Saturday, August 19, 2017

Memes for “Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft” Excerpts from Sections 1 and 2

~ Milk for the Mighty Strong ~ 

Excerpt from "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," pp. 13-14:

"Many Christians fall right in line with the “old versus new” way of thinking and fall prey to Satan’s plans to destroy the foundational teachings of the Bible and replace them with occult doctrines, in part by misunderstanding and improperly applying Hebrews chapters 5 and 6, where “milk and solid food” is referenced.

"The foundation — the milk, the basics — of our faith and salvation is Jesus Christ. If we have not yet learned the basics of our salvation — if we have not had enough milk of the doctrine of Jesus Christ — we will mistake occult doctrine as being the “deeper things of God,” and will be led astray, away from the solid foundation of Jesus Christ, upon whom our faith is built.

"So let us not despise the foundational basics upon which our salvation is built. Let us not throw away the milk. But let us grow up and build upon that which is foundational: the doctrine of Jesus Christ."
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~ Charismatic Occultists ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 18:

"Activities and language charismatic occultists use can be blatant; many times it is obscure and not easily recognizable. What we are seeing now is that over the many decades, Christians have slowly been led to accept certain occult practices (e.g., yoga, meditation, astral travel, et cetera) and occult doctrines (such as Kabbalah) that are not spiritually safe or Biblical. Furthermore, there is an over emphasis on gifts, supernatural abilities, and spiritual manifestations and experiences. So even though many of these Luciferian doctrines (occult teachings) that are being promoted and advanced through the charismatic movement are now blatantly in the open, Christians have been numbed to the deception, and can’t recognize it for what it is."

~ Occult Infiltrators ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 19: 

"When infiltrating any particular group, the occult infiltrators have had specific religious programming, through either a general type of programming from having been raised in that environment (commonly referred to as brainwashing), or by having been thoroughly briefed by an occult mentor on the religious culture of that particular society. This helps the conscious or unconscious infiltrator blend into the particular group to which they have been assigned. They will have similar mannerisms, dress, and language that will give others the assumption that their attitudes, values and goals are the same, even when they are not."

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~ Goal of Infiltrators ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 230:

"Satan’s overall plan is to lead people into deception by bringing all religions into one New-Age, Luciferian (Satanic) “spirituality,” whereby people are open to the supernatural and to the influence of the fallen, allowing them full access to people. This is paving the way for his final Antichrist to appear. He accomplishes this overall goal by using infiltrators, both conscious and unconscious, and in the physical as well as in the supernatural, to spread this universal “spirituality.”

The ultimate goal of the infiltrators are to train people, through occult doctrines and techniques, to come into agreement with and enter into a false “unity,” also known as “Christ Consciousness” (among other phrases), thinning the veil between the spirit world and the physical world, thereby paving the way for the false Christ (the final Antichrist) to appear."

~ Effects of Witchcraft ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," excerpt from page 32:

"So while a select group of people appear to prosper, seem to be happy and blessed, and come across as people who “have it all,” at least from a westernized or humanistic point of view, God looks at the heart. There are always negative effects from practicing witchcraft, and while some seem to have it good in this life, they will reap the consequences in eternity. Furthermore, while the individual themselves may not appear to reap any negative consequences in this life by our human standards, it is certainly passed on to their children and grandchildren, because the spirit of witchcraft attaches itself to family members throughout the generations.

"The majority of people practicing witchcraft, however — whether black or white magic, or Christian or non-Christian witchcraft — eventually reap serious consequences in this lifetime as the fruit of the unholy spirits become evident in their lives. But if any negative effects are felt, they are often mistakenly passed off as a demonic attack because they are doing what is right. Or they are ignored as being something that, while scary, is normal because it “happens to everyone.”"

~ Leaders or Pastors? ~

"Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft" excerpt from pages 39-40:

"So while we acknowledge that pastors are to lead, we would also like to point out that many of today’s modern, charismatic “leaders” are not pastors in any way, shape, or form. They have received their definition of “leadership” from worldly standards, and not from Biblical doctrine. They are leaders, and not pastors. They are building their earthly kingdom, and not working for the Kingdom of the true God. They are, in fact, allowing wolves into the flock who teach doctrines of demons, leading people into destruction.

"Moreover, because of this worldly standard of “leadership” invading the churches, men and women are all too eager to follow a human leader, rather than follow Jesus Christ. There is an alarming tendency to look to the “leader” to tell them what the Bible says and what it means. There is also an inclination to idolize leaders, and when we see they are going astray from sound Biblical doctrine, there is fear of even questioning them, much less rebuking or correcting. Phrases and words found in Scripture — such as “touch not God’s anointed,” and “obey them that have the rule over you,” and “submit” — are twisted to manipulate and browbeat people into not questioning or coming against false doctrines or teachings, for fear of not only human retribution, but of the wrath of God.

"This attitude is wrong. It is unbiblical."

~ Stop chasing after gifts ~

From page 58 of "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft."

Stop chasing after gifts and start chasing after your Heavenly Father.

~ Spiritual Manifestations ~ 

From "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 62:

"A true move of the Holy Spirit of God brings confession and repentance, transforming us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through an everyday and continuous renewal of our hearts and minds. Not glory clouds, angel feathers, unruly tongues, or muscle spasms."

~ False Prophets and Seers ~

From "Doctrines of Demons: Exposing Christian Witchcraft," page 60:

"Seeking out and accepting false prophet and seers, with their false prophetic words and lying visions, is leading to an inclination to not compare the modern, supposed “prophetic words and visions” with the truth of Scripture. Consequently, these false prophecies and visions are influencing an individual’s decisions, and guiding the direction of their life. The “new revelation and word,” given by man or woman, takes precedence over God’s written Word, to the extent that Scripture is given little to no consideration, except to search and find verses to be twisted out of context to make allowances for gross error, and to try to prove the new, false word of knowledge or revelation as being truth and as being something that is authored by God. This attitude is opening the door for people to reject God’s written Word and to move away from the true God."

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