Sunday, March 4, 2018

UPDATE: Why I Have Not Named the “Christian” Magazine Who is Peddling Luciferian Doctrine

In regards to one of my articles in September of 2017...

INTRO by Loren Grace

Last September, Carolyn was made aware that a “christian” magazine was preparing to publish altered transcripts of what had initially been private conversations between herself and two others. Well before the expected publishing date, Carolyn reached out to the individuals involved in this plan, including the editor-in-chief of this “christian” magazine, along with a few other witnesses, including myself. She made very clear that not only were the transcripts incorrect, but that she did not give permission for these transcripts to be made public.

She was informed that the article was going to be published anyway.

One of these men, an unscrupulous, ungodly, deceitful “Professor of Lies,” was so angry at Carolyn for refusing to give her permission to publish his lying transcript of the private conversation she had with him, that he threw a huge tantrum, calling her all sorts of awful names. And he actually believed that his “god” rerouted Hurricane Irma to avenge himself and to bring destruction on Carolyn.
And in case you’re wondering, Carolyn suffered no loss whatsoever from this storm, by the way. 😉

So Carolyn went public on her blog, to make clear to people that if they read anything about what she has supposedly said or about what she supposedly believes, that she had not given permission to this magazine to publish those supposed “transcripts” of her words. She wrote:

“So as to prevent any confusion or misconception, now or in the future, I want it known that the contents of the book I co-authored with Loren Grace, supersedes all previously written or recorded content associated with me.”
“Because of the rash of people who have been misquoting me, taking my words out of context and twisting what I have said, I want it publicly known that no one other than myself is qualified to speak for me or to represent my views.”

Since then, several people have asked Carolyn to name this magazine, both via email and on her Facebook page.

This is Carolyn’s final response to those people:

*   *   *

In regards to one of my (Carolyn Hamlett) articles in September of 2017, 
(, I have been asked by several different people to name the magazine I was referring to in that article.

If I had wanted to name the magazine, I would have done so then, but I purposely did not mention the name of the magazine for two main reasons:

1. I did not want to give this magazine any publicity.

2. I did not want to stir up curiosity within others, influencing them to go searching out this publication, thereby risking them becoming infected by its Luciferian articles.

My reason for posting my blog article was to protect myself when the content went to print and became public, alerting anyone who happened to read the article in the magazine that the article or articles using my name were falsified and published in spite of my opposition and petition against publishing it. My objections were raised well in advance of the set publishing date.

But let me remind you: I don’t need to give you the name of the magazine in order to warn you against reading and buying such Luciferian content.


Because if you learn how to discern for yourself, you will be able to recognize Luciferian doctrine for yourself, without needing me to give you the names of what are probably many thousands or hundreds of thousands of Luciferian content on various media outlets that are disguised as “christian.”

And so rather than give you a list of people, magazines, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, blogs, television shows, radio programs, podcasts, churches, groups, organizations, and clubs to avoid… Loren and I can better spend our time trying to teach you how to discern these things for yourself!

How do you build discernment?

 It begins by establishing your own relationship with your Heavenly Father. This is something that is made possible only through Jesus Christ!

 It continues as you read the Word of God (the Bible), studying it for yourself, studying it within context, and applying those Godly principles to your own life.

When you know the Truth and when you are well-acquainted with the genuine, then you will not be fooled by the false and the ungodly! And this is what I and Loren have been trying to do, and will continue to encourage you to do: discern for yourself!

A big problem with a lot of people today is that they have been conditioned to believe that they need to rely on other people to tell them what to believe, who to believe, what to think, what to say, what to do, where to go… They can’t think and do and believe and act for themselves! They have no discernment for themselves! We want you to learn to do and think and believe on your own as you build your own relationship with the Heavenly Father, reading His Word for yourself, and studying it properly and within context! This is how you build your own discernment!

Loren and I wrote a blog article about this very subject. You can read it here:

So to be very clear: I am not going to give the name of the Luciferian magazine who was set to publish, without my permission, an inaccurate transcript of what was originally supposed to be a private conversation, that was altered to make it look as if I supported the Luciferian doctrines that were being peddled, when I do not support those doctrines at all! I won’t make a “special exception” for anyone. So stop asking.

Learn to discern for yourself the difference between truth and lie, and you won’t need me around trying to steer you clear of every evil, ungodly, Luciferian organization, publication, group, or individual. Loren and I will help you build your own discernment (we wrote an entire book to help you build your own discernment, and we write blog articles encouraging you to build your own discernment!), but I won’t necessarily “name names” unless the Spirit of God leads me to so. This is not one of those times.

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