirit Man theology don’t even consider whether the person is saved or not. There is simply the assumption that the human spirit is controlled, led, and inspired by God, regardless of the salvation of the person, which is absolutely against Scripture. But the most common theory driving this doctrine is that the human spirit that has been “born again” (saved) is controlled by God, and so when we are led by (following) the human spirit, we are being led by (following) God. However, this is not Biblical. Jesus did not direct us to follow our spirit as our spirit follows Him; He told us to follow Him. (Matthew 10:38, John 10:27, John 12:26, et cetera.) To follow our human spirit is a direct rebellion to God’s authority."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 85:

Although some have claimed this practice of splitting the spirit has made them feel better, it can also lead to insanity, nervous breakdowns, depression, or suicidal ideation / suicide attempts.

In fact, literature from advocates of this Spirit Man teaching, openly states that this transference of control to the spirit can cause what they call, “upheaval in the inner world.”

→ Reminder: “upheaval” = insanity, nervous breakdowns, depression, or suicidal ideations / suicide attempts.

Among other things, this is very similar to the “upheaval” a person can experience when the sixth or seventh “spiritual centers” are opened, if they aren’t properly prepared beforehand. Bluntly put, this “preparation” consists of getting used to how it feels to be possessed by a demonic entity, having a sharp increase in the sensitivity of the spiritual senses, and not being in complete control of the spirit and body senses — the same as with this so-called spirit man business.

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 86:

"Good feelings do not necessarily equal Biblically sound and spiritually safe, and what is real is not always truth that comes from God."

~ The Spirit Man doctrine identical to occult teachings ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 100:

"The Spirit Man doctrine and all the surrounding elements are identical to occult teachings on chakras or spiritual centers, and with a false unity known as “Christ Consciousness.” This unity is false because it does not come from the true God, and is a unity with the spirit of the antichrist and with Satan’s plan to manifest the final Antichrist into the physical realm. The language has been tweaked a bit to appeal to a “Christian” crowd, but the principles being taught are exactly the same."

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," Fractals in the Spirit Man theology, pages 100-109.

Programming through the fractal spirituality is fulfilling two purposes in particular.

1. Fractal programming is creating a “logic loop,” fostering an atmosphere of self-perpetuated delusion. 

2. This fractal programming, through fractal spirituality, is connecting the individual to and aligning them with the “Christ Consciousness,” and this “unity” is intended to be the avenue through which the final Antichrist will physically enter into this earthly dimension.

Proponents of the Spirit Man and related teachings, including Shining Ones, Manifest Sons, Courtrooms of Heaven, Gateways, et cetera, as well as other doctrines that are based on fractal spirituality, will often use different terms to describe the concept of fractal spirituality, but this is, in fact, foundational to their false doctrine and how they are achieving a “unity with Christ” or a “unity in the Body of Christ.”

One charismatic teaching that is descriptive of how fractal spirituality is being used is “In Christ.” The idea behind this teaching is that Jesus Christ is both a person and a realm; and people, too, not only have a physical body, but are a spiritual realm as well. When we are “in Christ,” our realm is inside and interacts with the realm of Christ; and when Christ is “in us,” his realm is inside and interacts with our realm. This is a description of a fractal, where the “divine source” they are calling “Christ” is part of and reflecting inside each person, and each person is part of and reflecting inside the “divine source.”

On the surface, this teaching may sound biblical and Christian. However, it is, in fact, teaching fractal spirituality, and fractal spirituality is being used as a springing board for all sorts of doctrines of demons.

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Memes for “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” Excerpts from Sections 1 and 2

~ Milk for the Mighty Strong ~ 

Excerpt from "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pp. 13-14:

"Many Christians fall right in line with the “old versus new” way of thinking and fall prey to Satan’s plans to destroy the foundational teachings of the Bible and replace them with occult doctrines, in part by misunderstanding and improperly applying Hebrews chapters 5 and 6, where “milk and solid food” is referenced.

"The foundation — the milk, the basics — of our faith and salvation is Jesus Christ. If we have not yet learned the basics of our salvation — if we have not had enough milk of the doctrine of Jesus Christ — we will mistake occult doctrine as being the “deeper things of God,” and will be led astray, away from the solid foundation of Jesus Christ, upon whom our faith is built.

"So let us not despise the foundational basics upon which our salvation is built. Let us not throw away the milk. But let us grow up and build upon that which is foundational: the doctrine of Jesus Christ."
Read more at: http://wp.me/P8DzKK-11

~ Charismatic Occultists ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 18:

"Activities and language charismatic occultists use can be blatant; many times it is obscure and not easily recognizable. What we are seeing now is that over the many decades, Christians have slowly been led to accept certain occult practices (e.g., yoga, meditation, astral travel, et cetera) and occult doctrines (such as Kabbalah) that are not spiritually safe or Biblical. Furthermore, there is an over emphasis on gifts, supernatural abilities, and spiritual manifestations and experiences. So even though many of these Luciferian doctrines (occult teachings) that are being promoted and advanced through the charismatic movement are now blatantly in the open, Christians have been numbed to the deception, and can’t recognize it for what it is."

~ Occult Infiltrators ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 19: 

"When infiltrating any particular group, the occult infiltrators have had specific religious programming, through either a general type of programming from having been raised in that environment (commonly referred to as brainwashing), or by having been thoroughly briefed by an occult mentor on the religious culture of that particular society. This helps the conscious or unconscious infiltrator blend into the particular group to which they have been assigned. They will have similar mannerisms, dress, and language that will give others the assumption that their attitudes, values and goals are the same, even when they are not."

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~ Goal of Infiltrators ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 230:

"Satan’s overall plan is to lead people into deception by bringing all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” whereby people are open to the supernatural and to the influence of the fallen, allowing them full access to people. This is paving the way for his final Antichrist to appear. He accomplishes this overall goal by using infiltrators, both conscious and unconscious, and in the physical as well as in the supernatural, to spread this universal “spirituality.”

The ultimate goal of the infiltrators are to train people, through occult doctrines and techniques, to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness” (among other phrases), thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ (the final Antichrist) to appear."

~ Effects of Witchcraft ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 32:

"So while a select group of people appear to prosper, seem to be happy and blessed, and come across as people who “have it all,” at least from a westernized or humanistic point of view, God looks at the heart. There are always negative effects from practicing witchcraft, and while some seem to have it good in this life, they will reap the consequences in eternity. Furthermore, while the individual themselves may not appear to reap any negative consequences in this life by our human standards, it is certainly passed on to their children and grandchildren, because the spirit of witchcraft attaches itself to family members throughout the generations.

"The majority of people practicing witchcraft, however — whether black or white magic, or Christian or non-Christian witchcraft — eventually reap serious consequences in this lifetime as the fruit of the unholy spirits become evident in their lives. But if any negative effects are felt, they are often mistakenly passed off as a demonic attack because they are doing what is right. Or they are ignored as being something that, while scary, is normal because it “happens to everyone.”"

~ Leaders or Pastors? ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft" excerpt from pages 39-40:

"So while we acknowledge that pastors are to lead, we would also like to point out that many of today’s modern, charismatic “leaders” are not pastors in any way, shape, or form. They have received their definition of “leadership” from worldly standards, and not from Biblical doctrine. They are leaders, and not pastors. They are building their earthly kingdom, and not working for the Kingdom of the true God. They are, in fact, allowing wolves into the flock who teach doctrines of demons, leading people into destruction.

"Moreover, because of this worldly standard of “leadership” invading the churches, men and women are all too eager to follow a human leader, rather than follow Jesus Christ. There is an alarming tendency to look to the “leader” to tell them what the Bible says and what it means. There is also an inclination to idolize leaders, and when we see they are going astray from sound Biblical doctrine, there is fear of even questioning them, much less rebuking or correcting. Phrases and words found in Scripture — such as “touch not God’s anointed,” and “obey them that have the rule over you,” and “submit” — are twisted to manipulate and browbeat people into not questioning or coming against false doctrines or teachings, for fear of not only human retribution, but of the wrath of God.

"This attitude is wrong. It is unbiblical."

~ Stop chasing after gifts ~

From page 58 of "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft."

Stop chasing after gifts and start chasing after your Heavenly Father.

~ Spiritual Manifestations ~ 

From "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 62:

"A true move of the Holy Spirit of God brings confession and repentance, transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through an everyday and continuous renewal of our hearts and minds. Not glory clouds, angel feathers, unruly tongues, or muscle spasms."

~ False Prophets and Seers ~

From "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 60:

"Seeking out and accepting false prophet and seers, with their false prophetic words and lying visions, is leading to an inclination to not compare the modern, supposed “prophetic words and visions” with the truth of Scripture. Consequently, these false prophecies and visions are influencing an individual’s decisions, and guiding the direction of their life. The “new revelation and word,” given by man or woman, takes precedence over God’s written Word, to the extent that Scripture is given little to no consideration, except to search and find verses to be twisted out of context to make allowances for gross error, and to try to prove the new, false word of knowledge or revelation as being truth and as being something that is authored by God. This attitude is opening the door for people to reject God’s written Word and to move away from the true God."

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It’s been a long 6 months, but the book is finally finished! Loren and I want to thank everyone who has prayed for us during this process. It hasn’t been easy, for many reasons, but our Heavenly Father has been with us every step of the way!

It is our hope and prayer that this book is helpful, both to those who have come out of doctrines of demons, as well as those who are still caught up in such doctrines. Healing and freedom from our Heavenly Father can be found, no matter what you have been involved in.

The information in this book is so very important that Loren and I are providing it as a free pdf download. 

Here is the link for the free pdf or you can read it on line:

When I left Bride Ministries and severed all ties to Duval and associates, I made a public announcement to state why I left. 
I, Carolyn Hamlett, have left BRIDE Ministries, The Fire Place Church, and everything associated with Daniel Duval and his ministries. 
There is a parting of the ways because I find their new doctrines to be New Age, heretical and against the teachings in the Word of God and DANGEROUS!  
Once this was brought to Daniel Duval's attention, I discovered that he agreed with these heresies which are being pushed by some of the BRIDE Ministry and The Fire Place Church administrators.   
BRIDE Ministries is now working in concert with some ministries that are teaching New Age and Luciferian doctrine disguised as Christianity. This is VERY dangerous! I will be coming out with information soon which will clarify the specifics. 
 What they are teaching is EXACTLY what I (as a child) was told by Satan's spiritual hierarchy would be the means that Lucifer (who is Satan) would use to take Christians away from the fundamental Bible teachings and into embracing Lucifer's theology. This is no small matter. This is a huge part of Satan's end time plan to take Christians by storm! 

As you can see, I stated that I would be back to clarify the specifics in regards to the new doctrines Duval and associates had begun to teach which are purely Satanic and very dangerous. 

Those "specifics" have been clarified for you.

This is not a matter of a simple disagreement of scriptural meaning. This is absolutely the difference between Satan and Jesus Christ. If you doubt me.... I ask you... "What do you base your Christianity on?" Your answer should be the Bible!...not what some man or woman tells you a scripture means...or some "new revelation" someone claims is of God. The Bible properly interpreted in context is always the plumb-line. Always! So put people to the test! Take what they are teaching and promoting and compare with what the written word of God in context says. If what they are teaching and promoting is not solidly scripturally supported in context...then ditch it. What's the difference between what is of Christ and what is ant-Christ??? How do you know? The Bible!!! that's how.

People today are so enamored with Satan and with what Satan is doing..that they don't even care what Jesus himself has told us we need most in the last days!!! Do you know what Jesus said? He warned us. He told us what we should be doing. Are you doing that? Maybe you are too busy following a person to be bothered with Jesus Christ. I worry about you. You have no idea!

What is a doctrine of demons?
A doctrines that is not of God, not even of man, but of demonic origin. 

How can you know is a doctrine is not of God?
You will not know the difference if you do not know God from the written word of God. You need to know God's standards and be walking in them as your lifestyle. You must love God as Jesus has said...with your whole heart, mind, and strength. Please do your own study...as there is so much more than I can say here. Go to the Bible, read in context and do word studies. If you realize that you don't love God or love the truth, just ask God to help you! Please! Seek God with your whole heart...from His written word in context and prayer...not from a person who tells you what to believe and what to practice. Don't put your trust in men or women! Put "ministers", "pastors", "preachers", "prophets" etc. to the test! Time really is short! There is no time to waste! As a professing Christian, the written word of God, the Bible, properly interpreted in context is ALWAYS your plumb-line. 

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"The Plan", The Organization...What Is It ?

The combined articles on my blog will give you an in-depth insight into both “The Plan” and of what I refer to as “the organization”. For the sake of providing a quick and basic definition of both, I have created this post. 

NOTICE: If the text of this blog post is messed up (different fonts, crazy spacing and underlined), try this link: http://beyondthephysical.blogspot.com/2017/08/the-plan-organizationwhat-is-it.html

“The Plan”… What is it?

“The Plan” is a huge carefully mapped out plan of deceptions, a HUGE conspiracy composed of many small conspiracies carefully designed to influence the masses step by step toward gladly embracing the planned new order of world government and spirituality headed by Lucifer/Satan’s ‘chosen one’ aka “The Christ”. This is Satan’s ‘chosen one’, not to be confused at all with Jesus Christ, Son of the Righteous God, Creator of the universe and His TRUE plan which is a plan of salvation, not evolution. Evolution is a lie of Satan. It is true that we will die if we don't take hold of the ‘Life line’ of Jesus Christ which God provided for us, and follow him. 

This plan of Satan is much more than a global political plan. It is a spiritual plan to deceive the masses. The global order is to be an absolute and inseparable marriage of politics and a global religion that is to appear as not being a religion at all, but a spirituality at first, and then a spirituality with a culture (an order) to frame it and govern it and the people in it. This spiritual/political order will be governed by Luciferians and their theosophy. (In case you need to be reminded, all Luciferians serve Satan.)

Theosophy is “god wisdom”.  This “god wisdom” is the the same “wisdom” of the ancient fallen ones. If it isn't clear by now, “The Plan” is their plan.  They want to be our gods and rule us. That is their goal, to rule us, use us, and destroy us, not help us. 

Today these fallen beings masquerade under different titles. Here are a few of the more common titles they are known by:

  • “The Spiritual Hierarchy” 
  • “the masters of wisdom” 
  • “the ascended masters” 
  • “The Great White Brotherhood”
  • “The Brotherhood of the White Lodge” 
  • “The Federation of Light”  
  • “The Galactic Federation of Light” 
  • Various types of “extraterrestrials” 
  • And so-called ‘highly evolved’ interdimensional beings. 

Don’t be fooled by the titles, or by their beautiful appearance, or by who or what they claim to be, or why they claim to be here. These beings are all liars and as evil as evil can possibly be. They all serve Lucifer who is Satan and Satan's plan known as “The Plan”. 

One of their greatest deceptions is being played out right now as these evil beings have multitudes of professing Christians duped into believing they (the beings) are actually angels of God. (Christians, if you truly loved God, you would love God’s written Word and you would be diligently comparing everything to His written Word to see if it lines up with His Word and His standards which are all clearly there for you to see in the Bible. If you truly loved God, you would be working on your relationship with Him, not following some entity who claims to be what ever. 

Many Christians are failing because they do not love the truth! They don’t know Jesus Christ, who is THE Truth…And so they are falling for.. and embracing the lies, the doctrines of demons and the counterfeits being supplied by Satan and his spiritual hierarchy. 

These evil beings who have duped so many are Lucifer’s (Satan’s) most powerful warriors and top ranking officers who rule over all levels of the unholy principalities and powers of darkness. (Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places.”)

It is these beings who direct the physical and supernatural workings of “The Plan” which is carried out by the people they have chosen from generational bloodlines who are in a sense, married to them and “The Plan.” (It is of these few bloodlines I was told I came from.)

Which brings me to the point of the next question...

“The organization” What is it ?

From the little I have tried to explain so far about “The Plan”, it is probably evident that this operation is, quite large, (spanning both the physical and supernatural power structures and incorporating both), very complicated, and yet well planned out and orchestrated. 

This plan and it’s working structure is the most organized system I have ever encountered. It is tight and works like a well oiled machine and has done so for centuries. Because it is so well organized and because all those who are a part of it work like one-body with one-mind for one-mission, never stopping, I found no better name to describe it than to call it “the organization”.  It is almost like an entity itself. 

A shorter definition of “the organization”: 

It’s a term I use to refer to the complicated network of interconnected hierarchies which work together on many different fronts to carry out “The Plan”.

The organization is composed of fallen spiritual beings, humans and hybrids who work in the supernatural and here on this physical earth. These members have infiltrated all nations, all races, all governments, all military, all religions and all walks of life. 

For every human component working for “The Plan”, there are at least several from the supernatural overlooking that human and directing their moves throughout their entire life. (This is also true of people who are unknowingly serving The Plan. Keep in mind that professing to be a Christian and actually being one are two very different things. Jesus himself said, no one can serve two masters.)

Without the help of Jesus Christ, there is no leaving “The Plan”.  Even if someone thinks they have willfully dropped out of service, the hierarchy will still demonize them and their descendants. The only way to stop the influence and attacks of the enemy is by first renouncing that past and putting one’s life under the authority of God through His Son, Jesus Christ and asking Him to forgive and cleanse you. A key component to any deliverance is "sin no more" and follow Jesus Christ. (John chapter 8) Following Jesus is a lifestyle that begins with salvation and continues as a lifestyle of walking in submission to God the Father and walking according to His standards as is defined in His written word. 

Living according to any one of Satan's standards will open the door to be influenced and guided by unholy spirits. This is why it is especially important today that professing Christians cling to God's written word (properly interpreted in context) as their plumb-line to guide them and as the means to "test the spirits" of all that comes along being promoted as a "new revelation" or a "deeper knowledge" or "deeper understanding". Today there is a lot of taking scriptures out of context and twisting them to mean something they don't mean. This is all part of Satan's end time plan to take as many Christians as possible away from sound Biblical doctrine and into promoting and practicing the occult all the while having them under the belief that they are still "Christians", only more spiritually advanced and knowledgeable than the Christians who follow the Bible. This new"Christianity" of this age is in full bloom. 

Christians, please read John chapter 10. Now read Matthew 7: 21-23. 
  • Now ask yourself whose sheep are you?
  • Do you know the Jesus Christ of the Bible and follow him?...or are you listening to a different voice and following that? 
  • Do you know what the will of the Father in Heaven is as is clearly outlined in God's written word, the Bible? Are you following the will of The Father in Heaven as Jesus does as clearly outlined in God's written word.... or are you following the will of something else? 

  • It appears to me that this word translated to "iniquity" is a sort of blanket statement word that covers many unrighteous, lawless actions. I encourage my readers to do further Bible study to discover all the things God calls unrighteous and lawless. Study what God calls abominations. The reason I am suggesting this is because I have witnessed many many professing Christians practicing evil and the very things God calls abominations...which indicates they are following something other than Jesus Christ. I am concerned for their eternal lives. It is my hope that a study like this will be a stark reminder of what is not of God and will motivate people to rededicate their lives to God and follow Him according to His written word, the Bible. 

Prophecies 😄
(I know you Christians love Prophecies)

Here are a few Prophecies to not take lightly. The links will enable you to do a word study to get the full impact.

Revelation 22: 14-15 (KJV)

14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

Galatians 5:19-21 (KJV)

19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Revelation 21:8 (KJV)

8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

 There is evil to be saved from, and a plan of the evil one (Satan) to be saved from.  This is why Jesus Christ is known as Savior! There is something to be saved from. 

The TRUE plan is that of our Heavenly Father. His plan and provision for us is by way of His Son Jesus Christ. This is what Lucifer and his so-called “masters” are trying to keep humanity from knowing the truth about.  


How “The Plan” was explained to my mother and myself

“The Plan” was not at first explained truthfully to us as coming from the anti-God, anti-Jesus Christ, Lucifer/Satan led spiritual hierarchy that it is. 

We were led to believe that we were a God ordained group of spiritually advanced beings who chose to incarnate in a special bloodline as a means to help humanity advance spiritually through the working of “The Plan”.

“The Plan” was sugar coated to people like my mother and myself who believed that we were working for humanity’s good. Many good hearted people today serve this plan under the same deception my mother and I were under.  

We believed in Lucifer’s “Law of Harmony Through Conflict”…  
that bringing strife, chaos and tribulation to earth as the means to bring humanity to the place of embracing the planned global dictator was for mankind's highest good. 

In this law, murder committed by a hierarchy member is not murder at all.  Anything that helps the move of “The Plan” is seen as Righteous. We were above the law of men.  

In our division, a degree of purity was taught and required, but at the same time we were taught that the 10 commandments were for the less spiritually advanced.  We were to help humanity step outside that box of “limitations” and into situational ethics. 

We were told that America was at a dangerous place in their spirituality because of the predominately fundamental Biblical interpretation and that this “narrow-minded” and “outdated view” was holding up the progression of “The Plan” for the rest of the masses.

Things were set into motion by the organization as a means to shake people up and cause them to explore and seek answers outside of their Judeo-Christian values. 

This was the move of the hierarchy that calls itself “ascended”, but who are anti-God and anti-Jesus Christ.  Does it not make sense that this hierarchy would attack the Righteous values and Truth of God which protects humanity from being victims of Satan and his kingdom?

Today, many people including masses of professing Christians, are being swiftly moved away from the saving standards of God and His written Word, to embrace the same old lies from the deceiver, who tells you he has a new revelation for you, that “you will not die and you will be as gods.” Christians, many of you are failing miserably. Go back to God. Go back to the written Word of God. Love God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength! Make it a daily habit to read and study the words and messages of Jesus Christ in context as is recorded in the Bible. Seek God. Put on the humility and repentance of sackcloth and ashes. This isn’t some game. This isn’t some illusion playing out! Wake up!